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My Rottweilier has been diagnosed with neoplasia in his right carpal joint.

My vet says the only option is amputation. Stein is 9.5 years old. He is a large Rottweilier that weighs 155 pounds. I have had him since he was 8 weeks old. I don'y know what to do, I am just starting this in hopes that someone may ask some questions and get it going from there. I noticed his right front carpal joint swollen in early may. I brought him in to the vet where he was positive for Lyme. He went on Doxacyline but his joint was still swoolen. I brought him into the vets again and they X-Rayed his joint and concluded it was neoplasia. His Lungs are ok and his other leg ok

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DrMark1961 says

4 years ago
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    buck8779 4 years ago

    Dr. Mark

    I just e-mailed you through your contact page. Would you answer my e-mail or, call me, or, I can call you if you answer my e-mail.

    Thank you so much


Tripawds says

4 years ago
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