We have a dachshund that is 14 years old. He is diabetic and blind. My husband don't want to...

take him to the vet but i feel that he is suffering. He is weak on his legs when we take him outside to go to the bathroom and his head is tilting to one side so he will go round and round. He shakes really bad unless he is wrapped tight in a towel or something. He still eats well but i have found a few stools that look like there is blood in them. He sleeps with my husband and the last week or so he has been restless during the night. He sleeps most of the time generally. He will get up if he has to go out but needs help to get him there. Please, i could use some advice. thank you JW in Flori

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Toadus says

6 years ago
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nlhouser says

5 years ago
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