How Do I Convince My Parents I'm Ready for a Puppy?


It's never really been a probably for me to ask for a new dog and get it. I mean in general, I'll say it, I'm spoiled, and usually get what I want with my parents, relationships, friends, teachers, etc. Getting things has never really been to hard.

But, when asking for a new dog, it tend to go like this:

  1. "Mom can we get a puppy"- "No"
  2. "Daddy, I need a new puppy."- "Ask your mother"
  3. "Mom, please can I get a puppy!" "No! We have four dogs!"
  4. I let it sit for a few weeks.
  5. "Daddy, it'd be so cool to get a puppy, don't you think?"- "Maybe"
  6. At that point, my dad's into it and asking my mom for a dog.
  7. Then we get a dog.

I think that's been the case on my last three dogs.

But, in the normal family under average circumstances, it doesn't work that way.

Besides, the fact of being spoiled, the difference is that my parents know that I'll take care of a new puppy. They know that I'm responsible enough to make sure the puppy is fed, walked, trained, and loved.

I hope to give you a few ideas to show your parents that you're ready for this endeavor.

Dogs = Responsibility

Bringing home a new puppy, or even an adult dog, is a big responsibility. It's a commitment that you can't just throw away when you're done. Dogs are living breathing animals, and that should be recognized from the start. When you're bored, you can't just throw them in the backyard to fend for themselves. They still need to be taken care of.

So before you even think about asking your parents for a dog, whether it's another dog, or the only dog, make sure that you fully, 100%, understand what it takes to take care of a dog.

  • Constant training
  • Scheduled mealtimes
  • Scheduled walks and potty breaks
  • Exercise
  • Vet bills

Dogs are a huge commitment in terms of love, want, and money. Make sure that you understand what it truly costs to bring home a dog, before you do.

I'd definitely read the following article, before you tell you parents, "I'll pay half of the bills."

How Much is That Puppy in the Window?

The Right Dog For Your Family

Research dog breeds. This way when you go to your parents, you can tell them that Breed A or a mixed Breed A dog would be perfect for your family because...

Your parents will be impressed that you did your research.

Where do you start? Find out the different criteria for dog breeds, pick out what criteria would work best in your home, and then start searching from there.

All dogs make great pets, it's just a matter of getting the right dog in the right home. So this research, will help you figure out not only what dog breed will work best in your family, but, also, give you tips to housing and training that particular dog breed.

Play the Responsibility Card

Because dogs are such a commitment, prove to your parents that you are responsible.

If you already have a dog or cat, spend more time taking care of the pet- sticking with feeding schedules, walking, cleaning up after the pet, anything.

Teach the dog a new trick. Spend more time with the cat.

Make sure that your parents realize that this isn't a change just because you want a new dog. Make sure they realize and understand that this will be a permanent change because you need to take responsibility if you want to bring in this new puppy.

Responsibility is usually the biggest clause that parents have against getting a puppy, so if you can prove this to them, maybe it will make the difference between "yes" and "no."

If you don't have another pet, then take responsibility in other areas around the house. Volunteer for dishes, laundry, sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, etc.

Keep your room clean, and volunteer to help around the house, whether inside or out.

Prove Yourself

If you really want a new dog, prove it.

Start volunteering with a local animal shelter.

Do your research. Talk to veterinarians and dog trainers.

Get prepared in any way possible. Make sure that you know what could happen if, and how do you do that?

Don't just bring home a dog and expect your parents not to kill you. Dogs ARE a commitment, so don't let anyone let you think otherwise.

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d101 4 years ago

hi Whitney 05! i made had a comment before, but anyway, i am a 9 year old living in an apartment, i have a big backyard and a park down the street, i have a bunny that i share with my sister and the bunny is in her room, i have a turtle, and a nice medium sized room. I would really like a Westie pup, and we'll hire a dogsitter when i for when i have school, and i know it will be happy.

d101 4 years ago

hi Whitney 05! i made had a comment before, but anyway, i am a 9 year old living in an apartment, i have a big backyard and a park down the street, i have a bunny that i share with my sister and the bunny is in her room, i have a turtle, and a nice medium sized room. I would really like a Westie pup, and we'll hire a dogsitter when i for when i have school, and i know it will be happy.

d101 4 years ago

Whitney, i need help! i REALLY want a westie pup and i know i could do it but my dad says no and my mom me to write an essay and i did and she thougt it was cute but she still said no, and i did lt it sit for a couple of MONTHS and i really need your help Whitney05!!!!!

Bri notes 4 years ago

Hey I had a dog when I was five or six years old but my mom got rid of it now I'm 10 and trying to get another one .my mom keeps saying do I hanle this?

claire 4 years ago

hey im 11 coming up for 12 and I would love to have a dog.Mum and dad had one when they were my age but they wont let me .I would take it out for walks every day and take daily care of it.But we have just moved house and everything is sorted and we are all settled but my mum uses that as an excuse.My dad does not like dogs nether does my mum but when they bothh see a dog they are lovely too it.We could give a dog a good home .I wish for a puppy every night

Lea 4 years ago

I'm eleven, I have two dogs, but they just follow my mom around all the time, I don't think they're going to change. I want a puppy that I could raise myself and I'd be its fave person

saniel 4 years ago

hi! i really want a dog mom said yes and said i can get any dog i want but the problem is my dad.he doesent like dogs.but i do.and i come home from school really early so i have enough time to play with it.the dog i want is a husky.i told my mom she said ok but its my dad.i know huskies need space but my house is really big and i know they shed but that's not a problem for my family.

doglover101 4 years ago

sorry i haven't been here for awhile. i am 9 years old and my name is sandra. i have been wating a dog for practically my whole life and my first word was "bark!". the type of dog i want is a black lab retriever german shepherd mix puppy(BLRGSMP).i live in an conversation was like this:

"daddy, can we get a dog?"

"we live in an apartement.we have no room"

"yes we-"

"end of discussion!" so i need help living in a house, going to the same school in that house(i go to sligo creek elem),and getting the dog.

Abigail 4 years ago

To Mel

My mum is from England and she had a dog when she was 10.

It does not matter

mel 4 years ago

hi people i love dogs i am only 11 i have just found out that in england u have to be 18 to have your own dog but i live with my parents does that make any differents in england you have to save up to at least £100 i am already up to £50 but i don't know if i am old enough to get one i am going to be twleve on the 10th of next mounth buy i don't know what to do now i have just found this out if there r any helpful people out there please reply asap (as soon as possible)


Bypasser 4 years ago

Hi, Whitney.

I have a 5 Year old Boston Terrier A lizard a cat and a rat. Actually the rat and cat aren't mine they're my sister's. I mean she will absolutely Not let me touch them. And ive been wanting a big dog. My mom doesn't really like dogs and my dad loves them. I haven't been begging and I'm waiting for my bday on Monday so my mon cant say no. If she doesn't say yes what can I say.

Annie, 4 years ago

Okay so I'm 20, and I asked my mum if I could get myself a dog, and she said yes, and asked what breed I was thinking of, then when I was looking at breeders online, she said "your not ******* having one" this was like a year ago, so I said if i get a better job and earn more can I? then she said yes, so now I earn about £600-£700 a month, and I pay her rent, my phone bill, gym, ect all on my own and what not, and I'm still not aloud one, which I think is stupid since she said yes 2 times!and I found the breeder's I want. and everything, and she still wont budge, so I was wondering for advice, and I already do loads around the house, but its more how can she said yes twiceeeeeee, and then be a raging B***H about it?

Ranjeetha 4 years ago

Hey! my whole family loves dogs! The problem is that my mum don't allow them. I have fishes and fishes are really boring. And i am 17 years old

Sadie 4 years ago

Hi I watched a show about puppies then I became obsessed with them. First my mom and I wanted a pug but my dad said no and said we can get a corgi I agreed because they are adorable. Anyway I always say how about it august but they say.. Heh heh and don't answer me. I have three cats and corgis are smart trainable and nice. They can get along with any animal they just have to grow up with it. So we were looking for puppy's. So I asked my mom and she said if you keep asking we are not gonna get one. I have about like 97 dollars and I need one in like april or march. I'm dying over one. I only have a bunch of boring fish two turtles and three cats and I need some excitement. I'll do everything and it's practically home all day with someone my dad leaves at 5 o clock and I come home at 3. But still I want one soon so I need to some how let that happen. If theirs anyone really nice please answer this. And I'm 11 years old.

Macronie123 5 years ago

I know how u feel jasmine we r so much alike it is SCARY!!!!!!!!!!please read jasmine's paragraph to know how I feel please help

doglover101 5 years ago

ok. also if you already have a dog, try earning $400 at LEAST!try to convince your parents, try to prove yourself

doglover101 5 years ago

well this is great. i just got an allowance for $1.25! the $1.00 is for the dishes (at least more than 3 dishes for it)the 25 c is for taking out the garbage.



doglover101 5 years ago

well. if you want to get a yorkie jasmine try earning your OWN money! so that your parents won't have to buy one for you! and so that you'll have a better reason to get one.

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 5 years ago from Georgia Author

Jasmine, consider adopting. You can find purebred puppies and small breed mix puppies at shelters.

Jasmine 5 years ago

I really really want a Yorkie but they're too espensive but we have money (not a lot) My parents want to buy a cheap puppy! I'm getting a Pomeranian but I don't like them. What should I do? I want to wait for it but I'm thinking my parents still won't let me get an espensive puppy!! I like Shih Tzus and Yorkies. Please help me!! I wanted a Yorkie for 3 years now. I cried over puppies a lot of times and I don't know what to do. Maybe I'll like the Pomeranian but help me before I get a Pomeranian

Brigit 5 years ago

For awhile I've been trying to convince my parents,mostly my mom to allow me to get a puppy of the toy group.(like a papillon,Chihuawua,or a Japanese Chin) In a year I will be going to high school. I am very responsible and feel and know I can take care of it.I have done research,reports and have the money and cost pretty much covered.However my mom says no.We have four animals already and she says she doesn't want another animal.I've tried to explain to her that it will not be her animal,that she doesn't have to do anything with it.I have even given her alternatives like litter box training my little baby so she doesn't have to let it out and watch it.She still says no.I don't know what to do.I know so many facts about breeds it scary.I rely want a puppy.Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.Thank you

doglover101 5 years ago

okay. here's what you have to do to get a dog.

1. first of all, if you live in an apartment, you're going to have to change that.

2.look for cheap, big houses that are the most fanciest you can. and try to find one close to you're old house.( just incase you have a friend that you don't want to leave alone.)

3. if you have siblings, try to get them to help convince you're parents to get the house.

4. if you're parents like the house, prepare to get a house and a dog.

5. if you're parents don't like the house, try the same thing but just try to find one cheaper.

6. if you live in a house already, then try to earn dog sitting, or allowance, or cleaning you're room, stuff like that.

7.once you think you've had enough working and at LEAST

more than $20 give it to you're parents.

8.its likely they'll say yes, but if they say no, do the same thing, but try to earn more.

hope this helps, sandra

(i know the name up top, but that's my real name.)

Nira 5 years ago

I Want a Dog Badly I Really Do Any Type I Never Had A Pet Before Only A Pet Fish !

anuska 5 years ago

i want to get back my puppy back but my father had given my puppy to someone whom i don't know because he thinks that i am too small to have a own pet dog though i have promised him to take care of it..........what should i do i don't know............

anuska 5 years ago

i want to get back my puppy back but my father had given my puppy to someone whom i don't know because he thinks that i am too small to have a own pet dog though i have promised him to take care of it..........what should i do i don't know............

Bella98 5 years ago


i really want a dog,I've nearly convinced my dad, my two other sisters want one too. its just my mum, she has just decorated the living in the summer and has completley re-done it, new carpet, new colour. now she is saying that she doesn't want dirty paws trampling on the carpet.

Several years ago my family had a dog called Max, good as gold, brought up in convosation a lot when discussing things with my dad. i was only 3 when sadly Max was put down, I am now 13. I really think I can be a good dog owner, but whenever I bring the subject up, it always seems to end quickly.

The family has spoke about getting a dog, but both my sisters are so convinced that we arnt getting one :(.

ADVICE TO CONVINCE MY PARENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jas 5 years ago

I have wanted a dog for ages i have fish they are the only pet i am aloud don't get me wrong i love them) lol !!!! I have no bros or sisters my dad really wants a dog to he knows exactly how to look after them as well because he had six dogs when he was growing up . He says that i have to perauade my mum because she is to house proud also she don't want one because of when we go on vacation arhhhhhhhh!! I am desperate for a dog please give me some advice thank you soooooooooo much i will appreciate it !!!!!! By the way i am 12 would i be able to volenter to walk peoples dogs down my road or be allowed to get a saturday job at my age to raise money for the dog? If you could answer that alone it would be a massive help thankyou !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chloee 5 years ago

Ok. I Live With My Dad And his Girlfriend in An Apartment... I have Two Cats. I've been begging and begging and begging my dad to let me get a dog. i made a video, did some research, found facts, got higher grades at school, took more care of my cats, wrote a page, found a BUNCh of benefits of having a dog when you are a child, EVERYTHING. But for some STUPID reason, he keeps saying no and he gets pissed off whenever i bring up the subject. What do I do.? ):

PS.: We don't have much money so uhm yea :S

Help!!! 5 years ago

Ok, this may sound stupid, but my mom agreed to get men's dog. End Of story, right? Wrong. She said she trusts me, but in school I have always done well. This year is much harder since I am doing two advanced classes. I am completely aware of the responsibilities, and feel like I can fulfill them. But since the classes are harder, what if my grades go down and my mom blames it on the dog and gets rid of it? What should I do?

ColetteCMR123 5 years ago

i have been begging for a dog for months now, my dad really wants a dog but my mum is completely aggainst it! I have three other sisters so theres four of us and i now just about everything on golden retrievers, my sisters and my dad have even picked out a name! Its so anoying how every time i go to ask mum about it i get screamed at! We have oraginsed what breeder were getting the pup from but mum says if we bring it home while were at school she will leave the gate open and let it run away! We have had dogs before ( two dashunds ) and we took great care of them but they died a year ago. My family and i think its time for a new dog! My sisters and i have even made a scheule of what and how we would take care of it!!! Please help me make my mum say yes cause at the moment knowing every single detail and showing my responsibility isn't working!!! HELP!

Sorry no can do 5 years ago

Hey so to all of you who want a dog, especially those of you who are young, like under nine, or older, such as fifteen or sixteen, you really may want a dog with all your heart but it won't work out. When I was a young child, I wanted a dog so badly. Not a just a cute puppy, but even a grown dog. I got one, and because I was young, about ten, I couldn't do much with that dog. All I could do was groom and walk it. I couldn't play with it, because I needed to keep straight a's for the dog and I took care of it, but it never loved me as you would think in your head before you got a dog. It made me sad and eventually it died young and I was devastated. We got another dog when I was older, and my three siblings were old enough to help out too. That dog was my baby. It died just three days after her second birthday. Of course I loved both these dogs, and I was convinced each time I would do the best I could with her. But the reality is, there's school, there's chores, and if you used good grades or acted responsible for the dog, you are excpected to coninue doing so along with the responsibilities of a dog. If you are begging you're parents for one and feel wronged, don't! It's their house, their rules. And they are going to be the ones taking care of the dog most of the time. School, sports, activities and friends all get in the way. If you want a dog, ask you're parents if they want a dog. If they don't. Don't push it, and wait till you're the grownup to make decisions in you're place. Or else they will just be left with a dog to care for that they didn't want in the first place. Just be patient. If you can be paitient enough to wait until you are older, then you are ready for a dog. End of story. Thanks for reading.....

anonymous 5 years ago

I want a dog sooooooo badly. i am trying to raise 400 $ to buy my own.

ten ill prove my self responsible for a month. then ill say to mom and dad i think im ready... blah blah blah.

my mom found out and was like even with the money no dog. im 14. you don't understand that i practicly need one. i no i can take care of one. please help me get a puppy. asmall breed dog. PLEASE?

Tingting 5 years ago

my mum says i can never have a dog. i really want a maltese puppy.i have researched about the breed, watched training videos and i do everything-she just doesn't care. she keeps on going on about studies and completely avoiding the conversation, i find it very hurtful how she ignores my feelings. my dad is on her side all the way. All they can be bothered to talk to me is about studing and learning. i have just asked them nicely to sit down and talk but they just laughed at me. my mum just pretendede i wasn't there. they don't treat me bad and i love them to bits however they just don't want to consider buying me a puppie. Please could you give me some advice to get through my mums hard outershell, if i can get her to listen. My dad will too, please help me x

profile image

tessio 5 years ago

hi! i have read most of the comments above and they have really helped!

i have wanted a pomeranian puppy for sooooo long!! i love them. i have a black lab who i love very much and care and pet and brush and walk annnnd cleanup after it i love him very much. i also have four cats that are no trouble but i brush,feed,water,pet,and care for them i love them and they love me back. i have a cute little rabbit and i take care of him, i pet him take him outside to excersize feed him and help my mom clean the cage. he only problem with my parents are.

mom: what happens when you go to college? they live for ffifteen years like you said (and i want to go to a university about an hour away) i don't know what to say to this but i cant wait for five years! i am dying for one!

dad: too many animals. too many cats underfoot. recently on our two week long vaccation in early august (which we took our dog too) our cats peed in our carpet which had to be ripped up. my dad was pissed. our cats did it because they were mad at our dumb neighbour who we trusted to let two of them out (the ones who peed). none of our cats or any animals have peed in our house for two weeks. if i got my dog i would walk it twice daily and let it out and house train it.

another problem. im afarid to bring it up again. the first time my dad walked away when i was explaining my points and the second time at dinner the said all of his points in his angry voice and i got really upset not letting me get a word in edgewise. i was crying (which i know is pretty immature but i was super upset and no one was seeming to listen to me and i got my hopes up) i have promised to pay for the collar,food,leash,brush,groomig, etc. i have asked for it for my birthday day which i think is pretty reasonable.

please help me any piece of advice with do! thanks for your time !


georgie 5 years ago

hi! i have read most of the comments above and they have really helped!

i have wanted a pomeranian puppy for sooooo long!! i love them. i have a black lab who i love very much and care and pet and brush and walk annnnd cleanup after it i love him very much. i also have four cats that are no trouble but i brush,feed,water,pet,and care for them i love them and they love me back. i have a cute little rabbit and i take care of him, i pet him take him outside to excersize feed him and help my mom clean the cage. he only problem with my parents are.

mom: what happens when you go to college? they live for ffifteen years like you said (and i want to go to a university about an hour away) i don't know what to say to this but i cant wait for five years! i am dying for one!

dad: too many animals. too many cats underfoot. recently on our two week long vaccation in early august (which we took our dog too) our cats peed in our carpet which had to be ripped up. my dad was pissed. our cats did it because they were mad at our dumb neighbour who we trusted to let two of them out (the ones who peed). none of our cats or any animals have peed in our house for two weeks. if i got my dog i would walk it twice daily and let it out and house train it.

another problem. im afarid to bring it up again. the first time my dad walked away when i was explaining my points and the second time at dinner the said all of his points in his angry voice and i got really upset not letting me get a word in edgewise. i was crying (which i know is pretty immature but i was super upset and no one was seeming to listen to me and i got my hopes up) i have promised to pay for the collar,food,leash,brush,groomig, etc. i have asked for it for my birthday day which i think is pretty reasonable.

please help me any piece of advice with do! thanks for your time !


Lacey 5 years ago

Hi! I've read all of the comments above and they have been helpful but I still have a few questions. I have always wanted a Pomeranian puppy I have looked into them and they arey dream dog. I already have one amazing black lab that I love and four cars and a rabbit. The cats are incredibly easy to care for and I love them and they lov me back. I pet them feed them brush them and cuddle them. The rabbit I always take care of. I give him food I help clean out the cage with my mom and I bring him outside so he can get excersise. I walk the dog and pick up his poo live him brush him let him out and he gets plenty of attention from eveyone. I have aske for a pom puppy for my birthday and my parents said no. I am responsible I take care of our pets and I said I would do everything for it. My parents are sold on that . But my mom and dad still have a few more concerns.

Mom: they live for fifteen years what's going to happen when you go to college? I have no idea what to say to that and it makes me said that I will have to wait five years for a dog.

Dad: there is enough cats in the house and they get underfoot and in the summer one of our cats was peeing in the house but I said I would housetrain it and walk twice daily! Also he said that we were not in a poistion for anthoer dog. I've done all the "strategdies" you've said except fir whinning and begging but I don't want to do that. I know the college thing is somethig to think about but I'm dying to get a puppy it's something I'm always thinking about!

Hope you can give me some advice!

Thanks for your time and sorry this is so long.


Lacey 5 years ago

Hi! I've read all of the comments above and they have been helpful but I still have a few questions. I have always wanted a Pomeranian puppy I have looked into them and they arey dream dog. I already have one amazing black lab that I love and four cars and a rabbit. The cats are incredibly easy to care for and I love them and they lov me back. I pet them feed them brush them and cuddle them. The rabbit I always take care of. I give him food I help clean out the cage with my mom and I bring him outside so he can get excersise. I walk the dog and pick up his poo live him brush him let him out and he gets plenty of attention from eveyone. I have aske for a pom puppy for my birthday and my parents said no. I am responsible I take care of our pets and I said I would do everything for it. My parents are sold on that . But my mom and dad still have a few more concerns.

Mom: they live for fifteen years what's going to happen when you go to college? I have no idea what to say to that and it makes me said that I will have to wait five years for a dog.

Dad: there is enough cats in the house and they get underfoot and in the summer one of our cats was peeing in the house but I said I would housetrain it and walk twice daily! Also he said that we were not in a poistion for anthoer dog. I've done all the "strategdies" you've said except fir whinning and begging but I don't want to do that. I know the college thing is somethig to think about but I'm dying to get a puppy it's something I'm always thinking about!

Hope you can give me some advice!

Thanks for your time and sorry this is so long.


Jake 5 years ago

Can someone help me get a dog I've been taking out the garbage and washing the dishes every week for ever!!! Plus I get straight As and the only reason I cant get it is because what my dad says. --> He says ,"They smell." But Ive read everywhere how to make sure they don't and have enough time to do it :[ I need help...

Steph. 5 years ago

hiya, basicaly i've been trying to convince my parents to let me get a puppy/dog, and they just keep rejecting the idea even thought both of them grew up around dogs as did my older sister. lately i've fallen out with a lot of my friends and i guess i want someone i can rely on and honestly a dog can never ever let you down or be unfaithful if you show them love. most of my family own dogs so i have a lot of experience and when they are left in our care i always take full responsibility but my mum just doesn't see it! my dad works away for 2/3 or the year so he's not the one i need to persuade. But my mum consistantly tells me i'm not responsible even thought i've proven i can care for puppies and older dogs many times and i've spent nights crying over this (and i no that doesn't sound responisble) but i can't help it. i just really need some advise please:(!

