Horseback Riding Styles

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Horseback Riding

Horseback riding has been there since the ancient times. Now, horseback riding is seen as a leisure activity or a sport. Horseback riding is fun really, but as with all fun things, there are still lots of things to consider, like your and the horse's safety and more.

Horseback Riding
Horseback Riding

History Of Horseback Riding

Riding horses was believed to have started back in the 4500 B.C., where it was seen as a tool of war. (Horse-pulled chariots). It was the Egyptians that were recorded to have used horses the first, but primarily for war purposes.

During the medieval ages, the horses were actually classified to the job they were meant to do. War horses were the ‘chargers’ whilst those that were meant to pull cart were called carthorses.

Horseback Riding Styles

There are many styles of horseback riding, and what makes them different from one another is simply the purpose of the ride. Take a look at the examples below:

  1. English Riding. These can be basically dubbed the 'countryside' riding. The most distinguishing parameter for English rides is their saddle without a horn. The English style originated from the Europe and was brought to the United States.
  2. Western Riding. Remember how those cowboys in the Wild West ride their horses? Well that was the western style of riding. The western style originated in the US (obviously), and is distinguishable from the rider’s attire. Western style riders dress primarily for protection, having long-sleeve shirts, hats, boots, and deep-seated saddles.
  3. Horse Racing. The riding style when you are in a race is very different compared to leisure oriented ones. Here, it's all about speed. Hence your riding position matters in terms of the aerodynamics and resistance minimization factors.

Horseback Riding
Horseback Riding

Precautions To Consider When Horseback Riding

There are lots of stuff to consider when you plan to ride on a horse. These things are there to prevent injury both for you and the horse. Some of the most important ones are outlined below:

  • Wear proper riding attire. What would this be? Long pants, jeans, or thick tights should be well enough for this purpose. Closed toed shoes or boots with a heel, and preferably helmets also.
  • The horses should have access to water at some point of the ride (or between rides), as you may want to minimize stress given to your horse and have them remain calm.
  • Make sure the cinch is tight and the stirrups are adjusted to your height. This will insure you won't fall due to being imbalanced.
  • When your guide asks about if you have prior riding experience, tell the truth. You wouldn't want to be looked as an experienced rider when in fact you just ride horses at least once a year. It's your safety at the line here.

Horseback riding can be a very thrilling adventure for you, your friends, and you family, and it can be also be cheap. Next time, have you and your family experience the thrill of it!

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