Fat Animals

When it comes to fat animals, people usually find it extremely funny to look at them. I would say that this is because of a simple contradiction of seeing an animal, but with human characteristics. It is no wonder that most instances of fat animals exist among those that live side by side with human beings, such as fat cats, big dogs, and obese bunnies. By their living arrangement, they have easy access to an obscene amount of food, a safe environment that does not require them to be active and stay fit, and sometimes even a lack of space to exercise enough.


We all love our pets. And what way of showing our love to an animal that does not understand human language, and cannot feel platonic affection. Therefore, it is not that difficult to understand why owners of animals try to lure their pets into loving them back by enticing their animal with all kinds of food, mostly of the kind that animals would never be able to taste in nature, and their stomachs are actually not always fit to process. Still, Sugar and fat have a lot of energy piled up in them, and so nature, with its rules of scarcity, has taught every animal, including humans, to enjoy this stash of energy to the fullest.

fat animals

fat animals in nature are fake
fat animals in nature are fake

Funny fat animals

But the look of a fat animal can be extremely funny, for reasons of human recognition. Great examples are fat cats. With their thick and hairy fur, they already have a natural fat look when they are skinny. This is easy to see if you have ever seen a shaved cat. However, cats are also quite lazy, and thrive well in indoor situations. This makes them perfect for getting fat easily. Sleeping all day, having an air of arrogance to them, and getting fed by owners who mistake providing snacks for attention and care.

The results are cats with bigger heads then ever (yes, big heads in both figures of speech), small and hidden eyes, and a body of a paralyzed sumo-wrestler. Below are some pictures that are both funny and sad at the same time.

Funny fat cat
Funny fat cat
Obese cat
Obese cat
Get rich sleeping
Get rich sleeping
Lazy fat cat
Lazy fat cat

Examples of other really fat animals are shown below. Again, most of them are animals that have gotten in this shape because of human interference. However, I also included some pictures that are taken outside of the home. The reasons for their obesity are unclear, but it is not unlikely that they are overfed as well (e.g. in a zoo).  

unidentified animal
unidentified animal
he can survive 2 winters in a row
he can survive 2 winters in a row
fed to be fat
fed to be fat


What way can we really help our pet enjoying life as much as possible? It is not by giving them too much food. Instead, we can show our love for them by, as the word suggests, petting them. Human contact is a form of communication that a lot of other social animals (like us) can understand. So don’t give your dog some cookies because it looks cute and you feel a certain affection for it. Do give it an extra pet now and then, and take it for a run outside. 

some fat animals and a great fat song :)

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Cy V profile image

Cy V 6 years ago

Wow! It's a wonder some of those animals are still alive after getting so fat.

cmuckley profile image

cmuckley 6 years ago

This was really entertaining to read. Though it's sad when they get fat because their owners over-feed them. But some are just lazzzy. Ahhhh, time for a nap.

harfordhawk profile image

harfordhawk 6 years ago

I have a basset hound and he could be a fat animal I think! Ha

Mike Dillingworth profile image

Mike Dillingworth 6 years ago

Thanks man! That was the funniest thing I have seen all week! Really though, it isn't too funny to see such fat animals. That never happens in nature, only in people's houses.

Andrew Bird 6 years ago

feed them less!

Stasher 3 years ago

Not sure why you included some Photoshopped images.

Chelsea 3 years ago

Stasher...I don't know which of these animals are photoshopped but I can say one thing.

You posted 2 rabbits on here, neither of which are suffering from obesity. The 'unidentified animal' is an angora rabbit. Like alpacas, they are bred for their long fur. That isn't fat, its fur. And the rabbit at the bottom is a flemish giant caught in an unfortunate camera angle that gives a chubby appearance, but i assure you it isn't chub. Fat rabbits are rare, they don't eat a diet that permits true obesity (as you would see in animals that eat meat or fatty nut diets, rabbits don't eat nuts or any other fat). Just saying. And also, responsible pet care is important, but there are plenty of healthy overweight pets. I personally have a fat round buddha cat...good diet, old, bad breeding, but very very happy.

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