I started my dog on Blue Wilderness last Tuesday and mixed it in with his Nutra food. Friday...

night he had a severe allergic reaction to something. He had raised hives or bumps all over his back. I washed off his fur with a warm washrag several times to remove any possible surface allergens and had some benedryl spray from my vet that I sprayed on the spots. Before this treatment my schnauzer was beside himself in misery. This morning he awoke bump free. I fed him the Blue food straight this morning. At around noon he started to break out in bumps again but not as severe. We did take a long walk just prior to his breakout again. Are there any know allergies with Blue Wilderness?

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Audrey Kirchner (akirchner) says

6 years ago
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Dalia Grad (Critical Thinker1) says

3 years ago
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