Bailey 5 years ago

Hi my name is bailey and I have always wanted a dog I got a 1 dog named charlie my family got him when i was around the age of 3 i am now 9 years old i REALLY want a puppy i want a small puppy so they are a little bit easier to take care of i think i am pretty responsible but i don't know what my parents think

i take care of 2 hampsters one is my brothers but i help him take care of it. I try to help out with our dog i love our dog a lot i take him out to play a lot i play with him a lot toohe loves sleeping in my room. and i was wondering if you coulgive me some advice. :)

Dog, Please 5 years ago

I want a dog SOO badly. My mom and bro want one but my dad says no. I've been asking for5 years and notheing. I'm respoinsible already!

Doggie wanter 5 years ago

I had a dog for 6 1/2 years he died of cancer when he was 6 and I really want a dog since it's been about 6 weeks. Here's our discussion....

"mom can we get a dog on my b day?" "WHAT?! No I'm not ready and that's In a month so no"

"daddy can we get a dog?"

"hmm let me think..... Noooo"

I waited a couple weeks and it still happened. Someone help!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous (a unique anonymous) 5 years ago

My mom won't let me volunteer at the animal shelter. What do I do?

Bri 5 years ago

My mom wont let me get a puppy. I've been trying for years. She claims I'm not responsible, but I feel I've shown my repsonssibility.

Geez 5 years ago

Wow 3 dogs?! How spoilt are you? I cant even get 1. Seriously be happy with what you got. You cant just forget about your other dogs.

nicole 5 years ago

hello :L u should just do what i done this morning i asked my mum and she said ask ur dad and he said no so then i asked my mum again and she said it will be the same as when i had my first dog and i didn't look after it gonna ask her again and i think she will say yes because i showed her a pictures of one i like and she said where is that at

hello 5 years ago

i have tried everything you said Seriously i did! but all my parents say is that i can only get a dog if i get straight A's in myy report card. But i know that is not going to happen because i always get some B's so please help me i don't know what to do and i really want a short dog i don't even care what kind of a dog it is i want one and i trained my self to take great care of it at all times myfriend even promissed she will be looking out for it when i am out of the town

nicole 5 years ago

i really want a dog and i had one before but i didn't look after it right but my parents wont let me have another pup could any of you help me to prove to them that im ready to look after it

linda 5 years ago

i really want a dog

nicole 5 years ago

hey i really want a dog i had one before and i didn't really look after it well so my parents sold it. i really want a puppies so could any of you tell me how to prove to them that i will really look after it very well. and pluse they always say no when i ask and say don't bring up dog again so what shall i do please help meeeeee i reallllllyyyyyy want a puppie

Lauren 5 years ago

I love puppies. I really want one and am planning to make powerpoints and gl0gsters and prezies to grab their attention. you should try it too!!

Sarah 5 years ago

I am about ready to cry.

My finally found a dog that I absolutly ADORE and we already picked out a name and everything and then....

My Mom backs out.

PLEASE help me. I will die and I am NOT exaggerating. Im serious

Lita 5 years ago

Hi again

I forgot to say that my brothers also like the idea, but for them it doesn't really matter

My dog is a beagle mix and the dog I would like is also a beagle mix. I would love to see them playing in my garden. It's a really big garden. I would also love to walk them together in the countryside. They would be perfect. I really really really want it. My friends at school helped me but it didn't help. Your my only hope!!!! I feel lonely at school sometimes and I would like to come home and feel happier. I know that my dog( lita) also feels that!

PLEASE HELP ME!!! Could you give me some good ideas. Me and my dog would be REALLY HAPPY. I will love you more than everyone. I have been waiting for this for ages.



Lita 5 years ago


i also have that problem. I've got one dog and I would like to adopt her a friend.

I already helped an adoption shelter and loved a dog. He has already been adopted.

My mom says that we have enough animals and my dad said that my mother needs to decide.

I haven't asked them for a long time. Should I ask them again??

I LOVE animals and I'm really SAD ;(

HELP me please!!! I really need one

mackenzie 5 years ago

i been begging my mom to get me a puppy ever since i was little. but she always so NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so how do i get my mom to buy me a little puppy? it would be helpful if you could give me some tips or advise!!!! and thank you. :)

dog wanter 5 years ago

ok so I have 2dogs and 2cats (ones really old and ones really young). we went to a pet store a found an adorable shih tzu that adorded me and my mom. although my mom said she would have got it if it wasn't already bought! on the way home she said "you know I almost got it BUT I just remimber how much you so take care of your dog and cat.(sarcastically)" so the next day I did a lot of cleaning(mostly involving the animals). but she also said that since were moving soon it will be hard to rent a place that allows that true also want can I do to help her understand I'm ready for a cute little shih tzu puppy also my first dog(cavapoo) cost almost $1000 and this ones going to be cheaper. any ideas?

Alex 5 years ago

When I was about 12 (I am 17 now) I started walking my neighbour's dogs on a volunteer basis to prove to my parents that I could take a care of a dog! It sure paid off, because I have my own dog now. Trust me, it helps a lot! I would bring the dogs out for long walks, and "show them to my parents". I am a proud owner now!

Luke 5 years ago

Hi, I'm a 14 year old male and I have always wanted a dog since early childhood. I have recently started asking my mum for an Anatolian Shepherd Dog. I have looked at the breeds characteristics, how big they will grow and how much exercise they will need Etc. We do not have a big back garden but a huge field about 100m from where i live to let it off the leash. I am really having trouble trying to convince my Mum that i will take almost complete responsibility (Whilst i'm not at school -- I even said i will come home and feed the dog during lunch to keep meal times regular) I try my best with the things at home like: cleaning my room, emptying the dishwasher and doing regular chores but i can't prove to her that I will be responsible with a pet because no one in my family has one. Her continuous argument has always been "I will end up looking after it" and since i only have about 1 year left at school now that will not be the case. I would really appreciate any suggestions.


shorty 5 years ago

hi am grace but you can call me shorty . i have wanted a dog for a long time ,but it is the money . how can you rasie money for a puppy ?

Shawn 5 years ago

hi, ive been asking for a dog ever since i was three and at first my parents kept saying "mabye next year" but finally they said im not getting one at all because they think it would be too much stress and they don't want another thing to worry about, also i have two gerbils and they think that's enough. i have tried to prove myself in every way, i help out around the house, i do reasearch( ive settled on a puggle) i even try to pamper my gerbils but nothings working, the answer is always the same no matter how long i wait to ask them. can i have some help here?

@shea 5 years ago

I really need help! u c, my dad is a really big dog lover,but he doesn't want a dog. My mom says its fine, but my dad misses a dog he had a couple yrs ago. He says if we get a dog, he'll leave. I no so much about dogs.

I prove all the time that i can take care of a dog. I even dog-sit my friend's dog. pleae help me!

5 years ago


I have wanted a dog for a long time. My family has a cat,and I admit that I could take more charge in cat care,and I am working hard at that. My dad wants me to have a dog,but he needs me to really prove myself and be responsible. My mom,on the other hand,is not in favor of it at all and is convinced that she will end of taking care of it. I am literally afraid to talk to her about it. Do you have any tips for me to prove to her that she will not,and that I really will take complete care of the dog?


justine 5 years ago

wow claire! you are really a brat!!!

Ella 5 years ago

my parents both say yes but my grandma says no because the house is pretty much all carpet and I've tried acting responsible but it isn't working we also don't live in a very big house but it is next to a park so the dog would get enough exercise, please help me

Jennifer 5 years ago

Hi. I've been asking my parents for another dog for months. My mom's OK with it, but my dad always says "NO". We have a 6 year old black Lab, Ali. Please, please, please HELP me. I love Ali, but what I really want is a Papillon.

Izzi 5 years ago

I am a pretty, kind 12 year old girl. All my life I have wanted a dog, but have never gotten one. I have a 10 y. Old brother a 4 y. Old brother and an 18 m. Old sister. We are also moving now. It probably isn't the best time to get one but I want one.

5 years ago

i want a dog very bad

Lissy391 5 years ago

Do you even check the questions anymore? We need your help Whitney!

Lissy391 5 years ago

Please answer my question soon Whitney! You give great advice and I really need some advice right now! The breeder I found has a website and the next litter of puppies is available at the end if April! That's not too long away and I would like some advice asap so that I can use your tips and get prepared for a puppy! Please help Whitney!

cc 5 years ago

I have been trying to get my parents to get me a dog but it just wont work my mom is closer to getting a dog but my dad is just not for it he had two dogs when he was little now it is my turn I do not have a dog already and I really want one anyone have any advice for me please

cc 5 years ago

I have been trying to get my parents to get me a dog but it just wont work my mom is closer to getting a dog but my dad is just not for it he had two dogs when he was little now it is my turn I do not have a dog already and I really want one anyone have any advice for me please

Lissy391 5 years ago


I really want a westie puppy! I already have a puggle and I take such good care of him but whenever I ask for a puppy my parents say no. My mum says she will consider it but I don't think she will say yes! I have been doing my chores and listening to my parents and giving my other dog tons of attention but mum keeps saying she's considering it! Do you have any tips to show my mum I'm responsible enough? Oh and I have found a breeder and my auntie just got 2 puppies from her and I have been taking good care of them whenever I see them! I have a male puggle so I have already researched about it and it sounds like getting a female is the way to go. Is this true? Please help me I'm a very responsible 14 year old girl and I get straight As and so does my brother! Please please please help us!

Lydia 5 years ago

I do have a dog now but hes lazy as ever and I have nothing to do with him. I've been volunteering at this dog rescue for quite some time now. And my mom didn't want me to sign up cause I'm gonna want all the dogs there. But I only want this little poodle puppy, and I really really really really really want it. I have no idea where to start in getting this dog. What should I say? My mom is cool with it, but my dad keeps saying no cause my dog now might not like it. What does he know we've never had another dog in the house!!! What should I do??? HELP!

Mj 5 years ago

Ok I have wanted a doggie FOREVER ,I have done alllll the research about Labs and know AALOT about them ,but my mom goes with whatever my dad says (sometimes she will try to talk him into it for me)What else can I do? We have 1 dog ,2 cats, some rabbits, 1 bird ,horses,cattle too ( we live on a farm ) PLEASE HELP MEEEE

ashley star 5 years ago

my dad will not let me get a dog. i had a dog last summer but she [angel] got bit by a snake. she died. i want a calvalier.k.c.spaniel. if you have one you are trying to give away, post a comment and i will see you shortly. give your name, phone number. thank you, ashley star.

Cameron123 5 years ago

Hi I've been asking my dad for a Doberman pinscher lately. He's been away on business so it's been by text. I am 13 and have 3 cats and a 9 year old dog. My dog is a mutt and he has been great these last few years. Lately I've been wanting a Doberman puppysince I was too young to fully experience his puppy hood. I can be very responsible but lately I doubt I have shown it. Do you have any ideas to help persuade my dad? Usually if I can persuade my dad I can persuade my mom.

Thanks a lot,


Wysteria Tan 5 years ago

Hello!I have been trying for who knows how long to convince my parents for a puppy.But the answers are always"NO!".Why?I don't get it.I mean,I'm not those kind of reckless and playful kids.But I did lose a few stuff like pencil cases and textbooks in pre-school,but I always got them back.Have I lost my hope of ever getting a puppy?I saw a beautiful dark brown Chihuahua at a shop window and fell in love with him at first sight.I really want to buy him.He has the same birthday as me!So please Whitney,give me some advice.I'll really appreciate it.So will my 'future puppy'.Thank You so much.

Best Wishes,

Wysteria Tan

5 yrs 5 years ago

ive been asking for a dog for 5 years now my mom says no my dad says yes

Ally 5 years ago

Whitney i have been asking and asking my parents for a dog for years and it still isn't working what do i do?

Caitlin 5 years ago

We used to have a dog. We had to give her away because she had developed behavioral problems and became "wild". She also had a disease. Now I really want another dog, so badly, not as a toy like some people view them, but as a friend and a companion because I have no friends at school and am kind of lonely. My mom is with me, she loves dogs and wants another too. But my dad says no. He doesn't want a dog and will not end up taking care of it like last time. I have many reasons why the last dog didn't work out. I was only eight, my brother six. My brother had autism and was hard to control around the dog and teased it. But he has grown out of it and is perfectly fine around dogs now. We realized we got our dog from a bad breeder, a puppy mill, and that had an influence on its behavior. But most importantly, I have learned from my mistakes last time and I am fully aware of the time and effort it takes to train and take care of a dog, and I am ready, I will do better this time. I even offered to pay half the price. I told my dad what specific breed I was looking for. I also told him that the breeder that sells the dogs is a very reputable breeder and doesn't let the dogs go home until they are four months old and potty-trained and all they need is the rest of their first year shots. This time, I received a "maybe". What should I do? I feel like I've explained everything to him, like I've got nothing more to say. I think my dad doubts me, because of what happened to the last dog. What can I do to prove to him that I am responsible enough now, and convince him to finally allow me to get a dog?

bri 5 years ago

i have wanted a dog since i was three and im 12 now i have looked up dogs and want a bichon frise i am very responsible and take care of my cat but they still say nooooo i do the dishes keep my room clean. i think its because my parents both had bad dogs growing up so what do i do to get a dog please help i have also tryed not begging and not talking about it for a few week but they still say noooo

ABanana 5 years ago

How can I convince my Dad to let us get a dog???

Daria 5 years ago

My dad died a couple of months ago and im really sad im only 12 so i take it very badly.Could anyone help me please i really want a yorkshire terrier to make me forget about the sad time i have read all about them and i know how to care for mum says no when i ask but she says the puppy isn't born yet!i just cant wait for a yorkie the puppy will help me forget about daddy but my mum keeps on saying mum had a dog when she was small as well and its still alive but he is old, that should help me a bit.i tidy up my room and help with my little sister but it still doesn't me please!

Christina 5 years ago

Okay i want a dog so bad my mom is on board with it but my dad isn't. He doesnt even want to talk about it. My mom got me a dog and my dad made me give it away for no reason. I try and try and try to talk to my dad about it maturely and he just makes a joke or just ignore me what do I do? I want a dog so bad. I have done everything! The research the voulnteering everything but still nothing. ALSO my dad keeps saying maybe some day but then other days he says straight out NO and im so confused what do I do?

please help me 6 years ago

okey i admit i'm 11 i admit i'm lazy and i admit i'm scareds of certain breeds of dog. but i really want a yorkie. there small. there cute. there trainable. i will look after it. the only pet ive ever had is 1...2...3...4...5... fish. even then i had to buy the last 2. that's the only pet i'm aloud to get. IT'S NOT FAIR. i'm sick of fish now. ive had fish on and off since i was about 5! my dad feeds it my mum cleans it and i want a responsibility. a dog! please help me. my mum said she'd think about i think shes coming round after the whole 'its small so it wont eat too much, it wont take up too much space (we have a fairly small house), it wont need to exercise for hours every day... etc etc.' she said she'd think about it. really think about it but 'what about insurance, vet bills, the 4 cats who are still young and (BIRD DECAPITATING) won't they mistake a small dog as food? etc etc.' my dad still wants a big dog (house too small, i don't like big dogs) or nothing at all. i said the only way we'll ever get a bigger dog then that is if i get used to dogs. the obnly way thatll happen is have a small one, then in a few years a medium one, then after that a big one.' dads not convinced. help! what an i say or shall i just leave it see what happens? wow you read it all congrats for that i was boring myself!

Allison 6 years ago

After asking for a dog for a year after our other one died

I finally got one, Jaxi is supposed to be a family dog but I'm actually the one who plays, walks, and takes care of her. She is almost 2 years old. She has to stay in her pen unless we are with her and she gets pretty bored. I am thinking about asking for a second dog to keep her company but my Dad always says the same thing:'do you want to get rid of Jaxi?'. I want to get an older dog from the SPCA. Do you have any Ideas how to convince him?

Kate 6 years ago

i wanted a golden retriever for about four months now, and i bring it up every three days or so. so i asked my mom to actually, really consider it, and she said, and i quote, "NO". so i asked her if not even that, maybe another breed. she wouldn't reply for a moment there, and i said mom? "OKAY". so i am now looking at miniature golden is working out great so far.

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a.howar6 6 years ago

ok so, I have a black lab and mixed with something else(my dad hates him) and I want my own dog (goldendoodle) my dad hates all animals but I love thme like crazy like my mom, any ideas on how to make him less stubborn about another dog. Pleaseeee. I've read about the goldendoodleabunch and it would fit in my house perfectly!

Sophie 6 years ago

I really want a dog. I have wanted one since i can remember, but i have only seriously thought about it around 4 months ago. I have done approx 3 powerpoints, and a whole notebook with schedule of feeding e.t.c. I have 2 rabbits at the moment(they live in the garage) and i look after them quite well. My parents did get annoyed at one point so i left it for 1 month. I am now trying to plan my next move. i know how much a dog from a shelter needs a 2nd cahnce and i really think we could give one. I just need help convincing them to take the last step. P.S I sometimes look after my neighbours dog and my dad said if i could have her for a week no complaints or anything they would consider. But mum said she wouldn't have my neighbours dog in the house( she is vicous and very obese, i feel like crying when i see her.) She is the only dog in know so please HELP!!

Blob252 6 years ago

My Mom DOesn't like big dogs because she had a bad expiriance with one. I want a border collie mix my dad loves her and tried asking my mom to get me it. Plz help me i can't seem to convince her to get me another dog! P.S. I have a male Boston Terrier.

ali 6 years ago

i really want a dog my whole family wants a dog except my mom me my sister and my brother have been trying so hard we do everything we can like be responsible, talking care of other animals, practicing with my cousins dog for the weekend and nothing is working. if my mom said i don't care,whatever, or i want nothing to do with it then my dad would have a dog so fast at my house but it is just my mom. and the one thing i don't get os my mom and dad grew up with dogs there whole life and my family just wants one dog. my brother sister and i just want one dog in our child hood and i think it would be fun to take care of a dog and walk it and show off with it but my mom thinks i am just all talk so can you please give me advice i really need it thank you very much

bestgirl16 6 years ago

please write back and please give some more advice for me please i really need it a LOT! i am all alone just with my older sister my sisters baby by little brother that's so annoying my mom and me well my sister and her baby will leave there not staying forever she is just visiting but PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

audrey 6 years ago

i know i really want one its no FAIR. i akes my mom evary time but NO i take relly good of my other dog so is like mom but a dog or puppy is like 350 or 400 or 200 i think its not that much but NO so that's why i went here so i could wite my story could help get a dog and its been going on for years but no ples i beg of you ples i hope help me buy

bestgirl16 6 years ago

please help me my mom always says no your to young and your not responsible and you wont clean up after it and where will it stay and i really want one i ask here i make her look at dogs saying that dog is so cute wouldn't you like a dog like that and she says no i wouldn't but the hard thing is she doesn't like dogs and my sister doesn't like dogs and i have a little 5 year old brother and it hard to get a dog and i need your help a lot!! i am CRAZY about dogs!! i LOVE animals so much!! and my sister just had her baby and everybody in my family doesn't like animals as CRAZY i do but my cousin austin and his mom let them have a cat frog guinie pig and they just gave away they dog because a skunk sprayed her. AND I ASKED MY MOM FOR A LONG TIME AND SHE ALWAYS SAYS NO AND I BE SO MAD!!! I ALWAYS ASK AND WANT A PUPPY!! ILL TAKE ANYDOG AS LONG AS I GET ONE PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE AND IM NOT TRYING TO BE A BAD PERSON PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

Lily 6 years ago

My neighbor has 4 maltese dogs and she is fostering two from a rescue foundation. I want to ask her if one of the malteses could be my christmas and birthday present, but my dad and mom say no. I researched dogs and I do tons of work around the house to prove my responsibitity.

They both had dogs as a kid, but I can't help pay for the rescue because I'm a year young to babysit and I don't get allowance. What should I Do?

abi matthews 6 years ago

hi i'm abi

we recently moved out of my home, colorado. and my dog bear died. she was one year younger than me and i still remember finding her on the side of the road in santa fe new mexico. (11 years earlier) i was onmy way to the doctors appointment (and i STILL REMEMBER THIS) and there was a paper bag spilt over. inside i saw three big fluff balls. two of them had there eyes shut. but one didn't. that was my bear. eventually they grew bigger and we were bottle feeding them for a while.....and we eventually put them up for adoption. the two got adopted very quickly, but bear refused to be adopted. whenever someone came to see her she would growl at them and bark. except for me and my family of course. so we adopted her with warming hearts and smiles :). (1 year earlier than the present) we noticed a dime sized brown spot along her neck. right on her spine. we figured it was just sap from the trees but the next day it was the size of my palm! then we noticed that it was not sap. it was a scab. i had forgotten exactly what the disease was but i think it was that her body stopped making red blood cells. e few days later she couldn't walk or eat. she couldn't go outside. i was going out to school that morning and i saw her for the last time. i pet her all morning and said goodbye as i left the house. (6 hours later) i saw my family all outside planting a maple tree. i looked at my moms face and she didn't have to say anything. i just started to cry. during the skool day our veterinarian cam over amd helped lift my dog outside where she wanted to be. then they injected poisons into her body and she closed her eyes. and she never opened them again. (back to when i got off the bus) i ran home. it was sunset. and i lay there by the maple tree where my bear was dead underneath. and every day i would come back to that tree and plead that she would come back. until we moved.(present day) now our other dog,(wait for a funny name...) kat, ( yes her name is kat........ wich we had while we had bear) is always alone. and we are gone all day. i always walk or play with her at least once a day and i teach her a new trick about every three days. she is a quick learner. Now we have moved on and i think we need a new dog more than anything. i have done much research and think that an old English sheepdog would be the best choice because of their energy level. (and i love grooming pets to......its a hobby of mine haha) and because kat gets afraid of small dogs even though she is a huge labradoodle xD. and yet another reason: because i am usually the clown of the family but kinda stopped when bear died, so we need more laughter (and they are supposed to be funny)So any way i have been trying to talk my mom into another dog but she says we cant because we are renting a house. and i agree about that but we are moving this summer and i am very responsible (especially for my age) and i am capable of taking care of one 100%. I'm even trying to convince my mom that we could get an adult dog so that we don't have to potty train it but she thinks that we are gonna rent a house again. SHE WONT EVEN ASK THE LANDLORD! (i don't yell this out i just ask her politely and say i understand even though i really don't) and it just kills me to see kat outside.........her only friend is a squirrel.............if you call her chasing after it and trying to eat it a friend xD. ( back to the topic) and she loves other dogs so much! i have never seen a dog this much into other dogs! our neighbors back in colorado had dogs and we even shared a back yard so she had a lot of friends but now she deosnt have any and its terrible seeing the pain she goes through :'(. its like bella and edward xD. (back to topic again) my grades are good and i take care of myself. ive been cleaning the house and doing the cats litter box every day even though it is my sisters responsibility. my love is towards animals and i am the only vegetarian in my family and its been that way for a year. and i am afraid of talking about getting another dog to my dad because he hates animals. he deosnt even talk to me much any more and when he deos hes grumpy >:( because all i talk about is how much i want to become an animal cruelty investigator when i grow up. all the pet shelters near me say that i have to be 13 to volunteer and none of my neighbors have dogs. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

Ashlee 6 years ago


I am only 10 years old and know a WHOLE LOT about dogs and I am an animal freak and my mum knows that. I have a cat, guinea pig, EXPENSIVE parrot hats a chattering Lori and fish and getting a rabbit and I also have 2 dogs that are gettin married. My older 13 year old sister is SO ANNOYING and she was annoying the he'll out of me so I had a bit of a spaz. If I see a dog on the street I can identiy he breeds just by looks and I am only 10!! My best friend is Maltese x shih tzu breeder and he pups are ADORABLE me and my mum love them a d she was talking to my friends mum(the breeder) about purchasing one. So when j had my little spaz, my mum yelled at me and said she was going to get me another puppy but not anymore:( PLEASE HELP... What can I do to show her I'm responsible owner and gt me a puppy without me asking...??????? I can already teach great commands and house break because of my training DVD... SO PLEASE tell me what to do

Rene382 6 years ago


I asked my mum for a puppy to keep me company since im an only child with no pets. She said shed think about it. This was about the 18th time i asked. I toled her how badly i want one and she said NO. I havnt been able to stop crying and ive begun to get real depressed and not want to leave my room. What can i do to conince her to get me one?

