Best Dog Names

Reuben's Favorite List of the Best Dog Names

Best dog names for your puppy or dog, including unique dog names, cool dog names, male and female dog names, redneck dog names, German dog names, Italian dog names and surfer dog names.

These are names to get you thinking and help with selecting the ideal name for your pet and companion.

What's in a dog's name that makes it so much fun? For me, it's the attempt to capture a piece of the dogs character and personality, while also recognizing the name's importance in training and becoming a beloved part of the family.

Good luck and best wishes in naming your dog or puppy. Hopefully, I have provided you with some ideas to help get you started in the naming process. Enjoy!

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Diesel the Dog
Diesel the Dog

Introducing Contest Winner "Diesel"

Great Name for a Great Dog and Companion

Introducing "Diesel"

Diesel is a pit bull, a much maligned and abused breed. He is proudly owned by the Day family who named him after actor Vin Diesel, based on his handsome and masculine personality. Mr. Day also happens to work as a diesel mechanic and it is commonly known that diesel engines are tough, reliable and long lasting.

I totally loved this name for this particular dog. Not only did the owners emphasize the positive characteristics of their pit bull, his rugged good looks and charm, but also his quiet and noteworthy charisma. This dog absolutely stands out because of his personality and his name enhances this further, sort of like icing on the cake!

What's the Coolest Dog Name?

What Do You Think is the Best Source for a Really Cool Dog Name?

  • I would pick a people name, like Hank or Susie.
  • I prefer a more common name like lady, or rover.
  • Only an authentic ethnic name to match the breed or breeds.
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Cool and Unique Dog Name Why is it Important

It's Very Important for You and Your Dog to Have a Great Name

When you think of your dog, does it make you happy, do you smile? Well you should, because you love and care for this critter more than anything, they're a part of the family and they belong. So, with that said, it makes sense to find the very best name for your dog. A distinctive name that you can associate "warmly" with and that makes your pet even that much more endearing.

When you name your dog you are adding to his or her personality and charm - or, unfortunately, detracting from it! It's similar to naming a child, in that you want a name that will promote their social well-being - you want them to fit in, while also being unique in their own right.

If you name your dog something that isn't fitting to them, or that has negative associations, you are setting them up for problems. People may avoid or think less of them, because of the name. I remember as a kid (a very long time ago), it seemed like every mean, junk yard dog, I encountered, was named "butch." To this day I avoid dogs named "butch." You may have had similar experiences.

A name like "killer" may lead to problems for example, if you have a pit-bull. Take your time and really think about your dog's breed, personality and temperament and you will most certainly come-up with a better name. Get lots of feedback from family and friends and lastly, imagine yourself calling your dog in a crowded park.

Cool Spanish Dog Names for Small Dogs by Greg Marlett

You have an adorable little Chihuahua chico or chica,, or possibly another small bandido needing a cool name. The best dog names for a small dog are very often Spanish, in my opinion. So to come up with some more great dog names, I did a little research and came up with the following.

Of course there are some standards like taco, or papi, but I wanted to go beyond the obvious choices. I also wanted to stick with one or two syllables, as this makes it easier for the dog to learn.

Some good Spanish dog names for males are: "Bruno," (meaning - a little black plum or plum tree); "Che" (from Argentinean expression meaning - hey!); "vato" ("man/guy"): "Ciro" (from name Cyrus); "Desi" (from Latin - longing or derire); "Fausto," (meaning from Latin - lucky); "Felix" (from Latin - successful); "Fidel" (from Latin - Faithful); {"Goyo" (from Greek - watchful, alert); "Hugo" (meaning -heart, mind, spirit); "Jorge" (from Greek - farmer); "Jose" (from Joseph); "Nacho" (from Ignacio -Latin - meaning fire); "Pablo" (from Paul - meaning, small, humble); "Paco" (from Francisco, Latin meaning "frenchman"); "Pancho" (also from Francisco).

Good Spanish female dog names include: "Alba" (meaning -'dawn"); "Ana" (from New Testament - mother of the Virgin Mary); "Berta" (from English/German, Bertha - meaning, bright, famous); "Charo" (from Rosario, meaning - rosary); "Concha" (from Conchita - meaning, seashell); "Chita" (also from Conchita); "Dalia" (from the flower "dahlia"); "Dora" (from Isidora, a 4th century saint); "Dulce" (meaning sweet or candy); "Inez" (from Latin, meaning chaste); "Lupe" (from Guadalupe, a Spanish place name and famous convent); "Paca" (shortened form of Francisca - latin, frenchman); "Pia" (from Latin, pius, dutiful); "Rosa" (from the flower -rose).

Bueno! I think that should get you started, thinking about the best fitting name for your dog or puppy in Spanish. This research was fun, and I hope to do even more with Spanish dog names in the future. Adios.

You've got a beautiful beach lovin' dog, or puppy who loves ridin' the waves. Or, perhaps you have a little "hodad" who just enjoys a good dig in the sand , or who loves basking in the warm sun. Can you picture this scene? If you can, than it's a surfer dog name for your little"kahuna."

This is a truly unique dog name that will set your best friend and companion apart from all the others. A distinctive name for sure! Imagine the attention your newly named dog will garner at the beach with one of these, while (s)he dodges the "heavies," "honkers," and "bamboras." Beginning with the surfer dudes and bros" These are all actual first names of male hall of fame surfers:

Skip, (hall of fame surfers first names)



Mikkio, mik-yo,










And now some "bitchin" names for the "wahines," "dudettes" and "surf bunnies:"

Frieda, free-da, (name of hall of fame female surfer)

Bobbie, bob-ee (famous surfer)

Sunny, sun-ee (famous female surfer)

Gidget, (from 1959 movie, "Gidget "beach movie, with Sandra Dee)

Mamala, ma-malah, (polynesian demi-goddess of surfing, fearless and recognized as first female surfer)

Rochelle, ro-shell, (famous female surfer)

Faye, (Faye Baird Fraser, first woman to surf in San Diego)

Rell, (Rell Sunn , famous female surfer from the 70's)

Jericho. Jer-ico, - (Jericho Poppler, , famous female surfer from the 70's)

Roxy, (a line of designer surf wear for women)

Layne, lay-nee, (Layne Beachley, 2008 holder of 7 world titles)

Me-shell, (Me-Shell Mijangos founder of a surf camp for women)

Enjoy your puppy, the beach and an endless summer. As the saying goes, "life is a beach." Aloha!

(Photo, West Coast Surfer Dog Champion Zoey, Hangs 10, courtesy of Flickr)

Dog Surfing Hawaiian Style - Unique Surfer Names for Dogs

MLB Licensed Dog Sports Apparel
MLB Licensed Dog Sports Apparel

This Year Sports Apparel Has Gone to the Dogs!

Great Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend

Dogs are loyal and sometimes noisy fans, who can run and play with the best of them - they are awesome couch potatoes, as well. Why not let them sport their favorite team colors?

Let me recommend a dog sports jersey, bandanna, or collar and leash combination in your favorite teams colors and Officially Licensed to boot.

After all, why shouldn't your dog be able to participate in all the upcoming sports events, from the Playoffs, to the Super Bowl, the NBA and MLB. All your favorite teams are available - dogs are fans too!

Check out all the great dog sports wear Get your favorite Team's Jersey for your dog at!


Halloween Dogs 2011 - Time to think about Dog Halloween Costumes

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The Return of Redneck Dog Names, Part 3

The Return of Redneck Dog Names.

Let's face it, there are far more red neck dogs in this country than snobby uptown show dogs! So, with that fact firmly established, the need for more solid country oriented, red neck dog names continues to grow. What to name that little darlin' that will stand-out as unique, cool and pure red neck, is what really matters here and I've come-up with some more "wicked good" ones.

First for the ladies: How about some of these down-to-earth red neck names?

Maddy, ma-dy, (English from Madeline)

Norma, nor-ma, (Latin for model)

Nyla. Ny-lah, (Greek for winner)

Pegg, peg, (variant of Peggy)

Peggy-Sue, peg-e-sue, (American, Sue meaning lily) - Ok, I know, it's 3 syllables, but it's classic!

Porsha, por-sha, (unknown, possibly related to the German auto -not)

Pristine, pris-teen, (pure, uncorrupted)

Raylene, ray-leen, (American, stubborn as a mule, at least the one I knew was)

Rhiann, ree-ann, (Welsh, a mythological nymph)

Roxxy, rock-zee, (Redneck, sweet, but slow)

Ruby, ru-bee (unknown, possibly a real gem)

Sandy, san-dee (Hindu, course)

I always try to stick with 1 or 2 syllable red neck dog names for the simple reason they are easier for a dog to learn. Unfortunately, this leaves out some country classics, such as, "Sammie Jo" and "Randa- Lynn," oh well.

For the country gentleman, another serving of country-fried, red neck dog names is up.

Otis, o-tis, (Son of Otto - whoever he was)

Pervis, pur-vis, (American, son-of-a-_)

Rolly, ral-ee, (English from Roland)

Ray, ray, (French, kingly)

Rebel, reb-ell, (to resist or defy authority as in Johnny Reb) How many dogs fit this name?

Robbie, rob-ee, (cute little boy, or charismatic gang leader, redneck)

Rocky, rock-ee, (American, from the rock, or just plain thick)

Roscoe, ross-co, (Old Norse, from the deer forest)

Roy, roi, (French, regal one)

Rufus, ru-fuss, (Latin, red haired one)

Sherman, sher-mon, (Old English for woodcutter)

Spencer, spen-sir, (Old English for keeper)

A naming Tip: When teaching your dog his/her new redneck dog name, make sure you associate the name with positive things, such as, food, treats, petting and praise. They will learn the name quicker and be set-up for further commands in the future such as, "Rufus" come!

