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Does anyone else think the FDA is being unreasonable about pet treats?

The FDA recently admitted that it has traced the deaths of hundreds of pets and illness of thousands more, to chicken jerky treats sold under a variety of brands, but all sourced in China. The FDA states that they haven't pulled the treats because, though the deaths are documented, the exact ingredient driving them, has not. An FDA spokesman recently stated that the best course of action is simply to eliminate treats from your pet's diet. Does anyone else think that is overly simplistic, unrealistic advice?

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Peg Cole (PegCole17) says

3 years ago
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    Chris (Winter Maclen) 3 years ago

    I think that they shouldn't ban all treats, but there are some commonalities in these products, dehydrated poultry meat, processes in China, that could limit the ban.

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Chris (Winter Maclen) says

3 years ago
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