How to build a dog house

How to build a Dog House

I sleep in the house and I have no use for a dog house, but I do know a way to build one that is fairly easy to build.

This is a simple Dog House design that anyone can make. You just need a little time and the right materials. Only one important rule: "Measure Twice, Cut Once".

You will need for this project:


1 - 4'x8'x5/8" Exterior Grade Plywood Sheet (not PT or Interior)

2 - 2"x4"x8' Pressure Treated Boards

1 - 2"x2"x8' Untreated Boards

1 - Box 1-5/8" Galvanized Deck Screws

1 - Box of 16d(penny) Galvanized nails

1 - Quart Exterior Paint or Stain

1 - Bundle Composite Roof Shingles

1 - Tube of Wet/Dry roof cement for caulking gun

(Don't use pressure treated wood on any parts the dog may chew. It contains poisons that could seriously hurt your dog.)


Tape measure

Circular saw (or table saw)

Drill (any type)

Screwdriver bit

Spade Bit or "Paddle" Bit (3/4" or larger)

Hammer (16oz.)

Paint Brush


Safety Glasses

Carpenter's Square

Caulking Gun

Some fundamental things to remember are that the doghouse should be raised up off the ground to keep out moisture and help insulate the floor for the dog from the cold.

The doghouse should be large enough for the dog to comfortably turn around but small enough to keep the dog's body heat close. Exterior grade cushions or pads can also be added for comfor for the dog.


The base (or Foundation) of the doghouse will sit on the ground so we should use the pressure treated 2"x4" to go under the house. (It is not likely that your dog will chew these boards, but we know that some dogs will chew anything. If you think your dog may chew them then you may want to use untreated wood and paint it with something your local paint store would recommend. And adjust your material selections from the supply list.) Cut the PT 2"x4"x8' into four pieces. Two pieces at 24" and two at 21". The longer pieces will serve as your walls, and the two shorter pieces your front and back

The foundation is nailed together using the 16d(penny) nails. Make sure to drill 3/4 to 1" holes in all sides of the base to let moisture from the ground to evaporate and prevent wood rot. The holes can be screened to keep out rodents and birds or vents can be purchased at a hardware store, or you could just leave it open and figure the dog will keep away the mice.

Template & Assembly

Measure Twice and cut once. I have labelled a diagram of a possible layout to draw onto the sheet of exterior grade plywood. You can see this on the right. Changes to the size of the template should be checked first wth your tape measure or sketched on graphing paper to figure out the correct scale.

The ROOF's are to be cut in the dimensions of 21-1/2"x32" on Side A (the extra half inch is to attach them evenly) and 21"x32" on Side B to match the width of the base and add enough height to add comfort for the dog as well as a good pitch for the roof. The FRONT and BACK also are 21" wide (picture not quite to scale sorry) and 27" high to the gable (the tip of the point to the bottom) and tapering down to 16" on the sides of FRONT and BACK. The WALL's are to be cut at 16"x25-3/4".

Cut the template out after you have measured a second time. Measure Twice, Cut Once.

Carefully attach all of the sides with the decking screws as shown in the next photo.

Optional "tabs" can be cut with the remainder of the lumber that can be used to fasten the roof on more snugly. Cut tabs after assembly of walls, front, and roof sections. Place roof onto top where you want it to stay and trace a line in pencil on the underside of the roof where the walls meet the roof. Cut small pieces no more than an 1-1/2"x2-3". Use carpenter's glue to adhere the small blocks on the INSIDE of the line (did I emphasize inside?). These "tabs will make the roof stay in place and keep your dog from taking off the roof.

The pieces assembled should look something like this. The opening needs to be cut prior to attachment and should be measured against your dog.


The roof is designed to be removable. This will make for easier cleaning in the inside. You may elect to seal the roof to the structure, but we recommend keeping it removable. Dog smells can get a little funky after a while without cleaning.

The roof attaches easy because side A is slightly longer and sits on top of Side B to be screwed together. The optional wet/dry roof cement can be added to any holes or seams that might let water through. The shingles can be applied using the same cement but the ridge cap on the top may require a nail or two. Bend any nails as to not hurt your dog that come through the ceiling.

