I have a collie cross who i rescued when she was about a year old. I have had her for 9 months...

now and have house trained her, sit, stay, down, come etc. She does all this brilliantly in the house and is a very gentle dog. However as soon as we get to the end of our front garden she starts a pitch whine and wants to just run. On the few times I have let her off she just runs and will not come back. I have had to look for her for hours before I can catch her. She get s an hours walk a day and play in the house but i want to let her off her leash as she needs to run. I have tried using a long lead and re-calling her with food, takin toys, gettin her to chase me, letting her run and nothin

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Sophie (sasanqua) says

7 years ago
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MoRita says

6 years ago
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