Animal Hero Stories

Animal Hero Stories

There is nothing that compares to the unconditional love of an animal. These furry creatures can bring happiness to a sick child, provide companionship for the elderly or even save someone's life.

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There are many wonderful stories about animals saving lives...even at the expense of their own life. From tales of a hero cat, a hero dog and even a hero gorilla - animals saving lives have been documented all over the world. Some of these amazing animal heroes acts have even been caught on tape and seen all around the world on Youtube. There are even cancer sniffing dogs who are trained to detect cancer in it's earliest stages. Animal heroes true rescue stories always touch the hearts of those who love them. Scroll down for unbelievable true rescue stories.© 2010

Binti Jua Rescue Video - Binti Saves Child Video

Binti Jua

Binti Jua and Koola
Binti Jua and Koola | Source

Binti Jua Saves Boy : Gorilla Saves Toddler

Binti Jua is a female Western Lowland Gorilla that lives at the Brookfield Zoo in Brookfield, Illinois. Binti Jua received international attention when she saved the life of a small child. On August 16, 1996, a three-year-old boy fell 18 feet into the gorilla enclosure at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago. The child was lying unconscious when Binti Jua picked him up and protectively cradled him into her arms. The heroic gorilla gently carried the child to the zookeeper's door, where he could be rescued. Binti Jua had her 17-month-old baby, Koola, clutched to her back throughout the incident.

The boy spent four days in the hospital and recovered fully. Binti Jua displayed an incredible act of animal altruism when she saved the life of this small child. Binti Jua has touched the hearts of people all over the world. This animal hero story is truly inspiring and Binti Jua is one of the most famous animal heroes ever known.

*Watch Actual Footage of Binti Jua Rescue Video - Animal Heroes Caught on Tape

Dog Saves Dog On Highway

Hero Dog in Chile | Dog Saves Dog on Highway‏

True Story About Dog Saving Dog on Highway

A homeless dog in Chile has performed a selfless act of animal heroism. A street dog from Chile made international headlines when he risked his life to pull an injured dog off a busy highway. The hero dog bravely dodged traffic in order to drag his injured friend to the side of the road. A traffic camera caught the amazing heroic act on tape.

After watching the YouTube video, many people are searching Google wondering what happened to the critically injured dog on the highway - did the injured dog live? Chilean Officials have stated that the injured dog has sadly died. The incident happened in March, and police have given up on their search for the hero dog who tried to save his friend's life. This is truly one of the most amazing heroic animal stories I have ever seen.

Lulu Hero Pig

Pig Saves Owner
Pig Saves Owner | Source

Lulu Hero Pig

JoAnn was taking care of her daughters potbellied pig named Lulu. JoAnn suffered a major heart attack while she was watching Lulu. She cried for help, but no one could hear her. Lulu knew that Joann was in trouble and ran out of the house. The pig laid down in the middle of the street and stopped all traffic. Lulu tried relentlessly to get help. Lulu would return to the house to check on JoAnn, and then return to the street searching for someone to help. Finally, someone noticed Lulu and followed her to the door. JoAnn was rushed to the hospital and she survived. Without Lulu's help, JoAnn might not be here today. Lulu the potbellied pig is a well known animal hero.

Brave Norman : A True Story

True Dog Rescue Stories

Anette adopted Norman from the pound. He was a blind Golden Lab and and a true animal hero. Because he was blind, Norman could only safely run free on the beach. Anette would often walk Norman along the beach.

One day, as Annette and Norman were walking along the beach and Norman could hear someone crying out for help.. A young girl had been swimming with her brother and got caught in the strong current. Norman swam toward the girl, and pulled her back to the shore. Norman is a true animal hero. This wonderful story has been published into a children's book called "Brave Norman".

Toby and Debbie Parkhurt
Toby and Debbie Parkhurt | Source

True Dog Rescue Stories

Toby is a 2-year-old Golden Retriever who was awarded for being a heroic animal. This hero dog found his owner choking and he performed a modified version of the Heimlich Maneuver.

Toby found Debbie Parkhurst choking when her dog jumped on her chest and dislodged the apple that was stuck in her throat.

Toby the hero dog received the ASPCA Dog of the Year Award after saving his owner's life. Toby used instinct, bravery and loyalty when he saved his owner from choking.

