Hello. I am considering using the 'Evanger's' canned food to mix in with my own raw meat recipe...

that I've been feeding my two cats for about a year now (they love it!). I choose to mix a high quality canned with the raw to stretch out the raw meat since it IS very tedious and time consuming to make. For the last 6 months or so, I've been mixing the raw with 'Wellness Salmon and Turkey' canned but because of their recall history, I am leaning towards changing (hence thinking about 'Evanger's'). The only neg. point made regarding Evanger's was the Seafood flavor having ground corn and rice flour. I don't see these ingredients listed in any of their seafood. Can you tell me when this was?

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jpark says

6 years ago
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Lady-in-a-Window says

5 years ago
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