Copyright 2008, all rights reserved, by gmarlett

(Picture courtesy of Reuben the coonhound, copyright 2008)

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A Few Unique German Names for Dachshunds

The "Dackel" as it is known in Germany, is a super cool little dog, with a huge personality and a determined character. Known for its intelligence and feistiness, a unique and authentic German name for this dog is imperative. The Dachshund is currently the 7th most popular dog in the United States, according to the American Kennel Club, which increases the demand for unique and fitting German names.

Often times with dogs of German origin, the registered name of the dog will indicate the breeder and kennel, using the German word, "von"(from) (name of kennel) designation. For instance, Schotzie von Hamburg. Here the dog's name is Schotzie (meaning little treasure) von (from) the Hamburg Kennel/Breeder. "Von" is also used to designate a member of the nobility in German.

Okay, here are some authentic German names, which I feel would be a good fit for smaller dogs like the dachshund. I have tried to stick with one or two syllable names, as they are easier for the dog to learn.

Starting with male names:

* Adlar, (ad-lar), "eagle"

* Aksel or Axel, (axe-el), "father of peace"

* Alric, (all-rick), "rules all"

* Dieter, (deet-ter), "peoples ruler"

* Emil, (ai-mil), "industrious"

* Fritz, (freetz), "from Frederick"

* Gunther, (gun-ther), "warrior"

* Hansel, (han-sell), "God is gracious"

* Heinz, (hinz), "household ruler"

* Jaeger, (yai-ger), "hunter"

* Jurgen, (yur-gen), "farmer"

* Kaiser, (kai-ser), "emperor"

* Lothar, (low-thar), "renown warrior"

* Manfred, (man-fred), "man of peace"

Female names and their meanings:

* Ada, (a-da), "joyful"

* Alva, (al-vah), "army of elves"

* Ava, (a-fah), "a bird"

* Bluma, (blue-mah), " a flower"

* Clotilde, (clo-til-dah), "heroine"

* Della, (dell-ah), "bright noble"

* Edda, (ed-dah), ' vigorous"

* Etta, (et-tah), 'little one"

* Felda, (fell-dah), " from the field"

* Freida, (free-dah), "peace, joy"

* Gertrud, (gare-trude), "from the

protected farm"

* Gretchen, (grey-chen), "little pearl"

* Hedy, (hay-di), "strife"

* Heidi, (hi-di), "noble, kind"

I hope that this small group of names will be helpful in naming your dachshund. I am working on a part 2 for dachshunds, picking-up alphabetically where I left off, and also some good names for larger German dogs, such as rottweilers and shepherds.

Copyright 2008, All rights reserved

(Photo courtesy of Flickr)

Some Cute Techie Names for Dogs with Geekish Owners

How about some cute techie names for your new puppy? These are some cool names for the 21st Century and reflect the digital age we live in. For the most part, I think they're unisex names, although some might lend themselves to one sex or the other. Some of these have been popular and have been around for a while, but will undoubtedly be unique in many neighborhoods.

I will skip the meanings for some of these, as they are pretty transparent: How about the following for starters?

*Widget* refers to an application which sits on top of a web site and offers interactive features

*Gizmo* Synonymous with gadget, small electrical or, mechanical device

*Two-oh (2.0) *note: this was actually used for a human baby in Michigan, instead of Jr.



*Robo* Refers to robotics and robots

*Nano * Denotes one-billionth, as in nano-second

*Adobe *Adobe Systems Inc, company that specializes in high quality network publishing software

*Apache * A public domain web server, so called because it was "a patchy web server" comprised of a lot of "patches"

*BetaBugs * Problems and errors discovered during pre-release of commercial software

*Bauhaus * German school, of form follows function

*Bitflip* Refers to 180 degree personality change

*Cyber * Refers to the world of computers and the Internet

*Cisco * The Internet Networking Company

*Dilbert * Popular comic series

*Dot-com *(a dalmatian perhaps?)

*Dubya: *Techie referrence to George W. Bush

*Ebay *(great for a beagle)

There are literally hundreds more, including different combinations such as "Cyberpunk", "Cyberpork" etc.

Of course these names will not appeal to everyone, but then again, what names will.

To be continued.

Some More Redneck Dog Names, Part II

In Part I of " Redneck Dog Names,"we barely scratched the surface of viable dog and puppy names. Remember, redneck dogs are "All American types," not fancy, but decidedly rough and tough. These dogs are well suited for the country life and are happiest when treeing a coon, or helping you bring in the livestock. They are more comfortable around farm tractors, than city traffic and they absolutely love Elvis and Garth Brooks. No hip-hop please!

Here are some great names for the country ladies:

*Earlene, er-lene, (English, from Earl, meaning leader)

*Faylene, fay-lene, (unknown origin)

*Hattie, hat-ti, (Redneck, push with foot??)

*Jaylyn, jay-lin (unknown)

*Jazlean, jaz-lean (unknown)

*Jozelle, jo-zelle, (unknown)

*Layla, lay-la, (Arabic, dark beauty)

*Lexus, lex-us, (from Alexa, American, meaning defender)

*Lynndie, lin-dee, (unknown)

*Misty, miss-tee, (American, meaning covered with mist/dew)

And for the country gentleman:

*Earl, url, (English, meaning leader)

*Elrod, el-rod, (Redneck, meaning asleep under a tree??)

*Floyd, floid, (English, meaning gray)

*Forrest, for-est, (English, meaning of the woods)

*Harley, har-lee, (English, meaning spacious meadow)

*Homer, ho-mer, (Greek, meaning promise)

*Jed, jed, (American, meaning friend of God)

*Junior, june-yer, (English, meaning the young child)

*Luther, lu-ther, (English, meaning People Army)

*Micah, my-ca, (Hebrew, meaning who is like God)

I hope that these have been helpful for you and I have particularly tried to stay with one and two syllable names, as these are the best and easiest for the dog to learn. Happy hunting and stay tuned for even more Redneck dog and puppy names as we work our way through the alphabet.

Picture courtesy of my daughter's dog Reese

Redneck Dog Names for Blue Collar Puppies

So you've just decided to adopt that irresistible, adorable little lab cross puppy at the animal shelter and now you need a fitting name. Not just any name, but a cute, cool and unique dog name. Well, there's nothing better or more of a fit than a good ole' redneck name for this working class canine. A solid name representing the bedrock of America. No over-pampered little darlings here.

Starting with some solid and popular male, redneck, dog names, how about some of these for starters: Billy-Bob (Bill-Bob for short), Bo (or Beau), Cletis, Wade, Elrod, Eustice, Buck, Buddy (or Bud), Coy, and Bodean?

For the females, some of the more popular redneck names include: Amaleen, Angel, Bambi, and Daisy. Some others according to our redneck sources would be: Baylee (perfect for the beagle mix), Betty-Lou, Bobby-Jo, Candi, Cherry, Clarice, Claudette, Claudine, Desiree and Dakota.

Although we've barely scraped the surface here, this list should help get you thinking about the perfect redneck name for your new puppy. Stay tuned for Redneck Dog Names Part II.

A Great Little Resource for Puppy Names!

By A Customer

My wife and I were really struggling trying to give our dog good name that would also be a little creative. A variety of lists on web pages didn't do the trick. Ten minutes with this book and we had our name (Lira). We also came up with several other really good ones I would have never thought of otherwise. If you want to name your dog something other than Max or Maggie (though those are good names), give this book a try.

Chic Italian Dog Names

So you just purchased an Italian Greyhound puppy, or something even more exotic like a Neapolitan Mastiff or a Volpino Italiano, and you need a decent designer name for this little head turner, something that will match with perfect style.

Supposing this is a little male, some authentic names such as Agosto (venerable), or Zanipolo (little gift of God) might fill the bill. Other distinctive male names could include, Carlo (free man), Alessandro (protector/helper), or perhaps Ciro (comes from Cyrus the Persian ruler), or Pancrazio (supreme ruler).

Not only are these names distinctive, but often times equally befitting, such as Zanebono (good one) or Claudio (lame one).

Some other great names for males would include: Angelo, Antonio, Dante, Dino, Emilio, Enzo, Enrico, Ermano, Fedele, Federico,Geronimo and Giacomo. Let's not leave out these beauties either: Uberto, Ugo, Taddeo and Santo.

Now as far as the petite female puppy goes, we have some equally chic female names, such as Aldabella (beautiful), or Bambalina (little girl). Other cool names include Venitia (mercy) and Zola (little ball of earth). As with the males, there are many such to chose from and some of my other favorites include: Amadora, Bianca, Trilby, Carmela, Esta, Felice, Jolanda, Lia, Phebe, Quorra, Rosseta and Vanni.

If you should happen to have both a male and female pup, how about naming them Fedele and Felice or Ugo and Vanni? Great names for great dogs go hand-in-hand. Some of these would also be perfect for the rescue you adopted from the shelter.

By greg marlett. Copyright 2008, all rights reserved. No publication or other use without the expressed permission of the author.

(picture of Italian Greyhound Puppies from Flickr)

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I love it, I ALWAYS smile when I think if my two little fur babies, the crossbreed Zip and of course my Mini Rat Terrier Angel

You have a great lens here

anonymous 7 years ago

I love this lens. Great dog names and photos. My dogs are Abby and Ellie. I didn't pick the names, their breeder did.

