I had two cats die before this pet food recall came was an outside cat,he was the first to die.he came in the house ocassionally.well we noticed he started laying around,not eating,hid urine had changed colors.we really didn't think much about it,we thought maybe he may have been poisoned.he died about a week later.

About a week after that I had another cat get sick,she was an inside cat,she never went outside.For the first few days she threw up a lot.Than she would go sit in the litter box without doing anything.

about two days later she started foaming out the mouth really bad and crying out,than she started peeing but it was a really dark gold color.

We started feeding her tuna,babyfood,etc and she seemed to be doing better.well we started he back on the cat food and the next morning she died on us.

All they ate were the Friskie's tender cut in gravy,I know that Friskie's is not on the recall list but I had two cats die from the symtoms of kindey faluire.anyone eles had this problem?All anwsers and help would be greatly appericated.


Geishagirl 9 years ago

No problems with Friskies gravy items but 2 cansinto a new case of Fancy Feast gravy elegant medley my cat became very ill foaming at mouth projectile vomiting very skiddish and distance, within 24 hours my other cat had less server siymptoms but similar lot of lip licking notwanting eat gagging. Stop the food both seem to be doing better youngest cat had bloodwork and scope w/ biopsy all came back normal baffled vet, convinced it was food vet feels the same and now they both need bloodwork done again in 2 weeks to makes sure no permanent damage was done to their kidneys. Last July both became ill youngest bloody stool and liquid feces and crystals in urine other violent yellow foam vomiting, they were eating IAM wt control and hairball form mixed and fancy feast fish with aspic which if you notice idsappeared off shelves vet told me the older one had developed sensitive stomach and the young one just needed SC C/D. Could not give any really answers of symptoms now I know it was the foods they were eating. YIKES. WIll let you know how their blood work comes back .

Sherri Harper 9 years ago

Yes, we lost our cat Feb. 27. The only foods he ate were friskies, Fancy Feast and Dry Purina Cat Chow. He was fine one day, then started throwing up, severe diarrhea, foaming at the mouth. Spent 2 days in the clinic (where I was asked several times if he could have gotten into any poison) and then passed away.

tabitha 9 years ago

Thank you both for you comments,They haven't put Friskie's on the list yet but I have heard of several pets dying from eating it,

Britt 9 years ago

I fed my cat the new Friskies Seafood Melodies- last week he started having diarrhea on my floor and started crying out and throwing up last night- FRISKIES is not on the list, but my cat is sick and that is the culprit- if you have it, stop using it immediately!!!!!

shelly 9 years ago

I am so very sad, to find out now for the 2nd time within 2 months that my beloved kittens are following eachother in death. My first cat dinero had to be put to put to sleep to spare him suffering of what I can only suspect to be the caused from the food he ate, the food I lovingly gave him. Now his sister sahara is sick as well. and she was just to the vet doing well not within the last couple of months, healthy I was told. My son who is 21 and autistic, is as heartbroken as I am, the kind of food my kittens were eating were meow mix dry original choice, and friskies ocean fish flavor dry, along with the moist packages i believe from both kinds of food, Dinero and Sahara are sadly missed by their family!

Linda 9 years ago

Antonia 9 years ago

I fed both my cats Friskies food in October - one cat threw up and the other one died the next day - he never was sick before - he was eating and feeling fine until he ate friskies.

Candy 9 years ago

My cat has eaten Purina Ocean Fish for 11 years with no problems. The local store stopped carrying Friskies Ocean Fish about a month ago...and replaced it with the many new flavors of Friskies Signature. As soon as I began feeding her the new Friskies her bowel movements became very, very pungent and 4 days ago she developed severe explosive diarrhea...that reeks of ammonia and bile! I have switched her to Purina One but now am concered since they are produced by the same company. Does anyone have anymore information on what is causing this?

Elsy Curtis 8 years ago


Jonelle Dontos 8 years ago

I have cats that have been throwing up on Purina Friskies Ocean Whitefish in sauce. We have been feeding them different types of canned food and it has taken a couple of days to figure out what purina product was making them ill. There is no doubt about it that the Whitefish product is causing the problem. We have contacted the corpoate headquarters at PetSmart (5/21/08) and plan on getting the word out elsewhere. Please pass this info around....

Linda 8 years ago

My 8 cats now all have diarrhea and some vomiting. They are all indoor cats and they are only eating Friskies. Two are elderly so I am making a trip to vet.

retrostitches 8 years ago

I am searching for people who have had cats get sick from Friskies Canned Cat Food - Ocean Whitefish & Tuna Dinner (that's the whole name). Last night I fed it to 4 of my kittens and to one of my older cats. They all have had it before. All 4 kittens started vomiting all night long and had the runs. My older cat suddenly made a terrible cry, ran off and vomited in 4 places and also had diarehia. Next day, I brought the kittens to the vet. She said they had food poisoning! They had to get fluids, shots and antibiotics. They are being force fed every two hours on chicken human baby food. They are dehydrated and listless. I am furious! I contacted the Friskies headquarters and they told me that this never happened before. I also went to Petsmart and reported it. I can tell by the reactions of both places that they are going to do nothing. But, I am not going to let this thing die. I am going to find others who have the same experience. This feels like the whole pet food recall happening all over again.

wbcwa 8 years ago

TO retrostitches


sunset 8 years ago

My two kitties have had diarrhea for the last couple of days and they have been eating Friskies canned cat food - the Ocean Whitefish and Tuna one which is their favorite. Now they won't touch it. I am giving them the Salmon flavor and they are improving. I thought they may have had a virus but now am wondering if it was the cat food. Maybe I should change brands.

tfoster1 7 years ago

Okay so my cat is sick. I found this site because I am trying to figure it out. Vomitting, diarrhea, very sluggish, not herself and I found these posts. I gave her for the first time a can of Friskies Canned Cat Food - Ocean Whitefish & Tuna Dinner. I'm not going to give her anymore to see if she get's better. I have only fed her once and she has been sick for the two days after I gave it to her.

Geraldine Maltman 7 years ago

I have two Burmese and have been feeding them Friskies dried food and they have both been vomiting and pawing at their mouths after eating it and one of the cats has lost an awful lot of weight - I have switched foods today but as I live in Mexico the choice is pretty bad! Because it is so hot down here wet food is not really a good idea.

Seth 7 years ago

I bought some Friskies Indoor Delights and my cats REALLY do not want to eat it. My older cat just threw up a bunch of water and has been having dry heaves. The other will beg for something else even though there is plenty of food in the dish. I've only had it for about a week. I am throwing it out and getting something else. Whitefish is not one of the ingredients, but Turkey, Chicken, Beef and Cheese are listed as the flavors and Garden Greens as an extra touch.

ecos 7 years ago

my cats have always eaten friskies and been healthy UNTIL about 6 months ago. I started noticing a weight loss and skin problems along with gastrointestinal problems. I think there is a batch of BAD cat food making the rounds again. I have stopped all friskies and am switching to another dry and canned and adding supplemental food (chicken, sardines, etc) to it. Hope it helps.

Pat 7 years ago

YES YES!! I lost 4 cats in less than a week and the last one is in the vet. I have always fed friskies canned cat food. The first one that died I rushed to the vet he said he NEVER saw such high readings of toxins in a cat and told me she was poisoned, but she never went outside! the rest followed, stopped eating, hanging over the water bowl, throwing up bright green saliva. Stop feeding Friskies! I find out tomorrow if my other cat is alive.

Cecilia Beauchamp 7 years ago

My cat has been throwing up for 9 days. I took him off of Friskie canned cat food and I thought he was better. Gave him a can of Friskie cat food and he threw up again. Again, took him off of Friskie and he seem better today. Unaware of there might be a problem with Friskie canned cat food, I took a different older can of Friskie I had and feed him tonight.

So far he has not thrown up tonight. I'm taking ALL my Friskie canned cat food back and try some different brands.

Therese 7 years ago

I have a basic tomcat -- neutered -- very healthy. He likes to go outside but stays in backyard. I have always fed him Meow Mix dry and some Meow Mix canned. Never had a problem. Got a bag of Friskies Seafood Sensation about a month and a half ago. My cat did not foam at the mouth immediately but has been throwing up more than usual (what looked like just his dry food) and to the point lately where over Labor Day I thought he must be dying and was going to take him to the vet. He has also lost a lot of weight and become listless hiding in the basement. Coincidentally, while in line at Wal-Mart, a woman in the line in front of me said that her dog was throwing up his food and it was Friskies and she came in specifically to buy a bag of Pedigree. Even the cashier was suspecting after we compared notes in the line. I followed the same suit and went back to Meow Mix dry and wet and some cooked chicken (people food). My cat has improved vastly since last weekend, Labor Day, and I am becoming convinced it was the Friskies. I'm just glad he is better but still might take him to the vet for a follow-up and have the Friskies checked out. I will continue with Meow Mix but will continue with some "people food" also. I thought this big healthy cat was dying, and I'm just glad to have him back and glad he kept trying to get my attention that something was wrong. I suspect the Friskies but am thinking of having it analyzed at vet. Will post follow-up of results. Good luck to everyone and their cat (or dog). Still suspect Friskies.

Ron Wilbanks 7 years ago

In early September of 2009, I purchased a large bag of Friskies Signature Blend cat food at Krogers. Less than a week ago, my cat Cookie, who is 2.5 year old spayed female, developed a terrible case of diarrhea. This went on for three days in a row, and for some reason she could not find the litter box. To say that I had a mess on our hands is an understatement. Worse yet, she was vomiting yesterday as well.

Now my spayed calico female, was deathly sick Saturday morning. She would walk around meowing like she would when she needs to throw up. She must have vomited 12 times in five hours. Moreover, she would scratch on various surfaces and try to defecate, but nothing happened. Likewise, she was drooling a few times. Today, she is walking around and is more active, jumping on the counter, but still doesn't have much of an appetite. However, she is drinking water, and very alert mentally, which is a good sign.

