An Overview of Hatching Chicken Eggs Naturally

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At one point or the other, every chicken enthusiast wants to enjoy the experience of hatching chicken eggs naturally. If you want to hatch your own chicken eggs, you can either artificially incubate your chicken eggs in an incubator or naturally incubate your chicken eggs under a hen.

You will need a broody hen and some fertile eggs if you want to incubate your eggs naturally. If you do not have fertile eggs from your own flock of chickens, you can still buy fertile eggs elsewhere, but having a broody chicken will be necessary. Some chickens tend to go broody regularly, but others will simply go broody merely once or twice throughout their lifetime. The time of the year will also influence the broodiness of your chickens. The warmer weather of summer or spring is the best time for you to hatch chicken eggs naturally.

Once you have a broody chicken, also make sure that it has a secluded nest where food and water are easily accessible. If you want to prevent unfortunate accidents from occurring once the chicks have hatched out, make sure the nest is really close to the ground and not too high. An idea solution is to provide your broody chicken with an area of a coop or a small coop, so she can safely hatch the eggs and privately raise them if she wants to. Your chicken might leave the nest for brief periods of time, but unless she is flighty or rather young, she will not abandon the nest without any reason.

The fact that everything can be left up to the hen is the biggest benefit of hatching chicken eggs naturally. You might feel tempted to visit the nest to check how the eggs are doing or candle them, but that won't be necessary if you are incubating them naturally. Your hen is likely to be capable enough to hatch out some chicks out of the eggs. So, if you patiently wait for at least 21 days, soon you will find your hen with her own brood of cute little chicks.

Incubating and hatching chicken eggs naturally under a hen has several benefits:

Apart from providing your broody hen with a coop or space where she can comfortably sit over the eggs to hatch them, you won't have to do much.

It will be quite enjoyable to watch the mother hen teach her chicks how to bathe, dust, find food, etc.
The newly hatched chicks will be more robust if they are naturally raised by their mother hen.

Along with benefits, incubating chicken eggs naturally has its downsides too:

Finding a broody hen is not an easy task, in fact, there might not even be a broody hen when you want to incubate chicken eggs.

Even if you have a broody hen in your flock of chickens, she won't lay any more eggs until she has complete raised her chicks.

The number of chicks that can be hatched and raise by a hen is limited.

Thus, hatching chicken eggs naturally has its benefits and can turn out to be quite a marvelous experience, but you should always have a back-up plan if the need arises.

S. O'Connor is the owner of Chicken Houses Plus located in Archer, Florida. In addition to raising healthy, happy chickens the company also provides fertile chicken eggs, egg incubators, and Amish built chicken coops. Customer service is available via Live Chat.

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