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Original Games For A Puppy?

Typically for Scotland in June the weather will be cold, windy and rainy over the weekend. So my 3 month old pup will not be getting out and about as much. This bundle of energy is always looking for something new to get up to. So to ward off any boredom, I'm looking for unique ways to use up her energy. So do hubbers have any favourite dog/puppy games they would like to share? Either training or fun games, it doesn't matter. I'm interested in any ideas.

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PageC says

4 years ago
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    Helen Murphy Howell (Seeker7) 4 years ago

    Great ideas and I love the one about hiding her food in a few cardboard boxes! Very original and great fun!!

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buddybaker says

4 years ago
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Headfullofsound says

4 years ago
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