Betta Fish – Aquariums for Healthy Bettas

The Betta fish aquarium is sort of a unique set up because of the aggressive nature of the Betta fish. It is a freshwater set up, but requires that male Bettas be isolated from other fish of different species and even different Bettas.  For multiple Bettas, make sure that you have aquarium separators before you get started.

Examples of the right size aquarium for Bettas

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The Appropriate Size Aquarium for Bettas

The first rule of thumb is to make sure you have a large enough aquarium for a Betta fish. Everyone has seen those poor Betta fish in the vases—not the best environment for a long term fish. Bettas are freshwater fish that benefit strongly from a larger environment. The larger the tank, the more stable the water temperature and pH. Small tanks and bowls can heat up or cool down too quickly, and if the pH goes out of kilter, then it can result in a dead fish.

Water pH

Speaking of pH, keep the pH as neutral as possible. A pH of 7 is dead on, but a range between 6 and a half and 7 and a half is ok as well. Make sure you test the water’s pH before adding the fish, do not use the fish to test the water. Most pet stores have kits and supplies that can make water pH neutral.

Adding Gravel is Essential

Remember to add gravel to the bottom of the tank. Cultivated gravel helps control bacteria breeding and slime build up in a Betta tank. If you are buying gravel, make sure it says cultivated somewhere on the bag, or just ask your pet dealer for help.

Filtration System for Healthy Bettas

Finally, it is a good idea to run a filtration system for your Betta tank. This helps keep fecal matter in the water down to a decent level, but not as well as periodic water replacement. Replacing part of the aquariums water every week is necessary for a good fish environment.

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