CherylGriffin 7 years ago

Great lens! My two dogs are CC "Cecilia" and Buster! Both mutts!

LissaKlar LM profile image

LissaKlar LM 7 years ago

What a great lens - I found this through your lighthouse lens. I love lighthouses and animals, too. Check out my dog lens and on it find some links to other cool dog lens if you're interested. Missy

jipock 7 years ago

Great Lens! 5 * I lens rolled it to my lens Single Moms and Puppies!

HorseAndPony LM profile image

HorseAndPony LM 7 years ago

Redneck dog names - that is just so funny. We had a Jack Russell named Shady Deal. Great 5* Lens.

SalonOfArt profile image

SalonOfArt 7 years ago

Greg, what a great lens! I love it and such a creative idea! Our rescue dog is named Ossa, she was only 8-weeks old and already knew her name so we kept it. Ossa was the God of gossip if I remember correctly. See you around!

wayfarer lm profile image

wayfarer lm 7 years ago

Your pics are priceless! What a fun read!

__anton__ 7 years ago

Great Lens~! I personally like silly names like Chewy or Colonel Sanders or just Meatloaf!

PetSnakes 7 years ago

I name my dogs after mythological characters, and snakes after Biblical names. Works for me.

DakotaDonna 7 years ago

We're in Texas, our Welsh-Texan Corgi had to have a western name. Roper Ranchero will be 6 yrs young on Saturday. We call him Roper or Rope for short.

Twister-EMedia 7 years ago

Awesome lens! We just got a small puppy named Spencer

hemorrhoid-treatment-master 7 years ago

My dogs names Woombo, cause the the town I live in called Woombye. What do you think. original lens nice work 5 stars

Sugerdrop 7 years ago

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Mysti's Animals mine is better but yours is even better than mine like 1,3456895 times better than mine how about going to mine you will have to go to

Adrienne Jenkins profile image

Adrienne Jenkins 7 years ago

Great lens. How many dogs do you think will be called Sully?

GoalsSetter 7 years ago

Great lens! Coming up with a good name for your pet always seems to be a struggle although after a short period of time almost any name you've chosen works just fine. But having a lens you can go to for inspiration is perfect.

Write2Write 7 years ago

I just love your redneck dog names! Those are great - my dogs names are not nearly so cute we have Cerberus, Pandora and Zoey :) Great Lens!

kimark421 profile image

kimark421 7 years ago

Great Lens! We have two German Shorthaired Pointers...Emma & Sterling. Wait aren't those good English names? Anyway, 5 *s

divacratus 2 profile image

divacratus 2 7 years ago

Hey! Great lens. In fact, am planning to get two dogs soon. This site is going to be really helpful for me! 5* from my side.

Since you are a doggy lover, do take time to visit and rate my lens -


Diva C

guapo profile image

guapo 7 years ago

Brilliant names - my own pet names are Tailboy (a tail-less cat), Fudge (a champagne coloured puss) and Misty our dog (my partner named her because he said her eyes were Misty).

AshleyBretting-MS profile image

AshleyBretting-MS 7 years ago

Maltese ( dog ) mom here. I pick human names, pets are family members and often surrogate kids :)

Stop by and visit my dog lens ( Houndsville for people and dogs) cute dog stories, pics and say "hello". Ahem, pardon the faux paw, meant "woof woof" LOL

rydigga 7 years ago

Great lens. I love the picture of the sleeping bulldog :)


DoggieTown 7 years ago

We like the meanings of the names! Wag, wag!

CdaParrot 7 years ago

Wish I would have had this when I got my dog...lots of great names on there. Just did a lens on crate training

SusanDeppner profile image

SusanDeppner 6 years ago from Arkansas USA

I'm lensrolling this helpful lens to my Daisy lens. We didn't use any resource except my husband's head to come up with her name. Of course since then we've run across a whole lot of other Daisy dogs!

anonymous 6 years ago

Excellent Lens. 5*

If you get a chance check out my Instant Stress Management lens.

anonymous 6 years ago

Interesting idea for a lens

anonymous 6 years ago

Very cool lens!

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skgandbbtk lm 6 years ago

I really enjoyed reading your lens. Just like Cdaparrot said, I wish I came across your lens when I first got my dog. I also have a lenses on dog barking, please go there check it and comment on it whenever you can. thanks.

anonymous 6 years ago

german sherperd

Niche4you profile image

Niche4you 6 years ago


What a great lens, we have alway's had dogs, German Shepherd and Siberian Husky, and our son wanted to call one of them Douglas so he could shout out come here "DuG"

Love it.

Call by our lens anytime and let us know what you think.


Dogpawfile 6 years ago

Wow, there are so many cool names! Dogpawfile Pet Community

kcs9832 6 years ago

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Berta 6 years ago

hehe that was nice. Many people in Lithuania gives a human name to their dogs. Like Berta (it's my name) many neighbours have the dogs named like that. Nice to have a common named being :D :)

lasertek lm profile image

lasertek lm 6 years ago

Cool! So many names to choose from. Now I wouldn't have to ponder upon the best dog name.

Do visit my lens if you got the time. Thanks

ShariBerry profile image

ShariBerry 6 years ago from Michigan

I enjoyed your lens and completely agree that when it comes to naming your dog, not just any name will do. It needs to fit the breed and personality of the dog. I have 2 German Wirehaired Pointers named Jack and Joe.

JoleneBelmain profile image

JoleneBelmain 6 years ago

This is just such a great article. I love it!

harringtonway lm profile image

harringtonway lm 6 years ago

I think the hardest thing is picking the right name for your dog - at least is was for me. A lens like this really helps to get the mind brainstorming! Also, thanks for the funny videos - I think humor is a necessity to get through life!

GuyB LM profile image

GuyB LM 6 years ago

Oh yeah, that was cool. I've always been fond of the name Buford. But Buzzy is pretty solid too.

GuyB LM profile image

GuyB LM 6 years ago

Oh yeah, that was cool. I've always been fond of the name Buford. But Buzzy is pretty solid too.

sisdude profile image

sisdude 6 years ago

I take pet naming very seriously. Fluffy may be great for a puppy but puppies grow up! You are welcome to check out my free list of popular dog names.

Cindy_Egan 6 years ago

My dog name is Tara .. I always choose names that represent something to me not just to the dog! Great lens!!!

pethound 6 years ago

Thanks for the great resources Greg, 5 stars.

Oakley_TheGoldenLabrador 6 years ago

I agree with Cindy_Egan. I usually name my pets before I even see them. I choose pet names that represent something to me. Who knows though, it might not always be that way for me in the future.

JollyvilleChick profile image

JollyvilleChick 6 years ago

I used to think "Magnolia" would be a good name for a dog. Now, I'm not so sure! 5* to your lens

Ramkitten2000 profile image

Ramkitten2000 6 years ago from Flagstaff, Arizona

Lots of really good suggestions here. I have a friend whose dog's name is Bob, and, for some reason, that's always cracked me up. My pooch, her full name is Sassafrass Tea, but I call her Sassy, T-frass, T, Sassle, and a whole host of other things "for short" (and some not so short). The name Sassafrass came to me the moment I saw her, but I have no idea why.

ohcaroline 6 years ago

My dogs name was Puppers. Her alias was Pupperdoodles! Great Lens! 5*

Senora M profile image

Senora M 6 years ago

We just got a dog and named her Viva.

Airinka profile image

Airinka 6 years ago

I don't like when people call their dogs like Thom, Peter and so on!

Jmel37 profile image

Jmel37 5 years ago

I've got a chihuahua and instead of going with a typical Spanish name, I went with a German one! His name is Schnitzel :)

Jmel37 profile image

Jmel37 5 years ago

I've got a chihuahua and instead of going with a typical Spanish name, I went with a German one! His name is Schnitzel :)

Jmel37 profile image

Jmel37 5 years ago

I've got a chihuahua and instead of going with a typical Spanish name, I went with a German one! His name is Schnitzel :)

WeirdStuff 5 years ago

I hate when people give dogs human names, like william or jeremy

LauraHofman profile image

LauraHofman 5 years ago from Naperville, IL

What a fun lens! Our dog's name is Daisy - never thought of it as a redneck name lol. We named her after the movie "Driving With Miss Daisy" since she loves to be chauffered around. Check out my site "Dog Friendly Gardens" to see herpurplespot. I sent a good friend to your site since she just adopted a rescue group puppy and haven't named him yet.

anonymous 5 years ago

Great Lens I have a Presa Canario and didn't use any traditional names, he was named because I collect Killer Whale stuff (big fan of killer whales I am) and because he's black & white - can you guess his name???

anonymous 5 years ago

Tnx for the Info. .good Lens.

Obscure_Treasures 5 years ago

Excellent lens.

Thank so much for sharing this information.

summerevening profile image

summerevening 5 years ago

Great lens for dog names! I enjoyed it. =)

Van_Rudi 5 years ago

SueM11 profile image

SueM11 5 years ago from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Great ideas to name a dog. I will keep in mind some of the names you suggested. My family had a hard time coming up with a name for our puppy which was agreeable to everyone. It had to fit the character of the puppy and not the usual doggie name.

BC4 5 years ago

I wasn't expecting to find ethnic recommendations. Great idea!

SofiaMann 5 years ago

Already have Polo and Pola (as Marco Polo)? Nice lens.

bellaballoo 5 years ago

great lens! I love my name bella but my humans call me bella balloo!

