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A walk in the park
A walk in the park
walk toward heaven
walk toward heaven
cool afternoon nap
cool afternoon nap


 There is lot's of varieties of bear, and many different environments that the bear lives in. It is quite a slow and timid animal, but can turn easily violent and be very dangerous if provoked.

They raise their families, and are very protective of the young cubs.

Some types of bears include polar bears.

While there are bears in warmer parts of the world.

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Putz Ballard profile image

Putz Ballard 7 years ago

We have black bears in Western North Carolin and when there is a shortage of their natural diet can become a nuisance. They are not an endangered species and hunters kill them here. I like a good bear roast every now and again but they are rare treats for me.

kaizan28 profile image

kaizan28 7 years ago from Catsville Author

Thanks Putz, i hope to expand on this hub, so i will be sure to remember that, i had no idea bear was even a meal.

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