(Read the section on optional tabs. )

Apply your paint or stain and allow the house to cure completely before allowing your dog to use it.


Angel 10 years ago

I am a stay at home mom and im bored to death..We have 5 dogs.. They all have the store bought doghouses but I want them to have something more special. Im sure they would like a change also. I like your plan to build a doghouse..I think even as a female I can master it..Thanks, Angel

karl 9 years ago

What I meen is - How much space does a dog need to have in a house?

darosi 9 years ago

Thanks in advance!

hohaki 9 years ago

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haroza 9 years ago

Nice post! It was really useful!

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Joe 9 years ago

Great site, My wife makes me sleep in the dog house...

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Breanna 9 years ago

That's so stupid just buy one !

Breanna 9 years ago

That's so stupid just buy one !

Shelly 9 years ago

Omg I have 30 dogs i had 5 but the had puppys like 5 times ! Now I have tp make 50 dogs Grr

shawna 9 years ago

i have a yorkie and that would work great for her

lee 9 years ago

thanks you guys made everything simple as it can be best site on here

reid  9 years ago

thanks im gonna use this for my geometry project

Mel 9 years ago

Thanks for the info, it was truly helpful. This spring I plan to build my dog her own house...maybe she'll enjoy being outside more

Thanks again!

JUSTIN 8 years ago

thank tat was some good adcice

Sasha 8 years ago

This is such a great idea! Me and my friend are planning on building a dog house, I love this design and plan on using it. Thanks for the post!

farah 8 years ago

thank tat was some good adcice

mazza 8 years ago

why would you want to have 5dogs? Weird family!

Kristy 8 years ago

Thanks I have a very small dog that doesn't need a dog house, but my 8 year old daughter really wants to build him one. This looks like a good simple plan.

Ashley  8 years ago

i have a small dog so i need to make him a dog house and these plans were a lifesaver.

alfred 8 years ago

is there a prefabricated dog house?

cesar 8 years ago

cool information

darren 8 years ago

it is to spacious

May 7 years ago

my meaning is hw 2 use box only 2 make the dog house

Jason Pandher 7 years ago

man thanks

bella cullin 7 years ago


i just got a dog name sunshine.

its a puddle.

zach 7 years ago

Thanks my two dog's one is a chuaua and other one is a atalian grey hound and they both love it!!!

ricky 7 years ago

how has a go cart

dorothyrichardson 7 years ago

Thanks so much it is great when you can go online and find just what is needed. It is good to know that some people do care and don't mind sharing.

josie 7 years ago

tank you so much it hleped me with my project

emily 7 years ago

THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!! We have to write an essay on how to make a doghouse and this has given me a lot of insight and ideas about what I'll write. I'm really glad I decided to click on this site. If I ever have a dog I'll use to help me a doghouse! :)

tyler 6 years ago

thankyou, this has give me some great ideas for my course work :)

Kaz 6 years ago

I think this was a great diagram easy to follow instructions. Too bad the dickheads that write pathetic and filthy comments after it.

liz 6 years ago

how big is this house after its built :) cos my dogs the size of a golden retriever?

bill 6 years ago

im going to make them and sell them

lola :P 6 years ago

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sarah 6 years ago

cool thanks for the info

winnnifer 6 years ago

me and my small dog Mickey wanted a dog house and thankyou for the onfo!!

MAKRAM 6 years ago

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sam 5 years ago

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lilly 5 years ago

i need a cool digned one not a simple small little thing but sorry not good for my dog!!!!

holly 5 years ago

it was rubbish it did not help me

Louis 5 years ago

does anyone know how much this is to make? ie: how much all of the building materials are in total? thanks

Quagmire 5 years ago

you guys are all frickin duche bags.

Quagmire 5 years ago

what the hell is a dog

Killa kam 5 years ago

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maj 5 years ago

Thanx for info.g

oing to build dog house and donate to humaine society.

helen 4 years ago

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aaron 4 years ago

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love it!! Im making one for my lab. Puppie she need a house

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