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Can pets drink lactose-free milk for humans?

Since regular milk is supposedly not good for pets, I buy pet milk from PetSmart as a treat for my cats and dog. Is the problem with pets' digestion the lactose? If so, is humans lactose-free milk safe for them? It would be so much cheaper!

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neoyyf says

4 years ago
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    DrMark1961 4 years ago

    Your answer is really good, whether or not you consider yourself an expert.

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francisassissi says

4 years ago
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Sarra Garrett says

4 years ago
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    Vicki L Hodges (Victoria Lynn) 4 years ago

    I know that about regular milk. That's not what I'm asking, though. I'm asking about the lactose free milk for humans, since pet milk specially made for pets is fine.

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Dr Freddie Haddox (Dr. Haddox) says

4 years ago
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