Two female dogs? Is that a good idea?

Sam, my 12 yr old Staffie and Sage my 7 week old pitbull x (i think).. Im trying to introduce them to each other every day, Sam has not growled at Sage or barked at her, what I have noticed is Sam trying pick at her with her small front teeth, like she is cleaning her or looking for fleas.. I feel Sam is abit 'fast' or abit hard with Sage, all this has happened with Sage in my arms, after reading a few stories here I am scared that they wont get along, I know its early days but I dont want to give either one of them away.. Any advice PLS

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Nettlemere says

4 years ago
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Kassi Garcia (kgarcia1113) says

4 years ago
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  • kimmulder1 4 years ago

    Hi, thanks for the response, will definetly try that..