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Great Pyrenees puppies.

I am looking for training ideas and personality traits as a puppy? I am told this breed is very docile but I am the owner of a VERY EXTREMELY hyper puppy that just loves to bite, bite, bite anything and everything and everybody. I want to know if this is normal? Will he outgrow it? Is there some training that needs to be done?

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DrMark1961 says

2 years ago
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    vikkijov 2 years ago

    I adopted him from a breeder at 9 weeks old. He is now just turned 16 weeks on Saturday. I have him in a crate, that might be helpful fact too. Thank you for the advice, I am so grateful and definitely will read all three hubs. Double thumbs up!

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Rebecca Mikulin (wychic) says

2 years ago
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