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Do you feed the birds while eating lunch?

Are you an animal lover?

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Shaddie says

4 years ago
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    aykianink 4 years ago

    Interesting point. On that note, I don't think I've really ever seen malnourished birds. I've seen dead ones, but I don't think they died from starvation. Common where you're from, Shaddie?

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aykianink says

4 years ago
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  • Ann1Az2 profile image

    Ann1Az2 4 years ago

    You are most definitely not a Scrooge! It would be rather unhealthy to feed the birds in this situation. Birds are messy and I'm sure if they were this aggressive, they would have been all over everyone. You did the right thing.

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Ann1Az2 says

4 years ago
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Raptorcat says

4 years ago
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