picking the right acomunt for my tank

  1. Natalie Lanier profile image59
    Natalie Lanierposted 20 months ago

    I own a 15 hex gallon tank, and like the following fish: neons, rasboras, and white clouds. does anyone have sugestions on how many I could add and which are the most hardist.

  2. SmartRunner profile image73
    SmartRunnerposted 18 months ago

    Greetings Natalie Lanier,

    As per my opinion, we can keep 5 pairs of each type in your tank( total of 10 fish) since all are community fish. They tend to live with all other fishes of their character. All Neon, White clouds and rasboras are not aggressive fish. Among these three fish , Rasboras are considered as hardy while compared to Neon and White clouds.

    Train and play with your fish and create joyful environment for them....
    Happy fish keeping...