How to Stop My Dog Barking at Night

Bark collars can stop barking in as little two days
Bark collars can stop barking in as little two days

And have a better relationship with my dog!

"How to stop my dog barking at night" Is a question we are frequently asked. Many people often suffer from interrupted sleep because their dog keeps barking through the small hours.

Obviously you don't want to keep running down the stairs and wagging your finger at your pet while you tell them to stop barking. The problem is they don't understand you and so start barking again as soon as you have got back in to bed!

In our experience, the best way to stop a dog barking at night is to use a bark control collar. There are lots of different anti-bark collars around, such as citronella sprays, ultrasonic units but we have found the most successful collars at stopping a dog's bark are the static shock bark control collars.

They are so good they often stop excessive barking within a few days, or nights, of wearing it. You put the collar on your dog when you go to bed and take it off in the morning; it's as simple as that. By the way, beware of cheap collars. The market is being flooded by these imports which are very poorly made and not very reliable at stopping a dogbarking. Plus, if it doesn't work you often have difficulty getting an exchange or a refund.

The cheaper models are also known to have a hair trigger so any external noise or when another dog barks, can set it off and so punishing your dog unjustly and confusing him.

An alternative to a bark control collar is a bark free ultrasonic unit. These would sit on a table or be fixed to a wall so when a dog barked, the unit would detect it with its in-built microphone and then emit an ultrasonic sound which pets do not like. It is not as good as a static shock collar at stopping a dog's bark but they do work for many breeds. We have had some breeders tell us that it is not that good for stubborn dogs but seems to work well for many other dogs. Plus it won't work if your dog is hard of hearing.

Again the main problem with this type of unit is that a loud noise or another's dog bark can set it off and so punishing your pet undeservedly. The upside is that some have a manual button which you can use to stop other unwanted behaviours, like digging a hole in the garden or tugging on the lead.

Remember when considering any anti-bark device, it is always a good idea to go for a well known brand from a reputable seller. You tend to get better instructions, tips and advice and should anything go wrong you get good service and support.

So now you know what to do, instead of getting stressed out wondering "How-to stop my dog barking at night", you can enjoy a quiet and peaceful night's sleep.

Example of a Quality Bark Control Collar
Example of a Quality Bark Control Collar

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Comments 58 comments

Kaitlin 7 years ago

I have tried this in the past and she barks right through the collar! any other tips?

Trisha 7 years ago


BareEssentials profile image

BareEssentials 7 years ago

Hi Trisha,

Your comments suggest you have no experience with quality bark collars like the collars PetSafe supply. There are a range of different collars such as spray, ultrasonic and shock. The PetSafe deluxe bark collar has proven to be the best in terms of effectiveness and reliability.

It is not true to say your dog won't ever want to be by you again and the vast majority of dog owners tended to buy bark collars as a last resort because they do not know how to stop their dogs from barking which can carry a £2000 fine for the dog owner and even worse can lead to the dog being put down.

Therefore, if you are going to leave a comment please either speak from experience or say something which adds to the debate.

mdobo profile image

mdobo 6 years ago from Devon Author

I would suggest a better quality bark collar. I would recommend the PetSafe Deluxe model, as I have never not known this to work.

Andie 6 years ago

I agree. Trisha, the dog does not know that it's you shocking him. I had the same barking problem with my dog and bought her the ultrasonic collar. I take it off during the day and put it on at night after our walk. She just thinks I'm putting her walking harness on so she has no idea that I'm the one that's causing the noise. However, she has started to ignore the noise so I may move on to the shock. It's true that it may seem like torture, but the dog will eventually learn what is causing the shock and stop barking.

Daniel 6 years ago

Put the collor round your neck.yeah and smacking kid works but should we do that? this website should be shut down!!!!!

Marcie 6 years ago

yes daniel well you should put a shock collar on yourself you ignorant SOB

labrador 6 years ago

hi, i had the same problem with my puppy. wouldn't stop barking. What i did was put brick at the entrance of his kennel during the night, so he couldn't get out and chase,fly's, moths and play around. Don't forget to let him out in the morning though, or else he'll make a mess

LaToya B. 6 years ago

I have not tried this method but this just sounds CRUEL !!? This sounds like it hurts, you should just beat you dog if you're going to SHOCK IT ?? Any one else have any other ideas?

