Animal Rights V/s Human Rights

Why Some People Love Animals But Hate Human Beings?

There are a large number of people who love Animals. They fight for the rights of animals. Most of them are vegetarians and vegans. They do not want to use any animal product.

This is a good thing. There is no reason to oppose the people who fight for the rights of animals.

But I have been observing that many people who love animals do not love human beings. They love their pets but exploit their employees. The animal lovers who fight for the rights of animals have nothing to do with the rights of human beings. Such people speak out loudly when an animal is killed, but keep mum when hundreds of innocent people are killed by terrorists.

All over the world, terrorists and extremists are killing 'other' people in the name of religion or ideology. Many nations are involved in wars, and thousands of soldiers and civilians are being killed.

Military Terrorism being enjoyed by Media Persons.
Military Terrorism being enjoyed by Media Persons. | Source

Violence against human being is not limited to terrorism and war, but there is domestic violence, which has become very common world over, riots, racial violence, Police atrocities etc. Apart from violence, human rights are being violated by people, groups, police, army and Governments.

In domestic violence, children and women are being tortured. In countries like India, millions of daughter- in- laws are being persecuted and thousands of them are being forced to commit suicide.

Every day, there are communal riots in one or another town in India. Innocent people are becoming victims of such riots.

If we watch TV news or read Newspapers on any day, we are informed of the crime against human beings, world over.

But none of the animal lovers speak a single word of such persecutions and killings of human beings.

On the other hand they always speak against killings of animals (especially cows*), small insects and invisible living beings even if they are harmful to us. They even speak about the life in green vegetables and underground vegetables and do not eat such vegetables.

Isn't it foolish?

Animal Lovers do not know the true meaning of Ahimsa, they have limited it to animals. So they do not have any place for humanity in their minds.

The reason behind not talking against killings of human beings might be that if they talk it would be harmful for them. Who dares to talk against terrorists? Who dares to takl against criminals? The best way is to run away from working for human rights (what is it?). Now the only choice is to speak against killings of animals. Working for animal rights is a safer way to follow ahimsa.

So what do you think?

Domestic Violence Video

© 2007 Mahaveer Sanglikar

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Rudra profile image

Rudra 8 years ago

Dalits are not being prosecuted. Actually its the other way round. Have you not heard of Laloo, Mayawati, Karunanidhi. They have had Dalits turn against others and had them killed.

People are being killed in masses in India. My god - havent heard that from a long time. Wasent it Pakistan where a bomb happened and 140 people died as a result of Bhutto returning. Take a trip to Iraq then find out.

Love the way you paint a rosy picture of your own country. Thank Hindus that other religions are able to thrive in India. Other countries in the region likes convert them.

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