Look Who's Laughing Now!

This is no joke, your dog could be laughing at you right now.

In 2001 Patricia Simonet, a researcher at the University of Nevada in Reno was surprised to discover that what sounded like an ordinary dog pant was similar to what we humans call laughter.

Since human laughter is supposed to be contagious she tested her laughing dog theory by playing a doggie laugh track to individual dogs. Upon hearing the recording, lone dogs would pick up toys and start playing.

Later research also proved that similar laugh tracks had a calming effect on dogs in animal shelters. When the tape was played to an overwhelming barking audience the test subjects quieted down within minutes, and the random sounds of anxiety were replaced with a silent aura of delight.

So, what is the sound of a dog laughing?

It sounds like an elongated pant.

If you're taken Lamaze, you'll remember the he-he-he, only you'll eliminate the long blow at the end of a cycle.

If you've not been through labor, then you can also try pushing your breath in second intervals like, he-he-he-he- (note: this is not like the long deep breaths of hyperventilation, laughs are short breaths that neither fill...or empty the lungs)

The best way to get a grip on the whole laughing matter is to start listening to your dog.

My dog starts laughing when I walk by her, when I call her over for a pat on the head, and when she hears the treat jar open.

Not surprisingly, she outright goes into hysterics when I tell her it's time to go at the dog park, so I guess the jokes on me.

Anyway, if a laughing dog tickles your fancy, brush up on your dog speak and get laughing with your dog, maybe he'll let you in on the gag.

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Muriel 7 years ago

I saw this on DogTown, the show on NGC about the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary...they played it for a dog with severe anxiety and you could see him relax instantly.

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