Kristle yik 6 years ago

Great post! Seems like the attention thing is 100% true and most people whose dogs bark all night long are neglected. I don’t think people like these should own dogs.

Thanks for the information, it may prove invaluable in sleepless nights trying to get this little dog quiet.

Kristle yik 6 years ago

Great post! Seems like the attention thing is 100% true and most people whose dogs bark all night long are neglected. I don’t think people like these should own dogs.

Thanks for the information, it may prove invaluable in sleepless nights trying to get this little dog quiet.

naomh dde7 6 years ago

thanks for the advice thing us should wise up it will teach the dog NOT to bark at night and it well understand not to do it if it is teach by the shock collar .i think it is a good idea for a short time but it would be very sore on the dog if u keep it on all the time

Loren 5 years ago

The only time you put a shock collar on your dog its cause you cant handle your dog maybe you shouldn't have one then

seeds 5 years ago

i think the collar is worth a try. my dog barks at night. he is not neglected. i am sure that he would rather the collar around his neck than my foot rammed down his throat, im sick of dragging myself around tired through the lack of sleep!

u r crul 5 years ago

this is CRUEL and the noise will WAKE U UP anyway and it gives ur dog a SHOCK.its the CRUELEST thing there any OTHER INVENTIONS THAT wont hurt or annoy ur best dog.

u r crul 5 years ago

and wont harm it

u r crul 5 years ago

this can kill your loved little or big friend and here is how.

the shock collar will shock the dog and it wont know whats going on and it will keep on barking because it gets hurt and it will shock them till they die and when it dreams it will make a noise and the collar will wake them up and keep shocking them.its soooooooooooooooooooooo cruel

u r crul 5 years ago

this can kill your little or big friend.u know what i mean. here is how,it will bark and get shocked and it wont know what's going on and it will cry and keep getting shocked 'till it dies,another reason is when its dreaming it will make a noise and it will get shocked and it will wake up and wont be able to sleep.its the cruelest thing ever!with the noise one, well, u don't know anything about dogs.they can smell 10 times more than us,it can HEAR 30 TIMES MORE THEN will do the same thing with the shock collar but it will make it DEATH (as in cant hear anymore)!i agree with,whatever countrie made this basicly wants to kill dogs and would rather go through a funalweb and redback spiders web and die just to get $100,000,000 (2,000,000,000 pounds).how about something that wont harm or kill them.whoever read this don't comment that it is not cruel.then your stupid for getting this stupid collar.if you want this you hate dogs so much you want to kill our countrie (Australia)we don't get fines for dogs barking at night.whoever doesn't want to get a fine for dogs barking at night,come to Australia!seriously its sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

u r crul 5 years ago

this harms and kills dogs its stupid.

emmabemma 5 years ago

sorry about the u r cruel kid he is my brother and he is only 8 he has no idea what he is taking about but i agree that it is cruel to shock a dog and scare them it may be painful and could be sending harmful waves to the dogs brain wich may result in brain tumas.

u r crul 5 years ago

oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i ssssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooo agree with emmabemma.brain tumas in a dogs brain??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(just in a voice of someone questening) ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ddddddddddddddddddddddddoooooooooooooooooooggggggggggg backwards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

u r crul 5 years ago

this is really cruel,she used her hand as a shock collar and i was pretending to be a dog with the collar on,it was painful as someone getting punched and fell over on your back and your getting shaked fastly,really more painful for a small or medium size dog.i have a small dog and im never getting one (even tho it doesnt bark at night,im just telling people to not get this stupid collar)seriously i dont want you to harm your loved dog.please dont get this collar