I decided to take the Friskies away from both of them, and replace it with Nine Lives. I hope this solves the problem. Since my calico cat is in the worst shape, she is going the the veterinarian tomorrow.

Kara 7 years ago

I have two cats, A & B, I'll call them. Cat A and B have been getting Friskie's wet food (various pate's) for the last 6 months. In the last month, Cat A has been refusing to eat the Friskie's, and Cat B gets sick the morning after eating. I contacted Friskie's about this, but it's disturbing that there are posts dating back 2 years ago and there was still no recall of the product.

kado 7 years ago

All 6 of my cats became ill after eating purina one i know its not friskies.I live in the uk. I had at the time 6 cats who after feeding them it was sick one after another. I did complain and they tested it and it was in the proper range for the food. Within 2 months one of my cats went down with liver failure we only put him on this because it was supposed to be ok. He suffered 4 3 wks with it and he sadly had too be pts in july this year and he was only 3

tokyowasabi 7 years ago

I have been feeding my 2 cats Costco's Friskies Classic Pate variety pack can food and have noticed that since I got this new box that my cats have been throwing up nearly everytime they ate the Salmon dinner. Contacted Costco and they said that they have not received any complain so far. Looked up th e

internet to find out whether anyone else is experiencing this ? I will contact Purina on Monday but whatever they say I don't trust the manufacturers as I think they usually deny any problem until it is widespread.

Nova-scotia Owner 7 years ago

In the last 6-7 months my cats have become progressively sicker from eating Friskies wet canned food.

The Whitefish seems the worst and causes the vomiting.

The Turkey Giblets seem to be almost as bad.

Male cat is throwing up almost daily, losing weight, sleeping excessively. He has also started to attack and take meat from people's plates. He is starving even though he is eating it.

Female cat was in good health but she eats mice, birds, etc. Since she now stays indoors (cold weather) she has started to vomit a lot also. This has been within the last month for her but the male stays indoors all of the time. She would rather not eat the food and sometimes refuses it altogether. Have found her eating the dog's expensive kibble.

Suspected it was the food and now confirmed after reading this site! Called Friskies..."will report to quality control" and "have had no complaints regarding this food". Advised her that I found many complaining of the food and asked her to send me a confirmation letter that she got my complaint. Will report to local vets too and see what step next to take to advise everyone else.

Good luck. Kidney failure from low quality food.

Tracy 7 years ago

Had my cat to the vet today for vomiting and fever. He ate a few bites of Friskies canned food then refused to eat more. a few hours later he was sick, so was my kitten who also had some of the food. Vet said probably Salmonella from the food being spoiled before it was packaged. So ... $200 later ( thanks Purina) He still won't eat and sleeps all the time. I'm glad he didn't eat the whole can !!! anyway contact the FDA with your problems, that way they may look into them !!!!

Hala 7 years ago

I have always fed my cats friskies wet food. Many varieties. My male cat (1 yr old)who is strictly an inside cat, started throwing up brown bile, sometimes yellow. Friday when I came home from visiting relatives he was hugging the water dish. Took him to emergency vet and he died that evening. Now my older female is having the same symtoms just not quite as severe. My heart is breaking from this loss.

Nick 7 years ago

I have four cats. The oldest is a female apx 10 or so years old. She has been sleeping more and more as time has went on. Last week she became almost comatose, would not eat, groom, or leave her bed. I've been diluting pedialyte and organic chicken and beef baby food and force feeding her. Her breathing has become much less strained and is almost a regular rate now. Today she started grooming some and even used the scratcher. She's still weak but better. The other three have started vomiting excessively and just lounging around. They all have been eating Friskies from the variety pack. I had also changed their food to Meow Mix with essential antioxidants. The Meow mix has been thrown out (after reading that it is one of the worst foods to give them) They are all indoor cats. There's no chemicals anywhere they could have gotten into so I suspect it's one of the two foods at this point. I'm a student and don't have the financial means to take them to the vet. It's very irritating that there seems to be no regulation on what the pet food industry can put in their products.

jen 7 years ago

the 2 times I gave my cat friskies salmon dinner pate I have had to take him to the vet. First time vomiting and a limp. Two weeks later when i fed it to him again, violent vomiting for hours and one pupil dilated more than the other. lots of crying and drooling. at animal ER they gave him an anti-vomiting shot and subcutaneous liqids. Going to the regular vet as soon as they open in the AM.

BR 7 years ago

My healthy, playful 7-year-old cat had a can of Friskies - began throwing up that evening, refused to eat, became too weak to even stand up. Took him to vet, who thought it might be a virus and put him on antibiotics. He died within 36 hours. I now recall a Wal-Mart cashier asking me if my cat had any problems with Friskies because her cat began throwing up after eating them. Somebody better investigate what kind of garbage they are putting in this pet food. I am sick to my stomach that I could have prevented his death if I had read this website sooner.

carol 7 years ago

I have a cat shelter. This past March (2009) I found a cat dead in the shelter, one month later another one dead, in

July 2 more died both of kidneys. They were young cats, under 1year. I lost 3 more in August and rushed 5 more cats to the vets. They were poisoned by their cat food.(Friskis can food) They stayed in the hospital for days having their livers flushed. Thankfully they made it. I called Friski's and they turned my case over to sedgwick claims.

I also reported this to the FDA. Their job is to protect our food as well as animal. They told me if they were getting a lot of calls regarding Friski's they would do a recall. Please contact the FDA. And spread the word all over about Friski's can food. It's killing our CATS!!!!! I have filed a claim with sedgwick. I want them to pay for all of our vet bills.There playing hardball with me right now but I won't give up. The symptons our cats had were vomiting sometimes green vomit,foaming at the mouth, head hanging over the water bowl, lethargy, extremely weak.

Please please spread the word.

Nova Scotia Owner 6 years ago

I contacted Friskies and they said there have been no complaints. I had a letter sent to me in writing regarding my concerns and along with that they included coupons for free food! Garbage is where they went.

I will also contact our Canadian health department as Purina obviously is denying it. We spoke to a vet who said she's seen a rise in the number of case of kidney failure and she noted it was mainly in the cats fed Friskies canned food! Very concerning. I now feed them Paw4mance Plus. Great animal food and great quality!

Sadly, we can't turn back the damage already done. I am hoping it comes out to the public. Not many are linking it to the food yet :(

Pam 6 years ago

I fed my male 13 yr. old cat just 1/3rd can of Friskies turkey pate. He bacame lethargic and weak and wouldn't eat or drink for 2 days. Fortunately I only gave him a small amount. Today I opened a can of "people" chicken and he ate about 1 teaspoon full a maybe the same amount of water. I'm hoping he'll recover. I intend to contact Purina.

Tati 6 years ago

My beloved cat, my beautiful Precious just died today and all he ate was Friskies Tuna, he had all the signs you guys mentioned only as of last Saturday and today Monday he is dead. He was poisoned by Friskies. I hope nobody else goes through this, I feel devastated, I loved my cat, this is so unfair, I hope the owners of this company one day go through all the pain and harm this has caused us both Precious and me, all in the name of PROFIT.

lydkarhma 6 years ago

I have 6 cats in the house + a few strays

I buy my food once a month, friskies cans of all flavors .

this time , or the cats do not want to eat the food regardless of the flavor and the one who do, vomit.

After reading all you comment, I will call Purina , contact FDA, return the food except one of each as proof, and I think we should get together and start an action.

I also notice that one of my cat urine is very orange yellow (she like to pee in the bathtub!....) The other I do not know. I notice the change of color in the past week.

I am thinking seriously to start to cook for my cats as you cannot trust anyone now

AND NOTE , IT DOES NOT SAYS ANYMORE WHERE THE FOOD IS MANUFACTURED , OR WHERE DO THE INGREDIENTS COME FROM. When you buy clothes it says where it is made, food and skin product DO NOT.

We need to demande the provenance of all ingredient going "in" or "on" our body or animal's.

Debbie 6 years ago

I am glad I came across this website. I recently bought a 32 can case of friskies poultry variety pack cat food. Within a week of opening this case and feeding it to my cats (I have (had) three older cats and four kittens) one of my older cats died, one of the kittens died, one of the older cats is now exhibiting the same symptoms: lethargy-no interest in eating/drinking-vomiting-urinating and deficating on themselves, and finally death. I have contacted friskies and they said they have had no complaints. They did, however, take all the UPC code information as well as manufacturer information and gave me a claim number so that when I take my cat to the vet I can enter a claim to receive the funds back. They also are going to send me a postage paid package to provide them with a sample can to test. I hope that the rest of the my friends do not follow suit - I can only hope.

Kathy 6 years ago


Mary 6 years ago

My cat (13 yrs. old) developed the vomiting and lip licking everyone described. He had eaten friskies since I brought him home as a baby. Took him to two different vets. Both wanted to run a variety of tests. Neither vet even asked me about the food. I was so sick of cleaning up after his vomiting episodes (about 3 mo.) and at one point he got so sick, I was about to put the poor guy down. Went to the pet store and described sympotoms to the owner he suggested a change in food...More exp. but totally worth it!! going on a week and a half of no vomiting...WHAT AND HOW DO WE GET THIS PET FOOD RECALLED????? Also, my brother lost his old cat too. Fed Friskes and same symtoms....Crazy

kenii 6 years ago

1st my 12 yr old started throwing up and peeing all over, then he stopped eating and turned to skin and bones...had tons of tests and had an IV in him for 3 days and $1200 vet my 2 yr old started throwing up today and screaming and had bowel movements all over, and panting..rushed him to the vet..$200 in tests..when I brought him home this evening my other 2 cats (4 total) were puking all over the house. In the past 3 weeks they all have been turning their noses up at Friskies canned and just eating the dry. There has to be something wrong with this product right now! All of my cats are ill and the blood tests are all normal. My vet suggested switching foods ASAP!

