What is wrong with my rabbit?? please help

i have a 6 month old rabbit named Pip Squeak and he cant walk very well and leans to his left side and falls alot and his left ear is down but his right ear is up and its mother bit of the tip of his right ear I felt his legs but they don't seem to be broken and he also shakes alot and rolls over on his back and cant get up I cant afford to take him to the vet please get back to me

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bizgrrl says

15 months ago
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David (ShootersCenter) says

5 years ago
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    bizgrrl 15 months ago

    Wow, 9 years is good! The lifespan is 8-10 years for pet rabbits.

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Mr Grimwig says

5 years ago
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Honest Reality says

5 years ago
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