Lyss 6 years ago

Hello Whitney,

I have been asking my mom for a dog for about 8 yrs now and 2 yrs ago I got one. I trained him well. But my brother undid every little bit of training I did. So my mom got rid of my puppy 3 or 4 months later. I started asking my mom for one again latley but she continues to say no . I have written a 10 pg. essay on which breeds would be best for us and how I will be EVEN more responsible and how I will pay for most/some of it because I baby sit quite often earning more than $30 a job. I have roommate who want a dog too but they don't want one of their own. So they are okay with having a dog in the house. Please help me Whitney.


anastassija (:  6 years ago

hey whitney,

my parents have said yes to me getting a dog, after about a year of quizzes and researching and begging and asking. We're getting one in spring 2011, around my brithday.

the only problem is, my dad just barely said yes. I thought it was because he doesn't like dogs- its actually because he doesn't think I understand what a big responsibility it is. I'm going to be 13 when we get the dog (probably a yorkie) and i'm only involved in volleyball in soccer, that only that's up about 2 days in my week. I go to school and i'm in 7th grade.

I do understand which responsibility it is- it's a living and breathing animal, and it needs care almost 24/7.

I have a plan what the dog will do during the day, the walking path we'll take, and where his stuff will be, but my dad still doesn't think I understand. I'm a straight A student, btw.

Please tell me how I can show my parents i'm responsible enough.

thaanks !

Kate 6 years ago

Help! I'm in grade 7 and I REALLY want a Shiba Inu. I've asked my parents for such a lllllooooooonnnnnnnnggg time! My mom always says: "Maybe, but you know purebred dogs are pretty expensive, we'll see...What about a cat?"

And my dad never even let's me finish the sentence, ex:

"Hey dad, I was wonder-" "No"

We also have two rabbits and my mom is worried that the

dog would eat them...Please help!

Pepper 6 years ago

Hey Whitney

I think you do a great job on this but I was hoping you could answer

my question.

Well I live in quite a big house and there are only three people, me my mum and

my dad. Well hears the problem I have two cats that are both 16

And they hate dogs iv also done loads of quizzes and they all say that a chihuahua is

Best for us

so this is how it went

Me- mummy please can I have a chihuahua when the cats sadly go

Mum- no because I'll end up doing the work

Me- no you won't I will do everything

Mum- well I don't know

Me- daddy please can I have a chihuahua when the cats sadly go

Dad- yes along as you do all the work

Me- I will I promise

I'm 11 and my mum loves puppies and there not expensive for us

And I will do all the work I don't understand why my mum is saying

No to me all the time HELP

Me- mummy please can I have a

Alistair 6 years ago

Hi! I really want a puppy and everyones quite keen about it in the house, i'm 12 and I have an older sister who's 15, my parents get angry every time I speak about dogs even though they're keen on it, and I'm not sure what to do at this point on! Please help!

Emma 6 years ago

I'm a 13 year old in need of a cute little puppy to care for. We have a 6 year old English Springer Spanial. and she is the cutest little ball of energy ever. I wanted a puppy just for me to take care of. I have been saving up money for 3 years. Not spending ANY of it with anything else I want. This is the commitment i am willing to take. I have research probably every website possible about how to take care of dogs, to training, feeding, what dogs fit me and my family, even to what to do on their first night. I believe if you want something bad enough, it will happen sooner or later. I'm confident. :) My mom doesn't think it's such a bad idea, it's just my dad... I really really hope that I get one. I tryed praying every night, begging, I even wrote a 5 paged letter to my dad, trying to convince him to get me one... I have a wish box, where I put my wishes of things to acomplish... I have two wishes about a puppies. I'm a lonely only child, have hard times at school. I get straight A's and I try my hardest... If you're reading this and saying, "man, she should get a life..." well, I got to find that life first. I want, and need to make a difference in a little puppies life. Whitney, do you have any advise for me?...

Angela 6 years ago

I wanted a maltese, but my parents said, no, because, even they both love dogs, and they think I will be able to take care of it, they still say no. I don't understand why. I ask them if they feel I'm irresponsible, and they say that I've already proven that. They're not allergic, and they don't have any problem with dogs. The reason that I cannot have a dog might be that I go to school, and the dog on 3 days of the weekday will have to be home alone for 4 hours. Could that be the reason?

elg 6 years ago

My mom keeps thinking im not going to take care of it but ive been asking for a dog for 7 years now what do i do?

person lol  6 years ago


Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 6 years ago from Georgia Author

Not being able to afford it is a valid reason, and being that you are young and cannot work, means that you can't help out financially.

Sometimes you just have to wait until it is affordable. Getting a dog is very expensive.

If you could have either have a roof over your head and clothes on your back or a puppy, which would you prefer?

Dani  6 years ago

My mum says that she cant efford one whitney !!!! but she could im only 12 and i cant work i really need one i cry every night because i want one sooo soo badly please helpppp meeeee :)

Trey 6 years ago

my mom keeps bringing up that shell have to feed it and clean up after it while im at school


Gr8grace 6 years ago

I seriously need a dog i have wanted one since i was 4!!!

Ethan 6 years ago

I have wanted a dog FOREVER but my parents are pilots so they are gone a lot and they think that when I am in school and they are gone, who will let the dog out? Also they think that their whole day will revolve around the dog, like if were at the supermarket or in town and we are running late, "Oh no! we forgot about the dog!" I have tried EVERYTHING! Ive tried making an essay on things I will do to show i'm responsible enough, Ive tried talking to them seriously, and a lot more (that's really not the problem though) the problem REALLY is how to convince them that a dog will be okay alone, or who to give it to when we go on vacation... PLEASE HELP I REALLY WANT A DOG!! also, my parents said to me, "theirs somethings in life you just can't have" they know i'm responsible but it doesn't "fit our lifestyle" I don't want to give up though so I need ideas.... please!

Amanda 6 years ago

Ok please help me! Our family owns a dog and, well i do Lacrosse Swimming Gymanstics Girl Scouts School Private Saxophone Lessons my brother Swims take Trumpet Lessons Boy Scouts School (etc.) My mom has a job as well as my dad And last but not least my other brother is in college. As you can see, we are literally PACKED with stuff in our schedule I feel soooooooooooooooo bad for my puppy shes only 2 and she has to stay home all day. This is the usual coversation of me and my parents:

'Hey, Mom? Can we please please please get another dog?'


'Come on! why not! Holly stays home all day and you say that she sleeps all day. But the truth is she has nothing to do! She cant watch TV she doesn't have a computer or an ipod a phone she cant even go outside! So all she really can do is sleep.'

'Go ask your dad, Amanda! I hate thinking about these kinds of things! plus you always ask me when im doing something!' (And yes she's yelling at me for being right)

'Dad?' can we get another dog?'

'Why the hell do you think we need another dog?!'

'(I say the same i said to my mom) Holly stays home all day and you say that she sleeps all day. But the truth is she has nothing to do! She cant watch TV she doesn't have a computer or an ipod a phone she cant even go outside! So all she really can do is sleep.'

'Well that's too bad for her. (says sarcastically) Poor Holly. (And goes on with his work or says ask your mom).'

'Fine I guess you don't care for your dog.'

WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! PLEASE HELP ME! And yes, I will admit it too, I am pretty spoiled I have a guinea pig a phone my own laptop and an ipod touch. But i even tell my mom I will pay for the dog. She always just says how much the shots and vacctinations are going to be. I understand fully that the waccinations are SOOOOOOOO MUCH MONEY! but im technically payin for half of it and that's better than having my parents spending $1500.00-$2000.00 for a dog. PLEASE HELP ME!

staci  6 years ago

hello,, i have been wanting a dog for ages now every since i was younger i am 15 soon and my birthday is coming up my brothers friend has puppies and i really want one she said she could do it to me for abit cheeper to the only problem is my dad disagres with me he ive found out how i could pay for it all even found a family friend that would look after it when we go away but hes just hard to talk round is there any idears i could show how i could persudee him that i will be able to take on a respnsibilty..?

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 6 years ago from Georgia Author

If you can afford to pay your bills in full and not have mommy pay them for you, then you have all the right in the world to get a puppy. If you have to have mommy pay your bills, then you're not ready.

You obviously weren't ready with the last puppy, as it's a cop-out to just get rid of it without trying to train it properly.

Work on paying your rent in full without mommy's help. Work on getting a house/apartment in your own name without mommy's name attached, then you have full say so.

phoebe 6 years ago

hi im 19 and currently living with my boyfriend as my mum just moved interstate and we really want a puppy. however- mums playing the whole card that she pays half the rent and the lease is in her name. we recently had a puppy but it bit a person so we had to take it to a farm, so i know were aloud a dog in the property. i was just wondering if you had any ideas, as its i think its rediculous that i pay for everything myself and am clearly responsible but she just has this power over me!


laura 6 years ago

Hello, I have been asking for a dog for 5 years, since i was 7. I haven't just been begging, i have cleaned a lot more than normal, i got great grades, i found a pet at the humaine society and did research on its breed and got my brothers involved and all 3 of us saved up 200 dollars to pay for it, but i got a no.

so i moved on to smaller animals, i did hamsters, fish, more hamsters, but no dog, a year ago i tried moving up from a hamster to a ferret, i did loads of research checked out all the books about ferrets i could get my hands on, i went to the pet store and looked at ferrets, held them, and saved up enough money, but my mom still said no. i'm truly at a loss of what do to here i mean i have tried every thing i am aiming twords small dogs (because my mom like smaller dogs) my stepdad loves dogs, but its my mom, currently all i have are fish i was hoping for some advice thank you so much


Eddie 6 years ago

Hello, I am 15 years old and I have been waiting for a dog for so many years and every time I ask my parents about it they just say no, they won't even tell me why! I really really want a German Shepherd very badly and I know everything there is to know about one! It has been at least 4 months since I last brang up the conversation. I want to adopt one but I have no idea how to start the conversation so I do not get that same NO any help would greatly be appreciated!!!!!!

Colin 6 years ago

Hi there!

My names Colin, I'm 17 and I will be finished with school in November 2011. I have been thinking about getting a GSD since last year and now I'm overly keen on picking one up again. I keep bringing it up with my mum, she mostly ignores me and when we do talk about it, it ends in a heated argument. In 2012 i want to travel to Europe for about 4-5 weeks and my mum thinks that this won't be a good idea if i want a German Shepherd. I can get someone to looks after the GSD though, can't I?

I would love some tips and a professional opinion.

Thanks a lot!

kesha 6 years ago

i have been studying about dogs since i was six. and i'm 12! i really want a dog i know i'm ready!! i kno my parents want one too but they keep saying no. I DON'T KNOW WHY!! PLEASE HELP!!!

RACHEL 6 years ago

i have wanted a dog for as long as i remember but my parents keep saying no!any kind of dog is fine with me!someone please help me.please!

emma 6 years ago

iv really wanted a king charles spaniel puppy for a while now and when i asked my mum she said she would think about it .shes looked at pic said there cute .but still hasent desided. iv read how to care for them and a kc spaniel is a perfect breed. im 11 please could you help

Clara 6 years ago

I've been trying to convince my parents to get a 3rd dog for a year. at first my dad was into it but now has to hide that from my mom. I've met all the requirements that they set but they still won't let me.

Mee x 6 years ago


I have 2 staffordshire terriors and I look after them

But one is my mums and one is my fathers

I want a dog of my own

I really put as much effort in with them as i can And I look after a hamster and a rabbit as well

I have been saying things like we can go to a shelter and get one as they don't charge much many dogs have their shots and are neutered all ready and they need new homes any way ?

My mum is kinda getting there but really slowly and my father is just saying no

Ive been trying for ages

I take my dogs on walks and play in the garden with them

I have taught them various tricks and they both are amazing on and off the lead

What eles can I do ?

I would earn money but I am in scotland and theres not many jobs for A 13 year old ?

thank you in advance x

Holland 6 years ago

I would just like to remind everyone that even well bred dogs can turn out to be destructive and dicouraging to a new pet owner, if not trained properly. It is much harder to train a dog than most people think. It takes constent reinforcement and anyone who is not able to o so really should not consider buying an animal. It is cruel to the dog and, it is unlikely that once bad habits develop that someone who was not able to prevent them will be able to fix them. I am surprised at the level of imaturity that many of the kids on this hub have shown. A dog is a living breathing thing and is not meant to be a training lesson for a child to learn responsibility. Whitney, I think the advice you have given here is quite realistic and I am happy to see it.

jessica 6 years ago

i am ten years old and i have been asking for a dog since i was best friend sophie has 5, 3 at here mums and 2 at her dads .have have already taught 2 of her dogs to sit down and lay down but my parents don't seem inpressed.i have been saving up in money but i have only got 65 pounds lol.plz help me.

Alaina 6 years ago

Hi i hope you can help me with my problem. I went for a visit down to see my family in california im 12 years old know. They have the most adorable papillion dog to me in the whole world!! But hear me out. My problem is that we have an alaskan malamute wich is an issue because she is a huge female dog. Compared to a baby puppy that is probably 3 pounds first born. Wouldn't work out because i DON'T want it to get hurt. My parents arent worried about the fact that im Iresponsible They know i am because i make good choices what they don't know is that i dropped the subject for a long time. You see with my parents, if you drop the subgect they think you don't want it anymore but i soo do! One other problem is that my mom doesn't see the point of one :( my dad is a say yes after your mom says yes kinda guy. But there are 2 minor problems my mom HATES pet hair flying around. The other problem is that she doesn't want to pay for it.... The major problem is the big malamute in the house. Please respond thanks

- Alaina

Adriane 6 years ago

I have been wanting a dog for years. I'm 12 and I get all A's. Never a B until fifth grade. I'm responsible. I even wrote a note to my parents saying I understand why they say I can't have a dog. But the thing they don't get is that I WANT to take care of one. I want to go for walks, train, and care for one. I want a German Shepherd or a Black Lab. My dad says he knows they're great dogs, but we already have two. Yes, we have two shih tzus but they are very old. We bought them when they were 8 which was not a good idea because they never wanted to play. They didn't do anything but sleep and eat. We tried to train them, but they're old owner never even tried to, and now they're used to being fed treats all day. Now, one of them is dying and we were going to put him down. I do not want a dog just to replace these. I want a dog I can call my own. No one has any idea how much I want one. I'm not spoiled. I have no iPod, no phone. The most expensive thing I have is a nintendo. But it's the old one, not DSi. I REALLY want one. Please help!

Holly 6 years ago

anonymous, not everyone here is spoiled ya know. ur not a perfect little angel, so stop saying, "i can see why some kids arent getting dogs." your not better than everyone else, really. and u seem really braggy, "im not materialistic in any way, i take care of pets so great, im such a lil angel." its annoying.

and i just wanted to post a tip: for everyone who does want a dog, i advise you to try to dogsit your friends dogs, or use an old dog stuffed animal and show your parents how ud take care of your dog. ex: look mom, i am brushing my dog. most dogs need to be brushed at least once a week. if i had a real dog, of my own, i would also give her a bath around every six monthes." after at least a month of this (be patient!) they might consider, or at least get serious about it. u might feel like an idiot for doing this, but it just might work :D

Nataliaa 6 years ago

hey! My names Nat and im 12, and I've been wanting a dog for YEARS! My dad probably wouldn't mind, but my mom doesn't want one because she thinks it will bite and shed too much. ive been with my friends' dogs, and ive even been a dog sitter for the girl down our streets cocker spaniel. i took care of her really well, but my parents still wont let me!! we have enough room in our house, we've had a cat who sadly passed away two years ago :'(, and i promised, and definitely will, walk the dog 2 times a day. PLEASE help me!! i already get pretty good grades, clean my room, the dishes, take out the trash, and so i think im pretty responsible. i know this is long but i want 2 make sure u kno the measures ive already done so u can maybe give some different tips. Please help, and thank u soo much for advice! xxx

Ella 6 years ago

hi! im ella, im 13 years old! ive always wanted a pet. up until a few years ago i would have loved to have any animal for a pet, but i got to take care of two gerbils that we had to move into the dining room because they wouldn't stop gnawing at their toys, a guinea pig who tried to escape every time i cleaned out his cage, my neighbors two cats that i was allergic to, two of my very own fish that bored me to death(they just SAT there!), and finally my neighbors dog, sam, who was always so happy to see me and made me feel so in charge when she got out and i was the only one she would come to. in my family im known for being great with dogs and being really gullible and excitable when someone tells me theres a dog somewhere. i also take pictures of any and every dog i see :) so about a year ago i asked my parents if i could have a dog. they said no. i asked them what i could do in order to get a dog. they said i had to go walking every day for a month. i did. every day. after the month was up, i asked can i get a dog now? they said no. i asked why, all i got was because i said so. ive saved up a bunch of money, ive been cleaning my room constantly, doing things before they ask, proposed arguments, stopped and let it go for a few months, and now my stepdad is randomly mentioning dogs. he never does that and that's getting my hopes up. i have a bunch of great reasons why we should get a dog(we don't have another dog by the way) but i don't know what to do now. my last strategy is to ask for a dog and only a dog for my birthday, which is coming up soon. my mom just said we cant get a dog because she cant afford it. its literally all i want for my birthday. all my family can pitch in to get a dog/puppy and it'll all be good! i know there will be bills to pay and all that but we can afford to buy a new 3rd tv for my dad, a new computer for my grandma and whatnot. i need help! i really feel ready for a dog. ive done all the research and everything! but my parents are so confusing! by the way, sorry this is so long... :)

Anonymous 6 years ago

I can see why some of these kids on here aren't getting their dogs, judging from their comments. But my parents already know I'm responsible, I have one cat now, and I took care of all 4 of our ferrets before we moved and couldn't keep them. Our cat is more my mom's, he isn't nearly as nice to me, so it feels like I don't have a pet anymore. I'm homeschooled, so I have plenty of free time. The only problem is that my dad doesn't seem to want me to have one and he doesn't really have any good excuse for it. He says most of the time that we don't have room, but we do have a screened-in porch with a pool and an unfenced side yard, and there's a great dog park not too far from our house. I know exactly how to take care of dogs, and I should, since I've been doing research for about a year now. What's really frustrating is that I found THE dog that I know I want more than anything else in the world, and he'll probably be gone tomorrow, because the rescue is bringing him to a pet store rescue event. I don't even really ask for much anyway, I'm not materialistic in any way. I don't demand the latest fashions or gadgets, I just want a dog. Money isn't really a problem, because aside from the adoption fee and food, I can get most the supplies I need cheaply or make my own. I also have a way of getting money to pay them back. I don't really have a temper or problems with obeying them and I'm not really messy, either. I just don't get why my dad won't budge. I'm getting desperate because I ache for that dog, and yet I know there's almost no way I'll be able to get him.

In case it matters, I'm 14.

jeanie.stecher profile image

jeanie.stecher 6 years ago from Seattle

Since you seems ready for that responsibility, Discuss the issue with your parents. Compromise with them. And also I suggest to make you more effective trainer and owner of a dog, try to research and study more everything about how to grow and care for a puppy. ;-)

Holly 6 years ago

I'm gonna clean my room and be nicer so maybe my Mom might say Yes. When I ask her, she says We'll see. I don't want to ask her to much because that will just make Her mad and say no. Wish me luck!

Curly 6 years ago

When i was younger i had a puppy. she was a fox terrior cross jack russel, with green eyes and white and light brown reddish fur. i didn't take care of her of feed her, i didn't even know i was meant to. i taught her how to dig and i played with her. i even took her for little walks sometimes. but then i just stopped. and i didn't pay attention to her. she spent all her time locked up and i couldn't let her out because she fought with the other dog.

she was wild and untamed. but when i went to her and patted her she was calm and loving.

i was a really bad owner. my dad took care of her.

then i moved to my mums and i never seen my dog.

she ended up getting a disease and she died.

years and years later. i asked my mum for a puppy. a husky. my mum always plays the lazy card. im quite lazy. but to be honest, i would take care of this new puppy. i couldn't bear to lose another. every time i think about my old dog i cant stop crying because i never took care of her. i feel really guilty. but i was really young and didn't understand the responsibility.

now im older i understand what it means to look after and care for a dog.

my mum always pulls out the "you had a dog and you never took care of her" and the "you cant even keep your room clean".

so ive decided to keep my room clean for a year and to vacuum and bring the washing in. but she still is convinced i wouldn't take care of it.

i even wrote up a routine of meal times, playing, teeth brushing etc. and i planned a place for her to play when im at school.

im really prepared for the respoinsibility and i think that it would give me something to do.

most of the time im bored, and i hate life.

at one stage i suffered depression.

i recovered without any help but i always find myself crying when something little goes wrong.

i think a dog could really help me with that, but i don't really want to tell my mum.

she thinks im meladromatic anyway, so she probably wouldn't believe me.

she once suggested i see a councillor, but i refused.

she insists i didn't really have depression.

i don't know what to do. my mum doesn't think i could take care of a puppy, i want one so bad. i don't know how to show her.

ive blabbed on a lot.

anyway. i need help

momyes dadno 6 years ago

my mom is all aboard getting a puppy she would right now! its my dad he says no we dontneed another puppy you already have one what can i do t6 make him let us (me and my mom have an6ther one?

Allison 6 years ago


i really want a dog. my mom is allergic (hypoallergenic then?). My parents say no because we'd be "tied down" and "never be able to travel". Please help!

Em 6 years ago

Hi Everyone

I'm 11 years old.