J Jilote 6 years ago

I have four cats. They have eaten Seafood Sensations before, but I recently purchased a 16 lb bag of food that made my cats ill. They were vomiting everywhere! And the vomit stained my linens a reddish orange color. I am very concerned with this product and have contacted the company to see what they are will to do and what they know about situations like this. From the sounds of things written on this page there should be a recall.

lynn 6 years ago

ive been feeding my 18 cats friskies canned for weeks now and they are all totally fine. now im freaked out. is everyone really telling the truth on this website??

Barbara Vanover  6 years ago

Yes, my cat was eating Friskies ' Surfing and Turfing ' dry cat food .. lost weight in a matter of days, and died ..

Stephanie 6 years ago

My cat has been eating Friskies too. I went away last weekend and she didn't eat much of the food my boyfriend put out for her. We thought maybe she just missed me. She started eating again on Monday and but last night she turned her nose up at the Friskies Chicken in Gravy (her favorite) again. This morning she took a couple of bites of the Friskies, but devoured a pouch of Whiskas I opened for her. I notice it has a strange sour smell to it. Otherwise, she is her normal playful self.

Glenn 6 years ago

My cat was healthy as could be. I bought a case of Friskies Classic Pate from Costco and soon after he started vomiting regularly. Then a week later, he stopped eating and started wasting away. He lost nearly half his body weight and bones were protruding. I thought he was about to die. I tried feeding him straight tuna and he started eating again. He is on his way back it seems. I tried to experiment and put out the Friskies again. He won't touch it. It appears this stuff is toxic. Awesome, I now have a huge case of this crap from Costco sitting here.

Patt Freeman 6 years ago

I just lost a 5 year old healthy cat today. I always fed Whiska's cat food but changed to Friskies a couple of months ago

from Walmart because it was cheaper. (Friskies

Dry and wet can food) This morning I noticed he had been throwing up last night. Today he started moaning and crying out in pain and drooling and 30 mins later he was dead and before he died he urinated this very dark yellow pee. He had been listless all week but nothing that unusual so I didn't take him to the vet.

dannywjohnson 6 years ago

I lost my cat in April of 2010 as well to acute kidney failure - the dark gold urine was the first sign something was wrong... then she began to have accidents on herself, stopped eating, and even stopped drinking water. She couldn't stand or walk, and the vet said her kidneys were in complete failure. She didn't even make it back to the vet in time to be put down - she died as soon as we arrived at the vet and barely had enough strength to open her eyes, meow one last time, and gave me a parting lick on my face. I was devastated.

My father in Virginia also lost his cat that same week - in fact, the next day. She had been sick for four days with kidney failure as well, and died in her sleep.

Both cats loved to eat Friskies dry cat food. For a brief time we both had switched to Meow Mix after the publicized Friskies pet food recall about 7 months earlier, but since the FDA said their food was safe again we trusted Purina and went back to their favorite food. We both feel that was a mistake.

chocolatenf 5 years ago

5 days ago my 6-1/2 year old female cat was put to sleep for kidney failure. She was otherwise a healthy cat. 2 years ago my 5 year old female cat was also put to sleep for kidney failure. She was also healthy and active before she was diagnosed with kidney failure. These two

cats were unrelated. The only thing they had in common was they both ate Friskies canned and dry food. One of our other cats, he is less than a year old suffered from constant diarreah from eating the canned food. Once we stopped feeding it to him he has been fine. After researching web-sites and finding that other people are having problems with Friskies food I believe my two cats died from kidney failure from eating both the canned and dry food. The FDA needs to take action before more people lose their pets. I am now feeding healthy Holistic cat food to my two remaining cats. I encourage anyone who is experiencing problems with their pet foods to contact the pet food companies responsible. With the "garbage" they are putting into pet foods is it surprising that our pets are dying?

scaredcatowner 5 years ago

This page is freaking me out! My cat was diagnosed with diabetes about 1/2 a year ago, and we were advised to switch him from dry food to wet (as well as insulin injections). At the time, we were quite annoyed to find out his food was likely responsible for his condition. We started alternating expensive vet wet food and friskies pate (very low in carbs), but since he got much better and the friskies is WAY less expensive (60-80% less) we eventually switched over to friskies pate completely. I recently found a big sale on it, and bought hundreds of cans of the stuff (he goes through 45 of the little cans a month). He seems to like it, and we haven't had any problems yet...but it is horrific to read what many have gone through here.

It's very disheartening to hear that the pet food companies won't take any responsibility when they are obviously to blame. They should be less concerned about saving face/money and more concerned with saving the lives of the pets they are entrusted with. 5 years ago


I bought a case of friskies chicken canned cat food without the gravy and was appalled to say the least when the case which had a expiry date of 2013 was tainted and it was not one or two but the majority. My cat is from a rescue centre and she is untrustworthy enough when it comes to her food as she was abandoned in a garbage can with the lid left on it for an entire week and did not even meow she cooed like the morning doves due to the fact she knew no better. A top notch company like Purina how did this get by them? I would like a response to my enquiry and as we speak wondering if the entire assembly line when this case went unnoticed was tainted also?????

Pets are family and loved ones. My cat is still not the same due to the fact of this tainted case.......and she only consumed a little of this product.. watch out for friskies chicken dinner....PET LOVERS OUT THERE

helga 5 years ago

I have four cats- all males.

Six years and nine month old.

There is definitely something very

wrong with "Friskies Indoor Delights"

dry cat food, which I bought recently.

Two cats were vomitting. They are

allright right now. I discarted the

cat food. I will never by it

again! I will stay with Purina's

Indoor Cat Food . Never encountered a broblem

with that cat foot. Trying to save a dollar,

one might end up with a sick or even dead animal.

P.S. I am very sorry you lost your beloved

cats! For the rest, I wish a speedy recovery!

Audra Ferguson 5 years ago

I am very upset and hurting over the lost of my beautiful cat Ranch. My cat was healthy!!! We gave him a can of Friskies Ocean fish,tuna & cheese sauce. Within 1 hour our cat Ranch was gasping for air and foaming at the mouth. Our cat did not make it. How do you tell your five year old her first pet is no longer here?

Thomas 5 years ago

I work at Nestle Purina pet food. We test this pet food product every six minutes in a lab. This product could be used for people to eat. The one thing you should not do with cats is change their diet. They become use too what has been feed too them from day one and will stick with that product. When you change the diet it is like you eating a spicy taco or hot chicken wings and you know what happens then. Stick with the same product and your pets should not have any problems. Think what's happens to you when you get change things up"

Thomas 5 years ago

The most common mistake is too buy a pet from a breeder thinking you are getting something special . Many breeders will mix brothers and sisters together. Messed up in the long run. Your best pets will come from mixed breeds, maybe a cat litter from a local or a pup from the neighborhood. These pets are not pure breed and are not mixed genes. Remember something about pets It is not what you payed for them but where they really came from. Ally Cats, Mixed Dog breeds will live a long and happy life. Pure breeds will be short lived and have health problems due too their breeding. Do yourself a favor get a MUTT it will make you happy in the long run"

Will 5 years ago

@Thomas: Stick to the production line.. as it seems to me you have little or no knowledge of pets and or what your talking about. There is a freal cat in my area who eats anything and everything, he is tough as nails.. chases dogs cats whatever. I picked up a case of Friskess at B.J.'s and within a few days he grew sick, vomiting, drooling, rapid weight loss. However as I said he's tough as nail's, I began feeding him yogurt and instant potatoes he began getting better, I also aquired an anti biotic and gave him a very tiny amount for a few days, he got better began eating again and being himself.. I fed him friskes 2 days in a row.. hes now back drooling, wide eyed and he will NEVER Eat friskes again.

NCBeth 5 years ago

I am horrified to read some of these accounts. However it helps answer a lot of questions. My 4 month old kitten was very healthy, happy and eating like a horse. Then last week she became lethargic, lost weight, would not eat or drink. The vet tested her for any diseases that might be causing her health to decline but all results came back normal. Her full-blooded brother who has not shown any signs of being ill will not tough the canned Friskies but devours another brand's dry cat food. Now I’m almost sure Purina might be the problem. Thank you so much and you might have just saved my kitten’s life!

Erica 5 years ago

My cat just died last night, we just got her about 5 days ago. We gave her friskies indoowr delight, two days later she was sluggish & vomitting green liquid. She was also gasping for air, it had nothing to do with changing her food, because this was the only food she had eaten. The ingrediants are sooo unhealthy & cats have a hard time digesting! Its the food, stay away from it if you can.

Dennis K 5 years ago


I hope somebody class actions Friskies. My 2 cats have refused Friskies canned food of any variety for about 2 weeks. First the price went through the roof a few months back, now the product is either tainted or changed so significantly my 2 cats won't eat but a small bit or two. They will eat dry food but no Friskies.

Ben 5 years ago

It is proven that dry food is a lot healthier than canned food, cats seem to crave the canned food cause of the richer true taste they get, dry food doesn't offer that taste, I have been feeding my 4 1/2 year old indoor gray short hair Tabby he is allways in but i will hold him when i go outside so he can get fresh air, with Friskies Indoor Delights Dry Food. before that it was Special Kitty Gourmet the green bag seen it off the self for awhile and didn't buy that brand any more. With the Friskies every now and then but not often he will throw up the food very little of it, guess it didn't agree with him right then also no foam or anything at all cause he is still very young, but anyways take care

Billy 5 years ago

No no! Can wet food is always better than dry! Cats need to be on protein diet and dry foods will always have too much corn. Even wet food with gravy need to be excluded. Wheat glutens bad for them too! Our old cat ate dry food all the time and eventually became diabetic, luckily by switching him to fancy feast, his blood sugar return to normal and he lost weight too! From 22lbs to14lbs. Much heathier weight. Anyway, we have a younger cat who eats friskies currently developing diareah with this new friskies ... Guess we'll stop feeding him the new friskies to see if this is indeed the problem.

