abused horse how do i gether to be normal agian not so scared

when i took her in she had a leg wound her and her son he was abou18 months old escape from were they were the baby was hit by a car he was to hurt so he was put to sleep and she had an injuredfront leg she got medical attention the owner was gonna abandon her so i took her in shes helthy now but so freaks out onanything startles her dontlet nobody touch her she its olmost imposible toget roped if she not in her stall . but she is getting a little better with me cause i feed her she when i approach her stall if i still she will come smell my arms try and taste me not bite.

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na cairridire says

6 years ago
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dreamrider0723 says

5 years ago
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LaShauna (Horse Reader) says

3 years ago
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Phoebe Pike says

6 years ago
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