Your Senior Dog's Diet is Important


Your dog seems to eat everything in sight and that doesn't hurt. Especially when he was young it seemed like his stomach was made of heavy metal. When you're going to change your pet's diet it is best to do it gradually and that means take at least four days to switch him over to the new food. If your dog is older, take special care in changing his diet. He may need a new diet because of aliments, but don't upset his stomach with sudden changes in his eating habits.

Since this change should be gradual, have plenty of the old food available the first day. Mix the food with three quarters old food and a quarter new. In two days you can add in another quarter of new food and do that again in two days until the food is all new. If you change your dog's diet suddenly he can get sick with these symptoms: stomach cramps, heartburn, indigestion, diarrhea, and vomiting. He may also refuse to eat at all.

Another thing you don't want to do is constantly switch your dog's food. Just because a dog food is on sale doesn't mean your dog's food needs changing. On the contrary, this well makes your dog sick. Some experts say you should change your dog's food periodically, but not often. They say this helps prevent any dietary excesses or deficiencies from becoming a problem. But a very important reason may be to prevent allergies. Allergies build up over time with daily exposure. The cases of developing an allergy suddenly are rare.

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melindaregner 5 years ago

"Your Senior Dog's Diet is Important"

One of my favorite for today. :)

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