Your Senior Dog and Cognitive Memory


Dogs perceive their environment through cognitive ability, which is dependent on its degree of sensorial acuity. As a dog ages it needs more protection against free radicals attacking the brain, nervous system and other systems in its body. There are other antioxidants that help cognitive function like vitamin E and vitamin C because it helps vitamin E to regenerate. A breed like poodle's which have a greater longevity needs these antioxidants even more so and it seems that older dogs respond to training better if given antioxidants.

There are better commercial foods that have more antioxidants and you can get supplements for your dog. If you want to make your dogs food you can find recipes for this that include antioxidant rich foods. Though some people would disagree, if you have owned many dogs, you've probably noticed that he has some reasoning power. It's elemental but he has it. Guide dogs and hunting dogs handle situations where they have to size it up and make elemental decisions. Dogs have great scent memory capacity and good sound memory function.

You can tell he has this knack for remembering sounds because he'll remember a voice he hasn't heard in years. Dogs learn, but it's more memory than understanding the way we do. He has some ability to learn the cause and effect of his actions like in house training or catching a Frisbee. With your dog's intelligence to protect, you'll want to give him the best nutritional help you can to aid in his geriatric years and it's best to start when he is younger so his cells don't oxidize as much.


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