u r crul 5 years ago

this is really cruel,she used her hand as a shock collar and i was pretending to be a dog with the collar on,it was painful as someone getting punched and fell over on your back and your getting shaked fastly,really more painful for a small or medium size dog.i have a small dog and im never getting one (even tho it doesn't bark at night,im just telling people to not get this stupid collar)seriously i don't want you to harm your loved dog.please don't get this collar

u r crul 5 years ago

anyway small and medium size dogs are more delicate.imagine being a small dog with the shock or noise that will be sssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooo ppppppppaaaaaaaaiiiiiinnnnnnnffffffuuuuuuulllll

u r crul 5 years ago

the dog in the picture looks happy but its not,its one of the top 25 dogs i have ever seen

u r crul 5 years ago

i mean its one of the top 25 saddest dogs i have ever seen

u r crul 5 years ago

lol i made a mestake

u r crul 5 years ago

lol happened again

u r crul 5 years ago

its my 23rd

seeds 5 years ago

This site is getting out of control! Calm down everyone.I did not use the collar on my dog. After close investigation, i discovered that my dog had a flea. once the flea was removed, he stopped barking at night. there is, i found out, a collar that releases a smell that dogs dislike, every time it barks. far kinder.but not necessary in my case.

Jackie 5 years ago

Hi, I rescued my dog from a shelter, so I didn't get her trained. She is the best dog in the world, but she has serious issues with other dogs and also barks all night. I don't know what to do. She has been going for training every Saturday since I got her (7 months now) and nothing changes. I got a note from my neighbours complaining about her barking.

I think I will start with the smell collar and hope it works, but at this rate, if she doesn't improve soon, the neighbours are going to end up making me send her back to the shelter where they put down dogs. I wish I had a solution, we all do, otherwise we wouldn't be on the internet searching for one. This is my last resort, hopefully it will rescue her life, I couldn't imagine mine without her.

Suhail and my dog profile image

Suhail and my dog 5 years ago from Mississauga, ON

This is very informative article and will come in handy as I am one week away from getting our second puppy for the family.

baboom 5 years ago

this "u r crul" kid seriously knows nothing about dogs i see

seeds 5 years ago

I agree! In fact this kid is just annoying and needs to place the shock collar around his own neck. Every time he opens his mouth he will get a "buzz" from his own "crap".

this is mean 5 years ago

train ur dogs, don't shock them -____-

canmoore 5 years ago

We got a dog collar, and our dog would scratch at it with his back paws until the electrodes were on the side of his neck, so that he could bark and never get the correction! In my opinion bark collars are useless.

seeds 4 years ago

Merry Christmas everyone and lets hope that our dogs don't bark.

4 years ago

Absolute cruelty. I'd like to see you get shocked for making a bit of noise.

seeds 4 years ago

Get real! by the time people are considering the collar, they are at their wits end. It's not a little bit of noise. It is ongoing to the point that neighbours complain and councils are threatening to distroy the dog. People that love their dogs would only do it to save their sanity or to save the dogs life!

Rachael 4 years ago

My dog is a much loved dog, deffo not neglected, she barks day and night and the slightest sounds .. I have tried ultrasonic and shock collar but it didn't work. what now?

seeds 4 years ago

Sorry to hear of the trouble you are having. I recently found out about a collar that releases a smell every time the dog barks. It is really offensive to the dog but it is a totally natural product so it can't harm the dog. Apparently your local council may be able to advise you of where you can get it. Good luck!

DJ Laki 4 years ago

Sorry. Abusing an animal for barking is wrong. I admit. It is annoying. But do you smack your kid or hook a battery to his neck to stop him crying? No. There are other ways. Example leave the room for 5 mins if he barks then no treat. If he doesn't then he gets a treat. Just repeat it. I'm 18. And I just thought of that idea. Causing no harm. I understand dogs need discipline but shocking a dog while it's obv. In stress is no way to go about it. Set a positive energy(smile, positive facial expressions). Just. Be. Nice. Did you get smacked across the head when you were a baby for ripping a important piece of paper. No. You smiled and said "no no".

seeds 4 years ago

In a perfect world this hairy fairy crap works. We are talking about those dogs where nothing works. Smile all you want, it makes no difference. Why assume that the collar is the easy way out. I am sure that we all love our dogs as much as anyone else. Nobody wants to harm their animals. There are, sadly, dogs that just like to bark at anything, including the moon.

