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I've been noticing lately just how animals and birds communicate with each other, in sometimes very loving ways. Our golden retriever "treed" a chipmunk recently and the poor little creature was stuck upside down, halfway up the tree. He was too high and too scared for us to help (besides he fact that we didn't want to get bit!) so we watched from afar to see what he (she?) would do. Before long, another chipmunk scampered up the tree and seemingly led the frightened one down to safety, much to the dismay of our dog..who appeared to be proud of his prowess. The chipmunks happily scampered across our yard and disappeared into the woods, chattering all the while.

On another occasion, my husband was driving and a chipmunk ran out in front of him. The little guy (the chipmunk, not my husband), froze in the middle of the road as the car screeched to a halt. They played the waiting game, neither willing to move for fear of what would happen, when suddenly another chipmunk ran out into the street and nudged the if to say "get the hell out of here!" The two chipmunks happily ran off into the woods and my husband continued on with his travels.


The loyalty of dogs...

Dogs amaze me. They have an uncanny sense of loyalty that is so incredibly moving and their loyalty doesn't stop with just people, it's with other animals as well. How many times have you seen pictures or videos of dogs standing vigil over another wounded dog? How many pictures or videos have you seen of dogs becoming heroes because they've risked their own life to save another? Our local news station featured a story of a dog who was rescued from a burning building only to run back into the blazing inferno. A fire fighter ran in after him and found him standing next to a box filled with kittens and refused to leave. The fire fighter was able to save them all, but without the dog the poor kittens would have succumbed to the fire.

What really tugs at my heart strings are the dogs that are broken hearted, confused and scared but still refuse to leave the side of a loved one that has died, be it animal or human. They are loyal to the end and then some.

For them it is not "till death do us part."


The birds and the bees.....

I'm an avid birdwatcher and have feeders at the edge of my deck. I've noticed that pairs of birds will swoop down to the feeder but only one will actually feed; the other will perch itself on the deck railing and wait for it's mate to feed him or her. So one bird dutifully gathers feed and then gently feeds the other. I'm thinking they're husband and wife teams and wonder who is feeding who. In the summer it's easy to tell because the male plumage is brighter and more colorful, but in the winter it's sometimes hard to tell. Either way it's so sweet to watch as one patiently waits and the other feeds!

These 4 legged (and 2 legged) creatures are not only smarter than we realize, they have heart. They genuinely care for each other and it's amazing to witness it in action.

Rescue dog saves baby life

All creatures great and small

Whether it's lions or tigers or elephants in the thick of an African jungle or the domestic beast of the city....all animals care about one another. There's so many cases of animals helping other animals and it's so incredibly touching.

The thing I'm touched by the most, though, is the loyalty of dogs. I see videos and read stories of how dogs are loyal right to the end and how some become doggie heroes for bravely saving someone's life. They truly are man's best friend.

These 4 legged (and 2 legged) creatures are not only smarter than we realize, they do have hearts....made of gold.

Have you experienced it?

Have you ever witnessed an animal helping or saving another animal or human?

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Sun Pen 50 profile image

Sun Pen 50 5 years ago from Srilanka

Yes, But only some. There are wicked ones too. Mother cats eating their own small ones too. While there are cat moms feeding (nursing) abandoned small mice too. Just like we have wicked men and kind ones with golden hearts. nature!!!!!!. You are lucky to be happy when others are happy even when they are birds. Do you know people who get upset when they see when others are happy and love each others (humans as well as animals)

Nice hub. up/beautiful

Seeker7 profile image

Seeker7 5 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Awesome hub. Animals do have spirits and they have souls that's why the feel and sense the same way we do - sometimes more. They have an extraordinary capacity for accepting other species as they are and enjoying life without any hang ups - we can learn so much from our beautiful animals.

I don't entirely agree with Sun Pen 50. There is no such thing as a 'wicked' animal - they are not capable of pre-meditated acts of cruelty or evil. Sometimes nature does go wrong and sometimes nature programmes them to act in certain ways that we find distressing. But that is the way life is at times.

