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Dog Breeds that are Playful: Overview

Choosing a dog to take home from an animal Shelter or a Pet Shop can be a challenge especially for people who are first time dog owners. It may be necessary that you research on the dog breeds that will suit your lifestyle. Suppose you have children; you should get dog breeds that are good with kids. If you live in an apartment and animals are not allowed getting a dog breed suitable for an apartment is inevitable. Dogs can display diverse temperament ranging from very aggressive breeds to calm children friendly and playful dog breeds. The latter make wonderful family pets and is the preferential pet choice to many new dog owners.

Why Adopt Playful Dogs for Pets

Playful dog breeds make wonderful pets for families with kids. If you have kids and want a dog for your kids, the least you should consider is any dog breed that has aggressive behaviors or has the predisposition to development of behaviors. Although you can use the various tactful techniques to control dog aggression towards children, other dogs, Cats and strangers, selecting one of the clam and playful dog breeds is the best option.

The Playful Dogs Breeds Suitable for Children and your Family

The following dog breeds are known to be playful and the best suited for kids.

Labrador Retriever

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No 1: Labrador Retriever

This is the most wonderful dog breed that I have known to be good with kids. This dog has a very good temperament that is characterized by patience and playfulness with kids. Labs as they are often abbreviated are dogs that have been known all over the world to serve humanity with diligence. The dog breed has been used as a service dog and for policing as well. Labs playful nature makes them good for children of all ages. You can adopt this dog as a pet and you will never be disappointed, if you are looking for a playful dog breed suited for kids.

Golden Retriever

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No 2: Golden Retriever

I often associate the Golden Retriever with the character of Labs. This breed is playful and affectionate to kids and displays exceptional intelligent while with kids making it an ideal choice for a family pet. If you are looking for an intelligent dog breed that is as also playful and can adapt easily to a family with kids; Golden Retriever will be a good choice for a family pet.

Bichon Frise

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No 3: Bichon Frise

This is a categorized as one of the popular small dog breeds and is very suitable for small children. This dog breed is a playful small dog that makes a good pet for the entire family and is very easy to train in the house if you adopt them when they are puppies. This is a playful dog breed that is also suitable for apartment lifestyle.


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No 4: Papillon

This is yet another not so popular small dog breed that is playful breed and you can adopt it, if you have a family with kids. This breed is known to be possessive and affectionate to kids. They like playing with kids and therefore qualify as a playful dog breed. The breed shows significant amount energy and plays with kids diligently.


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No 5: Havanese

Havanese is small dog breed that is playful and can be very vocal at times. They are good with kids and will do well for an apartment lifestyle.

Conclusion: Other Playful Dog Breeds

These dog breeds are in my opinion the best playful breeds that you can adopt for your family and or kids. This list is not limited to only the five breeds. There are other dog breeds that are playful like these breeds and you can freely add to this list by making comments below.

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twilanelson profile image

twilanelson 4 years ago from Carmichael, California

Thank you for another informative and useful Hub and for sharing with us some breeds that are popular and some that are not as well known. Papillons are playful and loving dogs that may need a little more gentle interaction. Again, I thank you for a wonderful Hub. Have a nice day!

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afriqnet 4 years ago from Nairobi Kenya Author


Thank you for taking time to read and make comment. I appreciate your contribution. Thanks

Better Yourself profile image

Better Yourself 4 years ago from North Carolina

Another great hub! Very helpful for parents and families looking to adopt a dog. Great choice on dog breeds suitable for kids!

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