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My 8 week old American Staffordshire Terrier is eating & drinking well, yet I get the feeling he...

wants more than just dry food. I soak his biscuits in water & feed him 3 times per day. He usually has just a little left over. Sometimes, however, he seems to get frustrated & whine/cries at his food. I have also noticed him getting extremely excited when me or the kids are eating & tries to get to the food. (Which of course I don't allow). Would it be a good idea to give him the occasional cooked egg? Or perhaps just a 1/4 pouch of good quality, natural puppy meat with his tea on an evening? Any advice is very much appreciated. Thank you.

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DrMark1961 says

7 months ago
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    keepitnatural 7 months ago

    Completely agree! It's just with his age...

    My last dog ate this type of diet Thank you <3

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RTalloni says

7 months ago
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ptosis says

7 months ago
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