Wonderful and beautiful hub + voted up!

moonfairy profile image

moonfairy 5 years ago Author

thanks again Seeker7! Animals are awesome, aren't they?? and I agree that they are not capable of pre-meditated acts of cruelty or evil.... =)

cnocera profile image

cnocera 5 years ago from North of Boston

I agree with how animals communicate with each other is amazing. I recently moved to where there is a lot of trees around me and we have Ravens and Crows. Every morning they know I feed them, so when I am late they will fly around the window letting me know that they are waiting. I think it is so funny. One morning I got up later than usual and a baby Raven was walking on my doorstep back and forth waiting for me. I love animals they are amazing.

Awesome article Moonfairy. I love reading your material,

moonfairy profile image

moonfairy 5 years ago Author

thanks cnocera! that baby Raven must have been adorable!!I feed the birds all the time and I just love watching them =)

Erica Silverlight profile image

Erica Silverlight 5 years ago from realms of the heart.

Animals have always been a very vital part of the world we inhabit. Thanks for sharing this tale!

moonfairy profile image

moonfairy 5 years ago Author

thanks Erica! and I agree whole heartedly =)

profile image

Ghost32 5 years ago

Beautiful. I'll carry the images of the "rescuer" chipmunks helping out their terror-frozen friends forever.

Voted Up and Much More.

moonfairy profile image

moonfairy 5 years ago Author

thanks very much ghost32...animals truly are amazing creatures.

billybuc profile image

billybuc 5 years ago from Olympia, WA

Great hub! My only complaint is there wasn't more of it. I'll be following you with great interest in the future.

moonfairy profile image

moonfairy 5 years ago Author

thanks so much billybuc...your comment is a nice way to start my day=)

Wrath Warbone profile image

Wrath Warbone 5 years ago from Cleveland, Ohio

Lovely story.

moonfairy profile image

moonfairy 5 years ago Author

thanks Wrath Warbone =)

Tonipet profile image

Tonipet 4 years ago from The City of Generals

I loved this hub! No wonder chipmunks are popular, they could think like us. After my mind-relaxing star gazing, like you I also love to bird watch. It's joy watching them hopping trees, and when they go near my window, I'm amazed! Loved their chirps as early as 5:15 in the morning, as if they're talking that they couldn't just hold off. Lovely hub. Thanks for reminding us that animals also do get feelings. You're a fairy, indeed!

unknown spy profile image

unknown spy 4 years ago from Neverland - where children never grow up.

Awesome!!! I really loved your ending :These 4 legged (and 2 legged) creatures are not only smarter we realize, they have heart.

moonfairy profile image

moonfairy 4 years ago Author

thank you Tonipet...what a wonderful comment!!!! you made me smile. I too love to stargaze and find the full moon rise breathtaking =)And I find all animals to be amazingly cute and loving.

moonfairy profile image

moonfairy 4 years ago Author

thank you unknown spy (love your name)...I get a kick out of our little creatures that scurry about!!

Angela Brummer profile image

Angela Brummer 4 years ago from Lincoln, Nebraska

Someone actually has a hub on here where a bird lost its mate and you could tell it was painful! Thanks for sharing this!

moonfairy profile image

moonfairy 4 years ago Author

thanks Angela Brummer for your comment...I agree that it's painful when you witness it. I'll check out the hub you mentioned!

profile image

ignugent17 4 years ago

Very nice and heart warming hub. You are very kind to animals and you were able to appreciate their existence. Voted up and interesting!

moonfairy profile image

moonfairy 4 years ago Author

thank you ignugent17...for your kind words. Animals fascinate me!

wetnosedogs profile image

wetnosedogs 4 years ago from Alabama

Such a sweet hub.

moonfairy profile image

moonfairy 4 years ago Author


Naidine 2 years ago

What you saw is actually the male was feeding the female. I use to rise birds ( Canary & parrot birds) although they were all in cage, the female will go on the perch waiting for him bringing food up for her!!! And if she got babies he will feed her than she will go and vomit/feed that food into her babies beak, sometime they go and feed their babies together if they were many.

moonfairy profile image

moonfairy 2 years ago Author

Naidine...thank you for commenting! I suspected it was the male feeding the female because the male plumage is so much more vibrant. It's so sweet to watch, isn't it?

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