I am a big fan of pets except for fishes because their boring. I really want a dog. I started jogging my parents memory about their dog before I was born, and my dad liked that dog but my mum was OK with it. My mum thinks dogs are dirty creatures and has to spend heaps of time on it. I really want a puppy, though im ok with any other pets. I actually agree with my mum that it is hard to take care of the puppy. I am really trying to show how responsible i am by taking up chores in the house. I will be going to the pet shop to just look at the puppies there, I think everyone who wants a puppy should do that with their parents to improve my parents liking of animals.

jacquie 6 years ago


I have one dog and one bird at the moment, but they are family pets. I have been the one taking care of them pretty much sinse we got them, and I'm finding that I still have enough love to share with one more puppy. My parents are small dog lovers and they don't mind high-strung dogs at all. I am planning on getting a yorkie that grows to be 4-5 Lbs, but the thing is my parents aren't accepting my request of another pet because our dog is 11 years old and they are afraid she will be territorial towards the puppy. They also don't want me to get a puppy now and have to leave him/her all the time when I go to uni/college.

I know that if I keep up the work they will give in, and maybe if I take them to see the puppies with me they will let me get one because they are so adorbale, but what do I do with the puppy while I'm at school? I'm going into grade 11 in September, so I will be in school for most of the day. I don't just want to leave the puppy at the house all by itself. Unless my dog gets along with it and they are friends, then they can ang out maybe...

SO my question is if I happen to be allowed to get a puppy should I get it now and train it so that in 2 years it will be alright (hopefully) by itself? Not that I want to leave it all alone, but I don't have the money to afford puppy daycare or puppy-sitting.

Your help is very much appreciated,

thank you.

Tay Tay 6 years ago

Whitney, i'm really into getting dogs I now work at a dog daycare and I really wanna dog of my own! I really like Afgan Hounds, and I am responsible. I do ALL my chores. And I get striat A's in school! I do not know why I can't can't get a dog of my own! Whitney, please, please, please, please, please, help me!


Tay Tay

Riley 6 years ago

Hey Whitney,

At this time I have an older English Coocker Spainel. I wasent planning on commenting until i read some of the amazing advice yoe gave to other pet lovers. My dog I have right now is getting older,does not like to play, and is in no shape to involve in serious physical activate. I would love a bigger dog and already know how to train dogs and socalize them. My older dog is calm and relaxed and would set a great example for a younger dog as a pack leader. I currentaly voulenteer at my local animal shelter and clean, walk, feed, and care for a WHOLE bunch of dogs. I would love to adopt from a shelter because those dogs have less of a chance of getting a good home. I just have one small problem, my parents don't think my dog would be okay with another dog. Is there any info i could give them so that they know how the alpea dog is esstablished and how to enteract the new dogs. I already know some of it but im looking for some more infromation!


Tayla 6 years ago

Whitney I 've been writing esseys and sentenses on why I should get a puppy. And here's it went:

Mom, can we get a puppy?

no! their too messy!


No buts!

But mom inmagine how happier my life would be with a dog!


Dad:Listen to your mom! End of discussion!

DoggyLover:) 6 years ago

Iv'e already owned 2 dogs but they went away, Boxso, my boxer I used to have, he ran away. And I owned Bingo also a Boxer, he was crying for his mum, so we had to take him back to his owner that we got him from. And I really wanna nouther one! I would really wanna Shiba Inu now, any tips?

Princerlee 6 years ago

Hi Whitney,

I'm currently 16 years old, and I've always wanted a puppy. Ever since I was in the 3rd grade, I would ask my parents over and over for one. I'm now almost done the 10th grade, and I'm still asking my parents for a puppy. My aunt had 2, and just until recently, she lived next door to us. I went over to their house literally every day, taking care of the "babies", taking them for walks, picking up their poo, giving them food, grooming them, etc.

I was so shocked and excited when my parents FINALLY told me that I could get a dog - If I get a 95% overall average. I made the mark in midterms, but I really can't keep it up until finals. Right now, it's impossible for me to raise my french mark to its midterm-state.

I can't get a 95% average, but I've gotten 100 student recommendations. (My friends told me I was crazy) 100 students in my High School signed this "petition", and each person wrote 2-5 sentances on why I should get a puppy. I wrote a book and an essay as well!~

I'm truly responsible. I have top marks for most of my classes, and I clean after myself all the time. Do you think that I can get a dog? Even after all my work, essays, books and petitions? I'm not sure- can you offer me any advice? What else can I do to proove that I really want a dog, and i'm up for it?

Lauren 6 years ago

Hi, I'm Lauren and I just turned 13. I have been wanting my very own Pomeranian puppy since I was 8 years old, but until I turned 12, I wasn't really serious about it. I have never had anything but straight A's in school, and I am very good at sports. So what I did was that I worked for six and a half months on a book that I wrote saying why I wanted a dog, all about the Pomeranian breed, I listed my responsibilities, created a schedule for owning the puppy, and promised that I would take complete care of the puppy. I chose a breeder, did endless research to make sure she was responsible and truly cared for her dogs, and I even held a phone interview with her to be completely sure. I also managed to save up $1,000 dollars by creating and running a hugely successful summer company, and if that doesn't say how capable I am of owning a dog then I don't know what will. However, my parents said no. I am truly committed to this, and I have no intentions of giving up anytime soon. I need your help-any ideas that might change their minds? I don't wan't to be immature and pester them though. Thanks, -Lauren

Kinga 6 years ago

I'm so happy! I'm FINALLY getting a puppy this summer! Thanks for the tips Whitney!

Antonia.C 6 years ago

Hey, I am so angry at my parents. I say I will look after it and I will do more chores and nothing has happened. I looked after my friends dog while they were away, but they didn't see how good I was with it. My dad is okay with me getting a dog it's just my mum. I think that maybe if she saw that I was responsible then she would let me have one.

I have had pets in the past like hamsters and that but I didn't like them so I didn't care for them as much. I wish my mum and dad would stop saying that I wouldn't care for the dog and assuming I would do the same of what I did with the hamsters. Because i love animals.

I go to a marsh with friends and there is A lot of grass there so I think on Saturdays and Sundays I could take the dog there for a bit (once it has all of it's shots.)

I need advice on what to do with this "puppy problem."

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 6 years ago from Georgia Author

It's your responsibility to house train. Not the breeder's. Rubbing a puppy's nose in its pee or poo, is NOT the way to house train. You made the problem worse. Not all puppies hosue train in a matter of days. Don't blame anyone but your self and your family for not being successful at house training the dog.

Rachel  6 years ago

We did try to potty train him and we kept a scheduel on who would take him to go to the bathroom and when he did "go" in the house then we would rub his nose in it but nothing ever worked so that's when we had to get rid of him.

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 6 years ago from Georgia Author

it was not and is not the responsibilit of the breeder to house train the pupy. It's your responsibilitt.if you couldn't house train one, what makes you think your parents will get another and try to house train thatone?

Rachel 6 years ago


You see, I've had a dog before but we had to sell him because we bought him from some one who didn't potty train him when he was a baby and its been at least 3 to 4 years since we've had any pet and i've been very responcible, like getting my math grade up, cleaning my room, not asking for a lot of stuff and things like that, but every time i even bring up a convorsation about a dog, my dad completely shuts down and says no. But my mom on the other hand says that if my dad says its okay about getting a dog, then she doesn't mind it. So could you please help me?


Lize M 6 years ago

My name is Elizabeth and i have an 8 year old dog named Willow and i cat named kitty, also a hamster. i know you may think i have enough and i would too but i volunteered at a shelter and helped out for just one day. then i came across this pup named buttercup but i renamed her syco. i love her to death and even cried my eyes out when my mother said i could get her. is there anyway i could convice her? or should i just drop the matter? please i would love the help.-Elizabeth

ps im 13 about to turn 14 in July

Birdy 6 years ago

I've wanted a dog ever since I knew what a dog was. And strangely enough, all the dogs I've met have liked me - even strays and usually timid pets. I'm volunteering, but my mom just says, "Well, if you get to take care of all those puppies, you don't need a dog, do you?" I've written a bunch of school reports on dogs. I've set up a budget estimate and many other things. I'm a straight-A student with minimal problems, and most of my afternoons are spent in the house or yard, doing nothing. The problem, I think, is my mom's opinion. My brother, who doesn't even live at home, doesn't care, and my dad loves dogs and wants one even more than me, but my mom's not persuaded. I've honesty tried to persuade her in any way possible, but no. I think it's because the last time I had a pet - a bird in 2nd grade - I had to give it away because she thought I wasn't doing enough. Well, it's been five or six years since then, and she's persisting that my last pet was a failure and I'm not responsible or old enough. She's not allergic, we can exercise and take care of a dog, and we have money to take care of one. I really want a dog because I want a friend, and I've just really loved dogs. I know a lot about them - even more than my dad, who had a dog when he was a teenager. I'm not sure what I should do now.


Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 6 years ago from Georgia Author

Like I've said before, try to figure out why your parents don't want a dog. Since you're up for any type of pet, try to find a pet that they may agree with.

And remember not all dogs are cuddle dogs.

Definitely keep in mind that dogs are a LOT of responsibility, and that you shouldn't get one just because you want to cuddle with it.

Rebbekah 6 years ago

Hi!!! I am 12 and i have wanted a dog for agges!!! My mum would probably let me, but my dad didn't even want me to get my hamster(We also have a guinea-pig, but it is really old and is more my brothers. Also it runs away if you try and pick it up and doesn't do anything)!! I have tried begging, but my mum says i won't get round my dad by begging. But i don't understand why he doesn't want me to get a dog. We have the money, he loves dogs, and he knows i would look after it. The reason i want a dog is because i want something that i can cuddle, but i can't really cuddle a hamster, can i? I would even settle for another, medium to large sized pet, but my dad still says no! What can i do to convince him?




Please answer Whitney, I think you give really good advice!

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 6 years ago from Georgia Author

Trust me. I know it can be hard with a handicapped sibling, as I have one as well. But, when it comes to having a handicapped sibling, like you said all decisions made in the house and for the family must work out for him. It just seems that your brother gets everything he wants; I used to be the same way, but as you get older you will realize the differences.

Handling a dog and a handicapped child can be quite hard, which is where your mom is coming from with her 'no.'

I would recommend that you do not get a puppy, but an ADULT dog at least 1 or 2 years old. Puppies can be a lot more work than a dog who is already established, which will definitely work better with your parents having to deal with a dog in the house and your brother and yourself. I realize that puppies are cute, but they're not the best choice for everyone and every family. In a family with a handicapped child or a child with some sort of disability, much less many families with a non-disabled child, a puppy is not a good idea.

Sometimes you just need to let it go for a little bit. The more you beg, the more they'll probably say no, as the more you beg, the more immature you come across.

Never go into it with the attitude that the only dog or chance is gone now because there are so many that need loving homes. Rescues are the best place to find the perfect dog. You will have a better selection at finding one that is perfect for your brother, versus a kid in your class who had a mistake litter.

i need help please :) 6 years ago

Hi Whitney! Before I start asking the question, thanks for the site! I've read other peoples and seen the answers. They make sense and are good solutions. Anyway.

I want another dog, but my mom is against it all the way. I want to adopt from a puppy mill rescue or a shelter or something. My dad says, Ask your mother. Mom says, You know the answer, hon. Thing is--this summer I have no activities and it would be a great opportunity to have a small, housetrained young dog. I am just very determined for this to happen eventually, since someone in my class has a pregnant dog ready to have a litter for a pretty low price. My mom is always against my ideas it seems, but i have a younger brother wth autism and he loves animals. Most things need to be good for him. Sometimes I just feel left out when he gets loads of things he wants, and I get a few things. I even have enough money to buy the dog/puppy and have done research again and again. The only chance I had is gone. There was an adorable puppy named Toffee at the animal shelter. My mom said, maybe we'll get that one, shes so cute and sweet. but she was adoption pendng and now is adopted whch im glad she is, but I just don't know what to do. Ive offered it to be my Christmas and birthday present combinded but I just don't know what to do and I cant give up cause im just a very determined person all the way.

Bex 6 years ago

im 11 nearly 12 and i wanted a dog all my life 2! My moms grown up with 2 golden retrievers and now i want 1. ive tryed everything! All my family want 1 except my dad hes never had a dog only a cat. every time i mention the word dog he yells were not gettin 1! but wen i ask my mom she smiles a little bit and goes dad doesn't want 1! i no my mom wants 1 but i don't no how 2 convince my dad im a very responsible person and do great in school but he wont budge even wen i promised 2 chip in some money every month! plz help

Jane 6 years ago

I honestly can't get my mum and dad to get a dog. Its really annoying me now. I think my Dad wants one and then my Mum says "no.. Its going to have to be left." Its not though because My mum sometimes goes out in the mornings. We had another dog before and it died which is why. I really want one. Gosh, its annoying! xx

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 6 years ago from Georgia Author

Dog luver, it sounds like you and your family have trouble taking care of one dog. I wouldn't suggest that you get another one.

Jamine, remember that feeding dogs can be expensive. If your mom says she's not feeding another one, then it could be a finance thing. Keep that in mind. Do you want the live under a roof or have another dog?

Calleigh, Once in a while doing the dishes, isn't that big of a deal. You need to do regular chores without being asked. Try finding a shelter who has goldens for adoption. Save a life.

Calleigh 6 years ago

My parents and I have discussed getting the full bred golden retriever for weeks and I keep bringing up the money part of owning one. My dad says its not about the money its about the responsibility and commitment you have to put forth. I just cleaned the kitchen and did the dishes soo maybe that'll help! :)

Jasmine M 6 years ago

Hi, someone mind helping me out? I already have a dog (who i love with all my heart) and would like to add another member to the family (puppy). My mom keeps saying that "we're not feeding another mouth". But my brother who gets everything he wants (no joke, seriously) says that he'll help me get my puppy. He says i just have to ask again and again, and give them some reasons/facts about why they should do this for me. Can anyone just me some helpful reasons to convice my parents? Please? Thanks in advance. (ps i am 13 and have been following the 'take really good care of your pets to help convice your parents you can handle another/a dog')

~*DoG-LuVeR*~ 6 years ago

Hi whitney! I am very responsible and showing my parents how. They don't trust me! My mom is usually the one with the issue, we have an adorable 8 year old jack russel-maltese mix, and he gets loose a lot and im scared we might lose the poor thing. He's ok with other dogs after a day, but hes very protective. how can i get another dog? I want to adopt one from the shelter so that a homeless dog wont be so lonely. Help!!!

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 6 years ago from Georgia Author

I would recommend adoption unless you plan on competing and showing a champion dog. You can find purebred dogs in rescues. Whether it be a regular shlter or a breed specific rescue.

pupluv13 6 years ago

Hi, I was wondering-should I adopt a dog from a shelter or find a recommended breeder?

Joanne 6 years ago

Hello Whitney.

I have been trying to persuade my mum (more my dad) to let me get a dog for around the past year. First i was a bit over the top and said i would love a big dog but then i came to realise that was never going to happen so i though maybbe a little dog like a west highland terrier. I started to think of all of the good things like give me more excersise, a good companion, my siblings would like it as well, and i told them that i would have responsibility for a dog. However, i do realise that a dog can be VERY hard work but i do feel with a little help from my siblings (who are willing to help) we could manage to look after a dog. However, there are also things like vet bills, going away on holiday, etc that my parents are usung to say that i can't get a dog. I do realise that it is very expencive and we are not exactly rich, but is there any way to overcome this apart from getting myself a job because i am too young. I'm also very useless at reaserching dog breeds that don't cost a lot and are little and would greatly apreciate links to websites and ways to overcome problems. Many thanks.

Chrissy J 6 years ago


I am 16 years old and I really want a second dog.When I was 10 years old my mom asked me what I wanted for my bday and I said a big dog. Instead my mom bought me a little 10lb dog. I really like my little dog and I am the main caregiver for him but I still really want a big dog like a golden retriever. I have been interested in dogs since I was really little and own hundreds of magazines about them but every time I ask if I can buy a big dog my parents say no. A few months ago my dad told me that if I stay home instead of moving away for university in two years they would let me get one but then my mom got annoyed and said no.I have a job and spend most of my free time at my house or at the park with my friend, her dog and my dog.Any ideas to convince them to let me get a dog??

Jenna 6 years ago

I want another dog from a local shelter, I already have a dog he is a black lab. I've tried everything, i get straight A's,I go on the shelter website everyday and show them the dogs,but they keep saying- No one is going to watch two dogs and a hamster,one dog is enough!! I love animals and am really trying to show that I am responsible. PLEASE help me!! Thanks!!

Kinga 6 years ago

Thanks Teagan, but I've done that tons of times and my mom says that if we get a dog she'd only want a puppy.

Teagan 6 years ago

I had the same dog problem you do. Just go online, and find a german shepherd in need of a home and show it to your mom. You can get a retired german shepherd from your local police department that is completely trained. They usually retire at 8 years old.

Kinga 6 years ago

Hi. I'm turning 13 in two weeks, and since about a year ago I've been asking my mom for a dog. My dad is all for it. I have done TONS of research, I've written a 50 pages research paper for my mom about dogs, I've taken her to animal shelters. And no luck. Last summer my mom was sort of for it but now she says she doesn't need the extra work. I'm trying to be more responsible but whenever I ask my mom if I can help her do something she says no, I'll do it. Also, I want to volunteer at a shelter but none of them in my area accept anyone my age. And my mom says she wants a dog. I'm pretty sure she wants a dog that is perfectly trained and obedient, since she raves about this German Shepherd she sees playing in a big field by the school where she works who doesn't have to be on a lease.

And none of my friends have dogs, so I can't take care of anyone's. Our aunts dog is not trained at all and once when we did take care of him years ago I taught him to sit and give his paw.

Any ideas?

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 6 years ago from Georgia Author

If you know that you're not the pet parent to a dog, then I wouldn't suggest another.

Jenna 6 years ago

Hi-I have a 9 year old dog already, and I as I know it, we never were the "best" owners. We were so busy, sometimes we didn't walk her. I am an animal lover, and I'd love to have another pet! But my parents tell me the same thing, "We weren't good owners with our other dog, so we can't." I know they're right and where they're coming from, but I'd really love to get another dog! Any suggestions?

Alice 6 years ago

My family has never had a dog before but as I will be going to uni soon (where i will have my own house + garden and the most I would be gone is about 4 hrs) my parents say I can probably have one. How do I convince them that it is a good idea and what sort of breed is good for a first time owner? (They want to know all the facts before they say yes or no - I have done research and am thinking of a retriever)

Thanks so much!!!

chloe becca lsmith 6 years ago

listen i really want a puppy and im only ten years old so please help me i really want a puppy and i think im ready but my mum and dad don't .ive had my own puppy once but she got really snappy and i couldn't handle her so we had to give her away but i was only eight . please give me some advice! it would mean a lot to me !

Becca 7 years ago

In addition to my last question, I already have a hamster.

oh, and my parents DON'T want one.

Please answer my question Whitney!!! You give really good advice

Becca 7 years ago

I would really, really love a dog, but my parents do want one. The only person on my side is my 7-year-old brother (by the way, i am 12). I have written my parents letters, and have given them a power-point, but nothing works. I get good grades, and have been trying to be nicer to my little brother. What else can I do?

chrissy-luv profile image

chrissy-luv 7 years ago

Thanks Whitney! I'll try that!

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

I couldn't tell you if the breed is right for your family, as I don't know anything about your family. It is a good breed, and mixes of the breed are great as well. Definitely try to adopt instead of going to a backyard breeder. Do your research and have your dad talk to your mom.

chrissy-luv profile image

chrissy-luv 7 years ago

Hey Whitney!

I have been wanting a dog forever. When I was 5, my parents got me a pet bunny. I really want to get a dog now. I still have my bunny, though. My dad says yes, we can get a dog, but my mom says no. If i ever got a dog, my dad said it would have to be a big dog. I looked at golden retrievers and i think they are a good choice. I have started to look at golden retrievers up for adoption. How do i prove to my mom that i am ready for a dog? Is a golden retriever right for my family?

Thanks for your help!


Shmooganator profile image

Shmooganator 7 years ago

Hi again, from the time I posted my last comment my mom has considered getting a dog and has gave my the time I would have to take him out to go potty on the first night we got him. I am so excited and will continue to show responsibility till my furry friend arives.

profile image

AmyK1233 7 years ago

Hi Whitney,

I started begging my mum for a puppy about 4 years ago. She clearly said I had to prove how responsible I would be, so I started to help around the house. We then got a Jack Russell Terrier, who I loved and adored. At the age of 3 months she got a disease, and she sadly died. My mum said we would get a puppy one day, but when I asked her the other day, she said we couldn't! I've done a lot of research on the breed I want (A Labrador or a English Springer Spaniel) and my mum knows I want a dog. I don't know how to persuade her to say yes into getting a dog again.

Please Help!


Chirag 7 years ago

I really want a dog but it isn't working out. My bro, mum and maid don't want one but me and my dad are dying for one. Ive tried to persuade and convince but it has not work. What can I do...please help me. Im a spoiled kid but im a smart guy. Normally im an A*/A student.

Lainy 7 years ago

i guess i could say i am spoiled too, i almost always get what i want but not when it comes this puppy i think. Well my 14th birthdays in 4 months and i have been thinking for over a year i wanted a puppy so i did my research and presented the idea with a short presentation. and i think they are tricking me to think i am not getting a dog but i am really or they are just blocking the idea out what do i do now??

Natalie 7 years ago

I have 2 hamsters,2 betta fish,and a dog and I want a golden retriever and my sister wants an australian shepard my dad is saying maybe and my mom says it to expensive but I said I will feed it,take it for walks,clean up after it etc.HELP!

Shmooganator profile image

Shmooganator 7 years ago

Hi, I really want a dog and I have for about 2-3 months, so far I have picked out a breed called an Eurasaier and my whole family loves this breed and it would be the perfect dog for my family. I have my dad conviced to buy me a dog and he is working on my mom, I however have been doing A lot of chores around the house to show responsibility. I have done laundry, dishes, sweeping the floor,cleaning everyones bedroom, I have met the breeder and I have saved every penny scince I was eight and have anough to pay for the whole cost of the dog and im willing to do it Every night I read a book on how to train your dog and have whatched every video on dog training and housebreaking. My mom is not letting up and I REALLY want a dog please give me some advice!!!

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

Not every dog affects everyone the same. That isn't a breed, it's a mutt. Just because the dog doesn't affect your friend's mom's allergies, doesn't mean that it won't affect your mom's. Sometimes you have to take into consideration your family. It's not always about you.

Jess13 7 years ago

Hi Whitney!

I really want a dog, but my mom's allergic. My friend's mom is allergic, too, but they have a dog she isn't allergic to. The breed is a cavachon (cavalier K.C spaniel and Bichon Frise mix)and I'm pretty sure my mom isn't allergic either, because she met the dog. I've researched the breeder, and they seem really reliable. My dad get all these horror stories about dogs and I know they can be true. My guiena pig died, so I am pet-less. I know dogs are a lot of work, and can sometimes be destructive if not trained properly, but my dad is a solid no with getting a dog. Thanks for listening Please respond!


Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

You are being selfish. Does your brother live with you? Why didn't you keep that dog? Find out why they don't want a dog. Maybe it's a financial strain to have the cat and a dog. Just because you pay for the dog, doesn't mean that it'll be yours necessarily; the dog may attach itself to another member of the family. Then what? Will you want another dog? Probably...

Veronica 7 years ago

Hi, Ever since last Christmas when my brother got a dog and returned it, I have been asking my parents to let me get one. I have agreed to pay for it and to do everything. They both like the breed I want and to most people my parents would seem like people who totally want a dog. But they are very stubborn. We already have a cat and they seem to think that one cat is enough. I really need advice!

Also, my younger sister said that if we ever get a dog, she would pay part of it and it would be half hers. I don't want to criticize her but she knows absolutely zilch about dogs other than they are cute, need to be fed, and need to be walked. I know I am being selfish but I really want a dog for myself. My cat likes my sister best and I feel left out. Could you please give me some suggestions on how to disinterest my sister from liking dogs?



Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

It's a place to start. Just remember that you will have to be home to walk and feed the dog. How can you be gauranteed that you will be home at the right time? For that matter, what is the right time?

I'd definitely suggest adopting a slightly older puppy and not an 8 week old. Get a 6 month or older. And, you can find small breed dogs for adoption. You can also find pure bred dogs for adoption as well. Check out

Annabelle 7 years ago

I talked to my mom, this afternoon, refusing to let her change the subject, and found out that she didn't want a dog because she wouldn't be home at the right times to take care of it. I explained to her that I would be taking care of the dog, and she almost seemed to consider it!! Things aer looking up.

Thanks Whitney!!

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

Find out why they don't want a dog. Dogs are a lot of responsibility and financial strain.

By the way, yorkies are a lot of work, can be quite nippy, and typically very hard to house train by nature.

Try to adopt a mix breed. There are many small dogs available for adoption.

Annabelle 7 years ago

Hello, Whitney! Well, I guess I should start with saying that my parents are not Pet-People in the first place. They once got me a fish, and that is about the extent of our animal history. Most of my friends have a dog of some sort, and going over to their house and seeing how lucky they are just makes me want a dog more!

So, as you can probably guess, I went for the standard approach: Telling my parents that if they got me a dog, no matter what kind (though preferably a yorkie or something small and cute)that I would walk it, feed it, and generally be responsible for it. Of course, their reaction to this was "Oh homey, we love you to death, but a dog is just not something we need right now!". So, I waited a month or so, asked again, and didn't really get much of a different response.

Lucky for me, I came across this blog-ish thing, and would love some of your input! I certainly don't mind waiting a bit, but I feel that if my original plan of action hasn't worked by now, maybe it's time to switch plans. Thanks in advance!!

Sarah L. 7 years ago

Hello Whitney! I have found all of your advice extremely helpful, though none of them seem fitting to my situation, hence this comment.

You see, my parents and I currently have a 9-year-old dog, and as sad as it makes us, we do not fore-see him living much longer. We have talked about this, and my parents seem pretty dead-set on getting a lab. The thing is, I really want a dog of my OWN. I talked to them about getting two smaller dogs rather than one big one, I've written letters, compesed Power-points, even schemed with my friends on ways to convince them, but they won't budge.

The breed of dog that I am really looking in to is a bull-dog. My parents' argument is that they are noisy, drool a lot, and aren''t even that cute. I just don't really know what to do at this point to convince them otherwise, because I feel that I have tried every thing. I would still be happy with getting a family dog, but it just wouldn't be the same as having my own. You know?

Kailyn 7 years ago

Hey Whitney. :) I've wanted a dog for years, because I'm a dog person by nature and I love them, but my mom (the only parent living with me) is very hesitant. We've had a bad history with dogs not working out for us because my mom is very picky and we didn't do enough research, made snap decisions, went with the, "Oh! That puppy is so cute!" approach, etc. She also, like many parents, got a dog "for the kids" as she is not a pet lover, and of course we, being kids, didn't live up to our promises to take care of them. The thing is, I'm sixteen now and I feel like I am responsible enough to properly take care of a dog by myself, if I had to. I have a job and plenty of time and willingness to walk it/feed it/groom it, etc. My mom, of course, says no because she's citing our past experiences and mistakes. I have done lots of research this time around on my own, and I know what to do and what not to do. Is there a way to show her I'm ready without begging or annoying her to death? Thanks!

Rhonna 7 years ago

My sister and I have been wanting a dog for about 4 years now. My dad almost gave in, but then he started thinking about the negatives of a dog. For example, potty training, crying at night, ect. We have had one dog before, but I was very young. I think I was about three years old. My sister was seven. My parents were upset though because all that I did was chase the dog around and scare him, and all my sister would do, well, she really wouldn't do anything in terms of taking care of him. So, my mom gave him away. Now, whenever I ask they hold that against me. I've typed over 3 papers on different dogs, I've babysat dogs, volunteered for shelters, but my parents won't change there mind. Whenever I ask them why not, they say, "Because I said so." I guess I'm going to give up, and wait until I graduate from college. But, it would be nice to go ahead and get to take care of a puppy now instead of waiting 10 years.

By the way, I'm 12.

Carrie-Ann N 7 years ago

Hi, ive wanted a dog for a while now. Ive always liked dogs, never had problems with them a neither have my family. When i decided that's what i want i told my mom. She said i cant have one because we have a cat and a bird. I kept on trying to convince then she said maybe but only in a couple years. I have told her that i would walk the dog everyday(because i live very close to a park and often go afterschool)I think she knows ill be responsible. I even did reserch on the dog i want(Golden Retriever) and know there a good family dog. All i want is for her to say yes and not maybe. I said that that's what i want for christmas this year. My sister got a cat when she was 12(6 years ago) but sadly that cute little kitty ran away july 1 2009. We were all very upset but now knowing that he was a loving cat that will go to anyone so were not too worried. My mom trusted her and im turning 13 in april and think im old enough and responsible enough for my own dog. What can I do for her to say yes?

Jenna 7 years ago

Hello! I already have a dog that is two years old, and I want another dog to keep her company when I'm at school. But my parents keep saying no. I've written long letters, reports, gotten straight A's and stopped biting my nails. I don't have chores from my parents, but I occasionally vacuum and take out the trash. I also fill up my dog's water bowl every single morning and I get up extra early, which is something my dad's been bugging me to do. I've tried to be nicer, but a few of my family members get on my nerves.... You know how brothers are. I've been doing this for months but my parents are just too hard to convince and they keep ignoring the fact that I've spent most of my free time researching the breed I want (maltese) and writing a lot about them. I even chose a hypoallergenic breed. They don't shed, and my dad hates dog hair everywhere. The only reasons he gives me is that he doesn't want another dog and he's being ridiculous! He says he doesn't want another dog because he doesn't want to be one of those "crazy dog freaks" who's backyard is filled with so many dogs you don't know what to do with.... I mean seriously, is two dogs and one old lazy cat really that bad!?!

Any suggestions?

P.S. I know it sounds like Lauren's post but I'm in the same situation lol.

puppystar13 7 years ago

hey whitney,im evelyn and i just turned 13 on dec.when i was younger i had a stuffed animal that was really small and it was a dog. i use to treat it as a real dog and 4 my 10th b-day i got a puppy i guess my parents thought i was ready, and i felt ready but wasn't sure.he was a boy and i named him comet.when it was a week before my puppys 2nd b-day he ran away and he never came back.the saddest thing is that the same day we found out he ran away,my dad took us to petsmart and bought us a guinea pig so we can feel better.Now im 13 and i really do feel responsible not only bercause im 13 but because i now know its a big responsibility. when comet was still a puppy my dad put him in the backyard because he didn't like it when the dog went 2 the bathroom in the house,and we cried to put him back in but he just said no. my dad doesn't like animals at all,but my mom likes cats and i really want a puppy but i want a dog that will stay small because my parents don't want a big dog.i need some edvice on how to get my dad to like puppies and to show him that i know im ready.pleaseeee help me i really really want a puppy.oh and how can i help a shelter? where can i find a shelter by pico rivera ca

please and thank u:)

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

Sounds like you have 3 dogs and don't need another. With dogs already it can be hard to convince them to get another dog. You'll just have to find a good reason other than you just want one.

julia  7 years ago

my mom and dad said that i can have a puppy even tho i have three dogs all ready and if my dad wasn't concerned then i would have my puppy by now my mom said and she ment it that if your father says yes you can have one the reason i want another dog is cuz i want my own dog of my veary own that will love me but the dog doesn't just have to love just me he can love every one els 2 but i still want another dog i also have a guinea pig and a hamster and a fish can U help and give me some advice??

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

That's a backyard breeder- someone who has an accident litter and someone who doesn't know what they're doing and someone who isn't competing with their dogs.

The age doesn't affect the dog's ability to learn. Puppies do learn easier, but older dogs can learn with the work. It's going to take work either way. 3 months is nothing, that's still a very young dog. In some cases, older dogs (older than 6 months) can actually be easier to train because they're not as ADHD and can keep concentration longer.

Kyle G 7 years ago

This dog is very good, it does not come from a backyard breeder, it is someone that got a female dog an it became pregnant, and since she is away a lot she just doesn't have time to watch over a 3 month old puppy. It comes with a couple weeks of food, and current vet checkups, and shots and pedigree, so this is someone that loves their dog but just can't afford to watch over it since they are away a lot.

I am considering adoption too, because it will save a life, but I am looking for a younger puppy because I want to make sure I can train it to not chew furniture and stuff. I also want to make sure it is not that aggressive towards kids or other people because we have a lot of them in our neighborhood.

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Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

The higher dollar dogs are those from well bred and carefully considered breedings. They're usually much healthier than the cheap, backyard breeder dogs. But, try to fing a shelter who specializes in the breed or find a mix of the breed.

Just consider money is not always the only thing holding peolple back. But, dogs are much more expensive than the initial purchase. For example, my dog has costed me well over $10,000 in medical bills, medicines, supplements, and dietary changes; this does not include regular vet visits, spay, and her initail purchase. You just don't know what charges you'll come across.

Even if you don't go as far as my family has for this dog, you still have regular vet visits, supplies, and food, which really adds up.

By the way even $700 isn't really amazingly expensive. I've seen well bred dogs as high as $7500 or more, and these are dogs you can buy backyard for $150-$400.

Just consider adoption.

Kyle G 7 years ago

I said I came across one that is $300 - the average price for this breed of dog is 700-1200 dollars. Sorry if I got you confused.

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Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

$300 isn't amazingly expensive, or expensive at all for a dog. Try finding a mix breed and adopting. You'll feel much more fulfilled, and the dog will be much more appreciative. You can even find a breed specific resuce for that breed. If they're set in not getting a dog at all, find out why. If it's just that breed, find out why. It's not all about money. Dogs are more than the initial purchase, especially when it comes to money.

Kyle G 7 years ago

I have been wanting a certain breed of dog for a long time - Canaan- These dogs are amazingly expensive, but on the Internet I came across one that is only $300.

My parents know I want this dog-I have given them tons of facts about it

But I have not yet told my parents about the breeder that I found, I am also willing to pay 139 Dollars of it, but when I ask them not for a specific dog just like "hey mom-can I have a dog?" She will say no no no and no because we already have A family dog. Same thing with my dad.


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Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

So sorry. I obviously read that really wrong. I wouldn't suggest the program, unless you're planning on keeping the dog. I'm sure that the program is geared more towards people who are interested in a particular dog to see if the dog will work in their family, not to test drive dogs and convince a family member to get one. When you test drive these dogs, like you're hoping to do, you're confusing the dogs and causing un-necessary stress on them by moving them back and forth from home to shelter.

It is hard to convince him. My suggestion is, you've done your research. Volunteer and drop it for now.Let him think about it and then see where he's at after you've learned more hands on with dogs.

DogLuver123 7 years ago

I didn't lose a dog it was a hamster. And there is a dog we are thinking about. me and my mom really like it but the only reason we are doing the program is so that it gives my dad the feeling he didnt make a big comitment yet. We want to ease him into it slowly then see if he still says no i just want some advise on what to say to make him be more comfortable with the situation so that he agrees to get one.

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Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

If you're desperate for a dog, I'm not sure what to tell you. It's a little pathetic to be desperate. Maybe your dad isn't ready to move on. You just lost a dog a few months ago. Sometimes it takes time to grieve. It's not fair to try out a dog; that's bull if you ask me. That's like trying out a car and returning it if you don't like it. I wouldn't recommend this unless you find a dog you're really considering adopting that particular dog.

Dogluver123 7 years ago

Dear Whitney

i love dogs

allways have allways will

Ive allways wanted 1 but my parents just got me hamsters

my 2nd one died a couple of months ago and ive been trying to convince my parents to get a dog. Ive done a TON of research on dog's, breeds, taking care of them, etc. I did a powerpoint presentation and wrote a paper on why we should get a dog and what i would do to take care of it

I even got a job at a dog daycare place.

my mom said ok but my dad says no

ive asked him what his reasons are but his excuses arnt very good. I found a shelter that does a program where you can try a dog out for a week or too, if you like it you can adopt if not you can send it back. My dad said that he might do it. If he says yes how do i convince him to keep it. If he says no, where do i go from there, what should i say to make him give into the dog situation.

Please Help Im Desprate

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Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

You don't. You let them come to the conclusion of when the best time is on their own. They're already telling you they're getting one. You let them decide when. You're the child; they're the adult. Until then, do research as to how to train a dog; whether a dog or puppy is the best for your family; what breed or mix of a particular breed is best for you; the benefits of adopting versus buying from a breeder; etc.

Nia 7 years ago

I don't say "I want it NOW" to my parents. It's just what I'm thinking. What I was asking was, how do I get my parents to move faster with thier decigion.

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Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

'I want it NOW. I want it NOW. I want it NOW!' is immature. You already know that you'll get one. Just let your parent's decide when.

Nia 7 years ago

Adition to my last question

I also have an 8 year old brother, how is annouying, but responsible. I want a puppy so badly because when I stay at home alone (I'm 11), I get lonly after my homework is done and I'm bored with reading. Whitney05, you seem to be, like, the bestat answering, could you help me?

Nia 7 years ago

I don't know what to do! My parents siad the next pet we can have is a puppy (I've had 2 hamsters), but I want it NOW! Don't say that I'm immature, because my parents constatnly say "Wow, Nia, your acting so mature!" I have straight A's in every subject, so that problem is done with. Actually, the other day, my mom said (Nia, you have no idea how proud I am of you, I was just looking at your grades, and they wre all A's. Keep up the good work, and a puppy might be in your future." The probalem is, I don't know when. I think they are waiting so long because I have 5-year old little sister. But she LOVES dogs, so I don't get it. What should I do to get my dream puppy?

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Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

If you've always wanted one and never asked, but are now asking, it's going to look like you're copying. I'd drop it for now. Do research. Prove yourself. Then in about 4-6 months ask again. With 3 children and a dog, that's a lot for your parents. Consider the economy sucks right now and a dog is a lot of financial responsibility. It's a lot of strain, and being that your mom is going to be at home all day with the dog, she may not have the time to train it and care for it. Stay at home mom's don't just sit and watch TV.

If you're dad is very adamant about not getting a dog, then drop it for now. Read. Research. Focus on your own schooling and chores. Grow up some and then consider asking it again.

Also, consider an adult dog versus a puppy, it's less of a strain in terms of training and vet bills. Adult dogs need shots once a year, versus puppies who get shots ever 4 weeks until about 18 weeks old, followed by another set a few months later and then the yearlies.

Kayla 7 years ago

Hi! I've wanted a dog for about 6 years now. My friend just got one and now my parents think I am trying to copy her. They're very disappointed in me (I think). I keep asking them; my mom sort of wantss one but when I ask my dad he gets mad at me for a couple hours and the last time I asked him, he said (angrily), "I' not going to change my mind about a dog!" Now I'm really sad (I'm 11 by the way) and I have two younger siblings that I always take care of and baby-sit. I don't know what to do!! My mom sort of wants one because she thinks they are cute, but she is a stay-home mom and when I go to school, she has to take care of it!! Please help me anyone!! (Whitney, I think you are very good at answering questions) Thank you


Pavitra 7 years ago

hey,im Pavitra... i want a pup soooo badlly...i was considering a beagle since theyre small.i love dogs like crazzy and always wanted a dog since i was a dads had soo many pets.hes had a dog a monkey a parrot and a fish tank...i dont think he minds...but my moms not convinced at all ive tried everything..yeah she thinks theyre cute but at the same time disgusting and dirty ..ive told her i will take full responsibility for the pup..but she still isnt convinced.. she told me i can have a fish tank or a tiny turtle cos theyre slow and small and she can run away faster..:P .

my brother has also gone away to studdy nd i get really do i convince my mom..?Please Help!

Taylor 7 years ago

I feel so lonely at home. I've been trying to convinse my mom and step-dad for a pug, but they always answer "no". Finally I convinsed my mom but my step-dad is still being stubborn. I've been doing my own laundry, vacuuming, dishes, sweeping, and dusting. I get straight A's. I don't know what else to do. (I don't even have one dog either)

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Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

All towns have some kind of shelter or pound. If you live in a rural area, go to your nearest city, they'll have one. Do your research. Stop begging.

Akshay 7 years ago

i have been wanting a pet since childhood, but my parents' answer is always no. They ask me to stop talking abt things that are never gonna happen. my mom and dad hate pets. i am really confident of taking care of a pup enough responsibly!!

pls help!!

( PS there isno shelter nearby for me to prove my responsibility!!)

maia C. 7 years ago

ive been asking my parents for a dog for a long time my dad my brother and me want a dog but my mom keeps saying no. my dad tried convincing my mom but it didn't work. she keeps saying that she is going to get stuck with all the work,but shes wrong. i had fish and i took care of them until they died of some sickness. and i also had a Guinea pig, but i had to give it away cause my mom was allergic. i am really responsible. i don't do anything after school so yea. I'm 14 and my brother is 11

mollie 7 years ago

heyyah,, well i nagged my parents to geta dog for abowt 9years or soo,, and they finally gave in, in may, so now we have the most adorable staffy x whippet ever,,, my problem is, she runs away, not forever, but if she see's a rabbit, she is off like a shot, and she kind or has the whippet greyhound bild about her, soo she is very fast,,, she is like this with other dogs, she see's them and then runs after thn,,, we have tried treats but that doesnt help, and she has to be off the lead coz she is a very energetic dog, and we have even had a trainer into help, what should we do?

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Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

Unless someone knew they were titled, it's odd they stole them both. But, I guess it's possible. You can't look at a dog and know they're titled.

carley 7 years ago

i am pretty positive they were both stolen. i was with my mom and he took that dogs to death valley and on his way home he was at a motel and the dogs were in the back of the truck that at the time had a camper shell on it. the aussie was a nationally ranked show dog and the lab passed his final hunting test, idk if that could have had anything to do with it but idk.

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

It's possible, but if your force your mom to do something she really doesn't want to do, it will be miserable for everyone and the dog.

It's not something to brag about being able to convince people to do anything you/your sister/whoever wants. There are many potential downfalls to that.

larissa4444 7 years ago

thx for the addvise i realy appreciate it

p.s. by the looks of it do you think we can actualy convinse my mom to let my big sister get a dog? she is good at convincing my mom to do things that she wants.


Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

Just remember two children begging for a dog, is more irritating than one.You don't want to irritate your mom to the point where she feels she has to get the dog to shut you two up. She will regret the dog.

Dogs are expensive to care for long term.

Consider adopting. It'll save you for up to date shots, spay/neuter, microchip, etc. Plus, you're saving a life if you adopt from a kill shelter.

When talking to your mom, know what you're talking about. Tell her the advantages of adopting. Mention that an older puppy/young dog would be better for your family. Find methods of training that would help, and find local training courses you could attend. Have all the info available when you talk to your mom.

larissa4444 7 years ago

what i mean as helping is like helping her get the money or help convince my mom and stuff like thatbut i cant think of any thing and i thought you might know how i can help her,atleast a little bit.


Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

You shouldn't be the one getting the dog for your sister. That's your paretns decision. Labs, aren't always the best dog. Try to get adopting a lab mix, you can potentially cut down a lot of the behavioral problems associated with labs. Also consider a slightly older pup like maybe 4-6 months or older. You're both in school, I'm assuming, so you'll have a hard time house training a younger pup.

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larissa 4444 7 years ago

hi whitney05 im 13 years old and my big sister is trying to get a dog. she disided she wants a labradore retreiver.she got my mom kinda convinced. she is 16 years old and i want to help her because i love her and i want her to get a puppy because we have a cat but she is alergic to him so she wants a puppy so we wont be lonly. i told her i have a serprize for her 16th b-day comming up soon so i want to help her get a puppy. i think she is very responsible but i need your help. can YOU help ME help HER?

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

He is undecided, let him think and leave it alone for now.

Are you sure they were both stolen, and that they didn't run away. It is odd that both dogs were stolen at the same time.

Remember labs are God-awful chewers, very destructive, get bored easily, and are bad shedders.

carley 7 years ago

in 2003 my lab and my aussie got stolen and ever since i've let it go for asking for a new dog and i realized that i want a puppy before i move out. my dad always says if we get a dog we would be getting a lab, so i did all my reasearch on labs at the beginning of this summer and a few weeks ago i asked the big question, and he got mad. last week i found a puppy and he said yes. but then we would have to drive to canada, and it never happened. he's been onand off from no no from yes to no to mabe then back to no, how could i talk him into it?

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

You can, but that's not the goal behind fostering.

Anaaa. 7 years ago

I know. But isn't there an option that you can adopt your fostered dog so it becomes yours? That what my friend did with her cat.

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

Good luck. Fostering can be very hard to do because you have to give up the dog that you've grown attached to. Only certain people can do it.

Good luck.

Anaaa. 7 years ago

I've done a ton of research and I presented my presentation to my parents. They were astounded at how serious I was about this. But I found another option, is fostering. We're probably gonna foster for a while and then if we think we're ready for a dog, then we'll get one. = )

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

I hope that you didn't think your friends could teach you how to care for a dog. All dogs are different, and it's up to you to do the research. They can give you tips that works for their dogs, but that's it. Their tips may not work for you and a dog that you may get.

You should proceed by researching. I've said it numerous times. Keep researching, and drop it for now. Until you think that you can care for a dog with proper nutrition, training, etc. then you should wait.

Did you ever find out why your parents don't want a dog? Maybe there is a good reason for it? Sometimes it's not always about you, the child.

Anaaa. 7 years ago

Humph. Okay then, if thats all they can doo... =(

But it has been a while. I haven't mentioned getting a dog to my parents in a month. How should I proceed with my plan? =)

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

They can give you tips, but that's it. It's never going to be enough to raise your own dog. It will get you started, but that's it.

Do your reseach, and drop the subject with your parents. Give it a good, fair amount of time.

