I bought a Bearded Dragon 2 days ago. So, i got a few Qs. I bought the little guy at a pet...

store, and the employee that i was talking to about Tyson (my BD) said he was no older than 4 months. He's about 8 inches long. Does that length sound like a 4 month year old BD to you? I'm also a little bit worried because he's not eating any veggies or fruits. He'll devour meal worms, and tends to eat the crickets i feed him. Should i be worried about his lack of veggie appetite? And last I never see him around his waterbowl. I spray his greens with water so that if he ever does eat them he'll get hydrated. What should i do about these things?

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Crewman6 says

6 years ago
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5 years ago
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Whitney (Whitney05) says

6 years ago
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