Keeping Chickens Happy and Healthy During the Winter Months

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Keeping your Chickens Warm During the Winter Months

As summer comes to an end we enter into our colder months of winter. Those that are raising chickens may find it a bit tricky with the colder months. As a chicken owner you’ll want to be sure that your flock is being kept happy and healthy, as well as warm, during these months. But how does one go about making sure their flock does not freeze during winter? Here are a few tips to help you ensure your flock’s safety.

1 – Make sure your flock has a chicken coop to return to for the cold winter nights. A well ventilated coop is important in making sure your flock has plenty of fresh air, but be sure the ventilation does not carry too much of a draft in. It is not necessary to install a heat lamp into your coop, but for breeds that may not necessarily succeed well in the colder months one can install a heat lamp. Be sure that wherever you install the lamp it is in a safe and secure area that will provide an even layer of heat throughout the space. You’ll want to be sure that your lamp does not target just one spot and overheat it. Additionally you’ll want to be sure that your lamp is high enough up that your chickens cannot reach it.

2 – More than likely your flock will still enjoy going out during the winter months to enjoy the outside air. Therefore it is important to make sure that your flock still has a safe space to run and play in. Many chickens may not like being outside for long as they often do not enjoy the snow, but so long as it is not storming outside their likely to venture out.

3 – Be sure to provide your flock with an adequate diet during the winter months. Make sure your feed is providing all the needed nutrients as your flock will require everything in order to survive.

4 – Last but not least be sure to have a backup plan in case the weather does get to be too rough for your chickens. Many will turn to an indoor coop such as one in a basement or shed, allowing the flock room to roam, but still inside for them to enjoy the warmth. If you need to turn to an indoor coop be sure to properly clean the space on a regular basis. As the area will be an indoor space the space will quickly get dirty or stink, and this can in turn make chickens sick.

These few tips are useful but are not mandatory to ensure the safety for your flock but can help you take good care of your growing chickens. Always check state and local laws before raising a flock of your own to be sure you know any laws or regulations regarding the raising of chickens, especially in a city setting.

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jennifer matthias jenny 3 years ago

plz help my rooster to be better what food will i give him to eat or medicine????

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