Best catfoods or even okay to good ones: we have to look at 100 hubs to see the rating of each ???

I have to head to the store now, late evening, to buy my two cats a different brand of dry food, given that both cats refuse to touch any from the bag I just bought - and one even vomited shortly after eating it (that's got to be really bad). Yet after an hour of hopscotching through your catfood ratings links, I still have absolutley no idea which, if any, regular store brand of dry food has a 5/10+ or better rating to choose from. Why do you not summarize in a list the best to worst rated brands / manufacturers? Or groupings with a few okay - good - best ones for ADHD types like me?

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Torch Harrison says

6 years ago
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Misty39 says

5 years ago
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