Chug Hybrid Dogs (Pugawawa, Pugwawa, Pughuahua)

Physical Description

The Chug, also known as the Pugwawa or Pughuahua, is a compact, muscular small hybrid dog, very similar in build to the Pug and Chihuahua. Most Chugs will grow to reach a mature size of about up to about 12 inches with a weight of approximately 20 pounds. Like the two parent breeds the Pugawawa tends to have a shorter muzzle, slightly pronounced, round eyes and medium length ears that fold over at the tip.

Since the Chihuahua can be either short or long coated, this canine hybrid can have the very thick, short dense hair more typically of the Pug or the slightly longer, silkier hair of the long haired Chihuahua.

Colors vary from black and tan to fawn and black, brown, tan or cream colors. White markings are often seen on the chest, feet and face. The tail can be carried very high in a tight curl or in a gentler arch across the back. This variation in coat is one of the reasons this canine hybrid is gaining rapidly in popularity.

Chug Hybrid Dog

(c) Laura Stolpman
(c) Laura Stolpman


The Pugwawa is a very outgoing dog with a real zest for life and fun. They enjoy being in the center of the family and need lots of attention and interaction to really thrive. Well socialized Chugs are outgoing with all types of animals and new people and are great companion pets. Like many hybrid breeds it is known to be great with children and is not as prone to being nervous and anxious as the parent Chihuahua breed.

As a companion breed the Chug is an ideal dog for inside as he or she will self-exercise and stay active in the house. They do, however, love to get out and run and play so need daily activity to keep healthy and happy. The Chug is typically easy to train and highly intelligent. They also have a very expressive face and are almost human in their expressions.

Grooming and General Care

Depending on the type of coat that the Pughuahua has he or she will require slightly different grooming. In most cases a stiff bristle brush followed by a slicker brush is all that is needed. The eyes need to be carefully cleaned with a warm, damp cloth and closely monitored for any signs of irritation or tearing that can signal debris in the eyes. This is very typical of any breed with the pronounced eyes as seen on the Chug.

They are normally very fit dogs and have an average lifespan of about twelve to fifteen years. As with any short muzzled dog types they are prone to snoring and respiratory problems in hot weather and need to be carefully monitored in the summer months.

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Comments 20 comments

katie 7 years ago

hi.can you please help me!!!I live in east london and relly whant a chug puppy but cant find 1 anywhere. do you no anywhere in east london i can get 1 from.


Julie-Ann Amos profile image

Julie-Ann Amos 7 years ago from Gloucestershire, UK Author

Sorry I don't! All you can do is search online and maybe put an ad online yourself.

Debbie 7 years ago


I bought a Chug about 4 weeks ago. Look on the internet for Pugs for sale and you will find crossbreeds such a chugs.

Hope this helps. I live in surrey and there were quite a few on the Internet.

Craig 7 years ago

We got our Chug from the Pound in Napa Ca. we thought he was a chihuahua at first then when he grew up he changed into an adorable chug. He's got a great personality and he's smart and lots of fun. I have always had good luck at the pound! 7 years ago

i need to now about how to to take care of them place let me now how to we can not fine info on them

Melifer 7 years ago

I found mine at the pound!! Try to Adopted if can!

Helona 6 years ago

I love my chug Chloe so much! She's a really well behaved dog and extremely smart. Im convinced that this breed it one of the best because it took all the good qualities of both the pug and a chihuahua

:) 6 years ago

I have the most loving chug puppy ever!!!!! I adopted mine when he was 8 weeks old from a shelter

lois Brinker 6 years ago

I live in Florida and would like to find a chug i have searched the internet. with no luck. can you help me we would be willing to drive anywere in Fl or Gorgia to pick her or him up, lois brinker email or phone 0414757385

Mumageckle 6 years ago


To all the people who have found them in a shelter do you live in Ameriva or England?

xxx 6 years ago

weve got a chug he a little monkey an opsention with feet and shoes i llove him xxxxxxxxxx

Nicky and edd 6 years ago

We have a new chug pup she is amazing and really clever we will breed her in 2 years as chugs really taking off in England now

Harmoney bettencourt 6 years ago

I have a 2yr old chug he is my love! He is just like one of my kids. He lookes like a cow w/the black and white markings and he is more chiuaua than pug he's only 7lbs. I can't go anywhere w/o ppl stoppin me. I live in utah and know a lot of ppl who breed them here.

Jennifer 6 years ago

I purchased a male fawn Pugwawa two years ago as a puppy and he is the best darn dog i have ever had! He's about 11lbs. He loves dogs of all sizes,people and kids. He gets cold easily. Loves to cuddle. But he does get aggressive t words fast moving objects. IE; runners and wheels

He has a great personality and very animated. Mot a mean bone in his body. Not much of a barker except to defend territory.

StewienDexter 6 years ago

I got my two Chugs at the pound!!! Several years apart even. They are amazing dogs, they are lovers and jokers. I found that if you search pugs on petfinders you will be amazed how many Chugs you can find at the pound! Do a good deed and rescue a shelter dog.

Jane 5 years ago

I own a pughuahua named Hubble he has such a cute personalty. He has a body of a chihuahua and the tail,fur and markings of a pug and he's always looking for food, loves to play tug a war with us.I take him to work with me everyday.I also own a chow/Golden mix named Kaiser and they are best friends

Ande 5 years ago

I got a chug puppy the other day and she is amazing! I love her, this really helped me learn more about her

sandra 5 years ago

I am so happy to realize my "chihuahua" is not overweight and lazy--she is a Chug! It makes me feel so much better. My daughter bought her from a breeder who claimed she was pure chihuahua but my daughter never saw the father or pix of him. As she continued to get larger we noticed she had some "pug" like features but had never heard of "Chugs." We have always loved her but now don't have to worry that she is overweight for a chihuahua but is instead underweight for an adult Chug!

Dedie 5 years ago

I have a Chug named Chloe that I rescued 2 years ago and she is the best dog I've ever had or seen! We are stopped anywhere I take her with people wanting to know what kind of dog she is and they always tell us that she is so cute. She makes me laugh because of all of her expressions. She is amazing!

Amber 4 years ago

Adopted my chug at 8u wks old .. he's a long haired chug and is absolutely adorable .. very loving and is most comfortable with both myself and my husband ..he's smart and funny ..extremely playful ..loves being the center of attention .. we love him and recommend his breed to anyone .. :)

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