Timewarp profile image

Timewarp 5 years ago from Montreal

My dog has one of the most common dog name - Max - it fits him :)

MsAshleyB 5 years ago

Very cool site. I just dog sat a lab named Max...

vitar profile image

vitar 5 years ago

Great lens!!

Please stop by and check out my lens Dog_DNA_Testing.


datecheats profile image

datecheats 5 years ago

Got a yellow Lab named Daisy, stop by and visit her sometime, Nice Lens

doghighschool 5 years ago

Great lense, I found a great list of names here

thescubadude 5 years ago

Great inspiration for dog names - thanks! dog products

scar4 5 years ago

A dog's name would tell much about its breed, personality and identity, I hold the view.

DressGoon profile image

DressGoon 5 years ago

Nice lens and great ideas for dog names. This was very helpful

Shriya 5 years ago

I would name my dog with celebrities names like Lady Gaga, Shivaji, Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, Aishwarya Rai and etc... naming so would make me feel like i'm interacting with the celebs even though they're dogs.

infiniti99 lm profile image

infiniti99 lm 5 years ago

Hello loved your lens and will come back when I get my next puppy in the summer.I will never do another winter puppy lesson learned but I'm grateful for him anyway.His name is Finnigann named that because he was born white from black lab parents so in Irish Finnigann changed the spelling just a little bit means little white haired one.Finnigann is not little any more now topping 50lbs@ 3 months of age.I'll be back to name my next puppy thank you your lens was very informative.

MargoPArrowsmith profile image

MargoPArrowsmith 5 years ago

Yoda, Zoe Leo and Xander!

andiamo83 profile image

andiamo83 5 years ago

Very fun lens! Good job.

Pnorway profile image

Pnorway 5 years ago

cool lens. great ideas. Thank you!

jackieb99 profile image

jackieb99 5 years ago

Lots of excellent choices!

MargoPArrowsmith profile image

MargoPArrowsmith 5 years ago

My new black and tan Chihuahua is named Xander because now Buffy and I both have sidekicks named Xander

yourgoldenfuture 5 years ago

wonderful made lens

chrisqw profile image

chrisqw 5 years ago

Great lens, and much food for thought. Thanks!

fantasticallyfi profile image

fantasticallyfi 5 years ago

It's all about the two syllables! Great concept, cool work...

djalxo 5 years ago

Great stuff, we named our cocker spaniels after guitar legends as I'm a guitarist.

"Jimi" and "Eddie" after Hendrix and Van Halen.

norma-holt profile image

norma-holt 5 years ago

Nice lens. My mini foxy is name Minnie - guess why. *-*Blessed*-* and featured on Angel Blessings for Dogs on Squidoo

dannygator7790 profile image

dannygator7790 5 years ago

Awesome lens! I actually wrote about dog names in my australian shepherd lens. It's quite a mission to find a good one, but you've listed a ton of awesome possibilities.

Diana Wenzel profile image

Diana Wenzel 5 years ago from Colorado

Fun names. It always takes me a long time to come up with the best name for my pups. This is serious business! :-)

InfinityDISH 5 years ago

Pudge the Pug!

dewadewi 5 years ago

im gonna name my dog like my parent name,.,.,.,

thesevenfigures profile image

thesevenfigures 5 years ago

Two-oh for a baby? LOVE IT! ahahhahaahha

pheonix76 profile image

phoenix76 5 years ago from WNY

This is a great list of doggy names. Choosing a name for a pet is so difficult, especially when you have more than one person weighing in! I wanted to name my choco lab puppy Jade, but Chrissy was picked. ;)

pimbels lm profile image

pimbels lm 4 years ago

We named one of our Rottweilers Diesel. Nice lens.

LegalDog 4 years ago

Nice Lense

nucmed lm profile image

nucmed lm 4 years ago

Awesome list of name. I created a lense for Denver - The Guilty Dog, plz give some feedback. Thanks

in4eto 4 years ago

I like the name Rinty and that's my dream - german shepherd named Rinty

iluvK9 4 years ago

Great Lens we named one of our security work dog Judge cause we reckon when someone says "what Im not doing anything wrong?" we can say he will be the Judge on that lol

iluvK9 4 years ago

Great Lens we named one of our security work dog Judge cause we reckon when someone says "what Im not doing anything wrong?" we can say he will be the Judge on that lol

buenasmichelle 4 years ago

Just like babies dogs need names to. Well, naming dogs isn't just basing on their colors, like brownie or blacky, it pays to be creative! The more unique your dogs name is, the more special he becomes. You don't just name your dog out of boredom, a name is the proof of the bond both you and your dog have. Check out Yuppy Puppy Boutique Here for more informations

zblessedlife lm profile image

zblessedlife lm 4 years ago

Awesome Lense you have here, and very informative! Come check out B.F Material Breeds sometime! Thanks and have a blessed day!!

sweeneyman 4 years ago

I wish I'd seen this before I named my dog peewee although it was appropriate when he was a puppy not sure it fits him now. He has a twitter account @peeweedog and he need followers to cheer him up!

Bookmama2 profile image

Bookmama2 4 years ago

I didn't find this lens until after I created mine on Good Dog Names. Luckily there is relatively little overlap. Since they complement each other so nicely, I added this page to my list of over places to look for a new name for the puppy.

SandyMertens profile image

SandyMertens 4 years ago from Frozen Tundra

Angel Blessings! Please add your lens on the Not Zazzle Lens plexo on

renstar lm profile image

renstar lm 4 years ago

Nice Lens

I have a Rottweiler crossed with Staffordshire bull terrier called Kingston

You can see him here

renstar lm profile image

renstar lm 4 years ago

Nice Lens

I have a Rottweiler crossed with Staffordshire bull terrier called Kingston

You can see him here

ProsperityNow LM profile image

ProsperityNow LM 4 years ago

I have three furry babies and the only mistake I made was naming them all with the same starting letter - Buttons, Bow and Basha. Thanks for the great lens! Please feel free to stop by my lens at

cufflinksuk 4 years ago

Nice lens. I really love it.

sbconcepts profile image

sbconcepts 4 years ago

Very entertaining and some great names too!

tonihayes 4 years ago

I go for rather ordinary names like Molly, Lucy etc but my dad had a hunting dog (black Labrador) that he called Falcon - which I thought was very cool!

authoritydogfood 4 years ago

I think the name of "wing" is very beautiful. Besides good name, the food for your dog is more important, so please try Authority dog food

Joanmarie1214 profile image

Joanmarie1214 4 years ago

Really great lens. I enjoyed all the names. I have a Vizsla named Morgan. If you get a chance, check out my two sites: and

Vizsla Puppies (Trouble in a Dog Suit)

TollysWorld 4 years ago

Really interesting to see how other nations/cultures/languages name their dogs, thanks. We've always chosen names we wouldn't mind having to shout if the dog needs to come! We found naming our current dog (golden retirever) really hard and we all had different suggestions but then agreed on Poppy, because she was born a few days before Remembrance (Poppy) Day.

DogWatchColumbus profile image

DogWatchColumbus 4 years ago

What a fun lens! Thanks:)!

BlueStarling profile image

BlueStarling 4 years ago

Some great names here, and I like the way you offered them in categories. I know of dogs named Bruno, Gizmo, and Micah. A friend's dog is named Yoshi -- Japanese for "sudden good fortune or happiness" and the name fits. I have Perry, Kita, and the latest, Ziggy. My niece threw out the name Ziggy the day I adopted him, and it stuck. It fits his energy and humorous personality. A good lens topic and certainly useful!

MomTips profile image

MomTips 4 years ago

Fun lens,Thanks!!

home-remedies 4 years ago

Love the Lens!

WorldVisionary 4 years ago

Excellent lens -- I've left you a little Angel dust.

TheGourmetCoffe profile image

TheGourmetCoffe 4 years ago

Great lens. My family rescues Siberian Huskies and adopt them as pets. We take our time time picking the right name. Siberian Huskies are regal looking, beautiful canine companions. A few of the names our Huskies have had: Aleksei Prince of Tashakovia; Nikolai Baron Tovar; Mishka; Mikhaela, and Tasha Wintersnow....

pantar profile image

pantar 4 years ago

I have a small dog named Happy!

fashionistadiva 4 years ago

i like the names! they were all cute names for dogs!

jopalei 4 years ago

We had a Chinese Shar Pei for 9 1/2 years. His name was Khan. Not only after Genghis and Kublai, but the Star Trek version, Khan Noonian Singh.

MinRu 4 years ago

awesome! i always have trouble naming my pet dog. Not anymore. :)

InquisitiveOne LM profile image

InquisitiveOne LM 4 years ago

This is a great list of dog names. I like that you gave the meanings of so many of them. It's a good vocabulary builder as well as a great list of dog names.

Shoputopian profile image

Shoputopian 4 years ago

Great lens, thanks for sharing all these different names...I like to think up my dogs names to go with their personality sometimes it might take me a few days to pick the perfect name, other times it's quick...

gamecheathub profile image

gamecheathub 4 years ago

this lens rocked!

ThomasJ4 LM profile image

ThomasJ4 LM 4 years ago

Great list of dog names, I haven't heard of many of these

PaulosDK profile image

PaulosDK 4 years ago

fun lens , great stuff!

davidcam 4 years ago

Great list of dog names..nice lens

bosieboy profile image

bosieboy 4 years ago

Great lens - I live in Spain so your Spanish module was of obvious interest to me! Great names there, will help me choose a name for my next dog. I currently have two, one called Chispa and the other called Tao (a small village close to where I live here in the Canary Islands). Surprised Chispa wasn't on your list! Have given you the thumbs up for this lens - Well deserved.