Corry W. Hamilton 5 years ago

my cat is at the emergency vet right now because of indoor delights causing a urinary blockage. my vet told me she has seen many of these cases in male cats with indoor delights. i hope someone starts a class action against them.

MARJE 5 years ago

MY FOUR CATS all are vomiting or not wanting to eat the Friskies canned food . They ate this for several years with almost no problems. I am changing to Wellness. I am writing to the company to ask what the heck is going on.

Brendan 5 years ago

Not that this post needs any more sad stories, but we had to put our cat down 2 days ago due to his "acute kidney failure." He took ill right after sampling a can or two of Friskies soft food. Off to research a class action!

I know cat owners are stereotyped as not being very aggressive, but can we take Purina down already?!?

hiit 5 years ago

Amazing hub! Thanks for a great post

Ron from

Carol NJ 5 years ago

We just lost 5 cats in a week and I'm thinking it was from thr Friskies Indoor cat dry food. I'm devastated. I took the food away from the rest of them, cleaned the bowls out and gave them some cooked chopped meat. I know at least that isn't poisoned. I will join a class action lawsuit in a heartbeat. I lost some of my very precious babies.

Liz 5 years ago

I found this page because my dog ate a bite of cat food and has not been feeling well. Thankfully, her symptoms are not as severe as the ones mentioned here. I wanted to say that I am absolutely heartbroken to know that this topic has been up for *four* years, full of tragic stories, and all Friskie's has to say is "we haven't heard any/enough complaints". Money makes the world go round, and if I had enough of it, I would shut them down myself.

Holly 5 years ago

I have a 7 year old cat who was 6 at the time of the incident. She had eaten Friskies Turkey and Giblets canned cat food. It was right around Thanksgiving of 2010. Well, she became very sick and I think she vomited once or twice. She mostly had severe diarrhea. I was unable to take her to the vet due to the weekend, long distance away from emergency vet, and high emergency vet fees. She became dehydrated to some extent and I had to give her water through a medicine syringe. Through prayers and about 4 days of extreme lethargy and sickness, she finally got better on her own.

Robert 5 years ago

I'm watching my cat pass away right before my eyes. The vet X-rays showed nothing. My cat is only 3 years old. Perfectly fine one day and then sick in one night. I know he hasn't gotten into anything or eaten any plants. I did buy a new bag of Friskies the day before. It's the only thing he has eaten since he got sick. It's a bag of Friskies Surfin & Turfin. The info on the bag is "Best by Mar 2013. 12661084 0049L 10". Ever since he has eaten from this food he has been sick. I hope he makes it through.

Kim 5 years ago

My cat Ebony, which I have had half of my life suddenly became severely ill after eating Friskies moist cat food. Yes, she is 18 years old but was doing just great until eating this food. She had a healthy appetite and always wanted to eat. She ate the Friskies moist food on Saturday November 19, 2011. On Sunday November 20 I found her lying in the basement not wanting to be bothered. I carried her upstairs and layed her down on the couch. She looked so pathetic I just wanted to cry. She is usually very active and comes when her name is called. She did not want to be bothered. I thought that maybe she just did not feel well and thought that I would leave her alone for a little bit. When she refused to eat Sunday during the day I started to get concerned. Sunday night she did not eat either. I noticed very runny and muccousy diarrhea in the litter box and near where she was laying. I rushed her to the vet on Monday morning. The vet did a complete blood count, x-rays, tested for FIV and had to give her IV fluids because she was so dehydrated from all of the diarrhea. I asked the vet is she could be sick from something she ate and the vet said she may have a bacterial infection in her stomach and intestines and prescribed her 3 medications and A/D soft food. Her lab work came back with slightly elevated liver enzymes but her kidney functions where fine. Vet stated that she should be fine. Well, Ebony is not doing fine it is Thursday November 24, 2011. I have been force feeding her since yesterday by watering the a/d food down with water and giving it to her through a syringe. I have also been forcing her to drink water the same way. Taking her back to the vet tomorrow. I have 3 other cats which have been eating the Friskies moist as well and now today my 8 year old Himilayan has diarrhea too. He ate Friskies moist Liver and Chicken flavor last night. He is younger and is still drinking water. Both Ebony and Princey had eaten Friskies moist food Liver and Chicken dinner on different days and different cans. Expiration date 10/2013 can code 12861159 LA3802339. The way my beloved Ebony looks I do not expect her to survive. I am so heartbroken being that I have had this cat since she was born. How can all of her lab results come back fine when obviously she is not fine. The vet did not test her for any poisonings but how can 2 of my 4 cat be sick and one on the verge of death after eating the same food. I have saved one of the cans and am going to try to have it tested to prove that this is what made my cats ill. Please pray for my babies.

Kim628 5 years ago

any comment to the above posting about Ebony and Princey please refer to Kim628. Thank you. Heartbroken in Pittsburgh.

Joni 5 years ago

I have 6 cats to feed so I buy 16 lb bags of food. The very last bag of Friskies I will ever buy was the Surfin' & Turfin' Favorites. During the whole time my cats were eating it they got sick and had very runny stools...diarhea all the time. I stopped feeding it to them and went back to the generic store brand I was feeding them and in time they all became healthy once again. Never found it on a recall list but it sure did make my cats sick - all of them. Please be wary of feeding your cats this brand and flavor.

marie 5 years ago

Don't feed your cat shitty food and then be shocked when s/he gets sick- you get what you pay for, stop being so damn cheap!

CO 5 years ago

I am so sorry about your cats. I hope they are doing better. I am praying for you. My 7 month old kitten also got real sick over a week ago (uncontrollable diarrhea for 4 days). The Vet tested her and found so much bacteria and she also had an infection. She got 2 prescriptions and doing better today. The Vet said it had to be the food I was giving her, which was Fancy Feast can from Purina. Purina also makes Friskies. She used to eat that too. I did a search and found a lot of web-sites with people stating that their cats were or currently are sick now from these 2 foods, one site is from the consumer affairs website under Purina. I discontinued that food and she is now eating Natural Balance can formula food & Merrick Before Grain dry food and both are not on any recall list for any instances that I am aware of, so pray they never are. I had no idea what to feed her. This is my first cat. Now I know.

SG 5 years ago

My cat gets constipated on all the "expensive food". She loves friskies. The vet says it's fine to feed it to her, but I feel uncomfortable with it. Would love comments. I am the new owner of a one year old rescue who grew up on friskies. I weaned her onto wellness but she isn't eating well and seems to be constipated all the time. She is a very finaky eater.

Sarah B 5 years ago

My 5 year old cat Tweety has been fed on Purina go cat all of her life. I have never had any problems with it until last week when both of my cats wouldn't eat their food after opening a new bag. I thought they were being fussy as it was a different flavour so i didn't offer them an alternative that day. On the evening Tweety started to eat it, however as my other cat (Cleo) still wouldn't touch it I went out and got another flavour the next day. Although they both ate the new food with no problems, over the next few days Tweety started getting ill. She was sick outside and very lethargic so I took her to the vets where they examined her but couldn't find any thing wrong. They sent me home with antibiotics and told me to feed her chicken and rice. Over the next few days I gave her the antibiotics and offered her chicken, however at this point she just wouldn't eat anything, just staring at her food and water, as if she was desperate to eat but couldn't. She went rapidly downhill. I found her sitting outside in a corner staring ahead, not moving. Whenever we tried to approach her she hiss and try to scratch us. It was heartbreaking. My partner managed to catch her in a carrier and we took her back the vets. They ran blood tests and told me that her kidneys were in severe failure, some of the toxins in her blood were so high the computer could not read the levels. The toxins were in her brain which explained her strange behaviour. She was beyond help, so we sadly had to have her put to sleep. The vet said the most likely explanation is poisoning. I am convinced it was the cat food so I contacted purina, who asked for a sample of their food, which I have now sent. I will update this post when I hear back.

Anon 5 years ago

My cat was pretty much raised on a store brand food, it was the only thing he'd willingly eat. Unfortunately they stopped selling it at the local store, and the closest store to buy it in is about an hour away... So of course I tried another food that I thought he'd like, friskies indoor delights hard food... Needless to say, he didn't want to touch it at first and I thought he was just being picky because I've tried switching him before... Eventually he gave in and started eating it. I noticed stinky stools and thought it was probably because he was just not used to any other foods and after maybe a week or less the smell stopped. He started eating it more often and I thought all was good... I noticed he started shaking every so often, I thought it had to do with him scratching/licking a lot of his fur off due to a recent flea infestation that's now gone, and it being cold because of winter... Then I noticed he wasn't sleeping in the bed anymore, not craving as much attention, sleeping in unusual places, so I got a little worried and actually stood him up to see if something was wrong (He was doing a lot of sleeping every time I saw him), I noticed he lost A LOT of weight. I switched foods, but I don't know if it's going to help at this point. He was on the friskies for about 2-3 weeks, now he has a hard time getting in and out of bed, very sore underneath his stomach, drinks a lot and urinates a lot more often and it's got an odor to that as well...I took him to the vet 2 days ago, and waiting on an appointment for this Wednesday to get bloodwork for kidney failure... The vet doesn't think he's got that, but after a ton of self-research I'm pretty sure that's what he's got... He's on anti-biotics now and not really showing any signs of improvement just yet, but as soon as I find out what's going on I'll put up another post...

momcat 5 years ago

@Sara~ what kind of Purina food specifically where you feeding your kitty? My Aunt's cat basically did the same thing..has eaten Purina Cat Chow her whole life..I talked her into at least switching to Purina Naturals (she wouldn't try any of the others like Blue Buffalo, or Innova)but then within weeks her cat stopped eating, was drinking a lot and was diagnosed with diabetes. All of this just out of the blue! Within 3 weeks she became even more ill (but not eating Purina anymore)and she had to be put down. :(

nikki 5 years ago

Very soon I am just going to start cooking for my pets..I 2 feeds this wet food w No problems but I had this problem just last week w a very good brand called instance grain free...I think all pet food is crap you never know what your getting...the bag I bought is 5.5 lbs 20 bucks! I am sending them a sample tomorrow.

