Doghouse Plans - Building your Pups Palace

Are you in the dog house because fido has no place to sleep? Finding the right doghouse plans can save you a lot of time, money and headaches.

Have you ever noticed how things can snowball? The kids had been after my wife and i to get a dog for several months. Sweetie (my wife) and I had discussed it. We talked to our kids about all of the new responsibilities they would be taking on and so, unable to blunt the kids enthusiasm we took the plunge. We got a chocolate lab which was just past puppy hood and needed a new home. He was an outside dog which fit in great with our lifestyle and fenced back yard. Now the only thing I needed was a dog house...

A Good Set of Doghouse Plans can save the Day!

Building your pup a home is not as easy as it sounds. I know I didn't give it much thought initially. Heck, how hard could it be? Just throw a few boards together, shingle the roof and your done, right?

Well, not quite. The doghouse needs to be built to fit the breed of dog. Big enough to be comfortable yet small enough to help retain body heat in the winter. Oh and don't forget vents for the summer months. And thats just for starters. There's far more aspects to be considered and planned for than I really wanted to tackle. What I needed was a set of doghouse plans, well thought out and complete with materials list and project notes so that I wouldn't have to guess at anything. I have this thing about getting things right the first time. I hate starting over!

Having a good set of plans before I started building would have saved me several trips to the lumber and hardware store. Who knew you needed to use a particular type of wood to keep your dog from getting sick! Just think of all the gas and time I could have saved, not to mention the vet bill to figure out what was wrong with the dog.

Plans save time and money. They are easier to tweak to fit your own situation rather than coming up with your own from scratch and completing your weekend project in one weekend is priceless.

Are you making these same mistakes with your home projects? Finding honey do's help is easy when you know were to look. Get good doghouse plans ahead of time and your life will be so much easier.


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