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dear susan, I buy taste of the wild dogfood [high prarie].whats your opinion on this food? my...

westie was dignosed with brain cancer in jan,and given 3-6 months to live,I use to feed all my dog kids nutro lamb meal n rice small bites,since mollie has cancer i had to switch for good protein and supplements to try n boost her immuneiyt system.its working great with her and shes acting like a young dog again,actually today is her 5th month. thank god for that,we pray for this little dog to be with us and make it thru this,I also give evo can duck,vension,turkey and chicken which is loaded with vitamins and supplements,all"s going great with her as i write this.she also gets cottage cheese

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Susan Zutautas (Just Ask Susan) says

6 years ago
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