Anon 5 years ago

Sooo... The night before I was supposed to go to the vet for the blood work, I realized my cat was a little more active so I felt what the vet thought was a tumor (I couldn't understand how it got there. It wasn't there a week before, and a tumor that size doesn't appear overnight)... He was a little more ok with me touching that, and I was able to trace back something thin/solid... My only thought was his intestines. Called the vet up and asked about a laxitive and waiting a few days... The next day, the "tumor" was gone. He's gained back the weight he lost and is doing much better now... I've been feeding him meow mix and he loves it... I'm telling everyone and anyone I know to avoid anything purina related, if possible...

Barbara 5 years ago

I have fed my 17 yr.old cat friskies canned food for years. Lately he does not want to eat the Turkey and Giblets pate, and vomited a couple days ago a rather odd green colored. A couple days earlier he vomited up food, and I am not sure but it was light in color and may have been the Ocean Whitefish. He drinks a lot of water and has had a few accidents by the door. I have been blaming this on his age. Also I am fostering four kittens dumped on a street cornor and was feeding Purina Kitten chow. I have changed to the Costco brand and am not seeing any more diarrhea. I had the kittens to the vet twice for this problem and he could find nothing wrong and tests were all negative. I think now after reading these postings that it was the food. I'm taking the friskies back to the store.

Gina Ferrara 5 years ago

My cat is only 5 years old. I have bought his canned friskies cat food from the same place forever.

Ran out and had to purchase the cans from somewhere else. Ocean Whitefish. He had acute kidney failure about a week after he started the food, but began acting sick within a day or two. We are doing everything we can right now to keep him alive, but it is DEFINITELY the food. Does anyone know who to send all this info to - I want to file a complaint with Purina/Friskies before any other cats get sick.

LeAnn Santana 5 years ago

I have two cats. They have eaten Friskies Pate for 6 years - both of them. I bought a new case of the variety pack mid-December, and suddenly they both started throwing up. So I stopped the food, then retried it a few days later, same thing, both threw up. Stopped it again and they were fine for more than a week, tried just a teaspoon each of a can of their favorite - Salmon, neither one of them would eat it, they walked away. Tried a different flavor, wouldn't eat it. I returned it to the store where I bought it.

Saw a lady at Walmart the other day in the pet aisle, she was picking out some Friskies pate. I didn't know her but I felt compelled to ask her anyway, if her cat eats that often, and if the cat has been sick. She said yes, he's been throwing up lately. Then I told her my story. There is something wrong with it. I won't feed it to my cats anymore, and they haven't vomited since. It's been over a month. Now I just feed them real food, fresh meat, they have dry cat food they can nibble on. But at least I know that the meat I feed them only has one ingredient in it.

Amy Craft 5 years ago

I have been feeding my cats Friskies Dry Food in Seafood Sensations for years and never had a problem, butthis last bag has been making each one of them throw up their food. I am not sure if it's a fluke, but for their safety, I will be switching to a different brand!

Sheila 5 years ago

Listen folks! Most cheaper cat and dog foods contain meat by-products. Meat by-products include lungs, spleen, kidneys, brain, livers, blood, bone, partially defatted low temperature fatty tissue, and stomachs and intestines freed of their contents. It does not include hair, horns, teeth and hoofs. My opinion is it is a small wonder the cats and dogs are getting sick. I wouldn't dream of feeding my pets that wretched crap! Don't take my word for it. Do a Google search. Type in 'meat by products in pet food' and see what many pet foods are really made of, despite those pretty bags.

heather 5 years ago

I just brought home my 3 year old male cat from the vet today. Thank god I was able to catch this before it was to late. He has been eating Friskies indoor seefood dry cat food for abot 6 to 9 months now and when we got back from vacation in october I noticed that he was drinking a gallon of water with in 24hours and his pee smelled like nothing I have ever smelt before.. I thought that maybe he didn't get enough water while we were gone and that made him feel that he had to drink everything insight..... Wen he started drinking from the bathroom I knew there was something up.... I figuared that he had an UTI and therefore I would need to get him some anitbotics...... To my surprise he was tested today for all of that and everything came back normal besides his kidney readings........WATEVER THEY ARE PUTTING IN THE CAT FOOD IS KILLING THE CATS STOP FEED YOUR CATS LOW GRADE CAT FOOD.....I thank god that my cat was able to last as long as he did and the vet has given us hope that his kidneys could improve with the new diet! I am going to presue a law suite on the companies the least they could do for us is pay for the vet bills that we are having to pay due to the food they are putting on the shelves! I know it won't bring back the ones we have lost but it the right thing to do!!!

doris 789 5 years ago

Ijust got my mom's cat she was happy and healthy. She ran out of dry so I bought purina stuffed morcels. She has not stopped vomitting since. she is just a bag of bones now. going to the vet today. Wish us luck, but I don't think she is going to make it.

jacque 4 years ago

my cat tiger is a big wonderful cat whom loves everyone and everyone loves tiger he is 5 years old. for the last 3 days after feeding him friskies cat food in the can and dry food he has been sick he would not take any food or water saturday on sunday i forced him water and antibiotics thrue a syringe today i gave him more water threw a syringe and he ate a little tuna fish in the can very little all he's really doing is laying around sleeping i feel so bad for him saturday and sunday he vomited up some green crap im convinced my cat illness is do to eating that cat food i just hope and pray that he pulls threw i dont understand tiger is such a big strong healthy playful cat that happens to love to eat now he is just the opposite. please keep tiger in your prayers.

Christine 4 years ago

My 2 1/2 year old male cat died last night at the vets office after a surgery to remove a urinary blockage which also severely affected his kidney. It was all caused from feeding him friskies indoor delights dry food!!! My vet confirmed it! He was otherwise a perfectly healthy young cat. My vet said the ph levels are so high in friskies that it causes severe problems. He basically said the cheap brands like friskies are garbage. Please please if you feed your cats this garbage stop immediately!! The symptoms started with him urinating in strange places in the house, then just laying around not being his usual self, not playing with my mother cats, laying in the same spot for hours, then he started vomiting and then screaming in pain after he would vomit. This all took place in just 24 hours. Before hand he was acting just fine. The vet said cats are very good at covering up illness. I don't want anyone else to go through what I am going through. Please do not feed this garbage to your cats!

Christine 4 years ago

My 2 1/2 year old male cat died last night at the vets office after a surgery to remove a urinary blockage which also severely affected his kidney. It was all caused from feeding him friskies indoor delights dry food!!! My vet confirmed it! He was otherwise a perfectly healthy young cat. My vet said the ph levels are so high in friskies that it causes severe problems. He basically said the cheap brands like friskies are garbage. Please please if you feed your cats this garbage stop immediately!! The symptoms started with him urinating in strange places in the house, then just laying around not being his usual self, not playing with my mother cats, laying in the same spot for hours, then he started vomiting and then screaming in pain after he would vomit. This all took place in just 24 hours. Before hand he was acting just fine. The vet said cats are very good at covering up illness. I don't want anyone else to go through what I am going through. Please do not feed this garbage to your cats!

Serena 4 years ago

My God, this has been going on for two years???? My 2 year old female cat, who was otherwise extremely healthy until a few days ago died this morning. I had no idea what was causing her symptoms and was going to take her to the emergency vet this morning, despite the fact that she seemed to be doing better last night. I was too late.

I think she had underlying kidney issues that I didn't recognize, but she was otherwise healthy until recently. I had to switch both cats to an all wet food diet because (I thought wrongly) that one of my cats we was vomiting up dry food every day and was losing weight. We took away the dry food, per the vets instructions, and the male cat seemed to be doing well. The female started losing weight, but she had gained a bunch so wasn't overly concerned. I switched to the Friskies Seafood Pate because I couldn't afford the Whiskas Purrfectly Fish that I had been feeding them. They both ate it the first week and then all of the sudden, they both refused to eat it. I thought they were being finicky. They would eat the salmon, but nothing else. I gave them back their Whikas and they both ate, but then the female, Li'l Bit stopped eating even that. I gave her back the dry food and she ate a little but was still lethargic. She was starting to move around again, but was still not herself. I found her dead this morning and am completely sick. I am going to take the male to the vet Monday, even though he is acting normally to make sure that he is ok, or what we need to do to make sure he is ok. No more Friskies for sure, and we are going to take a can of this diseased food for the vet to test. I am devastated.

Judy 4 years ago

My 7yr old male cat is currently, as I write this he is undergoing surgery for a total urinary blockage. This morning, vet stated he would have been dead by this afternoon. The culprit: Purina 'Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys & Friskies 'Party Mix' kitty treats. Please pray for his recovery.....he is sooo weak. I will update this site as I have more info. As per prior people posting, seems my cat is not the only 1 affected.

Paula Kersey profile image

Paula Kersey 4 years ago

Why after all these deaths and sickness is Friskies NOT having a recall and keeping these products on the shelf??!!This is INSANE!!! I just stumbled on this blog last night,after researching my Mom's cats sudden illness, and she had just bough a bag of Friskies Surf and Turf dry cat food, he was throwing up constantly and acting life-less.Thank God i found this blog and we all need to get the word out there about this cat food tosave other cats!!! Friskies should be sued and taken off the market!!! Why aren't they?! Im sooooo sorry for all of your losses... :(

Judy 4 years ago

I went today to visit my precious Mr. Snickers. He had major surgery yesterday. Bladder is necrotic. (dead tissue) He has a cathater in, a hood on to keep him from licking his incisions, etc... I did get to hold him, kiss him and took him his little 'bears' to cuddle with.

We do not yet know if he will make it....I can't stop crying....I AM THE ONE WHO CHOSE HIS FOOD. DAMN PURINA PRODUCTS!....EVERYONE WHO READS THIS, Please PRAY for Mr. Snickers. He likes to be called 'Snickie'. My precious little boy.