TravelingRae 4 years ago

My last dog was a Jack Russell named Napolon (Popo for short). It was a big name for a little dog, but it suited him.

peruandarts 4 years ago

Really nice lens, I simply love it.

writer_villa 4 years ago


JeremyAce 4 years ago

I go with people names. Fred, and Sam are my current two!

MelRootsNWrites profile image

MelRootsNWrites 4 years ago from California

Nice lens! I'm not set on any type but like unique names. The name has to fit the dog though. I had a Lab/Golden named Sierra. Now I have a Jack Russell named Misha.

cheech1981 profile image

cheech1981 4 years ago

my name is rocky and i tend to meet more dogs named rocky than people haha :)

iversonchen 4 years ago

i loge do so much, it is just so great.

and welcome to my page.

SamPupMoores 4 years ago

Soooo many names! Love all those different ones.

NidhiRajat 4 years ago

so interesting lens...My doggie's name is Styler. he is actually very stylish...

NidhiRajat 4 years ago

so interesting lens...My doggie's name is Styler. he is actually very stylish...

collierlewisjew profile image

collierlewisjew 4 years ago

Great lens! My little 6 lbs chi is named Brutus, he is an amazing rescue dog, and deserved a big name after what he went through.

kyhillbullies 4 years ago

Great Lens! I have a Precious, Fergie, Buddy Boy, Piper, Alice, Jixer and Misty

BillSimmons 4 years ago

Great article, haven't heard the name Diesel used for a dog before, it's a good one though.

aliciamaggie54 profile image

aliciamaggie54 4 years ago

This is neat information. Love the information on dog names. We had interesting ones for our dogs.

anonymous 4 years ago

good lens

anonymous 4 years ago

a perfect lens with great collection of dog names i have ever seen.I will suggest people to ask the breeder name's biggining of alphabetical letter..e.g while looking labrador puppies for sale

we must ask the breeders about naming the puppy.

falldown2007 profile image

falldown2007 4 years ago

Great lens, I wanted to name our black lab Ryder... but my boyfriend didn't think it would be practical yelling Ryder Ryder to get the dogs attention so we ended up calling him Gunner!

HooverDoover 4 years ago

Fun Lens! I've got a little Jack Russell Terrier--considered lots of names and came up with THE perfect one--Hoover! I don't have a dog; I have a VERB! Not a crumb (or a mouse) in sight! When looking for puppy names, I used my ever-so-helpful JRT Forum site. They have a great list which is fun to read because it quite naturally has a whole British foods/references/cultural list of doggie names. Enjoy!

Shivani09 LM profile image

Shivani09 LM 4 years ago

Love this lens! I have two dachshunds, Fido and Simba :)

puppylovenpn 4 years ago

Great lense, thanks for all your work. I also have a website devoted to puppy names and can be viewed here:

Keep up the good work!!!!!!!

jeffn516 4 years ago

So many times folks go with the easy name when choosing a name for their dog. I really appreciate all of the options you've given us here. Have you thought about what TV or movie characters have inspired dog names?

aaronjobs43 4 years ago


ourmarket 4 years ago

My oldest granddaughter has a german shephard named Levi and youngest granddaughter has a toy poodle named Charlie and daughter pekingese named Zeek all same household

anonymous 4 years ago

sure was fun to read this, would have loved more polls for me to choose certain names for a certain kind of dog breed, happily gave you a 'thumbs up' for your lens.

harty5680 profile image

harty5680 4 years ago

I used to be against naming animals the same name as people because I didn't want to run into someone and say "nice to meet you Sam, I have a dog named after you". But then I ended up naming my dog Oscar.

aquarian_insight 4 years ago

My father had always owned German Shepherd dogs his whole life and they had all been called Jack - so when we first got a dog for the family, he was a GSD and we called him Jack. To be honest though, the name suited him. But the latest family GSD was named Masti which means mischievous and fun in Hindi; yep, you guessed it, that name suits him too! Great lens - made me smile. Thank you :)

anonymous 4 years ago

Great lens and I left you a thumbs up. My favorite dog name is Scout. Just love that name.

markettrol profile image

markettrol 4 years ago

I have an Italian Milo!!!! He is one handsome boy!!!!!

MyDestination 4 years ago

Love dogs!

DogZone 4 years ago

We have a thread running on our forum and some very interesting names have come up.

Do check it out: Dogs India

WriterJanis2 profile image

WriterJanis2 4 years ago

Great name ideas! You put in a lot of work here.

DanielTiley 4 years ago

My dog's name is Sebastian but I can't take the credit for naming him as I adopted him from a re-homing centre. A really informative and interesting lens. Be sure to check out my pet hub lens.

Alexgreenwood 4 years ago

Henri is the name of my wiener dog and everyone always says the name suits him. I named him Henri because I had a dream when I was 12 that I never forgot and in the dream I had a wiener dog named Herni!

PamelaDW profile image

PamelaDW 4 years ago

You certainly have some creative options here.

After naming my first dogs Agatha and Christie, I vowed ever after to match my dogs' personalities to their names.

My current Golden Retriever is Honey. Not a clever name but one that definitely suits her.

Philipuk1983 4 years ago

Lol my dog is called Bob, had the name when we got him and suits him well

SecondHandJoe LM profile image

SecondHandJoe LM 4 years ago

We always named our dogs something that meant something to us! Like a loved relatives name or in my gf's case coco after coco chanel lol

thedailysatire profile image

thedailysatire 4 years ago

interesting, some nice names and I likes the pics and video too

h2ofs1 4 years ago

Jericho wins hands down ;) great lens

anonymous 4 years ago

I have a pitbull named darla

LeeD LM profile image

LeeD LM 4 years ago

My Chihuahua is named Mojo

Close2Art LM profile image

Close2Art LM 4 years ago

I knew someone who named their dog Sit, they would say come here Sit. It didn't know what to do..great page, Blessed

Close2Art LM profile image

Close2Art LM 4 years ago

I knew someone who named their dog Sit, they would say come here Sit. It didn't know what to do..great page, Blessed

anonymous 4 years ago

very cute

anonymous 4 years ago

very cute

flycatcherrr profile image

flycatcherrr 4 years ago

The first dog I ever had of my own, not a family dog, was named Dammit. As in, "C'mon back here, Dammit!!!" What can I say, I was 18, it seemed like a good idea at the time. :)

anonymous 4 years ago

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freyalou profile image

freyalou 4 years ago

Very nice lens! I recently fostered a greyhound called Dice, which was a very fitting name for a white dog with black spots.

anonymous 4 years ago

Nice lens & choosy names...

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anonymous 4 years ago

Nice lens...

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JackieSonia profile image

JackieSonia 4 years ago

Really nice lens. I felt compelled to go down the various lists and read all the names. One of the names I missed seeing in Spanish was Manny (from Manuel). But your list is great. Loved the redneck and Italian names also. Thanks for sharing.

anonymous 4 years ago

Nice lens..,

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anonymous 4 years ago

Nice lens..,

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Afteretc profile image

Afteretc 4 years ago

We just adopted a dog but we kept the name the shelter had given him, Enzo.

nephthys lm profile image

nephthys lm 4 years ago

My uncle has 4 working dogs- Zest, Taz, Jack, Lad. I used to have a dog called Sweep, also.

nephthys lm profile image

nephthys lm 4 years ago

My uncle has 4 working dogs- Zest, Taz, Jack, Lad. I used to have a dog called Sweep, also.

Edutopia 4 years ago

Great lens. For me the best dog names have always been the one you give a dog after you've had it for awhile and seen what kind of personality it has.

tracy-arizmendi profile image

tracy-arizmendi 4 years ago from Northern Virginia

Loved the redneck dog names!!! ROTFL

myamya 4 years ago

nice lens! I love meditations! thumbs up

LindaFoster LM profile image

LindaFoster LM 4 years ago

Nice lens :) enjoyed reading all the dogs names my favourite was Porsha. My dogs called Candy after a dog my dad once owned, also because he's so sweet and cute.

Pangionedevelopers 4 years ago

congrats, great info

mellie4 4 years ago

LOL!!!redneck dog names. great lens.

JessyGene profile image

JessyGene 4 years ago

cute lens

intermarks profile image

intermarks 4 years ago

Great lens, now I have more choices of dog names to choose. I have a dog and I named him as Coffee.

BradKamer 4 years ago

Great ideas for canine names. I also like geographic locations.

athena2011 4 years ago

Very cool lens. I am a dog lover and have always given my dogs names based on their personalities. Gave you a squidlike.

Azuregeller 4 years ago

I know two dog names that sound good. They are two pet dogs of my boss: Joey and NaNa. They are pretty, but also very naughty. Every time their house was moved, they forget the habit of not peeing at home. Then the dog owner must train them again. He has changed 5 litter boxes for the Joey & Nana. Last week, a new litter box from an eBay store named Accessory2go was sent to home. Hope this litter box can have longer life

sherridan profile image

sherridan 4 years ago

Geat lens and some cool suggestions....sadly I do not have a dog!

jamesandirsen 4 years ago

How About For Pits!

canadaupdates1 4 years ago

Thanks for this website...

MGuberti profile image

MGuberti 4 years ago

Nice dog names! Those are good suggestions, but my dog has the perfect name, Flower

amsterdam2226 4 years ago

Hi, my name is Marc.

I don't agree with the explaining of 'Nano' as *Nano * Denotes one-billionth, as in nano-second. My (Spanish dog) is called nano because he is small, or 'little dog' translated from Spanish. Thanks for reading!