Anaaa. 7 years ago

Experience with friends does work!

I ask my friends how did they get experience to get the dog,

and they said, I went over to my friends house and they

trained me, and they're great with dogs!!

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

Your friends' experience may not help you out. You need experience. Usually you can volunteer with a parent. Most shelters require you to be at least 14, some 16, but with a parent there, generally there's not a problem. Just leave it alone. Dogs are expensive. Give your parents time to see the changes. Don't bring up your doing more around the house. Don't bring up how much you like dogs. Don't bring up how responsible you are. Or how good your grades are, or how much you've read, or how your friends take care of their dogs.

Give it time. Let them see a difference. Continue researching dog vaccination schedules, dog food nutrition, obedience training, house training, preventing basic puppy and dog bad behaviors, common health issues with dogs, etc. Learn the importance of adopting; you can find purebred pups and dogs at shelters, as well as well-behaved mix breeds. Figure out if your family is ready for a puppy, or if a young adult dog is better suited. In most cases, especially being you have no real experience, young adult dogs are going to be better suited for you.

Being 12-13 years old, and having friends with dogs is great, but at 12-13 you don't know all the care that it takes to have a dog, and neither do your friends with dogs. At that age, I didn't know nearly half the things that I know now, and it's not because I have had dogs my entire life, it's because of research, experience, volunteering, etc.

By the way, dog parks are not really recommended places to take your dog. There are loads of parasites and illnesses that your dog can pick up, and you can't properly control your dog or other people's dog. Even the best behaved and trained dog can have major behavioral hickups at dog parks, and you can't expect them or guarantee nothign will happen.

There is a reason your parents don't want a dog. Have you figured that out?

Anaaa. 7 years ago

My mom recognized that I am more responsible already, i've done all the reasearch, and my BFF and other friends so I have experience with dogs, like walking them, and picking up their poo, and stuff like that. They've shown me that having a dog is no walk-in-the-park and I realize that. Where I live, you cant volunteer until you're 16 so I just go over to my friends house and get experience there. She shows me how to do everything, and shes had a dog for 2 years, and ive gone to her house a ton of times, soo, yeah. I do have experience. And we dont have scheduled chores, my mom just calls me to do the dishwasher, and I do it. So thats why she talked to me.

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

Just because you feel responsible, doesn't mean that you are. Prove yourself. Drop the dog thing, prove yourself to your parents and to yourself. See if maybe they bring it up. Your grades aren't going to make a difference as to whether or not your parents feel you can handle a dog. Dogs are a lot of responsibility, more than just keeping your room clean. Dogs are expensive, and in this economy that is why many parents say 'no.'

Research is also not going to give you dog experience. Volunteer with a shelter.

If a while is just a month or a few weeks, give it time. Show them you are responsible. If your parents have to talk to you about your chores, then you're not doing something right to proving to them that you can do things without being asked on a longterm scale.

Anaaa. 7 years ago

Hey Whitney.

I really need your help.

A couple months ago, I asked my dad about a dog without even doing the research, and I nagged him about it. And now, it's a few months later, and I was just telling him a story about dogs, and his face turned grim.

I guess hes still angry with me. The other day me and my mom had a serious talk about chores and stuff, and I feel im getting more responsible already. I haven't gotten a B since the third grade, (im entering grade 6 this year) and I'm not sure what to do. I have all the credit,(good grades,responsibility,) and all I have to do is reasearch. (which I will do). So i'm not sure how to present this please-can-i-get-a-dog now. Because its been a whil since i've asked for one. Should I do a presentation and ask my parents to be seating in the living room? Or are there other ways to present the ideas to your parents in a mature fashion.

Please help me.


Bianca 7 years ago


I've been convincing my mom since 2007 and she would always say no. My dad is up for getting a dog because he grew up with lots of different kinds of dogs in their huge house.

I already researched about the breed I want (it's a mixed breed...or as everyone wants to hear...a mutt.)My mom would say:

"What about the potty training?"

"Mom, during the weekends, I could take it to training classes...I can also crate train it before I go to school, return from school until I go to bed."

"It would smell!"

"Mom, our past dog smelled because you wouldn't let me buy him a dog shampoo because you would say, 'That dog would be too lucky!!'. You would just tell me that use a detergent bar used for washing clothes. That's not right! Especially when our past dog needed its hair to be blown dry because of its long hair that tangles up a lot. You said no because that was too much treatment for a dog. I treat dogs as part of the family. (but she doesn't..)I started saving up for a puppy. I babysit, clean your car, mow the lawn, leaf blower during fall, and trim the plants. (I earn money from those)."

Her expression would look like she would almost agree and I was convincing her then suddenly she would ask...what about insurance? the vet? I would say if the dog would be taken care of, which is of my sole responsibility, there would be less frequent trips to the vet because the dog will be healthy...except for shots.

Could you please help me what I should do to convince my mom....I've been doing this for 2 years.

P.S. When she said no if we get a puppy. I would ask how about a fish or a hamster. SHe would say no. I would say, any kind of animal?. SHe would say no. She "strongly dislikes" animal(I don't want to use the word hate because I think she doesn't hate animals), whereas my dad is a dog lover.


Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

Sarah, it shouldn't matter who's dog is who's the dog's are misbehaving, and no one there has trained it properly. You can't expect to throw a pup in the yard and it be a guard dog. Guard dogs must be trained to guard. You will more than likely have to take it somewhere to have it trained or have the breeder train it, but most breeders don't breed bulldogs for guard.

Morgan, not all dogs that are low shed are going to work for people who are allergic to dogs.

Morgan 7 years ago


I'm only thirteen, but i've never had an actual pet. I've had many fish, bud my dad somehow managed to kill them all within 3 days! Anyways, I really want a dog. I've told my parents before, but now i'm certain I honestly want a dog. Recently i've hinted to my parents that I want a dog. Both my mom and I are allergic to dogs, so i've researched a few breeds of dogs. I know my parents dont like big dogs either. I've been researching Australian Terriers, and I've noticed they will work well with my family. The problem is, I dont know how to convince my parents to get one. Theyre very stubborn. Please help!

Sarah 7 years ago

I understand where you are coming from, but I must explain. I am an only child so we each have a dog in the house and then there is one pug who is everybody's dog. My dog is perfectly trained and does every command I ask hm to. He is one of the 4 year olds. The other 4 year old pug, is my mother's dog. My father's pug is the elderly dog. My parents have been discussing dog breeds for a really long time. I sleep right next to a window, so I would really love a gurd dog and my parents want a bulldog of some sort. I know that the american bulldog, if trained correctly will defend you to the death, which is really what I would really want. It isn't the fact of my parents not wanting another dog because of the two dominating pugs, it's more of they don't want five dogs. I know that I can convince them, but I need a lot of help doing it. Also, the two dominating dogs, more of fight for attention than anything else. I'm 14 and have taken care of a dog already, to me this breed is one of the most stubborn out there, my 4 year old pug. I love him to death and I really want a dog for him to play with because the other 4 year old makes the rest of our dogs against him, so all he has is me. We live in a 4 bed 2 bath house with extra rooms aswell. It is one story. Please do you have any suggestions?


Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

Sounds like with 4 dogs- one elderly and one with dominance problems, you have your hands full.

American Bulldogs are a lot more difficult to handle than a pug. They can be very dominant, stubborn, and hard to train, even though they're intelligent. A few months of reading probably isn't going to prepare you enough to training such a dog, when you have a dog at home already that has dominance issues that you haven't corrected.

Work on the dogs that you have already, then maybe consider another. Adding a 80+lb dog to the house, isn't going to make for a pleasant house when you have 4 dogs already- 2 of which you can't control. If you end up with an American Bulldog with dominance problems that you can't control, the situation will fair much worse than with a pug.

Sarah 7 years ago

I have 4 pugs, all boys, one is really old and we are scared every time that he goes to sleep that he won't wake up. The other one is about 7 years old and the last two are 4 years old. The four year olds fight all the time so we have to seperate them and sometimes put one of them on a leash. But, at the same time I would love a new dog. I would really like to get an american bulldog and I have researched it for three months now. I have been asking for a new dog for about a year. Can you please give me any advice on how to convince them to let me get one?


P.S. I have also offered to do absolutely everything, form walking him to feeding him, cleaning up after him.

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

hanna, you are being very immature about all of this. with the caps and the begging. Find out why they won't let you have a dog and go from there. Just because you know information, that doesn't mean you're mature enough.

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

Makenzie try adopting from a shelter not craigslist. Give your mom time to grieve. You can't rush grieving process.

Dom 7 years ago

Hmm this is a good blog for some people. But just to add my 2 cents:

When I was about 12 I wanted a dog really badly. I volunteered at the local animal shelter, read every (and I mean every) book about dogs in the library, I did more work around the house, got better marks at school and pretty much drove my parents crazy begging for one. We only had 2 cats at home and I really wanted to become an animal behavior consultant with dogs.

My mother was alright with it but then again I didn't live much with her at the time. My dad on the other hand didn't like dogs and said I only had 6 years of school left and then he'd be stuck with a dog he didn't want while I went of to university. Also it was only me and dad at home so the dog would have to stay at least 8 hours alone every day when I was at school and more when I was at sports or whatever. Also, he said, even if he did get a dog HE would bring it up the old fashioned way and I wasn’t allowed to interfere.

So after 2 years I gave up, after he had used every possible way to get out of getting one. I even saved up the money to buy one (he didn’t want a mixed breed you see). Now I’m in my last year of High School and know that I should have just given up from the beginning, with some parents you just can’t win. But I can (grudgingly) see his point and know that I kind of don’t have the time to take care of one now with finals coming up…

Ps: I really wanted a rough collie. I did get rat though, instead, and found out that that they are really sweet and smart contrary to what many people think. She passed away a month ago, 3 years old.

hanna 7 years ago

Hey Whitney,

I really really really want a puppy!!! I'v went on petfinder,i'v read millions of books and magazines,and soooo much more. Everyday I beg my parents. But it doesn't work out.Sometimes if I talk about it to much they YELL AT ME. Today we went to the pound and saw the cutties and best behaved puppy and we went in the room so I said to them "Wanna see how much he is?"" NO! So that was not very lucky at all. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!

please write back.

Makenzie 7 years ago

PLEASE HELP ok so my mom LOVES DOGS i mean shes obsessd but so is my dad.My mom wants another dachshund our 13 year old dachshund just last week and my mom still crys about it.I want another dog thats a doxie.So i asked my mom and she said maybe later.wecant afford it. so i go to craigslist and found 5 FREE DACHSHUND PUPPYS!! so i showed my mom and she still said no.We have a 3 year old lab but shes doin fine and stuff.I EVEN WROTE A LETTER TO MY MOM! I HAVE BEEN POLITE I HAVE TOLD HER I WILL TAKE CAR OF HER![plus my dog skyler i already take care of and skyler likes little dogs to be around her] please help!

brooke 7 years ago

if you already have a pet or if you dont, prove to your parents your responsible,thats the key.if you already have a pet, take care of it 24/7 to prove to your parents your responsible. now here are some tips if you do or dont have a pet. 1 get involved with vouleenteering at shelters. 2 help with chores around the house. like, keeping your room spotless, do your laundry, and do extra vaccuming because some pets are not housetrained.3 After a month or two of your hard work , put on a little demenstration and explain about what its like to have a pet and how responsible you have been. after the demenstration give your parents lots of hugs

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

Pit bulls have normal flaws just like any other dog breed; i'm not sure what you mean by that. Hybrids are just mix breed dogs that have flaws like all other dogs. poodles can be very jealous and dominant dogs, if your'e referring to poodle mixes. Most APBTs that you'll meet are better behaved and trained than most small dogs that you'll meet. Most APBTs will be better in families with children than most small dogs. So I really don't understand the comment about flaws. They are dogs, and like many other breeds their history involves violence. There are many other breeds that also have had the same rep that APBTs have now; they are just no longer seen as such, and over time APBTs will have their real reputation back (as years ago they were considered the best family pet while GSDs, great danes, etc. were feared). Reputation has nothing to do with a dog; now Pit Bulls and mixes of the breed are no recommended for everyone, as they are very stubborn and strong willed dogs, but no breed is specifically recommended for everyone.

If you don't have the experience witha blind dog, then it's not recommended. Blind dogs take a lot of work to train and they can really hurt a person if they're not trained properly or if they're spooked bc they can't see. Although they're hearing will be better, it is still very easy to spook a blind dog. They are not always the best with other dogs, that will depend on the dog itself.

Mia 7 years ago

Hi, Whitney!

I'm thinking about getting a second dog, and I read most of your answers, so now I just have some scattered questions:

Do you think that a dog breed with a bad reputation (like pit bulls) can be trained to have no normal flaws associated with that breed, assuming the dog is a hybrid?

What are the benefits of adopting a blind dog? I think it would be great if we could save an animal without sight, and we already have one dog, so he/she can follow him around, making it easier, but it also requires a LOT of responsibility, and if it doesn't work, I'll never be allowed to ask again, 'cause my dad would then have a really good defense.

Do you have any other tips for proving responsibility? I saw some really great ones, but I need something really, really, good, because I've been a bit irresponsible lately, because of my naturally bossy temperament.

You've provided some good reasons to other people as to why they shouldn't get second dogs, but can you see reasons why I should? Don't think that I just want a cute little puppy to cuddle and love and hug when I'm sad, or that I'm just bored with my other dog (who is the BEST PUPPY EVER!!!!), because I'm not; I just need some moral support.

Please help me, because I don't want an innocent puppy to go to a bad owner instead of our large, rich, family. We have everything a dog needs to live a long, happy life.

Starky631 7 years ago

Hi, Whitney.

I've gone through all the comments and answers and know that you give REALLY good advice. I'm turning 13 soon and I've been asking for a puppy for 8 years. I don't bug my parents too much and I totally get their point of view. When I do ask them, they always say:

" You've got to get just a little more responsible."

I did everything I could think of doing in the house, I get good grades and take care of my goldfish. I'm an only child and I don't live anywhere near family, so I'm REALLY lonely although I have a few B.F.F.'S.

I wanted a Yorkshire Terrier since they said that they prefer small dogs. The truth is that they think I won't take care of it and don't want to be the ones doing everything. All the adults I know { which is a LOT } tell them they should get a dog for me. I'm trying to respect their feelings and all. My mom said she might get one if my step-dad wants one but he's kind of stuck on not getting one.

Please help me.


kaitlyn 7 years ago

I have a dog she's really old though and no fun.My dad it into getting a beagle puppy But my mom isn't.I really really want one there's my two siblings who can help me but i've tried for month's to get one.How can i persuade my mom to get it???

123456 7 years ago

okay so i want a puppy super bad. I have wanted one for a couple of years now, we had a dog who died about a year ago that my parents got before they had me. This just seemed to make me want a dog more because i love dogs and really miss having one around. Everytime I bring up wanting a puppy my parents say they dont want to talk about it or no. They dont believe i am responsible enough but i truly feel i am. i even wrote a two page paper on why i want a dog. I realize i will have to clean up after it, train it ,feed it, bathe it, walk it...I WANT to do all of that. I could never walk my first dog because she was a big dog and i am a small person so walking her and bathing her on my own was virtually impossible.

Just recently my mom was talking to a friend who breeds yorkies she started getting convinced and she said i would have to talk my dad which i know he will just give me the same response as usual. but if my mom talked to him he would say yes but i dont know if she will.

any advice??

Makenna 7 years ago

Hi Whitney,

I've been reading the other comments, and I think you give REALLY good advice! But anyway, I'm 12 and I really want a dog but my parents say no. and when i ask them why they dont want a dog, my mom says "they're too much work" so i tell her that i will walk it in the morning, feed it, give it water, play with it, ect., ect., throughout the day, then my dad says "What's the dog gonna do when we go out of town?" But he knows that my Grandma said she would take care of it (because she has a beagle of her own and wants a playmate for her) and she has said it many times. Do you think my dad really wants a dog? If so, why wont he admit it? Help Me Please!

Aly 7 years ago

Hi i really would love to have a dog i have talked to my dad a million times i understand that once you get a dog there is no turning back. when we first had our first dog his name was oscar he died on july 5 2008 i was very sad. i tried to convincce my dad like i said before i have wrote him letters talked to him i have made deals with him everything...iv tried everything.he tells me he does not want to have to put up with another dog. please help me i would really appreciate it ohh and i would get it from the humane society (adopting it) i am also 13 here is my email please email me your answer thx

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

Sounds like you resent your mom for rescuing a dog and not consulting you. Also sounds like there is enough issues in the house with the untrained rescue dog. I'd suggest working with that dog getting it properly house trained before you try to bring in another dog. It is good taht you want to rescue, but I'd really suggest housetraining the one before you get another. Also remember that your mom doesn't have to consult you or the family before bringing home a dog because it is her house and she is part "ruler" of the family so to speak. Oh and if you're rescuing, you're not buying. Buying is from a breeder, to rescue is to adopt.

Lauren T 7 years ago

I currently have 2 dogs. One of them is mine and the other is a rescue dog that my mom went out and got without consulting our family. the rescue dog sometimes pees in my room and our family room, he also doesnt like his paws or bottom touched (we think he was abused). I take care of them as best I can by walking them and teaching them to behave (sit, stay, shake, come). Our family also has two fish, a bird and a tropical frog. My sister (14) and I(16) love animals but my parents arnt as in to them. I really want this particular dog from an animal resuce but am afraid to ask. I help out around the house as much as i can and have a job but i still dont think my parents will agree. How can i ask for permission to buy this dog without sounding too cliche?

erin 7 years ago

thanks so much!!!!!

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

You don't necessarily need a dog to bring your family together. Consider adoption instead of buying. Or consider checking for cavaliers and mixes in your area.The more you pester the more chances of no being the answer.

erin 7 years ago

whitney! ! ! ! ! ! ! its me again. . . . i forgot to put ome stuff on my comment. . . . i have two fish (gold and beta fish, they don't get a long so well so i put them in diffrent fish bowls) and i have one cat ( his name is monamie and he is sometimes bad and some times good) i do everything for them pets and my mom just dose not see it at all! ! ! ! i have a cottage and i think if we got a dog, he or she would love it up their. i was looking up dogs the hole day and i printed off some info on the dog that would be good for us (cavalier) me and my sisters and praying every night for a puppie. . . . (all of my info is taped to my bed room door)me and my sisters even set up a voting chart and both my mom and dad wanted the dog we wanted (cavalier) i read her all the info uot loud in front to my perents and they just got board (i think my dad was falling a sleep!) we need a dog i think it will bring us to gether ect going on walks together and playing more out door games together. are life is so boaring with a cat that sits around all day and two fish that just swim in their bowls. . . . . . . .i am so sorry that you had to read all this it was kind of long. . . . . . well at lest i improved on my typing skils! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! i am not so good so sorry! ! ! ! ! reply soon! ! ! ! ! ! !


Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

chelsea, dogs are better in pairs or small groups, but not all dogs actually prefer to be in a pack, so to speak. Some dogs really do prefer to be solo and the only dog in the home. Your dog may not necessarily be lonely, but you just want to give the dog a friend bc you want another dog. Definitely consider the dog and what would be best for him. Leave it alone for a bit, and then try to find legitimate reasons why you think your dog would benefit better with a friend. Go at it that way, but definitely give it a rest asking for a little bit while you research.

chelsea 7 years ago

i really want another puppy or dog because we already have a dog but when we go to school and work he is lonely but i am trying to convince my dad to let me get another puppy or dog but he keeps on saying no

any suggestions please

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

Sometimes it can be hard to convince your parents for another dog, especially if you currently have one with medical concerns. Because they are already spending money on medicines and vet bills, it will be hard to convince them to start all over. I'm not really sure what to tell you other than what I've outlined in the hub.

Puppyluver5 7 years ago

Hey Whitney I am dying to get a puppy and we already have a dog and she is 11 she is going blind. My dad says that all dogs are physcio and always have a problem in them I take care of my dog and she gets excercise every day and gets baths weekly. How can I show my dad I can get a puppy with out having problems?

Kaitlyn 7 years ago

I hate it! We have 3 dogs, i ask my mom constantly, i tell her I will take full responsibilty and she responds "I know." But i don't think she does, she always says that she can't do this and that. But i told her "It's going to be MY dog."

"You don't treat the cats like your own!" Ugh, help! I also told her i'll help with the pet bill (I can't pay for all of it... I'm young. lol) Please, help! How will i get a dog!

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

At 8 years old, you can't help them pay for a dog, so that could be a big reason as to why they say no. Dogs are expensive to care for. Also at your age, your parents may feel you're not ready for a pup. Find out why they're saying no.

Hanna 7 years ago

Hey Whitney,

I have always wanted a puppy. I have wanted a puppy for five years and now I am eight years old. Everyday I say to my mommy and daddy, "Can I have a puppy." But what do they say ,"NO!" And sometimes if I talk about it to much they yell at me. And also I read all about puppys and dogs everyday. They say if we find a puppy over the summer that we all like and it likes us than we can get it. But they don't even bother going to the Animal Shelter. What should I do. HELP ME!

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

Just because it's the right decision for you, doesn't mean it is for them. You can't rush them in getting another dog. It's not necessarily the right decision.

pinscherperson 7 years ago

I have a dog who is very old and is not going to live much longer. He is in pain and we're going to put him down soon.Neither of my parents want another dog to get too attatched too.I dont think I can live without my dog (or any dog.) My parents love my dog, and we can hopefully afford everything. I know it is not fair for him to live with pain, but it's too painful for me to let him go.I really truely do need another dog and I'm allready really really responsible. How do I convince them another dog is the truely right decision???

Thank's so much!!!

Cora 7 years ago

Thanks for your help!

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

All you have to do is have the papers transferred over. It's not that big of a deal and it's not that hard to do. The papers don't even mean anything unless you plan on breeding, which shouldn't be done if the dog isn't champion bred. If the dog was too much before, it'll be too much again. Try adopting an older puppy or young dog.

Cora 7 years ago

Hello! I need your help! A couple years ago we got a boxer pup. He was a little too much work for our situation so we gave him to my mom's mother. Now we are thinking about taking him back because my grandmother doesn't even have proof that she owns our dog; we still have the certificates! However, my parents are still trying to decide! Do you have any ideas about how I can convince them a LITTLE. (I don't want to take advantage of them or anything!) Also, my dog has been to our house before so it's not like he doesn't know. Please help!

ymaaimdoggieperson 7 years ago

Hey. It looks like u have a pretty good hub going here. You must really enjoy doing this because i read through this whole thing and I've noticed a lot of things.

First of all, it seems like you have to answer to a bunch of very immature people. No offense to anyone, it's just, I'm probably about four years younger to most of the people who called out to u for help, and you don't see me NAGGING you for help. In my house nobody is allowed to talk back to people we don't even know. I tip my hat to u Whitney because you've done a great job answering these questions without completly blowing ur top.

Secondly, u seem pretty redundant with ur answers. And I think it's mostly because the people who ask u questions do not read the previous questions and answers, so you end up answering the same questions. Again good job at keeping ur cool.