Biff2100 4 years ago

Can someone please help!!!

We have an 9 month old Lhasa Apso. When we first got him, he was fine no problems at all. When speaking to the vet he advised us to house train the dog by using a cage as the dog wouldn’t mess in his bed. I have to say this worked great. We got the biggest cage on the market (As I didn’t want to restrict his movement to much) and he was house trained in no time. He stayed in his cage at night and slept right the way though no problem. Given his good behaviour. We started to leave the door open, and again no problem. So about 3 months back we removed the cage and just left his bed in its place. Now at 1st we didn’t see any problems for about 2-3 weeks but then he started to chew the doors in the room he sleeps! This then turned into him becoming really stressed when we got up and he was still chewing but also very wet around the month. (Like he was stressed). At this point we tried the sprays to try and stop him chewing but this didn’t work and he was becoming more stressed. So we were advised to put him back into his cage but as soon as we did this he started barking ALL through the night. We worked with this for 2 weeks during this time I tried all types of methods from spraying him with water to not going in the room at all and shacking a tin of coins when he barked. So in the end we gave in and let him back of his cage at night however the barking & chewing has continued!!!! So 2 weeks back we got him a thunder coat hoping this would work and at the same time we started to put him back in the cage. This hasn’t worked ????? on Monday this week through the reluctant advise of others I gave in and got a petsafe anti-static bark collar. Today is Thursday, so for 4 nights he has gone to bed with his thunder coat on and his new collar. None of this has worked, he’s is still barking all through the night. Can someone please help this very sleepy family? I have advise my family that if we can’t fix this problem by the end of next week we will have to give him away as we can’t continue in this manner?

Once again any help would be grateful.

seeds 4 years ago

My friend had a similar problem. She went to the vet who told her that her dog was suffering anxiety. Apparently, dogs are like humans and also suffer separation anxiety. I would make sure that your dog has lots of quiet, comfort toys,eg. stuffed animals. Also, go to the vet and ask about anti-anxiety medication. Take the collar off him straight away, it won't work for this problem.good luck!

Fourbayou 4 years ago

People get a grip. All of you people talking about this being cruel, do you have experience raising dogs or using shock collars? The shock is not that strong and it is not a continuous shock it's like brief little zaps. We raise hunting dogs and they bark at everything at night and they are loud so by putting a bark collar on them only at night it trains them not to bark constantly at night and after a few nights you don't even have to put the collar on them anymore. It's not cruel and people that use them don't use them because they can't handle their dogs it's a way to train and condition the animals behavior. What would be cruel would be having to put the animal down because of neighbors constantly making complaints about the barking. Do your research and read up on things before jump on the animal cruelty bandwagon just to hear yourself talk. I love my dogs and they are treated very well, using a bark collar for a couple of nights is better than losing my dogs.

seeds 4 years ago

Thank goodness. I thought that I was the only one that felt this way. Good to see someone else with some common sense. This has been my point of view too.

MB 4 years ago

Every neighborhood or even street has a "problem house", and my fiancé and I live directly next door to it. What should be noted is that I am very close with a handful of the executive staff at the company the male works for, and have always concealed my reservations when asked of him. I need them to be respectful neighbors.

The couples two mixed breed dogs have quite the bark and generally disturb the neighborhood day in and day out. First, we approached the male verbally on three separate occassions, nearly months apart. Two years later, and now yelling at the dogs ourselves to "shut up" with a few neighbors that have joined in, nothing has changed. Because of their neglect and lack of consideration for the neighborhood, MOST of the neighbors are "disgusted and tired".

So, we are all noting the disruptive barking and if nothing changes in the next two months, we are ALL filing a complaint. Perhaps then, the couple will finally see that MOST of the neighborhood feels as we do, if not worse in some instances.