By the way, nice site!

jordanmilesbask profile image

jordanmilesbask 4 years ago

My dog's name is TyTy... Actually its short for Tyler..Love your lens!

Please come and visit my lens -

TheAverageOutdo profile image

TheAverageOutdo 4 years ago

Love it. We have a pitty named Charly.

lclchors profile image

lclchors 4 years ago

enjoyed you lens

Projectlazy profile image

Projectlazy 4 years ago

Here is a new Category for you; Gamer pet's

Naming pets after famours or favorited game charcters.

infiniti99 lm profile image

infiniti99 lm 4 years ago

My yellow lab is named Finnigann he is a 155lbs beast.Named after an irish warrior.

AlphaChic profile image

AlphaChic 4 years ago

I love the dog surfer video. The Min Pin was the cutest (but I'm not biased)!

athena2011 4 years ago

Really enjoyed your lens. I'm a major dog lover. Squidliked.

Gypzeerose profile image

Gypzeerose 4 years ago

I always use the name the dog came with as I get used dogs. :)

Rangoon House profile image

Rangoon House 4 years ago from Australia

You have some great imaginative and appropriate names on your list. I have two Australian Blue Heelers - the male is Anzac and the female is Sheila. That is about Australian as you can get I think.

georgeadri69 4 years ago

Maxi & uak are names of my dogs. hehe :)

AlokaRuwanpathi profile image

AlokaRuwanpathi 4 years ago

woof wo woof woof!! (what a great lens!!)

AlokaRuwanpathi profile image

AlokaRuwanpathi 4 years ago

woof wo woof woof!! (what a great lens!!)

Scotties-Rock profile image

Scotties-Rock 4 years ago from OREFIELD, PA

Great names here! I love picking out names for our animals. Terrific lens. Blessed!

MindPowerProofs1 profile image

MindPowerProofs1 4 years ago

Wonderful lens with great names. Thanks for sharing

RedShoesGirl profile image

RedShoesGirl 4 years ago

wow.This is a huge list,very useful for the dog owners which are lacking inspiration.My dog's name is Bella but I got her with the name so I was not the one to decide.

anc91 4 years ago

Awesome list!!!

gatornic15 profile image

gatornic15 4 years ago

I enjoyed your list. I named my min pin Gator, for the Florida Gators.

marolt 4 years ago


infiniti99 lm profile image

infiniti99 lm 4 years ago

some great names on this list.You forgot (Finnigann)

apuppyslife 4 years ago

Great list of names! Bandit is my favorite!

ruberduckzilla 4 years ago

Cool names :)

Cari Kay 11 profile image

Cari Kay 11 4 years ago

What a fun page! I loved this and loved reading the lists of names. Blessed!

Sheryl Polomka profile image

Sheryl Polomka 4 years ago

Cool Lens

My current dog is a Rhodesian Ridgeback by the name of 'Griffin'.

Our last Ridgeback was named 'Kaiba' which I got from the Yugioh character Seto Kaiba - just liked the name when I heard it.

vehiculos4x4 4 years ago

Nice names! Here you have some ideas for example Cacao for a Labrador, or Tayson for a Boxer, always I like to watch the TV to see new names that match with my new dog.

vehiculos4x4 4 years ago

Top 10 Dog names in United States:

Max, Buddy, Rocky, Bailey, Jake, Charlie, Jack, Toby, Cody, Buster

My two cents :)

If you have time visit my Len

craig robertson 1 profile image

craig robertson 1 4 years ago

Hey, like your Squidoo, we are soon to have Siberian Husky pups so any cool dog names, throw them at us...!!!!

minerva19 4 years ago

I'm glad that I read so great lens, thanks for sharing.

GRM 4 years ago

It really is so important to name your dog correctly. After all, you are going to be using that name tens of thousands of times over the next several years!

GRM 4 years ago

It really is so important to name your dog correctly. After all, you are going to be using that name tens of thousands of times over the next several years!

Aquablocks 4 years ago


jwodatch 4 years ago

Love the Surf-in Dog Names!!!! Cool... Love All Dogs,and animals.....

PaigSr profile image

PaigSr 4 years ago from State of Confussion

When growing up the neighbors couldn't keep their old english sheep dog. So our family addopted it. The dog's name was the same as my sisters. Turns out that the dog walked the same way as a polar bear in a zoo we had visited. Thus the dog was renamed -"Bear"

anonymous 4 years ago

Our sausage dog is called chewy short for chewbacca. Love him

CameronPoe profile image

CameronPoe 4 years ago

I think a good source of pet and dog names are wrestling, comic books, and sci-fi movies.

LittleDaleDogs 4 years ago

You can never really name a dog till you know its personality.

richi1973 profile image

richi1973 4 years ago

Cool lens. A good starting point, if looking for a dog name(like me...:-)



redleafloans 4 years ago

Cool lens! I love dogs..:)

purpleslug 3 years ago

My daughter and her kids and my husband and I are picking up our puppies on the 23rd and needed help with names. Thanks!

buzzet 3 years ago

love the photos :-)

MaryThereseBenn profile image

MaryThereseBenn 3 years ago

My pups name is Louis. It suits him!!

sandi_x 3 years ago

Nice lens. My question: what is the most appropriate name for Great dane

equestrianscience profile image

equestrianscience 3 years ago

wow, great lens, loved the photos too!

chadwik05 profile image

chadwik05 3 years ago

Great lens! We named our new dog Moss. It's a unique name for a dog but not too crazy.

samuelp 3 years ago

Awesome ideas for dog names! Definitely going to be using them in the future!

Aster56 profile image

Aster56 3 years ago

Great lens on dogs names.

mysweetjane lm profile image

mysweetjane lm 3 years ago

Some great names here! Two out of our three dogs were named after cartoon characters and one has a traditional human name (thinks he's human too!)

MyHollyDale 3 years ago

I'm not a religious person as it was shoved down my throat as a child but have you checked out some of the names in the bible as possible pet names. A lot of them are really cool!

Roisinee profile image

Roisinee 3 years ago

This is a great lens!! Some really good ideas :)

poorwendy lm profile image

poorwendy lm 3 years ago

I'm partial to Jericho. That's a cool name for a dog.

leibwood profile image

leibwood 3 years ago

'Dot-com' looks like a very creative name for a Dalmatian.

clayva 3 years ago

I had a friend who's dogs name was 'Askim'. It drove everyone around him nuts but my friend laughed every time he told someone his name... Askim!

ziggyzane profile image

ziggyzane 3 years ago

Great lens!

Laychee 3 years ago

I like this :) My dog's name is Gala

ziggyzane profile image

ziggyzane 3 years ago

We're getting a new dog today. I think my favorite category here is your geek names. :)

april_in_il 3 years ago

I have an 11 week old chocolate dapple dachshund and was thinking of naming her Camy. Because my husband is a hunter and she looks like camo. But I have people say that is a dumb name. I was just wondering if it actually is and what are some cute names for her.

EbooksFreeWeekl1 profile image

EbooksFreeWeekl1 3 years ago

Nice lens. A friend just got a rescue dog and she named it Anchovie. I don't know what to think about that one.

DonaSaravia 3 years ago

Hi! great lens! I also have a dog and I call it bandana because I like putting dog bandana on its neck. Some of my friends find it funny though.

audithedestroyer 3 years ago

I named my small Lhasa Apso, Bruce. People are always surprised to see a cute dog with a tough name.

nickybutler profile image

nickybutler 3 years ago

Great lens! Love the surfing dogs video :) Gave us some great inspiration for future doggy too!

hobo_crvr 3 years ago

Very entertaining. Love the surfing dogs.

ahlaj77 profile image

ahlaj77 3 years ago

Great lens! We have a bichon/poodle mix. She has apricot on her so we call her Appy!

Sfthomas 3 years ago

Quite the list of names. I shall remember some of those that I like.

anonymous 3 years ago

Some Great Dog Names!

CristianStan 3 years ago

I have to show this to my GF. We are looking to get a puppy and just the other day we we're arguing about it's name. Thanks for the ideas!

thegrowlinggour profile image

thegrowlinggour 3 years ago

Great Lens! Some awesome names. Squid-Like!

squidstorm profile image

squidstorm 3 years ago

I always give them human names btw.

Great lens!

LivingLikeCrazy 3 years ago

Human names for all four of my dogs. We try to make them fit well together, so that when we're calling them/praising them it flows.

faye durham 3 years ago

Great lens! I was surprised to see my name as a choice for a surfer dog.

Aleayah 3 years ago

I just hope that my pet name is also on the list. My dog name is Kyoshie.

amydonahue profile image

amydonahue 3 years ago

My dog is a Bernese Mountain Dog named Bear. It's a perfect name given his size :) Thanks for the name suggestions!

Odradek profile image

Odradek 3 years ago

I'd go with Oscar myself.

Dianeyp LM 3 years ago

my last dog was called Thor because he sounded like the god of thunder when he ran down the stairs at 100 pounds! It really suited him. My dog pictured is Sasha, she is a gentle soul. This is a great lens!

BibleVersesToSh profile image

BibleVersesToSh 3 years ago

I've ended up naming each of my dogs only after I got them and then choosing a name that seemed to suit them. I always had a named picked beforehand but after a couple of days decided that that name didn't fit.

MuffinPuffART 3 years ago

I always choose cute random names for my dogs, that way its more fun when my Dad takes them out for a walk and has to call them. You've never had such a good laugh then hearing a 60 year old man shouting "Muffin" across a field.