Judy 4 years ago

Oh, Christine, my heart breaks for you... The symptoms hit so quick and it is usually too late, even it it is only a day or 2. I am truly sooo sorry.

AND to you Serena: My heart breaks for you too. The stories seem to ALL be the same....Purina products, Friskies etc...

angela 4 years ago

ok i'm going to switch foods, today he started acting strangte and I've been feeding him friskies for 2 months now....poor guy what have you done to my cat you bastards...

Judy 4 years ago

Dear Paula, I totally agree with you. You would think there would be, at least, some sort of 'something' to stop this insanity. Our 'children' are dying left and right and seems nobody but us gives a damn. And most of us don't have the financial means to do a class action lawsuit. But, would not bring back our babies.

Sheila 4 years ago

Please, everyone listen! My four cats are having the same issues too! I have been feeding them fancy feast wet food for 9 years without a problem until fall of 2011. Throwing up, won't eat for a day of getting sick(no water or dry food interest) lethargic, lip licking, drinking water immediately after they ate the wet food?? But January has been the worst every flavor is making them sick! I called purina twice beginning of January. Called them again 1/31 they have sent me to Sedgewick a claims office to investigate the matter. FYI - Purnia dose not own the company. Spoke to them yesterday and I told her about our website and there are more then this one out there about Purnia! She was shock when she read them, but she said we have to call Purnia ask to make a claim then she will contact us about vet bills and the major issue to get this cat food investigated. Or go to sedgewick's website on facebook and let them know. She said they don't read these websites therefore our stories are not being heard! Btw, 2 of my cats are on antibiotics for a uti and my 3rd is so sick right now, waiting for blood work on her to come back and 4th cat is sick and she just got over a severe kidney infection that took 8 months to get rid of and endoscopy showed she has a stomach ulcer at the age 8! She has an appt tomorrow, I pray that the infection isn't back! So, please call Purnia again and tell them u want to make a claim and have your product codes ready so they can tract where the bad food is coming from! Take care & love and prayers to all

jd 4 years ago

We have an 18 yo cat thats eaten friskies special diet its entire life and is perfectly fine. Its doubtful there is a vast friskies conspiracy killing cats.

mike 4 years ago

We just ran into problems with Friskies shreds and filets in gravy. Our indoor cat came down with explosive liquid stools after eating it for less than a week, we switched him to the Pate and his stools return to normal. Our outdoor cats were not so lucky. One vanished, persumed dead, a second is now in the vets with renal failure, we don't know if he will survive. The vet said he had been having liquid stools The 3rd cat doesn't like wet food so he ate very little of it and is fine. The only commonality was the food. I filed a compaint with Purina-Neslle and have yet to hear from them.

jayme 4 years ago

we are having similar issues. they were eating friskies and fancy feast wet for about a month. i bought a large pack of friskies wet food a few weeks ago, and they won't barely touch it (it is all patte by the way). they are the type of cats that LOVE wet food because i used to buy dry, so this is like a treat for them. it seemed odd that they don't want to eat it. one of my cats (i have 3) started losing patches of hair and it looks like cracked skin. this is why i am here to get more information. now i have a HUGE box of friskies cans and out a lot of money. looks like i am switching to something else?

Joni 4 years ago

My nine cats have dry food available all the time. Twice a day I treat them to moist cat food. Not a can shared between all nine is a small spoonful for each one on separate plates. They have always loved the "Friskies" pate so I buy the 32 can "Seafood Lovers" variety pack. I have had a problem with 2 of the 4 cans used this week from a new case. The "Salmon" & the "Whitefish & Tuna" have made the cats that would actually eat it sick. The first bad can six cats refused to eat it & the three that will eat anything threw up within a minute or two. The next 2 cans were fine. Tonight same thing...most refused to eat it & the two that ate a little before I grabbed their plates away from them threw up. I'm obviously throwing the remaining 28 cans away & will change brands. I am thankful that the cats that ate any upchucked quickly & didn't actually digest any of it.

A.E. Pearson 4 years ago

Both of my cats are 4 years old this year. Topaz and Ebony have been eating Friskies savory shreds can food and Purina One dry since I've had them. Neither one has had trouble of any kind from eating these foods.

christine patterson 4 years ago

My cats have never been able to eat any Friskies, Fancy Feast, Meow mix, or anything. They vomit and have diarrhea every time. I always fed them Purina dry and recently found out that Purina doesn't even have real meat....only by products. It is worth it to read the label. I feed my cats a very cheap brand of food called Classy Cats. It is REAL MEAT!!! Dont feed your animals anything that is not real meat. They are carnivores. They need a certain level of fat and protein in their diet like ferrets. Read the labels and investigate the ingredients. :) I hope all of you with sick animals can help them get well soon. for those who have passed, my deepest empathy.

Shawnee's mom 4 years ago

My male tabby cat Shawnee was 5 years old. He ate Friskies pate that I bought in a wholesale club in a variety pack for 5 years. He also ate friskies dry food. Right before Christmas, I ran out of food and ran to the local shopping market to pick up a few cans of friskies ocean whitefish special diet pate, salmon pate and a few others, just to tide us over until I could get back to the wholesale club. After 2 days he started peeing all over the house. Drank incessantly and was not himself. He got progressively worse over the week and the day after christmas we took him to the vet. He was severely dehydrated and was in kidney failure. $2,500 later, we had to put my baby shawnee to sleep on February 2nd. We tried subcutaneous fluids, antibiotics, pepcid, special food, I even cooked for him. The damage was already done. Put in a claim to Purina and they said that because nobody elses cat got sick that they wouldn't consider helping us at all. If anyone else has had this happen.. PLEASE post on this blog. God Bless you Shawnee.. We miss you awful.

Samantha 4 years ago

I had to rush my 10yr old in for emergency dental surgery today. I found a bone just under an inch long along with 2 black things that are hard like rocks. I don't know what she ate. I have a claim in. I have pictures and even took a video of my cat because she was acting so strange I wanted to show my vet...who said she never saw a bone that big in food and that its not right. they should never get away with this. if you are taking action against them please message me directly at

Kristie 4 years ago

I have hard that Friskies is hard on any animal. However, I know first hand that Purina is REALLY bad for animals. My one cat had a UTI then we later found out the UTI was from a bladder stone that had to be surgically removed and they sent it out for tests and we later found out that it was made out of the Purina cat food and it was the size a watch battery - my poor cat! We were later told that Purina and Friskies animals can not digest the food properly and that it is quit bad for them. We now have all of the cats on Royal Canin Feline. It is one of the best foods I was told by the vet.

Steve 4 years ago

I have been going back and forth with the whole Purina One and Friskies debate-- I have finally decided it's enough! If you wouldn't buy it for yourself, don't buy it and give it to your cat! I don't know how much damage it has done to these four, but I can't wait to get my hands on some real food for them.

Permanantly changed,


Dan 4 years ago

The internet has much info to share ... USE IT, Draw the conclusions, and hopefully, you will make the RIGHT decisions!

CHEAP cat foods are putting your cats at risk!!! Out of the 'domesticated' farmed animal killed ... 50% of their weight is not 'suitable' for human consumption ... of which, ALL is ground to unrecognizable mush ... including diseased, and cancerous tumors, and unborn fetuses ... Everything! Don't be fooled by bits, shreds, or "choice" cuts ... most of it are formed compressions. STAY AWAY from pates!!! Yes, it is all a gamble ... large companies that make billions do not care much about a few 'stray stories' of losing those sweet and special species, we have bonded with, as our 'children'.

It will take a tsunami of tears to battle their denial ...(and they say, "we're sorry ... we have had no complaints ...???) Good luck w your cases ... be wise, be informed, spend a few dollars more, buying in quantity (can food), to those companies that have had few complaints, and care, as you do, what goes into their product.

Mike 4 years ago

My parents lost two of their cats over the last few days. The last thing that either of them ate as far as we can tell was Whiskas savory pate, Chicken & liver dinner in meaty juices. Their two other cats that didn't eat the Whiskas pate both seem to be fine.

gloria jane1 4 years ago

I lost 2 cats 5 years ago and 2 4 years ago, all they ate was Friskie's and 9 lives. I felt then it was the food but could not proveit. I now have 2 inside and one out and for the last 2 weeks all three are walking away from the can food, the only thing that eats it is the possum at night. I now have been looking into the making of their food and found that it is a mix of bird beeks ground up eyes and I am sure this comes from China. No one is inspecting anything and the best we can do is go to a better quality but the cats will not care for it at first. I told a petsmart employee that I spend twice as much and nobody wants the food and she said they are just like us. They crave whatever the chemist's are putting in the mix. Good luck to all pet owners!

Jennifer 4 years ago

My cat is currently in the hospital, couldn't stop vomiting, very lethargic. The vet can't figure out what's wrong with her and I was baffled by why she is so sick at such a young age, so decided to do my own research and came across this page. Suddenly everything makes sense, I bought my cat friskies because the grocer didn't have her usual food, what a costly mistake, my vet bill is already up to $1200 and I'm wondering if her kidneys are going to be permanently damaged because of this food. I am outraged and disgusted with these companies getting away with this.

hey 4 years ago

im an animal tech student and u cant blame the cat food unless any of u people for ur cats looked at after death and tested... i understand its sad but just cos u only fed the cat one certain food dose not make the food to blame. a lot of cats die from a lot fo things. its like saying a man who had a can of baked beans every night for dinner for 1 year and then he got sick... without any medical testing and help no one would no if it was the food or if the mad died from some illness.

so once again has anyone had their animal tested or had a test done to the body?

also has anys vet said 100% yes it was the food?

if not, then im sorry there is not much that can be done

Richard 4 years ago

If a pet has problems or dies from a pet food you should call the manufacturer and tell them the lot number(s) of the bad food. The manufacturer can then check the samples they have of the lot number(s) if they have retained samples and try to figure out what the problem is.

