Tips For The Perfect Chicken Coop

Choosing The Perfect Chicken Coop For Your Chickens

So you’ve decided on raising some chickens, but before bringing home your new guests it is best to have their shelter in place. Depending on where you are living, here are some good rules of thumb to follow when considering your chicken coop.

If You Are Renting a Home:

If you do not currently own your home, and are renting, be sure to check with your landlord before even bringing your pets home. If your landlord is fine with the idea, you’ll want to be sure that you do not build a permanent fixture, and that your coop can be easily relocated if need be. Next, consider how much space you can designate for your chickens, and be sure that the layout of the coop can accommodate however big your flock may be. Lastly, be sure your coop, even though it may not be as sturdy as a permanent fixture may be, is just as safe. Perhaps putting a temporary fence around your coop would also be ideal to provide a little bit of extra safety.

If You Own, But Live In The City:

Many times in a city environment, there is a lot less space available to designate for your flock. With that in mind, try not to overstuff your flock in a small coop. A good rule to follow is 10 square feet per bird. Next, make sure your coop is safe and sound. In a city environment, stray pets are very common, and are also extremely dangerous to your flock. Therefore it is encouraged to have proper fencing and other safety measures in place. Lastly, be sure to construct your coop out of sturdy material that can withstand whatever weather is common for your area. For instance, if you live in an area that becomes extremely cold during winter, be sure your coop can provide the proper warmth for your flock during the long winter months. Choose your design to withstand fluctuations in weather. Your coop may look pretty, but can it withstand a thunderstorm? The last thing you need is to see your flock being blown in the wind because their coop came apart during a bad rainstorm.

If You Own, But Have Plenty of Land and are More Secluded:

Perhaps you live in the country. Well, the same rules apply but your flock can have more freedom. Be sure to provide a safe shelter that can withstand weather changes. Additionally, be sure to size the coop properly depending on how large or small your flock is. With the more space, you may be tempted to let your flock run free. This is not encouraged, and it is suggested to provide some form of fencing to be sure your flock is safe. It is possible to have free range chickens, and still keep them safe and sound with some form of fencing. Also, be aware that with the decrease in people, becomes an increase in wild life, and therefore more natural predators to be aware of.

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