OMENA777 profile image

OMENA777 3 years ago

Love your lens

anonymous 3 years ago

Good ideas for names I might suggest to my nephew. They already havea 'Gizmo'.

pawmountain66 3 years ago

cool names

BestForTheMoneyz profile image

BestForTheMoneyz 3 years ago

great names cool lens

TeamWRWW profile image

TeamWRWW 3 years ago

Named my Chocolate Lab "Hank" Love looking at dog names since I like dogs better than people. Haha

sunny saib profile image

sunny saib 3 years ago

We have a Finnish Spitz (guy) named Brownie! :)

KillahBabe profile image

KillahBabe 3 years ago

My girl pug is named Lilu

RetroMom profile image

RetroMom 3 years ago

I love your lens! You also have great name ideas. Keep it up! Thank you for sharing!

LionElectric profile image

LionElectric 3 years ago

My dog's name is Red for his reddish color. I think you could add "Rylen" for Redneck names, and Oracle for geek names. BTW check out my lens on dogs!

JadaFuego 3 years ago

my puppy's name is KuJo. he is a mini dutchound.

PALACEOFPOOCH profile image


We like old man names, we think they especially suit pugs!! haha One of ours is called Stanley and we were going to call our second Cecil, however, he really suited Pugwash (the namge given to him before we rescued him) so we decided to stick with it. Gets a good laugh whenever we meet someone new!

anonymous 3 years ago

My dog's name is buddy, very brave, licks me on mornings and when i came home

anonymous 3 years ago

My dog's name is hachi, because of a movie.

Socmus2000 profile image

Socmus2000 3 years ago

Haha, I love the Hawaiian dog names!

anonymous 3 years ago

Great Dog Names!

kiratalley profile image

kiratalley 3 years ago

I laughed out loud at the module of "Redneck Dog Names for Blue Collar Puppies", thanks!

anonymous 3 years ago

I like your Site very Informative..Lets Be Friends

jd-lecoq profile image

jd-lecoq 3 years ago

Great stuff! Naming your dog is a very important thing. A lot of his character comes about because of his name.

I have three dogs, two black Labs, a brother and a sister, Casey and Charlie, and a Border Collie, Suzie. Their names seem to fit them well.

whats4dinner profile image

what's4dinner 3 years ago

i named mine tanet. it's kinda weird, and it has no origin, but somehow it fits! thanks a lot!

montanatravel52 profile image

montanatravel52 3 years ago

I love these ideas - I'm personally more of a cat person, but love all animals, and really think there is something important in naming pets. I had a dark tabby cat named "Maxwell" because he reminded me of coffee, a light tabby cat named "Inga" because she reminded me of a Swedish person, and a cat named "Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile" because of her vain personality. Thanks for a fun read, really enjoyed!

angelbucket profile image

angelbucket 3 years ago

Loving the names! I know a dog called Diesel, it definitely suits him!!

anonymous 3 years ago

great lens! we get a lot of compliments on our dog's name. She is a dalmatian and her name is Zola! You can see some pictures of her in a few of my lenses!

anonymous 3 years ago

Cute! Our dogs are named Nilla (like Nilla wafers cuz that's her color) and Kali because she was named Ali by rescue plus we live in California for now. Fun lens

earaja profile image

earaja 3 years ago

my dog name is orry for oreo

Planetlivechat profile image

Planetlivechat 3 years ago

woof woof

ohiopuppygirl 3 years ago

Boomer is a great name!

Chap52 3 years ago

Years ago my mother brought home an abandoned puppy. At first we didn't know what to name it but it earned the name "Puddles' in a very short while.

ninjadude 3 years ago

cool names

Stacy Birch profile image

Stacy Birch 3 years ago

My dog's name is Pirate, it fits her.

AnimalHouse 3 years ago

Those are totally cool names! Thanks for sharing this lens!

dodgecommander 3 years ago

cool names by my dog name is Rocky :)

sidds-engineer 3 years ago

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danparker lm profile image

danparker lm 3 years ago

Nice lens! My dog's name is Milo - thought it was fairly unique but 2 neighbors have called their dogs the same!

gregmansour profile image

gregmansour 3 years ago

nice lens

Freestuffer LM profile image

Freestuffer LM 3 years ago

This makes me remember Sam Walton's dog's name..Ol'roy which he turned to the Walmart brand dog food.

anonymous 3 years ago

Some fab names here. It is 40 years since we had a pup. We named him Drupi after a singer of the day but because the dog had lips that drooped at the side. Our rescue dogs since have enough to contend without a name change so we have had some strange names down the years.

xtianfriborg13 3 years ago

My dog's name is Bruce. I think his name's cool.

JaneWatson 3 years ago

I love this lens! My dog's name is John

jcalbon lm profile image

jcalbon lm 3 years ago

It can be such a challenge to choose a good name for your pooch. I can't even remember how many names I considered for mine--but it was a loooong list. Great selection here!

karimzaman 3 years ago

nice lens, i like it

mistaben 3 years ago

Cute dog names =)

rdcbizz profile image

rdcbizz 3 years ago

Had a miniature dachshund, named it "Jellybean". Perfect name for the perfect dog

xtianfriborg13 3 years ago

My dog's name is Bruce! He's so cute!

chas65 profile image

chas65 3 years ago

We named our last dog, an English bulldog, "Winston." We also love Winston Churchill who had a bulldog, but a bulldog kind of resembles Churchill.

FashionMommy 3 years ago

A lot of choices for dog names. Someone will be able to find a perfect name for their dog here.

Donallphin profile image

Donallphin 3 years ago

Great lens. It was great fun seeing all the choices out there.

jdjdomaddenesq 3 years ago


Scriobh LM profile image

Scriobh LM 3 years ago

Our family developed a weird habit of naming our dogs after food. We have a King Charles Spaniel called Donut because when she was a pup she'd run in circles, a Tibetan Terrier called B because she looks like a cow (it's Irish for cow btw), a JRT called Butters because she's kinda butter toffee colored and of course a miniature poodle called Toffee....nobody is sure why though lol

ukprowriter profile image

ukprowriter 3 years ago

Great lens. I wish I'd read it a few years earlier though before we named our pooch dunno (i dunno what to call him)!!!

JJGJJG profile image

JJGJJG 3 years ago

Lots of good choices, and a big help for my next dog, but I don't think Pervis is gonna quite do it. lol

AugieDoggy 3 years ago

My golden retrievers are named Augustus (Augie) and Tiberius (Ti) after the first and second Roman emperors. Unfortunately, the third Roman emperor was Caligula, so we'll have to skip that name with the next dog!

Kaellyn profile image

Kaellyn 3 years ago

Thanks for the info! Some of these names just make me shake my head, but some are pretty cool.

juzzviv 3 years ago

Great lens. There are some pretty cool names in there..

LynetteBell profile image

LynetteBell 3 years ago from Christchurch, New Zealand

We've had three dachshunds in our married life and not once have we chosen the name. They each had a name when they came to us. Snoopy really suited his name as he was a snoop! He was already 9 months so we left his name. On reflection we should have changed Shelley's name - after all she was very young when we got her. Jamie was also a few months old and he does suit his name. He's our current best mate!

travelerme 3 years ago

I have a pomeranian Klien Spitz that is called Fritzy, he has a nickname; Fritzy Bitzy Baby Boy.

I have a lense about him. FritzthePom

batman71 3 years ago

Looking at some of these names its sad that dogs can't pick out there own names.

leesholden profile image

leesholden 3 years ago from Derbyshire, UK

Nice lens, my friend's named her little dog 'Pippa'. I think it's pretty cute

HollieBadDog profile image

HollieBadDog 3 years ago

I love this lens!

MissKeenReviewer profile image

MissKeenReviewer 3 years ago

I named my furry friends after my favorite snackfood (mostly junk foods) like my oldest one is Milkshake, then Pringles, Oreo, Tootsie Roll, Yellow Cab just to name a few. I've got around a dozen furry friends and new ones are still unnamed. I based their names on how they look physically and from their personality.

MissKeenReviewer profile image

MissKeenReviewer 3 years ago

@batman71: Hahaha. Yeah you right.

sstock93 lm profile image

sstock93 lm 3 years ago

Skippy was always my favorite dog name. Nice Lens

bampton-23 profile image

bampton-23 3 years ago

I Have two jack's, welll one is a true blue jack the other is hairy and looks more like a bearded collie than a jack. They are brothers from the same litter and will be seven this year. They are called Bampton and Benson. I would like to post a picture of them but my computer

skills are not up to much, however I will try,

JoshuaJDavid profile image

JoshuaJDavid 3 years ago

What a great idea for a lens, when I get another dog I'll be sure to check back here

roverrecommends 3 years ago

I love some of the US names in this Lens. For some more cute dog names check out

Camp April profile image

Camp April 3 years ago

I love this idea for a Lens. It's always challenging to name our new furbabies. Our dog's name is Yankee because we are HUGE Yankees fans. :-)

UniversalCats profile image

UniversalCats 3 years ago

Another great dog name... Scotch. Sadly he died late last year. But it was a great name for a one-in-a-million dog.

chickie99 3 years ago

had a black & white cocker spaniel named lady.

loved her!

aritahime 3 years ago

I named my dog Lolly, from lollipop..

I think when I get another puppy girl one day, I will call her Poppy..

