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Americana Eggs, the blue laying egg chicken
Americana Eggs, the blue laying egg chicken | Source

The Americana chicken is a chicken that comes from the United States. It was prepared as an easier to manage chicken off of the Easter Egger chicken that came from the Araucana chicken in Chile. It is one of the more interesting chickens in the world.

This is officially interpreted as a Miscellaneous class chicken according to the American Poultry Association. It has been since as an official breed of chicken by the APA since 1984.

A pea comb can be found on the head of the Americana chicken. It is noted for having a series of ridges that are easily visible around the top of the head. This is especially the case in the middle part of the head. The feathers around the neck can also be different in color from the feathers on the rest of the body.

The wattles are not very easy to find on the Americana chicken. They are invisible for the most part and should not be much of a concern.

The earlobes are dense in appearance and are also red. They are larger on males than they are on females.

There are a number of colors that the Americana chicken can be found in. The colors that have been officially recognized by the APA include the black, brown-red, white, silver, wheat, blue, blue-wheat and buff colors. These colors will vary by each chicken.

Size considerations should be considered with the Americana chicken. The largest males can be around seven pounds in weight. The largest females will be near six pounds. There are also some smaller bantam chickens in this breed. The males will be about thirty ounces in weight while the females will be closer to twenty-five ounces.

The Americana chicken works as a dual purpose chicken breed. The white skin on the chicken makes it useful for food. In fact, it does not take much time for this kind of chicken to mature, thus making it relatively easy to use for meat.

Meanwhile, the eggs that come from the chicken are often made with some interesting appearances. These eggs are often green or blue in color. Fortunately, the eggs should be relatively easy to manage. They may even be harvested throughout the entire year without an average hen being able to get at least two hundred eggs in the course of a single year.

The Americana chicken should be easy to manage if the chicken is kept in a secure spot. The chicken is known to live well in confined and quiet spots and will easily adapt to a spot like this. It will also be quiet in this area. There are some cases where the chicken might become angry or hostile to other chickens but this often varies by each individual chicken.

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