How To Catch The Mice or Mouse In Your House

The man with a plan.
The man with a plan.

Notes on getting rid of mice, poison, and Andy Kaufman

My son-in-law just wrote me an email asking, "How do I get rid of mice?"

I answered: "Two things, both old-fashioned."

1. Clean the apartment thoroughly. All snacks must be sealed and put away in a completely closed cupboard or container. Care should be taken not to leave crumbs in the future either. That is why you have them in the first place. They will never leave if you don't get rid of the reason they are there.

2. Buy a few wooden mouse traps, the small kind. They are cheap. Inexpensive. Wash your hands before touching them. Always. Keeps the human scent off. Protects you later down the road if you use the traps religiously. Get some Jiffy peanut butter. Crunchy works fine. Put a chunk on the mechanism. Be sure you smear it inside the mechanism so the little bastards can't just lick it off. Have a small, raised pile so they gain confidence to go after the whole thing. Be sure you wash the trap each time you get one of the buggers, and believe me, you will if you are diligent. They like to travel on the edge of walls, so I set my traps parallel to the wall, but not in a corner. They like to hide so put the traps where you can't see them.

How A Mice Trap Can Work If You Are Lucky And Greed Is Involved

Of course, I did not tell him to also plug any holes he can find using caulking compound, insulating foam, or hammer and nails. He is in finance. As in genius probably. Those types don't tend to do well in the home improvement categories. But if he and his lovely wife do the first two instructions they will see a marked improvement resulting in less frequent sightings of mice droppings.

Once, years ago, when I myself was desperate to rid my then home of critters forever, I purchased several containers of different brands of mice poison. I strategically placed the containers in several key places in the house including the basement, careful to keep the critical paper cartons well out of reach of our dog. This particular mouse family I was trying to get rid of actually loved the stuff. They ate and they ate. I began to think there was an army of the buggers until the feeding finally stopped. Soon an odor began to waft through the house getting stronger and stronger each day until something just had to be done. I tore into a crawl space area in the basement that had been previously sealed off by yours truly and there I found my dead mice, bloated from all the poison I fed them, and stinking to high heavens. I had to carefully remove them, place them in sealed plastic bags, and throw them in the garbage can outside. It was a mess. The house stunk so badly. I vowed never again to use poison to rid my house of mice. Call me old-fashioned, but the simple old wooden mouse trap is truly the very best way.

Mighty Mouse

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6 years ago

thank you!

john 6 years ago

Be careful with setting up some of the cheaper traps as they can be a real pain if they snap on ya!

ralwus 6 years ago

Reminds me of when my son did that against my order for a rat, in his house trailer. God it was summer, hot and the stink.LOL He and his young wife learned from that one.

ElizabethNewton profile image

ElizabethNewton 6 years ago

You are so right, we used poison once and we had a terrible time finding the dead mouse in our basement. The thing had crawled into a box to die. Lately, I’ve been reading about all the diseases that mice can carry and how you can become infected by touching a dead mouse. This can make snap traps dangerous. I love the Kill and Seal Mouse Trap by Victor, because it hygienically seals the mouse and its diseases within the trap.

Here's the trap I'm referring to:

mewlhouse profile image

mewlhouse 6 years ago from Louisville Author

Thank you, Elizabeth. A helpful comment.

glensa 4 years ago

Snap traps can actually make sick if you don't handle it right. Mice hold disease and if you touch it will make you very sick.

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