Richard 4 years ago

Regarding what "hey" posted: when both cats living in the same house get sick within a very short time period that indicates that it's almost surely a problem with the food, unless some other type of environmental toxin had been recently introduced.The first two posts on this page described both cats getting sick.Maybe other posts described something similar but I didn't read them all. If a pet gets sick there's a good likelihood that there's a problem with the food.

jeff baker 4 years ago

My 16 yr old female is losing weight and sometimes has stool with mucous in it. I started her on friskies about 6 mnths ago. I have noticed today she won't eat it anymore I tried switching to other types of friskies, but she would refuse them soon after. She started out eating Royal Canin dry food. but stopped eating that. I thought it was her teeth bothering her so I switched to canned friskies. I guess I better put her on real tuna from now on. until I figure out what else to feed her.

I'll participate in a class action suit if called upon. Anyone have info on cooking real food for pets or homemade pet food recipes?

carol 4 years ago

a few weeks ago my tom cat became very ill. up tell then i fed iams indoor dry. i took him to the vet because he didn't move and when he did he gulped over and over and vomited often. after some costly test the vet said he had either cancer or gastric problems. thank god it was not cancer. he said dry food is hard on some pets stomachs and to switch to canned. i got friskies and we had trouble the first 2 days tell i realized he was eating plastic bags. he has always done so but i missed one when putting them up and it was the bag that made him sick. now i worry about friskies. i pray i am doing the right thing by feeding it to them... i have 2 cats. they will not eat the expencive brands. i am sorry for those of you who lost your babies or your babies are sick. i couldn't live with out my son.

Emily 4 years ago

Today we found our 3 year old cat dead. A sweet loving cat. Last night we heard him crying but were not sure it was him. Then he came inside and we noticed he was listless. He has been sleeping a lot for a young cat but we thought he was okay. A few years back we had the same thing happen. I am so upset and Friskies is out in the garbage can from here on out!

KayDee9 4 years ago

If your normally heathy cat is getting sick, blaming the food is not the first thing you should be doing.

Take you pet to the vet for an eval. It could be something else going on and it may be serious. Don't make your own assessment. The type of food can be the problem but it could be something else and the food you are feeding is just exacerbating it or the food may have nothing to do with the problem at all.

I have 4 cats. We use to feed Purina One Dry bc the vet said dry was better for cleaning their teeth. (In reality, only brushing, using a gauze pad, or letting your cat catch & eat live prey cleans their teeth)

My 3 yr old Siamese mix came down w/FUS. The vet said it was a natural defect of the cat & exacerbated by lack of hydration from the dry food. I had to switch him to SD C/D canned but found this be impossible bc I had to get it from the vet that is 20 miles from home & no place close to where I normally travel. (I live in the stix)

Friskies Special Diet canned was a good alternative for any time I couldn't get to the vet. My cat is doing well on this. (No repeat incidence)

My other cats eat Friskies canned and have been doing very well on this food. I also treat with dry Purina One Urinary tract health (for my FUS cat) and indoor hairball varieties. This is what I have learned from extensive research:

Feeding all dry is not good because cats don't drink enough water to stay hydrated. The best diet for a cat is an all natural diet of mice, birds, rabbits, and other small prey, but this is not possible for indoor only cats. The next best thing is to feed canned & dry pet foods that the first ingred is a meat (not by product or meal) I also add a small amt of water to the wet food to make a gravy & get them to ingest more water.

Stay away from fish varieties or sea food (except salmon) This incls white fish, tuna, shellfish, sardines, etc. Fish can cause kidney/urinary problems in many cats, esp as they get older.

Stay away from foods with dyes added. Dyes can make a cat very sick. Esp the red dyes. (A lot of really cheap & dry foods add this.)

Stay away from the mystery conglomerations of ingreds. They often say "Mixed Grill", "? Stew", "Super Supper", etc...

Liver is a difficult organ meat for many cats to digest & can cause problems for some. (My outside cat usually leaves the liver of prey she catches. She knows!)

Chicken & Turkey cat foods are the easiest to digest & the least caloric for fat cats.

Salmon has the most protein w/least amt of fat. Also recommended.

Beef is ok for occasional feeding but tends to have more fat. (Good for variety, maybe once a week)

For good feeding info go to:

Friskies may not be a premium brand but it is a good brand for those of us that have many cats and high feeding costs. Don't feel guilty if this is all you can afford.

During the pet food recalls due to melamine from China in the food; many premium brands were effected. I was surprised at how many had been importing ingreds to add to their expensive pet foods. I called Purina to find out if they import ingreds or if they were effected by any recalls. I spoke to a company exec that said they did not & were not effected except were proactively recalling a certain brand of their dog food. It turns out that some of the cans they had purchased to package some dog food had come from China & they didn't want to take a chance that a chemical could have been used in the lining of the can. The company did this recall on their own w/o Gov't forcing them to. I was assured that the ingreds for my cat food was domestic & came from the midwest.

The more we incorporate any products or part of products in the things we buy here the more we are at risk of lacks of regs & enforcement or those whom may wish to harm us.

Jeni 3 years ago

My cat is about 3 years old, looking and acting listless, I can tell something is wrong. I just bought her a new jar of Deli Cat by Purina, and also new cans of fancy feast elegant medley.....she will not eat the canned medley anymore, but when she finally does she throws it up. I am now feeding her Iams dry food...but I can't find any wet food that she likes. I think Purina is from China and they are killing our my opinion. I would buy something organic or made in the U.S.A.

Don Stephens 3 years ago

Friskies wet cat food killed my cat.

I had always fed my cat Friskies brand wet cat food because its five ounce cans were comparatively cheaper than other cat foods available on the market and the large volume of food contained in the five ounce cans made the can last all day. So I continued to feed the Friskies to my cat on a regular basis. One day I bought a new batch of Friskies and opened a can. My cat ate a spoonful of it and then vomited. I just assumed that she had caught a stomach cold and that was causing her to threw up the food. The next day I opened another can of Friskies and she had a plateful of that and then vomited the food again. The third day, I opened another can and she ate a plate of that; she then suffered a lock jaw and could not swallow the food anymore. Her bowels then spontaneously emptied without any conscious effort on her part. And she then started losing her balance and staggering around. So I immediately took her to the vet. The vet stated that she was suffering from salmonella poisoning. The vet pumped her stomach out but stated that she was in a bad shape and may not make it. She died several hours later that day. I later learned that Friskies had been recalled for containing high volumes of salmonella several times in the past.

Allison 3 years ago

I bought a small bag of Friskies Surf and Turf because it was on sale.... My cat had started sneezing but I didn't think anything of it. Then about a quarter of the way through the bag my cat became suddenly ill. She started out vomiting and hiding from me that morning. When I came home from work she was staggering around the house and not able to use her right paw correctly. She was also having coughing fits, sometimes so violently she shook afterwords. I took her to the vet that night and she said it appeared she had had a seizure. We did all kinds of blood tests and a neurological exam and couldn't find the source of the problem. I was told to bring her back in 2 days for a follow up. Her condition was the same. They tested for all major diseases and parasites and found nothing. They wanted her to come back again in a couple more days for xrays. I felt she was close to death and didn't want to stress her out with constant vet checkups that were no help. I decided to stop any further testing and nurse her back to health myself. She refused to eat or drink anything, she wanting to be alone and stare at nothing. She was too weak to walk much. We had to feed her liquid food and water through a syringe for a few days, then she finally started taking canned food and tuna from my hand. After a week and a half she was finally strong enough to eat and walk again. I threw out the Friskies and gave her a different brand of dry food. I don't know for sure if the Friskies was the cause of it but it is my best guess, since she was perfectly healthy before eating it. I just want to share my experience in case anyone else's cat has these same symptoms.

leah 3 years ago

fancy feast and meow mix cat food all of a sudden smell terrible and turn bright red when it stays in the bowl over night. it looks like the cat was throwing up blood. I took her to the vet and shes not bleeding anywhere .it is the food . I have never had this happen in 50 years of buying cat food.

Nancy Kay Vocals 3 years ago

Sure did. Friskies' Tasty Treasures chicken and cheese. Healthy cat five days of hell and then painful death even after two vet visits and needed pain killers but didn't have any.

brandon 2 years ago

that happened to my 1st cat vet said looked like she could have been poisined and always throwing up and she passed away so i was finally to get another cat after i healed and i had the sam food alley cat and my new cat ate it once threw it up now wont eat wtf email me @

Bree K 2 years ago

I have a cat right now who is sick I found this website well looking for answers and he is going thru EXACTLY what ur explaining hes looseing his hair hes off balance lost his appitite very weak im tryn to give him water but we didn't know friskies can poison cats why is this food still being givin to cats!? What in it is poisoning the our cats? Ive had our cat for several years and all hes eatten is Friskies our other two cats eat the hard food n both are fine (Thank goodness) but this is what my cats going through.

Bree K 2 years ago

Ive given my cat friskies for years but the syptoms hav only been goin on for a couple months idk how hes survived n fought this long wen im looking at other pet owners who lost their pets within a week? Is this correct or how long were ur cats being given friskies before they passed away. You can email me at thank you.

My cat Grady 2 years ago

My 11 year old cat, Grady has been eating Friskies cat food (dry and wet) all his life and about 2 months ago he began to vomit a lot. He was 21 pounds and now he is 7 pounds. We took him to the vet a week ago and all his blood work was normal, the vet said Grady was dehydrated. After reading all the stories on this site, I will be changing his food.

dn 2 years ago

My cat died this morning from the friskies canned cat food she was healthy the day prior then the next day we found her dead and foam around her mouth it was very upsetting

Rhonda 2 years ago

Well had my cat at the vet again today. 3rd time in a month and a half from issues with a UTI from high PH in the Friskies dry cat food. He will never eat that food again if he lives through this. They had to drain his bladder today so I am hoping he gets better. He is sleeping from pain meds right now but if he doesn't make it and even if he does I am going to look at suing.

