Dogs That Don't Shed

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Dogs That Do Not Shed

We all love them, from puppies to being full grown. While they may be good pets or companions, one of the main problems of being a dog owner is when you're dog sheds. It can be pretty tough, especially if you have hypersensitivity issues.

Why You Should Prefer A Breed That Do Not Shed

With all the breeds available, it's always better if you wouldn't go for dogs that don't shed, or at least only has minimal shedding. Why is that so? Well I've got some of the best reasons listed below:

  • Health reasons. This is pretty much is the primary reason, especially for those who has allergies or hypersensitivity issues. The common allergens that may trigger flare-ups in sensitive people include the dog’s urine, saliva, and even skin flakes or pet dander.
  • Less cleaning. A plus if you ask me, as it dogs that shed may cause a handful of cleaning. Of course, dedicated owners does not find this to be an issue, but it is surely one for me.
  • Less time grooming. Dogs that do shed (especially the heavy ones) need more grooming vs the ones that do not.

So What Are Breeds That Don't Shed?

Here's the list of breeds that do not shed. Do take note that they may have minimal shedding, although not too much as to cause concerns.

  • Yorkshire Terriers. This is a small dog breed commonly found in England where it was used to catch rats in clothing mills, or for baiting.
  • Portuguese Water Dog. Don't be literal, they don't always love water lol.
  • All types of Poodles. Believed to have originated in Germany, poodles have been bred to at least three sizes. It is a pretty popular non-shedding dog.
  • Shih Tzu. These little Chinese breed is also one of the most popular non-shedding breeds.
  • Bichon. Also pretty popular, but not so much as the earlier ones mentioned.

Do note that there are also many non-shedding breeds out there, and the ones mentioned are given just to give you an overview.

Dog Caring Tips

Non-shedding dogs don't need much attention, as compared to shedding ones. However, they still do need TLC just like any other pet. I've got here some tips to help you with that:

  • Have your dog groomed at least twice a month. If you can get him/her groomed more than that, then even better. It's also good if you can groom them yourself, as it'll help you save a little money on the sideline. Getting your dog groomed is a must, actually.
  • Walk your dog every now and then. This is pretty much important not only as a form of exercise but also to give your dog a little heads up, like having him get familiar with the environment.
  • Consult with a vet regularly. This is important to monitor your dog's health, as some illnesses doesn't have visual symptoms. Do these once every three months or depending on the interval you want.

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JayeWisdom profile image

JayeWisdom 3 years ago from Deep South, USA

The miniature schnauzer is another non-shedding dog breed. This breed has two separate coat layers, wiry on top and soft underneath, but neither sheds.

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