Mountain Tapir

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Tapirus pinchaque

The Mountain, Roulin's or Woofly Tapir (Tapirus pinchaque) is easily distinguishable from the South American by its curly black hair, sometimes over an inch long, and its light cheeks and strongly marked white ear-rims. There is no mane and there are skull differences as well.

This species is found in subtropical and temperate forests, wandering into the high grasslands of the Andes, in Colombia, Ecuador, western Venezuela and Peru as far as 6°S. It normally occurs at 9-10,000 ft (2,730-3,040 m), but altitudes as high as 15,000 ft (4,570 m) have been recorded.

Even less is known about this species than the others; it is becoming rare, and it is estimated that in Peru at least its numbers have fallen to between 100 and 200.

Photo by Elissa Berver
Photo by Elissa Berver

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