Golden Retrievers are known for their unwavering kind temperament and their dedication to those who love them the most. In like manner, it is not surprising that a dog like this would be credited with saving someone's life.

Hero Cat

Winnie the Hero Cat
Winnie the Hero Cat | Source

Cat Hero Animals Story - Winnie Animal Hero

Winnie the hero cat saved the lives of her family. A gasoline-powered water pump in the family basement caused an odorless but deadly gas to fill the house.

When Winnie sensed that something was wrong, she jumped on her owners bed and and woke them up. The hero cat jumped, nudged and meowed relentlessly as the house filled with fumes. Winnie's meows were similar to screams and the hero cat persisted. Meanwhile, the couple's 14 year-old-son lie unconscious in another room.

Because of Winnie's persistence, 911 was called and the family was treated and survived. Eric and Cathy Keesling are grateful that their 14-year-old hero cat, Winnie, saved their lives. This is one of the most famous heroic cat stories ever recorded.

Winnie is a true heroic animal who has touched the lives of many through her brave actions and persistent meows. Heroic animals like Winnie have touched the hearts of so many.

Hero Dogs of 911

Trackr the Rescue 911 Dog

Rescue 911 Dog
Rescue 911 Dog | Source

9/11 Hero Dog, Legacy Trakr, Now Has Five Clones‏

Trakr, the German Shepard rescue dog who was credited with locating the last human survivor of 9/11, was recently cloned. Trakr's owner was presented today with four identical clones of Trakr, who sadly passed away in April.

James Symington (Trakr's owner) is a retired Canadian police officer who took part in the rescue operation after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks in New York City.

The dogs were given to Symington by BioArts International after he entered an essay contest in 2008 in which he explained why legacy Trakr was worthy of cloning.

The retired police officer was very emotional when meeting the new pups - "They're identical – down to the smallest detail," Symington said in a statement released by BioArts International, the California company that arranged the intricate cloning procedure. "Few dogs are born with exceptional abilities – Trakr was one of those dogs." Symington intends to put these pups to work as search and rescue dogs.

Trakr is a true hero dog, and his legacy will live on through these treasured pups.

"If these dogs only knew what a difference they make. Certainly, there's nothing that can replace the precision of a dog's nose-and absolutely nothing that can replace a dog's heart."

Bob Sessions, rescue worker, Federal Emergency Management Agency

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Rebecca Reeder 5 years ago

I have really enjoyed looking at this site. All animal lovers will enjoy the April 2011 release of IMAX's movie "Born To Be Wild" featuring elephant orphans in Africa and orangutan orphans from the OFI Care Center on the island of Borneo.

Joshua526 5 years ago

This article is so cool!

kaethy626 5 years ago

It feels good to know that there are animals who save lives. It makes me cry knowing that risk their lives to save others.they even act more human that other people,its just right to commend them..

How i wish all people with pets at their home knows how to appreciate them,care for them..

It's just so amazing to have pets and feel their love and care for you,fair enough to return the love they're giving.

Thank's for these articles I've read, It inspired me a lot.=)

kendra hawkes 5 years ago

my horse saved my life. i was sitting one his back waiting to go for a ride while my firend got ready. her other horse didn't want to stay in the pasture so she ran the wire fence. it caught her leg and she took off, my horse tarified of wire and it hit his head and he ran strait forward and the wire went up over and around my neck my horse did a dead stop and and backed up as fast as he could loseing the rop on my neck and i did black out came to on his side. i slide off and fell on the ground .. my horse took off for home when i went down. when i got up and got my voice back i yelled his name . he did a dead stop turned around and came running back he rapped his head around me for almost a hole min. i think he was scared that i wasn't gonna make it.. i love my horse he is still with me now. a bit old and retired but happy.

daisy casitllo 4 years ago

i love the part whin the animal has a hero

hedgehogs24 4 years ago

wow these animals were really amazing and brave i cant believe they did all these things. I really liked the golden retriever and the heimlich mauever thingy mabob

candice henson 3 years ago

i like how the animals can tell when to run for help and then the know they have just saved a life.

Moma-Art_Mignon 3 years ago

We have to learn from animals

Sirius 21 months ago


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