Cornish Rock Chickens

There are many breeds and types of chickens in the world today. They vary from different sizes, weights, appearances and characteristics. There are chickens used for exhibits, cockfights, and backyard poultry growing while others take them in as pets. Chickens are quite lovable just like any other domesticated animal. They are also very useful due to their eggs and chicken meats. You may already have read or heard about the other breeds of chicken. Today, you'll get to meet one more breed, the Cornish rock chicken

Cornish rock chickens are also called Rock Cornish hen, Cornish hen, or Rock Cornish. This breed is a cross between the Cornish game and the White Rock chicken breeds. It's among the finest quality of broiler chickens. They are domestic breeds and are not used as game birds. Its funny how they're collectively termed "hens" even when they are not all-female, there are male Cornish rock chickens as well. They are highly saleable because of their ready-to-cook weight which ranges from 2 to 2.5 pounds achievable in just a short span of time. Although they are still considered young and not fully formed at the age of not more than 5 weeks, Cornish rock chickens can be cooked at the age of 4 to 6 weeks.

Cornish rock chickens came from Cornwall, England with the name Indian Game. They are chubby with bulky breasts, large thighs and close fitting barbs. This chicken breed is loud and active, winter hardy and can be fertile and broody. They come in different colors and color combinations such as white, white red, buff, mottled, spangled, silver laced, dark brown, dark blue with green backgrounds and highlights, light colors with light backgrounds and highlights among others. Their comb, wattles and earlobes are bright red. Male Cornish chickens can grow to a heavy weight of 7.5 lbs while the females can reach a hefty 6-pound weight. Cornish rock chickens consume more feeds than other breeds. This is attributable to their rapid growth in size and weight. Owners may give them protein starter rations, protein grower rations and vitamin supplements to properly grow and get them ready for commercial use. Their meats are deliciously yellow in color which is great for roasting and baking. They also produce an approximate amount of 50 brown-colored scrumptious eggs per year. In conclusion, this breed is primarily used for commercial broiler production.

However, there are owners of this breed who want to care and pet them. Unfortunately, they may not last a long time. They are developed to grow fat and big so keeping them longer than 12 weeks to a number of months may get them sick as a result from being overweight and obese. Since they are intended for commercial broiler production they're meat when harvested at a young age are juicy, soft and succulent. There are many mouth-watering recipes, meals and cuisines which were specifically made for the breed of Cornish rock chickens. Birds and chickens are so delectable that you can easily locate stores and distributors for all your chicken needs. has a large variety of fertile chicken eggs of different breeds, duck eggs, guinea eggs, bantam eggs and chicken egg incubators. We are a one stop shop for all of your backyard chicken needs.

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