What is a Dog Behaviorist?

Dave and Shelly, Behaving in St. Louis

Dave and Shelly
Dave and Shelly

Bad Dog

What Is A Dog Behaviorist?

There were the two questions I needed answers for when I started looking around online.

When I came across an e-book called Secrets to Dog Training, these two questions were answered before I even had a chance to ask them.

1) What is a Dog Behaviorist?


2) How can a Dog Behaviorist help get my unruly Rottweiler under control?

Daniel, the guy who wrote the book, answered both of those questions and quite a few more for me.

I went from having a hopeless dog that was always jumping and barking and never listened, to gaining the quality pet and friend I had always hoped to have.

An Online Dog Trainer Helped Me Get My Dog Back

A dog behaviorist helped me get my aggressive dog’s behavior under control.

It wasn’t easy and Dan told me that up front.

Training A Dog Is Not An Overnight Thing

He said this was no magic potion and that I was going to have to be part of my dogs training, a big part, but it really wasn’t that hard either.

When I finally committed to making time to do what was suggested, the positive results of the training made the next step almost something we would look forward to (we being me and my dog).

The Secrets to Dog Training helped me with the disobedience and jumping and basic walking skills but I won’t lie, her barking did not change a bit with the suggestions Dan had.

She Still Wouldn't Stop Barking

I had to go a different route to get her barking at night under control.

I found a remarkable little device called the Dog Silencer Pro while I was looking for the dog training tips and that was what finally got Shelly’s nuisance barking under control.

The Dog Silencer Pro

What I Did To Get My Dog To Behave

Shelly is my Rottweiler and she is kind of a moron.

It's probably not all her fault as I am the one she learned most of her stuff from any way.

We've been together since we were both pups and I love her to death but neither one of us were very good at following directions.

It's been said that sooner or later, everybody has to grow up and that is what happened with me, but I still had a moron for a dog and she had no reason to grow up so she kept doing what she always did.

Jumping was a big one for her.

My Dog Had A Jumping Problem

It didn't help that for 4 yrs straight, every Friday when I got home from the road I would drop everything and let her jump all over me.

She is a big 70lb Rott and I'm a big (insert number here)lb boy so... no harm, no foul.

While I was away, working on the road, I had a guy in the duplex I lived in take care of her through the week and I corrupted her on the weekends when I came home.

My Life Changed Dramatically One Day

While I was gone it was Shelly's yard and Shelly's house and Shelly did pretty much whatever she felt like doing (within reason) but my life changed dramatically when I met Monica and her two kids.

Shelly's crazy ways had to change pretty quick, especially the big one... jumping!

So, in a nutshell:

  • I met a girl, I liked the girl.
  • Girl has kids, dog jumps on kids.
  • I want girl and kids to stay, need dog to stop jumping.

My problem was that I had an older dog and I was trying to teach her new tricks and I am NOT a dog trainer.

Let me repeat that, I am NOT a dog trainer... or so I thought.

This is what I did.


Let Me Tell Ya Somethin'

I Did A Few Things Right

Somewhere along the line I picked up a little consistency and applied it to taking my pup outside every hour or so to do her duty and it really paid off.

Believe it or not, Mr. Irresponsibility here managed to potty train (or house break or whatever it's called for dogs) my puppy with little or no incident and very few threats of death.

I stepped in a few wet spots every now and then but I don't think she ever crapped in the house.

Any way, the barking would drive me nuts so I got one of those Sonic Barks Away things that squeaks when the dog barks and that shut her up pretty quick.

It was a Dog Silencer Pro.

The box said it would work on the neighbors dog too, but that stupid boxer next door must have needed to bark in order to breathe cause it barked constantly, all day and night long.

Well, maybe not all night.

Doug used to take him in every night and I didn't hear barking from inside.

Maybe he had an O2 bottle in there for his dog, who knows.

Let Me Know How You Got Your Dog To Obey

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