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Do you like to pet reptiles

Brother of a friend of mine recently got a lizard as a pet. I was really like freaked out. I havent seen anyone before who would keep a reptile at home as pet. So do you or anyone you know keep reptiles as pets and do you like it if someone does?

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Kevin W (Alphadogg16) says

4 years ago
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Shaddie says

4 years ago
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    Tina Elliott (vdragonsblood) 4 years ago

    Love your rainbow!!! I have been an avid herpatologist for most of my life. I used to rescue, rehabilitate and adopt herps (amphibians/reptiles) for many years. Now I do wildlife rehab, but may start doing some herp rescue again.

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Nettlemere says

4 years ago
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  • sweetie1 profile image

    sweetie1 4 years ago

    Thanks Nettlemere for the comment and I forgot turtles as pets when i asked this question.