My 10 year old black lab suddenly lost his appetite about 2 months ago. Intestinal blockage?

I have taken him to two different vets now. The second one supposably diagnosed the problem as a partial blockage in his 'bowel'? He surgically removed a 12" section two days ago. They could not get Spooker to eat at the clinic. I was sent home with many cans of 'mushy' Medi-cal convalesense food and Hills A/D, but Spooker won't eat it. I can however get him to eat small amounts of cooked, mushed, non-spicey pork sausage, and also milk blended with with hi-protein 'Boost'. Essentially his appetite has'nt changed (I could get him to eat this before I brought him to the vet). He was'nt vomitting

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Memories1932 says

5 years ago
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