What's a shame is that this couples home (which was passed throughout the family) and family reputation have been nearly destroyed because of their third-rate fraternity like social lifestyle, poor care of their lawn, and of course the incessant dog barking.

Debbie 4 years ago

This is a horrible idea, by considering it you don't even deserve to own a dog. It is inhumane and I pity the excuses of those who claim it is helpful. Torture as punishment has never worked, and if it does it's called 'submission' which is the opposite of how you should train a puppy. Just like's just sport right? Well...let's put everybody who believes so, in an arena and have them fight for their this really what society has come to? We're supposed to be evolving creatures, not beings using torture and punishment as learning methods. This is stupid and I hope all of you who consider the bark collar as a viable solution get tortured every time you do something someone else considers annoying.

Trudels 4 years ago

My dog is barking at night because we recently moved next to a large wild park. which I thought was going to be great for my dogs. Well coyotes are out there everynight, and my dogs go nuts, barking and howling, my neighbors must hate us. People don't realize that its not so easy to stop a dog( or "train" a dog) to stop barking. Never had a problem till we moved. I may have to try these collars, right now I am hiding from my neighbors.

Nance 4 years ago

Ive found that our dog was afraid of the dark. I just leave a nightlight by his crate :)

Robin 4 years ago

Tried leaving the light on and the TV... Nothing works... We spray him with a water spray bottle and spank him but nothing works... We have tried the bark off thingy and that didn't work.... I have been just staying up with him after he barks for the 3rd time and when he starts to go to sleep I spray him with the water bottle and don't let him sleep, maybe seeing what it is like to be woke up just when he gets comfortable... HELP.....

seeds 4 years ago

Debbie, you are an idiot! Comparing the use of a stop bark collar with bullfighting is utterly rediculous. Put me in an arena with you and we can fight it out. The only person here who has stopped evolving is you. You seem to still have the brain of a single celled amoeba!

wilroth 4 years ago

I have been a dog owner some 14 years ago but after learning that dogs can cause dreadful disease I warded off having pets at home.

I found this forum because a dog from my new neighbor wake me up too early in the morning and I have read comments from dog owners who had problems with the barking of their dog. Dog owners who are looking for solutions cares for their neighbor but other dog owners does not care if their pets cause disturbance to their neighbors.

I stopped the barking of my neighbor’s dog by making a loud “psssst” sound. Sound crazy but I do that also to my dogs before and they stop barking. I think dogs treat it as a sign of warning so they stop barking. The problem is I am already awaken and could go back to sleep again. This however is not effective to all dogs.

I also had a friend who is annoyed by the barking of his dog. He stops the barking of his dog by putting a rubber band around the mouth of his dog. Every time his dog excessively barks he place one rubber band in his dog’s mouth to silence him. That is very effective but I don’t know if it will work in bigger dogs. If rubber band does not work then buy a muzzle and put it in your dog’s mouth every time they bark excessively.

I think by making a loud “psssst” sound will warn your dog to keep silent. And by placing a rubber band or muzzle in his mouth every time they bark excessively will make them remember that the “psssst” sound is a signal for them to keep silent.

seeds 4 years ago

Please don't put elastic bands around your dogs mouth. A muzzel is safe as the dog can still open its mouth and it does not restrict bloodflow. If you use an elastic band the dog cannot open its mouth. If the dog needs to vomit, as they often do, it will be unable to expel the vomit and will aspirate it into the lungs. Your pet will probably die. This really is cruel.

NZ government society. 3 years ago

A shock collar. really!? this is animal abuse. seriously, get real! it says that the dog can't understand us which is true but why harm them!? this is completely cruel and if you do this you should be jailed. this is fucking stupid website. your influencing people to harm their pets. this is totally wrong and I'm reporting this website. just so you know, I'm the prime minister of New Zealand- John Key. so i can report this website and get it shut down. Too cruel.

Dog Collars Australia 2 years ago

I read your blos. Thanks for this information.

Manfred 22 months ago

I had a german shepherd, she was a barker, I got a shock collar it worked.

Later on I build a dummy (3 inch x 3/4 pipe) it worked just fine.

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