Your Senior Hunting Dog and Nutrition


You just can't feed your hunting dog the way you did years ago because you'll be behind other hunting dog owners in field trials. If they follow more modern methods and you don't, you've let them have the edge over you. Amongst these newer methods is the use of antioxidants. All bird dog trainers nowadays are using or looking for that different diet or feeding method that will keep his dog on top so his head stays up and he hunts the length of the field trial. This better diet will be especially important for the older bird dog.

Carotenoid is an important antioxidant. Antioxidants have an effect on the immune system and that's significant for your hunting dog because he's a working dog. Carotenoids make the color in fruits and vegetables. Beta-carotene, lutein, and vitamins A.,C. and E. stop massive tissue damage, which free radicals cause in their absence or when they are low in your dog's system. Free radicals roam your dog's body and damage or destroy healthy cells. This is called perioxidation.

Your bird dog hunts in conditions of cold and wet and he's under stress. Stress alone causes him to need more vitamins and particularly antioxidants. The production of free radicals rises under these conditions. Older field trial dogs are at greater risk. The research conducted for humans and by Iams and other dog food makers have proven that adult dogs and older dogs even more so need antioxidants to prevent disease. Research also indicates that all of the antioxidants are needed


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