Keep up the good work. I find ur advice really useful. I'm at the point of time where I showed my parents that I'm responsible enough to have a dog, and I told them why I think I should get a dog. And now i'm letting them "sleep on it".

Thanks so much for listening to all of our questions.


Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

You should have been doing those things from the beginning.

nicko guzman profile image

nicko guzman 7 years ago from Los Angeles,CA

Well that is true,but they should have told me first and at night,I would give him food,sneak him in,walk him in the morning,replace him,and repeat.He seems better,but is bored because the dude bores him to death.He even smokes pot.I'ver told my parents,but they are too concerned about their money.It is animal cruelty to smoke pot in a room with an animal and make it sleep with untalented "rockers" who only "rock" at night.My parents are just to blame for placing him there.

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

It sounds like they did the right thing, giving the dog to a new owner. If they didn't have time to care for it, and you really weren't, then it needed a new home.

nicko guzman profile image

nicko guzman 7 years ago from Los Angeles,CA

My parents are extremely horrible and straight out unfair.I care for my rats and feral cats that come because of the rats.I feed them and care for them.They do not want a dog because I am the worst owner ever.That is not true.I have been called the best and most responsible owner they have met by my teachers and friends.In fact my parents are the cruel ones.They got this dog who I loved dearly,but they did not have time for it so they tied poor Hunter to the door where he would remain bored.I would not feed,bathe,or walk him twice daily(my dad would),but I would at least play and sneak him in when he was bored.He was left to play with feral cats outside most of the time.At ;east they play with him fondlly.One day he was given away.He was neutered,renamed Orville,and no longer likes me.He no longer plays with me and barks at me now.The good thing is that he is happier and I still see him.

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

No dog is cheap. Get your mind straight. They've already said yes, you just have to wait until the right time. If your parents are already having money problems due to the economy, you don't need to add the bills and expenses of a dog. The dogs that you've mentioned should really have yards to play in, even if the dog will be an inside dog.

Annie 7 years ago

Hi, I've been wanting dogs all my life ive had many of them already but ive always ended up getting a cheap(as in money)dog that doesnt fit my life style at all and that i didnt want in the first place. Now i dont have any dogs and i want to adopt one at a near shelter but my dad says no and my mom says until we move to a house which will be in like 2 years because the economy problem.

Right now ive taken atleast five quizzes on the dogs that fit my life style and ive decided either on a Shetland Sheepdog, Lowchen, or a Clumber spaniel.Ive had experience with dogs so i think i can control these three, so please help me change my parents mind. Ive seen many of these breeds on the near shelter and i dont want them to probably euthanized. So pleeeaaasssse help. Im 13 years old.

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

Elizabeth, huskies are not laid back as soon as playtime is over. They can be very wound up dogs. I would not consider them laid back at all. All the suggestions are those I have above. Do not push her; in a way at this point work on your dad a little, but don't push. You won't get anything by pushing and being childish (not saying you are but that's how it will be perceived)

Elizabeth 7 years ago

Whitney, can you help me? I have wanted a dog my whole life and I am now 14. I feel that I am responsible enough to have one, but I can not convence my Mom! My Dad is all for the idea, but I can not persuade my Mom! I surprised her yesturday by cleaning the whole house when she was gone and I was trying to show her how much responsibility I would have for the dog and I even told her that I would put all my money I have towards the dog. I REALLY want a Husky because it would do perfect for our house hold. We have A LOT of space inside and outside for it to run around in and my mom would want a more layed back dog and my friend who has an Alasken Husky and says her dog loves to play, but it also will relax when it knows that play time is over and they are easy to train. Our winters here are very cold, so I know the Husky would fit in perfectly!

Have any suggestions of how to convence my mom, Whitney?

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 7 years ago from Georgia Author

jsetchell, grow up... That's about all you can do... Have you tried following any of the steps above? Talking to your parents about the responsibilities, asking why they are saying no, etc. There is usually going to be a good reason.

Jeremy, all dogs need to be walked in the morning. I'm not sure where you go that idea from. Dogs should be walked at least twice a day for a good 30 minutes at bare minimum. You should never just rely on playing; you NEED to walk the dog at least twice a day, no matter the dog. Playing is not excercise by any means. I'd say do a little research, and give it a rest. She's half way there at times, so give her a break from your pleading until you know more information.

Jeremy 7 years ago

I am a 15 year old in high school and I live with my mom and my brother. My mom is slightly allergic, but has had a dog and lived with many others. My dad was quite allergic, but he died when I was 11 so that was the reason we never had a dog before. I have been talking to her for a month or 2 and she has said either, "We'll talk at a better time", "It is just too much work", or "Cats wouldn't be as much work".

I get pretty bored at home and I have loved dogs my whole life and a companion for the family, but mostly me would be like a dream to me. She says that I wouldn't be able to walk it before school, but I keep telling her not all dogs need to be walked in the morning and later, but some are good getting one good walk/jog and running around playing. Sometimes she seems like she is somewhat convinced, but then today she said, "I don't think we are going to get a dog" flat out, but then she said we'll talk about it later. Can anyone give me some tips on how else I can convince her?

jsetchell 7 years ago

I want a puppy, but my parents say no. My mom says to talk to my dad. but my dad says no. what do i do? i am old enough. both my sisters got to have dogs but i wasnt born yet. i am so mad. i feel as though i get ripped off. help me

Zara 8 years ago

ok i will wait a little bit until we get more money! Thanks anyway for the advice.

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

Then, you should respect what they're telling you. They gave you a legitimate reason as to why you can't have a dog. Money is a big concern, ans unless you can truely pay everything in terms of vet bills, feeding, and potential emergencies, then you should respect what they're telling you.

Zara 8 years ago

bye the way i am not old enough to go out on my own

Zara 8 years ago

I don't have a dog and i really want one I keep asking my mum and dad if we can get a dog but they say that they are too much work and we need more money to buy a dog! But i said i would help to look after him! And my mum and dad said if we earn more money we might get a dog but that probably means NO!!!

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

Sounds like you really want a pet... Remember the more you pester and change your mind, the more your parents will probably say 'No'

LeLe 8 years ago

Well, thanks any way! I guess I'll try again next year! Now I'm gonna go back to trying to get a hamster.

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

sounds like they may not be ready for a new dog. sometimes there's just nothing that you can do. just hope that the dog gets a home from the pound. Have your friend consider posting an ad in the paper or taking the dog to a no-kill shelter. Plus, you have a lot on your hands with all those rabbits.

LeLe 8 years ago

My friend says that she will get me a dog for free, so i said ill take it and its the last one. i asked my parents if we could get a puppy. but they said no. (we had a dog last year, she passed away) I tried everything in the book, cleaning the house, i got a babysitting job. I even did a dog walking service, i only got one customer for $7. If i dont get this dog, my friend said shed have to send it to the pound because of the landlord. i really need to save this dog. plus my parents say no because i have 13 rabbits. i even tried selling them, and giving them out for free. but that didn't work. i really need help. can u give me some ideas on how to convince my parents on getting a dog. i only have like one or two weeks. HELP!

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

In a way that is something that you will have to just sit down about. Tell you daughter that now is not the time, and that her dad needs to relax a little with work before she continues to pester him. The more she asks, I'm sure the more stern his NO is.

Also, please remember that not all "hypoallergenic" dogs are as such. All dogs have dog dander, which is what causes dog allergies, even "hypoallergenic" dogs have dander. You will find that some dog breeds will bother a person's allergies more than others, but given two people with allergies to dog dander the same dog may affect them both differently.

Connie 8 years ago

Hi, Whitney.

My daughter is begging me so badly to get a dog. My husband is allergic, and Julia (my daughter), is suggesting a hypoallergenicdog. My other daughter, Stacy, is slightly allergic. My husband has been very stressed at work and will yell or get frustrated at Julia when she tries to talk to him about dogs. I don't know how to talk to my husband, John, about just listening to Julia. She is trying so hard and stays calm when he gets angry with her. She has saved up money, keeps her room clean, and keeps her grades all at A's. I tell her that it isn't the responsibility issue, just that John doesn't want to get a dog then give it up. How am I supposed to tell Julia to let up, and for John to listen to Julia?



Amanda 8 years ago

I already have one dog she is very good but her mother had another litter and i want her to have a little brother or sister but my parents say its too much money i'm going to try volunteering at an animal shelter is there anyhting else i could do?

Kathryn 8 years ago

Well, I have taken my time and read throught his whole strand so I am not quite sure there is anything else you could tell me tat you haven't already tried; but I am a bit desprit on options so I will give it a shot.

I have trying to get a dog for a few months short of ten years now. In a week I will be 17. I have always been a big advocate for adopting rather then purchasing and I have tried just about everything to convince my parents. I have written letters, made power points, watched others dogs, volunteered at a dog shelter, work at an animal hospital, helped around the house with out being asked to do so, everythinng. I am also staying home for collee and I have made this clear with them.

We currently have two cats and a 55 gallon tank filled with fish. I also have two lizzards that live at school (my highschool allows us to have pets at school). I take care of all of them. I pay for the vet bills for them too. I have even trained one of my cats to sit, roll over, and walk on a leash.

My mom is totaly on board. She thinks it would be a nice addition to the family and that my sisters and I would benefit from it. My dad on the other hand won't hear anything of it. If I even mention the word dog he gets up and walks away. I don't think it is very fair that he doesn't give me an oppertunity to talk to him about it. I have not pesterred them over the years about it. I probably bring the subject up ever seven months or so (that is about when a new dog has stolen my heart at the shelter). So I guess I am asking you, is there anything I can do to get my dad to listen to me so that I can begin to try and get a dog?

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

Did he try to find the owners? You're right it's free, but he could have found someone's dog. I'ts not right to keep it if it's someone's dog and they're looking for it.

Casey. 8 years ago

Hi. My dad found a dog that's free (to get, of course) but my mom dosent like dogs and says no all the time. My sister and i know we can take up the responsibilty, but its always no from my mom. What can we do?

Claire 8 years ago

I still despise you Richard.

Holly, wow. a pet store, ummm no. i would suggest going to a shelter. a good website is it is really good. if you read anything about the puppy mill question asked you would possibly understand that when pups are bred at a mill that they are sent to pet stores. and will get very sick.

hanna quit pestering your mom, no is no. deal with it. you can get one when you move out.

wow kristin you are a very big brat!! don't you think you have enof dogs? i feel sorry for your parents.

Holly 8 years ago

I have read everything above... so there is probably nothing more that you can add, but I might as well try. I am 14 and have a three year old northern breed mix. He is a great dog, an outdoor dog, HATES being inside, but is fun, smart, and lonely. He plays rough, he is nice, just big, so I want to get another husky to be his friend and play with him the way dogs should play. I love puppies, but am not one of those people that MUST have every dog. I have been waiting the world out for going on two years, and have had more then one opportunity of a great dog not work out. But just this morning I met a great puppy at the pet store. She is great. :-) I was hooked instantly by her infinitely sharp puppy teeth. :-) :-)

My mom is all for it, but I have to convince my dad, who deals with the money. They both know that I will take care of it, and that it would be great for my current dog, but so far the answer is no.

I guess that my real problem is that the dog is expensive, I have the money to pay, but still, and that I don't want just and dog that happens to drift my way, I want this individual dog because of who she is, not just because she it a husky, or just cute. And my opening is limited. I guess that I have less then a week before someone else gets her. It won't work out, it never does, but I still have to try.

Do you think that it is worth it? Do you have any experience with the pet stores (i.e can I haggle)? Should I weight for a rescue (I keep an eye on the shelter, but it is really crowded, most of the stable dogs are adopted in days, so we can't really get to them)?

Sorry for being so confusing, and no, I don't really know what I'm asking ether. Any advice, wether it helps or not, would be very helpful in my book.

Clairyce 8 years ago

Oh sorry I think there was a misunderstanding.

I didn't say that I was going to tell him to go on meds just so I can get a dog.

"he doesn't want to get back on meds again. I understand that completely"

Sorry but do you have any tips at all?

Ken Devonald profile image

Ken Devonald 8 years ago from Edinburgh

Whitney, I would love a new dog to train. I have two GSPs - the older one is twelve, has just gone deaf, is getting cataracts and has just stopped jumping every 5-bar gate he comes to for fun. The younger one is very obedient but likes licking you slyly if she thinks she can get away with it.

I think I could persuade my wife, but what stops me is I leave for work when it is dark, and come home when it is dark - roll on the spring. Though the dogs exercise themselves in the garden during the week, and can come for a walk in the dark when I get home, I cannot clean the garden until the weekend. If the youngsters who are asking advice here want a letter to their parents saying they are very responsible, I will write one for them if they come and clean my lawn on two weekends.

Until you have cleaned up after your dogs for a few weeks, you don't know that you really, really, really want a dog.

And you have to remember that a dog which lives for 12 years will have to be left behind with parents if you buy it when you are thirteen and go to university at 17 or 18. It will only be four or five, and will miss you terribly. So if you want a dog, what you really have to do is persuade your parents that THEY want a dog!

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Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

In a way it's selfish of you to tell him to go on meds so that you can get a dog. You need to consider that, first and formost.

There really isn’t a hypo-allergenic dog. People are allergic to the dog dander and all dogs have dog dander, although some breeds just don’t affect people the same. Your dad may have a reaction with a poodle but not a bichon. It’s just going to vary.

Clairyce 8 years ago

Hey Whitney!

my dad had a dog growing up, but he was allergic AND had asthma. he loves dogs, but he doesn't want to get back on meds again. I understand that completely, but it willbe better with a hypoallergenic dog, right? i try to tell that to him but he doesnt listen, and im trying to suggest the best thing for our family(hypoallergenic). my mom is all for it, and same with one of my sisters. my other one is iffy about it because she thinks she's allergic. but, once again hypoallergenic! i took the quiz to find out what breed would fit my family, and i got nine results. NINE! i went online, researched about them, found local breeders, and im saving up money by babysitting multiple times a week. it still isnt working! what do i do? i've tried everything, writing them letters, saving up money, doing the research, making billions of powerpoints, EVERYTHING! I'm getting straight A's, doing random chores with out being asked, i dont have any more options! help :(

Hanna 8 years ago

I have always wanted a dog, almost about four years. My mum always says no no no no no! because she has never had a pet and she doesnt know what it's like to take care of one. My dad and sister are prefectly fine with a dog. I've done everything. i've wrote letters, i've said pleeeease everyday, but nothing works. What should I do?

Richard 8 years ago

Claire. If I were spoilt, I would have a dog. "Spoilt" means you get what you want. I want a dog. I do not have a dog. I have a roof over my head and food provided for me, yes, but I do not get what I want when I want.

To be frank...I do admit I have a bit of a temper, but I am thirteen. A teenager. The group people call the burden of society. I do not like being thought of as an unruly jerk, but meh, that't teenagers for you.

Apparently honesty is the best policy. I was honest on my posts, and it seems you are being honest to me on your great disaproval, bordering disgust in me.

Actually, I'm just going to stop typing now. I have a million things I want to say but I really do not want to offend anybody, not even you...I'm just upset. Aargh.

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Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

I'm really not sure what to tell you. It sounds like you have your hands full with your roommates dogs, that a 4th in the house would be a little much. If you're off in college, in a relationship, and taking care of 3 dogs already, I'd think that would be enough to keep your time occupied. As for your parents, you already know why they don't want you to get a dog, so the solution is really for you to figure out. You already have 3 cats at their house and your brother's dog is there; that seems like a lot that they have to care for.

Kristen 8 years ago

Hi! I was wondering if you could help me out. My fiance and I are looking to get a puppy. We currently live with my roommates in a house with a decently large field to the side. My roommates have a total of 3 dogs, which I constantly help take care of. When they go out of town or have to work late, I'm the one who plays with them, lets them outside, feeds them, and disciplines them if necessary. Back at home (I'm currently in college) my family has one dog and three cats, all which get along great. The cats are mine while the dog is my brother's. My dad refuses to let me have a new dog, and I can't quite figure out why. Every time they (my parents) visit they absolutely love the dogs (all ages) and take pictures, play with them, everything! Yet, I still han't have one. I think some of their concern is that my brother got our current dog and decided that was all he was going to do (my dad now feeds, lets outside, plays with our dog, etc.). My parents know i'm nothing like my brother, but I can't seem to break their constant 'NO' response. I'm doing well in school, and have the experience and responsibility needed to take care of a dog. Any suggestions on what might give me the extra 'one up' on them?

storm 8 years ago

please help i really want a dog my parents resently broke up and my dad said i would have a dog by now but my mom keeps saying different things so i dont get one i am very responsible i do dog sit but i just cant get my mom to get me one i am a only child too so a dog would be a pal to me i would care for that dog so well and i have some other animals but not much i have 2 chinchillas and 2 cats but my cats are so layed back please give me some advice and quick

Claire♥ 8 years ago

O My Gosh! Richard you are acting like a total brat. I so agree with Whitney. and for everybody else, if you have 1 dog already why are you so rushed to get a new dog? I don't believe in animal replacement. Whitney great advice. and anybody who wants a dog now who doesn't own one, well quit pestering your parents you don't know their situation dogs are very expensive. Again Richard. You Spoiled, Rotten, Whinny, Brat.

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Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

Sorry to be rude, but you flat are are saying "i'm the richest, i should get a dog because of it" if that's not being a spoiled brat then I don't know what is.

Richard 8 years ago

Wow, thanks. A spoiled brat?

You know, if I'm spoilt, I hate to think what the rest of the people in my class are.

I don't like being the richest in my class. I am sort of bullied for it, which makes it worse, as others are more spoilt that me but way poorer.

From reading the advice you gave other people, I thought you would be at LEAST able to confirm advice of kind others, ie. waiting until I am older.

Silly me.

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Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

Sounds like you're being a spoiled brat. Just because you think that you are the richest in your class, doesn't mean that you parents can afford to get you a dog, buy dog food on the regular, and regular vet visits. This can become rather expensive.

Richard 8 years ago

I'll be blunt. The majority of my friends say I am the richest in the class. And I think I probably am, to be fair...but not the most spoilt. In fact, one of the poorest in the class (his parents are separated and he lives with his mom who works part-time and his two brothers) has all the latest games, consoles, and two dogs.

I asked my mom for a dog for my birthday. She told me it was too expensive.

Is that fair? If my friend's parents can afford to buy him all those games, consoles, for three brothers, AND two dogs, me, with only one brother, can't even have just the one dog?!

I have wanted a dog for YONKS. How can my parents do this to me?!

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Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

Leaving the dog at home with the housecleaner would be something you and your parents would have to discuss with the house cleaner, but in reality it's not really her job to clean after your dog.

Cheryl 8 years ago

No i meant on vacations i could leave it in a kennel or at home. thats what i was getting at. i am an excercise freak and i love to run so is it ok?

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Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

Cheryl, if you are going to be dependent on the housekeeper to care for the dog, then you are not ready for a dog. As for goldies, there is a good bit of work there involved in grooming and exercise.

Cheryl 8 years ago


But we go on vacations once internationally and few times nationally. My granny will be at home, we have a housekeeper and a maid who come and go everyday and our driver willl walk the dog.So persuation help needed?!

Cheryl 8 years ago

Hi Whitney,

I'm a thriteen year old and I've been trying to get a puppy for 2 years. My mom never gives in, she hates dogs, my dad likes dogs.

Some things that'll help:

I have an independent home

Price isnt that much of an objection


My sister will never help she absolutely REFUSES. She is so lazy. I want a golden and I will take care and do EVERYTHING. I need help.

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Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

with a blind dog, it is probably not the best idea to get another dog.

Bri 8 years ago

ok i really want another dog . my dog tht i have right now is going blind and i think that getting another dog might help it get around and stuff what do you think. how can i persuade my parents

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Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

I really don't have anything to say to help you convince her. You have shown that you can care for a dog, but because of your health, you mom is looking out for you. I sort of agree with your mom in that since you already have a lowered immune system due to lack of sleep another dog may make it worse as you will be running around more.

Leah 8 years ago

Hello! I'm 12 years old and I have one lab/beagle mix. I am dying for another dog. My dog likes to play with other dogs and do I. I asked my mom but she says no. I asked why and she says because I don't want one and she thinks our current dog is making my health bad. I wake up with her in the middle of the night and I always take care of her. So I am pretty tired when I wake up. But I have also been moping around because I've been sad lately because I want a dog so bad (I think that is what she means). And I have also gotton mono a few months ago. My tonsles need to be taken out. But getting a dog will make me happier so I won't be moping. I just don't get why she won't let me get one. I remind her calmly every few days about how much I want one. But she always says the same thing. I take care of my dog so well and my mom never has to see her! Help me convince her please?!

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Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

Harmony, I'm sorry I didn't noet to your questions. I really do not know what to say. Just sit down and tell him to stop teasing you that it's really upsetting you.

Puppy obession at 10 you sort of have to take what your parents say. I understand where your father is coming from, and in a way he's right. He will be a hypocrit for letting you get a dog and making your aunt give hers up.

Harmoney 8 years ago

ummmm....thanks for adding my question but you really didn't answer it. you answered like all the others except mine and puppyobsession101.

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puppyobsession101 8 years ago

Hello i have the problem that alot of the people on here have one parent is fine with having a dog and the other says "absoultly not". now i am 10 but will be eleven in november. here is the problem, i have a aunt living with us and she had a dog that my father abosolutly hated and he made her get rid of the dog. and now that i want a dog (which i have been wanting for quite a while now) he says that he doesnt want to look like a hipracrit for getting me a dog after fussing with her about hers, now i think this is totally unfair for me because i had no say in what was happining and what was going on and soo that was his dision to ask her to get rid of the dog, sooo what do i do to?

Harmoney 8 years ago

yeahh so I need your help. my dad keeps teasing me about getting a second pet. he says it's going to be for christmas, or my birthday, or in september or november, or your 14 b-day (i'm already 13) he tells me how responsible I am. and i already vollunteer at 4 shelters and helped one stop from shutting down! i have a real thing for animals and he knows that. he bought my step brothers a dog, and my step mom says it would be coll and then he says okay when where you get to pick out the dog it will be a shelter resuce dog, blah blah blahhh. then as soon as someone says dog he says about your dog, i changed my mind. he keeps telling me to sell the house that my mom owns, (it's for sale, and once it's sold he builds his house for his new family) it's not fair. i've talked to him seriously about teasing me and the I feel such and such talk and everything else that's possible. how can I get him to just say yes, and to leave me alone about it? it's mean and it hurts my feelings. I want him to just say yes. or to stop, I know he has the money, you should see my other dog. and my step brothers. rotten, evil, bratts! I'm very sorry for dumping all of this on you, but if you can help, then thanks but if not. then oh well. i appreciate it.

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Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

Good luck. It really isn't a good idea to get a dog right before school or work starts because you get this new animal and then leave it home alone for the majority of the day. Remember that just because you want a dog really bad, you don't want to put the dog at risk of getting in trouble because this new dog doesn't know the rules yet.

