Goldie The Goldfish Is No Sucker

The biggest attraction at the Golden Green Chinese Restaurant on the Central Coast, is a fish that will never swim in sweet and sour sauce. That’s because eighteen-year-old Goldie does two amazing tricks. She swims around the tank with a pacifier in her mouth, and dances.

Not a day goes by that curious faces aren’t pushed up against the tank to gawk at Australia’s brainiest fish.

Goldie learnt the trick by having a pacifier coated in honey and fish-food placed near her mouth. Soon, Goldie began to associate the pacifier with a treat and now happily sucks it all day.


The owner of the restaurant, David Choy, said customers are amazed at a goldfish sucking a dummy. “A guy from the local pet-shop offered me $500 for her, but there’s no way I’d sell – she’s part of the family.”

Goldie’s dancing evolved from her owner placing his hand in the tank and waving it quickly. The clever fish caught on fast, and now imitates the movements with her tail.

Goldie - who looks like a goldfish but at 3.5 kilos is the size of a human baby - is weighed every three months and kept on a diet so that she doesn’t explode.

“It’s important not to over-feed a goldfish, David said. “We regulate Goldie’s diet so we don’t cause her any harm.”

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Ivorwen profile image

Ivorwen 7 years ago from Hither and Yonder

Aren't goldfish just small carp? That is what I have always been told.

LRobbins profile image

LRobbins 7 years ago from Germany

Very interesting, thanks for sharing. I think we're just discovering how smart fish actually are.

MarkHall profile image

MarkHall 7 years ago from Australia Author

Very clever indeed - although like most things in life, a reward is needed to provide the desired result. Thanks for the comment and dropping by. :)

Shelly@G.P.R.G. profile image

Shelly@G.P.R.G. 7 years ago

Wish we had a vid of the dancing!! So cute!!

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