So it will be Lolly and Poppy.. hahaha..

anonymous 3 years ago

I named my my dog Hershey cuz he looks like a lil chocolate bar. This is a great list that ill be revisiting when I get my next doggie!

sbaiju profile image

sbaiju 3 years ago

What about Gertrude i love that name (it not only suts a duck but also for dogs)

anonymous 3 years ago

Tomy is the good name

thingz1 profile image

thingz1 3 years ago

Our red merle mini Australian Shepherd is named Skye after his sky-blue eyes.

pauly99 lm profile image

pauly99 lm 3 years ago

Ok. So my local vet had a dog named Ollie that I saw this weekend. Now I'm going back about 40 years but I started singing to myself... Ollie Ollie Ollie get your adverbs here. Actually the song goes Lolly Lolly Lolly get your adverbs here. Sorry, showing my age.

maumellemom 3 years ago

Pootie McPootie the Lionhearted of the Scottish Highlands. His shorter name was Simba. We had 2 AKC-registered rottweilers with long and distingushed names. Simba was a full-blooded mutt who we got as a puppy from the animal shelter. I didn't want him to have an inferiority complex, so I made some fake papers for him and dubbed him "Pootie McPootie of the Scottish Highlands", to make him feel better about himself. It apparently worked, because he spent all of his 11 years acting like he was superior to the other dogs. I miss my Pootie!

pitbulltraining 3 years ago

Wish I found this lense when i was looking for a name for my pup a few months back. Nice job anyway...

philipshawnduncan 3 years ago

I guess my new baby girl may have a slight redneck-ish name: Ally Bama, for my favorite Alabama Crimson Tide !!

tintenpatronen-blue 3 years ago

Each dog is unique, with their own personality

katlupe lm profile image

katlupe lm 3 years ago

For some reason, I already had the name for my puppy in my head, when I first went to see her. She fit her name perfectly! I just lost her 2 weeks ago at 15 years of age. Her name was Nikita Blackwolf and she was and will be my only dog that I ever owned. Her name may have come to me because we used to watch that tv show, La Femme Nikita. She was an alpha female lab wolf mix, perfect mix!

PinkstonePictures profile image

PinkstonePictures 3 years ago from Miami Beach, FL

My dog was called Bill but if I ad another dog he would be called Barney :-)

Ted Bergman profile image

Ted Bergman 3 years ago

As a dog lover and creator of dog and cat humor, I greatly enjoyed this lens. Tin Fey recently said one of her favorite dog names was, "Mr. President." - I also enjoyed your list of redneck dog names. I have a page on my website called, "You Know You're a Pick Up Truck Dog, if..."

winstonnicholls 3 years ago

I've always liked Dogs with names of historical figures (a pug named Napoleon etc..). When we got our aussi-doodle puppy last year, we named him Winston (you can see him in my lens).

RetroMom profile image

RetroMom 3 years ago

names are important too even for a dog.

DoctorMo1 profile image

DoctorMo1 3 years ago

As a dog lover, finding a good name for your dog is always a challenge. I like to check out the dogs personality first and then try to name them accordingly. Nice Lens!

davidtrust profile image

davidtrust 3 years ago

I had a dachsund named Giblet.

Now I have a mutt named Ripper.

Both great dogs!

StrongMay 3 years ago

My brother has a German Klein Spitz Pomeranian by the name of Fritz. He has a lens here on squidoo, called "Fritz the Pom". My very first dog was called "Teddy".

pinkpia 3 years ago

great ideas!

LaurenAmy LM profile image

LaurenAmy LM 3 years ago

Great list of unique names :)

Michelllle profile image

Michelllle 3 years ago

Great list!

imagelist lm profile image

imagelist lm 3 years ago

Great lens with valuable info...

theleader300c 3 years ago

My dogs name was Pugsley who was a cross between a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and a Shitsui.

He was the cutest dog and had a good nature. May Pugsley RIP!

alfacommander 3 years ago

you have created a nice lens , i like it

criysto lm profile image

criysto lm 3 years ago

Nice lens! I like all the names you've supplied. My dog's name is Sheba.

whitebob_king 3 years ago

some cool names of dogs!great.

BarbsSpot 3 years ago

Lensmaster...Great name selection...Gotta love Diesel! This is my little Border Terrier mix, Cee-Cee. Congrats on the Lens' Purple Star!

anonymous 3 years ago

Firstly, congrats on the purple star. Nice lens and nice names. We have had dogs and their names are Ringo, Bingo, Dana, Cindy, Bruno, Lassie, Wendy, White and the list is never ending.

MythYes 3 years ago

@anonymous: You've got a lot of dogs :)

Pinasheart profile image

Pinasheart 3 years ago

This is cute! My dogs names are a little strange. Like Raina and pika. Then a little normal like bubbles and rocky. lol.

BowWowBear profile image

BowWowBear 3 years ago

Some great call names here but you don't have Jarvis listed!. I had great fun helping my breeder pick out names to fit the themes for the litters she bred. Using themes like music can help a breeder remember pedigrees on the dogs she places and shows. One set of themes mine used was music from the 20's then the 30's, 40's 50' and so on. Fun trying to find names to fit the temperaments of our dogs. Thanks for sharing!

gelrunningshoes 3 years ago

Dog names are truly as unique as the dogs lens on this subject, I enjoyed it!

Swisstoons profile image

Swisstoons 3 years ago from Michigan

I am partial to the name, Jupiter...not because of the famous Disney cartoon dog, but because of what the planet represents in astrology...which I know a little about.

anonymous 3 years ago

Great lens with awesome ideas!

Arod17 profile image

Arod17 2 years ago

this is a great Lens

Meganhere profile image

Meganhere 2 years ago

What a fun lens! I voted in the poll for naming the dog according to its ethnic breed. I named my German Shepherd Elsa, which is German, and people thought I named her after the lion in Born Free!

Joy2013 LM profile image

Joy2013 LM 2 years ago

Great lens. My dos names are "Milord" and "Tera". Thanks

Chingon69 2 years ago

Petey is. Great name

nicolekato profile image

nicolekato 2 years ago

I kind of made up my dog's name. Mally? Sort of like a combination between Mary and Sally.

mantasticman profile image

mantasticman 2 years ago

Great Work On This Page! Thanks!!

GameHelp 2 years ago

These are some great dog name ideas.

Thanks for the lens!

warhistory profile image

warhistory 2 years ago

Cool names for pets. Thanks for sharing with us :)

LaptopLeader profile image

LaptopLeader 2 years ago

Some pretty cool names!

anonymous 2 years ago

We named our mini Aussi Suvi, a Finnish name meaning summer, because got her in June.

arobbertse0242 profile image

arobbertse0242 2 years ago from South Africa

We had a long coat Chihuahua and her OFFICIAL name was Chifafa Sun Fiesta. We tried with combinations of names but when they brought her in, my mom and I both jumped up - 'oh Sweet!' and her name became Sweetie!

bamfnation 2 years ago

Rufus and Cujo are our two favorites. Cool lens idea!

goldstandard lm profile image

goldstandard lm 2 years ago

My dogs name is Kesey and I think its the best dog name...but of course i am biased!! :)

katespetcorner1 profile image

katespetcorner1 2 years ago

What a great idea for a lens, I am going to pop by again when I eventually get me dog :)

katespetcorner1 profile image

katespetcorner1 2 years ago

What a great idea for a lens, love it!

fcinternetmarketing 2 years ago

Great source of information.

SusanAston profile image

SusanAston 2 years ago

Great idea for a lens. My lens is about gifts and treats for dogs - all suggestions welcome.

babynology 2 years ago

Congratulation on maintaining a great lens. My lens is about baby names, baby names meaning and Parenting discussions - all tips for baby.

socialcx1 profile image

socialcx1 2 years ago

My dogs name is Fudge. I wonder Why?

ThoughtsFromGreg profile image

ThoughtsFromGreg 2 years ago

I like this lens. How about this for a dog's name: Deeohgee. Pronounced D - O - G. ;-)

barqz2 2 years ago

I don't like to name my dogs or cats with people names...I think they all need their own, and each fit their own current dog is a chi-terrier mix, his name is Pet Peeves.....

barqz2 2 years ago

My other poodle w.papers!! Thus needed more official naming....his name...Graham Firecracker Red ......Cracker, was his official naming.....and when he passed he was replaced by another red poodle girl, named her.....Frisket ( after Frisket who was a cartoon animation of a dog in a kids show called Reboot)

barqz2 2 years ago

Had a crazy Jack Russell Terrier he was a great dog....lived to be thirteen....when first got him his name was Jigsaw? Which was just not a fit!....changed him to Zigzag...Zigster, Ziggy, or, best, boy!!!

adriveco profile image

adriveco 2 years ago

Last week, I had a follower of one of my post, comment on their dog's name - "I HAVE A DOG NAMED DIXIE BUT WE CALL HER DIGGER, GUESS WHY?"

kaseyrivenburgh profile image

kaseyrivenburgh 2 years ago

Worth visiting this lens.

kaseyrivenburgh profile image

kaseyrivenburgh 2 years ago

Worth visiting this lens.

ScentsWithBling 2 years ago

I have 6 dogs. 4 are shih tzus named Olivia, Sophia, Grace and Tia. One is a shih poo named Tucker and my Lab/Golden is named Linus. Thanks for a great lens. I love reading about what people name their dogs!

OILDALE1 2 years ago

great lense.Picking a name for your pet can be hard.

SamanthaHaupt 2 years ago

Great suggestions! My dog's name is Amy - she's a little white Bichon Frise.

Stephanie36 profile image

Stephanie36 2 years ago from Canada

Wow, so many ways to decide! My dogs growing up were Barney and Daisy. I was too young at the time to have much input on names, though I do remember wanting to give Barney the middle name of "Water." My parents misheard me and his middle name became "Walter."

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