Please consider adoption before you purchase a dog.

Cindi 8 years ago

Hi once again!!

Thanks to your advice, my parents have discussed getting a dog with each other and I think we'll probably get one sometime in late august!. well maybe. is it a bad idea to a get a dog shortly before school because ...well idk. but anyway thanks!

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Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

lexiI'm not sure how you can convince him. Some people jsut aren't dog people... Talk to your mom about it and see what the you can come up with. Maybe see if you can dog sit a friend's dog for the weekend and see how your stepdad does.

sophie if you can't take care of a fish, then you can't take care of a dog... sorry... think about the smell of a dog's poo when house training. Think of the smell of a puppy throwing up. Dog's have the potential to smell a whole lot worse than fish food...

sophie 8 years ago

i already have a pet fish but i just cant feed it because the food smells so my mom says i need to be more responsable if i want a puppy. my dad says if i can clean his waste he could tell.but i really want a dad had about 5 dogs or more when he was young and my mom had about 4. i need more tips!

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Lexi H 8 years ago

Hi. I'm 15 and and am wanting to get a puppy. My parents already know how responsible I am and we have had a dog before when my parents were together. (She now lives with my brother.) My mom and I both found that the Yorkie would be a great dog for the family. (Small, friendly, low shedding.) The only problem is that my step dad never grew up with dogs and he just doesn't like them. He isn't scared of them or anything he just doesn't find them cute or anything... How can I convince him?

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Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

Try looking at your local shelter and adopting a dog. You will find that most dogs that you adopt will be much better behaved than if you purchase a dog. Here's hub listing other hubs about all kinds of dog information ranging from choosing a dog, adoption, health, homemade treats, training, and miscellaneous dog/puppy stuff.

Chelsey 8 years ago

I don't know how this had happened but I was in the car with my dad and step mother and some how I had asked if I gave my dad the money I would buy the Webkinz Love Puppy myself. And then I said something about Christmas and then my step mom said okay then I guess we won't get you a dog. I have wanted another dog for a long time and then I got her to change her mind and now she's working on my dad. I'm sure he's going to say of course to her. So my problem is what type of dog should I get? I've always had medium and large dogs. I'm a tad afraid of small dogs (I know it's weird.) so I figured if I owned my own small dog then maybe I wouldn't be that afraid. Do you have any suggestions of a dog I should get or any mixed breeds that are smaller. I do not want pockets or teacups. I think that how that had become is cruel and disqusting. I figured if I chose a type of breed it would be easiar when I go to the shelter or rescue. Or do you think I should just wait and see if I get lucky.

Thanks so, so much,


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Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

Being that you're nealy 18 you need to think about college. If you leave, what will happen to the dog? Because you mom doesn't want a dog for personal reasons, being that she can't bear the loss, you sort of need to respect that. If you do the set up then you're mom will be more mad at you. You don't need to go behind her back, as she'll probably know that you did it on purpose. Other than that I'm not sure; if you decide to do the set up then adopt a dog so that you at least get it spay/neutered, current shots, and microchip, that may appeal a little better, but please don't do the set up. Plus, if you mom is adament about not getting the dog, she will make you give it up; by the way I asked my mom about that point and she agreed that's what she would do. Your mom will not appreciate it. YOu need to be honest. If you explain that you are staying home for college, and you'll take care of the dog, and the dog won't pass until you have moved out and whatnot, maybe that will be slightly more appealing becuase she won't have to deal with the loss first hand because you will have the dog at you home. But don't tell her that if it's not your plan.

Janelle 8 years ago

Hello. I'll try to make a very long story as short as i can; I've wanted a puppy my whole life, my mother shows me letters to santa & xmas/bday lists, etc. [she basically taunts me with them]. I'm 17 now, soon 18, and still have the puppy dream. She says she knows i'm responsible enough but, her excuse for the constant "no" is that she does not want to go through it dying [she gets extremely emotional about it]. I tell her i will be moved out with the dog in, at the most, 4-5 years and she won't have much to do with it [which is the honest truth and she knows it]. still, no. it really brings me down, i can't help but cry. i try to hold it in, be tough, and 'my age' about it, but i want one so badly i just can't. I'm seriously considering having a set up in which my BF gets me one as a 'gift' and i doubt she'll be able to rip it away from me but, that seems so drastic and extremely bratty on my part. yet considering her thinking i might. What do you think i should do/say about my problem w/o having to play the 'set-up' i mentioned?

Lottie 8 years ago

ok, well...thnx anyway

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Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

It's kind of hard when you're parents don't want a dog. In a way if they purely do not want a dog, then you kind of have to respect their wishes, as they'll be the one paying for the dog, and probably having a good bit of the responsibility falling back on them. Because you know why they don't want a dog- they just don't want one- the more you ask and bug them, the more adament they will be.

Lottie 8 years ago

I've wanted a dog for sooooo long...well...three years. I have tried absolutly everything!!! Presentations, letters, information on certain breeds, ive even gotton a smaller pet and taken care of it to show my responsability! I asked my dad if he thinks im not responsable enough and he said i am but that just dont want one. I goes like this :

"Mum? Can I have a dog?"

"No!" - mum

"why not?!?!?!"

"We dont want one!" - mum

"Dad, please can i have a dog?"

"No." - dad.


"Cos where not haveing one." - dad

"But why?"

"Because we dont want one." - dad

"is that the only reason?"

by this time my dad is reli angry at me. Now after three years, even if i mention the word dog, my parents get reli angry at me and wont talk 2 me :( :( :( :(

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Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

At least they gave you a time frame. Remember that caring for a puppy is a great responsibility and a very expensive one. Check out this hub:

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Schnoodle 8 years ago

Hi again, My parents say maybe three years so that I will be old enough to take the dog to the vet any way to shorten the time. I think I have enough money to fully take care of one.

Jimmy 8 years ago

I Really Want a dog. My mum and dad just dont want one iv wanted one for ages just a wee lhapsa lapso but they just wont have it!!!!!

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Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

Any dog that you're willing to spend the time training and socializing.

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Chelsea_Gal 8 years ago

wat type of dog is best for a person with 5 kids (altho all of them leave 2 see there other parents) and a home with a ferret, bird, and dog?

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Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

No dog is 100% non-allergenic. People are not allergic to the hair, but the dander, and all dogs have dander. Sometimes allergies worsen with age, sometimes they get better. So take that into consideration. As for convincing your parents, prove yourself. They would have a dog if they wanted something to take care of, so prove to them that you're going to be the one caring for the dog. Don't just tell them. The business is a great start.

Cindi 8 years ago

Hi again! Thanks for the great advice but I'm sorta confused. I really thought there was quite a few breeds that are allergy free. Like for example, my mom was around a Bichapoo (Bichon/poodle) for two days and she didn't sneeze or anything once. And she pet it alot. And in her childhood she had a dog, I think it was a poodle. She had it for her entire childhood. Anyway, she isn't seriously allergic and she really loves dogs. Also do you think there is anything else I could do for my parents to further consider getting a dog? I think I'm really ready because my friend and I started this dog business. We walk and take care of our neighbor's dog when they need us to.

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Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

With proper tranining and socialization all dogs can be friendly towards other dogs. You just need to check out breed characteristics so that you can go to the shelter with an open mind as to what mix you're hoping to adopt. As for trainability- some dogs are more succeptible to training whereas others are more stubborn; it's going to be up to your experience level in training dogs that will determine which dog type will be better for you. But, you still have to consider that some breeds that are more stubborn, you'll still find individual dogs that are easy to train, as not every single dog in a particular breed category will have all of the breed traits. You should do general breed research, so that you can have an open mind as to what type of mix you may be looking for.

Check out this hub about dog groups and their basic training characteristics:

Nick 8 years ago

Wat kind of dog do u think I should rescue or do u have any ideas of like mixed breeds that are friendly towards other dogs and smart

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

You're going to have to check your state laws for the number of dogs you're allowed to have. Same with a local shelter. You can probably check the phone book for a listing of local shelters. Most shelters require that you be at least 13 with a parent in order to volunteer. Also, please consider that how much time you currently put into the dog you already have; I'm sure your dad doesn't want the responsibility of caring for a 2nd dog that he really doesn't want. Basically, if he wanted a 2nd dog to care for, he would have already gotten one, I'm sure.

Hazel 8 years ago

Heyy I would luv 2 get a 2nd dog and my dad isn't 2 into the idea so like last month I asked him since he would not allow me 2 rescue a dog, mayb i could show him that I'm responsible by vollunteering at a local shelter. Do u know any shelters in aberdeen md. or churchville md. bc that's kinda close 2 me. oh and b4 i 4get do u know to legal amount of dogs allowed 2 b owned on one property in md. and pa.?

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

Thanks Carol. I've tried to tell many commentors this exact thing. Many of these kids, especially those who area asking for a second dog, don't realize that more than likely their parent is the one who is taking the majority of the care of the current dog, and a second dog means more responsibility on their part, not the child's.

I agree that by proving yourself a parent may be more prone to agreeing because they'll feel the child will actually care for hte dog, versus all responsibility falling back on them.

I appreciate your comment from a parents point of view. I just wish that more kids would take this to heart besides bugging their parents... Granted I bugged mine all the time when I was younger, but they knew I was a responsible kid, they just didn't want a dog at the time I would bug and harass them, but they usually would agree in the end. ha.

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cvaughn570 8 years ago

Hi Whitney,

I thought that I would add a parents perspective for you since I am one.

We have a 16 year old that has asked for a dog numerous times. The answer has always been "No". She refuses to keep her room anywhere near clean. Our position on this is, "If she can not be responsible for herself and her things, then how can she be responsible enough to care for a dog."

She has so many things to do with her friends after school, that she is not at home until evening. So who would have to care for the dog? Me and that will not work either, as we have a boxer that requires a lot of work.

My advice for the people asking their parents for a dog is to think about what your parents ask you to do and also about the things that they should not have to ask you to do and make sure that you are doing them.

This may not work in all cases, but it would be a step in the right direction of showing your parents that you are responsible.

If you are too busy to be at home after school and take care of the dog, then your answer probably is not going to change. As parents, we already have a lot to take care of and sometimes just one more thing is overwhelming.

This is a great hub Whitney!


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Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

More than likely your mom is allergic to the dog dander not the actual shedding, and to that there is no dog that is 100% allergy-free, which includes Poodles. Although, some people's allergies are not affected by their dander, others are. You should take this into consideration.

Cindi 8 years ago

I've wanted a dog since pre-school and I'm turning 13 this summer. I admit that I've been getting on my parents nerves so I'm trying to drop the whole begging thing. Instead I'm trying to show them I'm responsible. My parents seem to be considering it a little. And since my mom is allergic to the shedding, I already know all the possible breeds we could get. But I know there has to be more I could do. Please, do you have any advice?

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

Backyard breeders are one step above a puppy mill. They're not necessarily bad, but they're only breed for the money. Puppy mills are God-awful, as they breed for money and money alone. the breeders and puppies are in inhabitable conditions, overbred, inbred, and about 90% of the time are sick. Most pet stores get their puppies from puppy mills. A quick google search will give you loads of more info. You really want to avoid puppy mills and backyard breeders. The best place to find a puppy is a shelter and a reputable breeder who breeds champion dogs. You can tell a champion dog by the CH or GRCH by the dog's name on the pedigree; reputable breeders make sure that at least one parent and the grandparetns are champions in either show, agility, obedience, or some other event.

Michael 8 years ago

Hi my name is michael, and I need 2 find information on dogs for my 2nd grade summer class report. Are backyard breeders bad? and what's a puppy mill?

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Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

Backyard breeders are people who breed their dogs for money and are not reputable breeders. Basically when you flip through the classifieds in the paper, those puppies are generally from backyard breeders. Generally, these dogs are taken care of, but they are the products of greed and curiousity of the owner. These people are one step up from a puppy mill and one step below a reputable breeder.

Jenn 8 years ago

Heyy I was reading some of the comments that some of ur readers had posted and I was wondering, wats a back yard breeder? I looked them up and the only thing that came up was buy a dog now!!! last chance on sale, blah blah blahhhh..... So anyways do u know wat they r?

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Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

See if your parents will let you baby sit a friend's dog. I would say that you should just keep an open mind and check out a shelter. Pick a general size and keep an open mind about the breed. You may want to do general breed characteristics and grooming traits per the more popular dog breeds and then just keep an open mind when you go to the shelter.

Mia 8 years ago

My parents finally agreed to letting me have a dog!!! well almost i followed all of ur advice that u had given to previous readers that had posted comments and my parents told me to proove myself and then they said that bases on how well I can care for an object and how much research I can do then I can get a dog. Here's the problem how do I proove myself, what should I take care of, and I was looking at some dog breeds and I saw the cockabichon and I fell in love with it! except there aren't any for adoption and well I don't feel like paying 1,000$ for a dog that's coming from a back yard breeder, where can I find one that's from a shelter or should i scrap that idea and find a different breed?

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

schnoodle, try a dog shelter to find your schnoodle. You have to consdier how much resonsibility you put forth towards the current hybrid before youcan evaluate whether or not you are ready for a second. Your paretns are taking this into consideration, as the less you put forth, the more they have to. Also, money wise; more than likely they'll be the forking out the money for vet bills, food, toys, training, etc. Try thinking of everything and try to plead your case.

Nina, I'm not sure why your parents are doign that, but maybe you should try to adopt a dog versus purcahse a dog breed. That may go over better. I'm not sure exactly why they're against you looking up dog breeds other thanhey don't want you to get your hopes up that you're actually getting one. My parents used to do that about other animals. Ask them the next time that happens, why. Or when can we check out the shelter. Also, like I told schnoodle, you need to evaluate who's paying for everything and who's currently taking the most care over your current dog.

Nina 8 years ago

I tell my parents thta i would like another dog, sometimes they listen and other times they don't. I've found that taking the mature road works best but as soon as they realize that they're listening to me and that they decide that they want to say yes start looking on web sites and reading about breeds they stop and tell me to go away. Why do you think this is? I wait awhile then tell them about dogs again, and then stop and do that repeatedly but I know that there is just something wrong. I don't know what but if you do i'd appreciate it if you told me what I'm doing wrong so that I can fix it.

profile image

Schnoodle 8 years ago

I already have a goldendoodle who's two years old and I really want a Schnoodle, I've been asking my parents for more then a month, I know almost everything about Schnoodles. How to a get one!

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

Chelsea, it's hard to convince parents to get another dog especially when they already have one. If you're not at ur dad's house all the time, he'll be the one caring for the dog, and he probably doesn't have the time or want the extra responsibility. YOu're going to need to probably back off a bit. The more you bug him, the stronger his no may get.

Jackie, you just need to do some breed research. For the most part you've described just about all dog breeds. It's going to depend on the training and socialization that you put into it.

Jackie 8 years ago

Dear Whitney05,

I need a dog breed that will be loyal, smart, and get along with my lab, pitbull, chow mix (he's mostly lab and he enjoys other dogs). I also need a dog that will let my brat of a stepbrother hang all over it without trying to eat his snotty face off. If you have any ideas or suggestions for me I would appreciate that a lot.

Chelsea 8 years ago

i've been reading about dogs and I already own one at my Dad's house but now since my b-day was two days ago i've decided to ask him for a second dog. I tell him all about rescue stories and how sad it is how most dogs don't get a second chance and how most of them deserve it, blahh blahh blahhh. And he knows that I'm not ready to give up on this fight that he has to give in at one pont. But he knows how responsible I am and I've been trying to show him that i'm seriously really responsible but I just can't get him to say yes. I'm working on a power point and I've written thousands of reports about animals thta need to be rescued why I deserve a dog of my own. But anyways do you have any suggestions for me to have him say okay?

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

You need to back off at this point. You already got him to sort of agree, but I'm sure the pestering is why made him decide no. Back off for a few months, and see what happens. Then start asking again. Don't whine. Be adult about it.

April 8 years ago

Help me! i've been begging my daddy 4 a dog 4 a long long time and after a while he started 2 give in and then he juss like suddenly backed out!! i'm getting him in again by telling him a lot of info about rescueing dogs, dog breeds, shelters, ect. so i was juss wondering how do i get him 2 finally give in and allow me 2 rescue a dog of my own? thanx and much apreciated. <3

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

I'm sorry to hear about your loss. You, your siblings, and mother may benefit from bringining another pet into the family, as it will help with the grief, but it may not be the best grieving process for him. You should give him time.

Check out this about grieving for the loss of a pet before you possibly end up pushing your dad to move one before he's ready.

Georgie 8 years ago

Hi Whitney,

One of my family's beautiful black labs died a little bit over a month ago and we're all pretty sad and our other dog's lonely. So my brothers, sister, mum and I all think we should get a puppy but dad is saying no. We don't know how to change his mind. We're all responsible and get great grades and help our around the house, we all share the responsibility of our current dog. How can we convince him? maybe it's just too soon for him to get another puppy..

adam 8 years ago

help im 13

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

Follow the suggestions that I've mentioned within the hub and other comments. Ask why she doesn't want to get a dog.

siobhan 8 years ago

hi im siobhan an i really want a dog now i used to be scared of dogs but im not anymore. i have asked my mum for a dog she said um maybe but the other times i asked her she ignored me . i had a hamster that didnt go very well i tried to take care of it but it was to vicious so please can you give me some ideas of how to perswade my parents of getting a dog

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

brianna, ask your mom why she doesn't want a dog and go from there. I will say that labs can be very destructive if you let them alone without proper training and exercise. Being bred for high energy in the field, you really need to exercise these dogs with a passion to keep them from becoming bored and destructive around the home. VERY good training is also a must for them to keep mentally stimulated. Try adopting a lab mix versus buying a pure lab.

brianna 8 years ago

Whitney i want a dog so bad really bad like a labrador retriever but my mom says no but my dad says iyes so can you please help me convince my mom to get a dog please if you can

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

Simran, sit down with your parents and calmly ask them to explain to you why they said you could have a dog if you babysat your aunts without problems, and now they're backing out on the deal. Find out why they changed their mind.

Simran.johal 8 years ago

hello my name is simran and i want a dog so badely i been taking company for my aunts dog when it came over and all and then my mom said if i can take of my aunts dog i cant get a yorkie and i did and it was lovely and then my mom said NO I CAN NOT GET A DOG ECALLY MY DAD SAID NO and wht else can i do to get a dog i dont EVEN HAVE ONE?

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

Mady, sometimes it can be very hard to convince your parents to get a dog. SOmetimes it works and sometimes there's nothing you can do. Give it a rest for a bit then ask again in a month or so. Try helping oout more around the house and being more resonsible in general.

Robert, at 9 years old it would be very hard for you to be able to take care of a dog by yourself. By being more resonsible and proving to your parents that you can really help out with a dog and it won't be someting else they're going to have to take care of, you may have a better chance.

robert 8 years ago

im sorry i was being rude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really feal bad.IM 9 years old if you have any more ideas please tell me.And again im sorry

Mady 8 years ago

I really, really, want a dog. I have tried every thing I can think of And It's still not working. I have said I would do the work and they would just play with it but they say no. It goes some thing like this:

me: can I get a dog pleaseee? (bating my eyes)

Dad: no. you can only get a pet that you can flush done the toilet.

me: but you can't do that to a our bird!

dad: you can with a plunger! (me bating my eyes the whole time)

Me: mom can I get a dog? (bating eyes dont work with her.) you will be the grandma!

mom: no! we don't need one! end of discussion!

so whitney can you help me?

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

Honestly, since you know what the concern is, you're just going to have to prove it to your parents that you can take care of a dog. Try doing more research about how to care for a dog, choosing dog food, training, etc. I'd try volunteering at a local shelter so that you can learn more hands on experience. Plus, you may find a dog in the meantime, but you can't go home every time begging for this dog or that puppy. You have to let things fall into place.

emy 8 years ago

plz my mum likes dogs she just thinks i cant look after one.can u give me imformation on how to get my mum to get me a dog my dad doesnt mind it its just my mum

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

Robert, jj- the way to get help is to not be rude. I'm not telling you that you're not responsible, but you just told me that you're not. That alone would give your parents plenty of reason to not get a dog. Maybe if you acted more responsibe, they'd trust you with a dog. I'm sure they don't want to deal with caring for an irresponsible child plus a dog, which is essentially a baby. If you can start acting responsible, maybe they'd feel more comfortable about getting a dog. the "pleasepleasepleaseplease" tells me you're probably a little immature as well, which could be another reason. I'm not sure how old you are, but 3 Whole years, maybe you should rethink what you're doing besides begging.

jj 8 years ago

how do you get a dog

robert b. 8 years ago

iv been trying for 3 hole years and still didn't get a dog now dont tell me im not responsible because guess what im not.So you better give me real ideas please please please please pleaseplease please pleaseHelp Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

Lexi, you can only work with your parents. Try to make a compromise or agreement with them. I'd suggest a mix breed. Yorkies can be great, but there are a very high number of temperamental yorkies. I have one, and know several people who have either had one or come across one. If your parents are not big dog lovers, then this could definitely pose a problem. Try to adopt a dog from your local shelter, instead; that is if you're able to convince your parents to get a dog.

Saying "They keep saying no, so I will never get a dog" sounds as though you're a little immature, meaning young. Maybe you need to do a little growing up and prove to them you can take care of a dog. If I'm wrong about this, then I'm sorry. That's just how you came across. Also, you can't say never because one day you'll have a home of your own and you can have a dog.

Remember that dogs are a real commitment.

LEXI K. 8 years ago


Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia Author

Lauren sometimes you just can't convince your parents for another dog, especially when you already have one. Where I am with my parents, there's absolutely no way I can bring another dog home, but then again there are 5 dogs at the house at this point. Most people have their limits, though, and in may cases 1 is it.

You may want to go with the "dogs are pack animals and need companionship" route. It may not work, but it's the truth. Do you already spend time with your dog, walking it, feeding it, training it, etc? If not then start doing so now and keep up with it for a while before asking again for another dog.

I'm not sure what age you are, but consider when you go to college, if you're going off instead of staying at home, your parents may not want to take on the responsibility of 2 dogs. Currently, I'm in college and living at home, so it's not that my parents have to deal with all 5 by themselves.

Give it time. Sometimes it takes a while to convince your parents of another dog. Things happen for a reason, and maybe if they do decide for a second dog, the perfect one will be waiting for you at the shelter. (Which is another route you may consider. Saving a life by adopting. Check the rules at your local shelter and volunteer with them. Maybe your parents will see the responsibility. Just don't come home begging for the new pup at the shelter every time.)

You may consider making a deal with your parents. If you can perform a certain task then you can agree on another dog.

Lauren 8 years ago

Hello! I already have a dog who is two years old. I want another dog to keep her company when I'm away at school. But my parents keep constantly saying "NO". I've done everything! I vaccume daily, get strait A's, I've been nicer, and stopped biting my nails! Any suggestions. I've been doing this for months and they just ignore the fact that I'm trying my hardest.

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