Heather 2 years ago

I seen this and even tho its a long time since anyone has written here i would like to inform you all of what happened to me.

My cat died last week and believe it was the friskies seafood sensations dry food and ocean whitefish canned cat food that killed her. I have 4 other cats that were extremely ill , throwing up after feeding them. My cat that died what she went thru was aweful. She threw up and within a 24 hour period became paralyzed frm the neck down then died laying on my chest as i held her and cried.

I have written friskies and have heard nothing from them. My other cats are fine now that i have switched them off of friskies food. Please everyone be aware i have looked on the internet and the countless of people complaining about their cats throwing up and them having to take them to the vet under what seems to be food poisoning. If you're using friskies , switch now dont take the chance of losing your furbaby like what happened to me. Me and my cats (her siblings ) are devistated over her loss and i wont stop till many many other ppl hear what happened and friskies does something about this .

Heather 2 years ago

Would like to add that i see the last post was 36 hrs ago and this thread has been going for a very long time , still cats are dying and becoming sick off friskies food products and nothing has been done about it. I fear friskies will take no responsibility for numerous vet bills and deaths. As i have stated they have not responded to me over the matter and im sure others have complained thru the years. I have always fed my cats friskies products and this is the first time they have had any problem with it , i thought this was something new , till i read all the articles on the internet after my baby girl died . I was astounded at all their stories, and not just recent ones. IM sorry im babling but im extremely upset over this, i just lost her last week and i know i came close to losing the others as well before i took them off this crap.

unlocked1 profile image

unlocked1 2 years ago from Lawrenceburg, Tennessee

has anyone thought of bringing a class action lawsuit (one of those lawsuits that goes after one entity for doing the same thing to lots of people, on behalf of all of those people)? I have a 5.5 week old kitten who has been eating fancy feast kitten canned food. She ate some of her mother's "Friskies" canned food a few days ago, and she started vomiting at 6 am, very lethargic, won't eat or drink. I have managed to get her to nurse her mother for a minute or two during the day, but only once, the rest of the time, she wants to sleep. I took her to a clinic (however out of the 4 vet offices here, 3 answered their phones today, none of which had a doc in for the day) the receptionist/ nurse/ technician, who helped me, said she thought they (all the kittens, and the mom) needed to be wormed, but after reading this, I am not sure. I have wormed the other kittens whom seem to be doing fine, but I am not sure worming her in her state of health is the smartest thing to do . If anyone is willing to bring a class-action lawsuit against Friskies, I would be willing to join, and I am sure after reading all of these stories, you would have no problems finding other plantiffs. Please email me @

Ana 2 years ago

Hi everyone. I'm so sorry that you all have gone through this. In my country Purina changed the name Friskies to Felix but still the food has a lot of gluten. I've been feeding my cats (which are senior) Friskies/Felix but some time ago, recently, one of them was very lethargic after eating the Turkey & Giblets paté. He then vomited many times and went to the litter box with no result. Took him to the vet and it turned out he had constipation due to some weird blockage in the intestine (looked bigger than a hairball). I guess some of the ingredients that Purina is now using to make Felix and Fancy Feast are not well digested by our kitties or are not well tolerated and irritate the intestine. I've been feeding my cat homemade food and he has been ok since, no more throwing up. I've sent a letter to Purina and they politely told me to complain at Purina in my country; I did so but weeks have passed and I've received no response from them... but I think we should continue complaining until they use ingredients that are more suitable for our feline friends.

ghum 2 years ago

Have 1 outside cat that eats anything and 1 inside. Both have been on Friskies and lately they will not eat it. Did some research and what is in it is pitiful. Going to store tomorrow to replace it. Went through this 4 years ago and lost three cats and here we are again. I have learned my lesson. I really believe this food is coming from China and no one is inspecting it. Please all of you beware of this product.

LZarin 2 years ago

Friskies canned food caused acute kidney failure in ALL THREE of my cats--with dramatic and rapidly escalating symptoms.

Renee McAfee 2 years ago from Greece, New York

I recently had an experience with what I believe is some kind of poisoning from my kitties wet food. My kitty Sonic was 10 yrs old and diabetic. He was healthy and followed his routine closely (including his diet). I followed a strict schedule with feedings as well as insulin and even checked glucose levels four times a day.

I had been feeding him Friskies Ocean Whitefish Pate food bought from Walmart. A few days ago my kitty Sonic started becoming very ill. He became sick to his stomach and throwing up green bile all over the house.

I took him to the vet and he was in sad shape. After being hospitalized three days he was clearly suffering so I chose to end it for him. I am very sad to not have him in my life any more.

What drew me to this site is, this evening I went to feed the leftover wet food to my other cats. They would not eat it. Sonic was diabetic and had an insatiable appetite and would eat anything when he felt he was starving.

No matter how hard I tried, I could not get the other cats to eat the food. I changed food dishes and opened four different cans and they would not touch it. They had eaten this food before. I began wondering if it was the food I was feeding him. Now after reading this, I know it was!!!!

I am so heartbroken that Friskies killed my beloved Sonic. I am throwing out all my other cans and I will never use anything but vet food ever again! I love my kitties so much, and they are part of my family. Sad thing is, I started buying this brand because it was low in carbs and the vet food was $40 for 24 cans. I wish now I had never stopped buying the food from the vet office. At least Sonic would still be alive.

I do not believe its with all cans or there would be more deaths. But who knows if their food is bad? My vet bill was $464 and my kitty is gone. What is your kitty worth? I wish I had my loveavble Sonny back......

Dan 2 years ago

I have to wonder if Friskies is so bad then why is my veterinarian who only takes care of cats recommending it? Just saying... has anyone considered contacting the food and drug administration to have a scientific study conducted on the food? Has anyone contacted their vet at the first sign of symptoms? Anytime I see anything odd, the cat goes right in. Our two have been eating Friskies for over a year at our vet's advice and they are still going strong.

Annie 2 years ago

My cat is in the hospital with a catheter and UTI, crystals in his urine. I'm lucky I noticed that he wasn't peeing, he is a silent cat when in pain. His kidney levels were toxic, I got him to the vet just in time. The only change in his life has been adding Friskies Seafood Sensations in the past 6 months. Dry food dehydrates them, I never knew, but for my cat something clearly doesn't go well with Friskies Seafood Sensations. I've always fed my cats Friskies canned pates, and started giving them the dry Seafood Sensations too, which they enjoy, but after this, I cannot give them the dry Seafood Sensations ever again and am now nervous about the Friskies canned pates after reading this page. A vet had recommended the canned pates yrs ago as having the best protein for grocery store brands.

Carol 2 years ago

My much-loved cat seemed to be addicted to Party Mix and other than that he ate well, Blue Buffalo dry and wet. He went crazy for Party Mix and every time I went into the kitchen he would beg for Party Mix and I would give it to him. But one day he abruptly got deathly ill, never sick in his life, and I rushed him to the vet. His kidney function tests were high off the board and his blood sugar was high off the charts and I had to euthanize him as there was no way to save him. It was like he was poisoned, and there is no way he got poison anywhere else in my house. He was a strictly indoor cat. That was 6 months ago and I am still grieving. So it looks like Party Mix did him in.

Carol 2 years ago

My much-loved cat seemed to be addicted to Party Mix and other than that he ate well, Blue Buffalo dry and wet. He went crazy for Party Mix and every time I went into the kitchen he would beg for Party Mix and I would give it to him. But one day he abruptly got deathly ill, never sick in his life, and I rushed him to the vet. His kidney function tests were high off the board and his blood sugar was high off the charts and I had to euthanize him as there was no way to save him. It was like he was poisoned, and there is no way he got poison anywhere else in my house. He was a strictly indoor cat. That was 6 months ago and I am still grieving. So it looks like Party Mix did him in.

Maritza 21 months ago

I just adopted a cat and I'm a new cat owner . I bought friskies and he's barely been eating it but a couple bites now Frankie is vomiting no blood in vomit but he's not himself friskies is crap food !!!!!!!

DWood123 21 months ago

Switched to Friskies Dry Cat food because the bag is sturdier than my usual brand. Have cats in two locations...both groups sick....bleeding from kidneys and some have paralysis of hind legs....April 7, 2015.

jackhamm65 profile image

jackhamm65 21 months ago

DWood123 - Do you think the dry made them sick or did you switch to the dry friskies?

Nicole 21 months ago

Almost lost my cat to complications (kidney failure) from eating Friskies Classic Pate, specifically the salmon pate. She is lucky to be alive right now, and we are still trying to nurse her back to health. I will never buy or feed my animals any type of cat food produced by Purina. I purchased the multi-pack from Costco which included four flavors of the pate. My friend also had similar issues with feeding her cat the same food. I will never skimp on the quality of their food again -- going to Blue Buffalo.

glo 21 months ago

Had the same problem awhile back, went to Blue Buffalo and it took awhile for them to eat it but doing fine now. Will not buy Purina products again. Probably made in China and who knows what they have in it.

cindy rockwell 10 months ago

two of my smaller dogs ate gruel i made from friskies canned cat food turkey and giblets that had been out for 14 hours. they are both showing signs of seizures. one is dragging her hind legs around in a circle and her eyes are bulging. the smaller dog is walking in circles while his head is going left then right the left then right. im getting ready to give them both some phenobarbital. ive never seen this before with canned cat food

Cathy 6 months ago

my 8 year cat is very sick and close to death...he was addicted to Purina whiskas canned food,...gave dry food and a little bit of this,..must have been poisoned or something,...very weak,..not eating, experience with this kind of problem

Cathy Salenger 6 months ago

I get the variety pack from Costco as well and finally am looking into why my cats won't touch the salmon dinner. They turn their noses up even though they're hungry. I'm not sure what to do about it but I thought I'd start looking online.

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