Pimp My Clyde

Forget new rims and low profile tyres, we're talking low-tech old-school. And while its lacking the bling factor it takes highly specialized skills to take care of these one horse-powered beasts.

Working and show horses require shoes, but at this heavy horse stud (they have Clydesdales and Shires) even when they're not being shoed they still need proper hoof care.

Horses need an equine pedicure every six or so weeks, and at a cost of approx $60 per heavy horse it starts to add up quickly when you've got 30+ horses on your property.

But thats the price you must pay. Owning a horse isn't recommended if you're on a tight budget.

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Enelle Lamb profile image

Enelle Lamb 7 years ago from Canada's 'California'

Worked with Standard Breds for a few years...but then I love horses period! Loved the title, too funny :D

bella2008 8 years ago

heyy just letting yous all know

that farrier is the best fARRIER IN THE WORLD!

haha go dean ya champion

darkside profile image

darkside 8 years ago from Australia Author

Here's some more articles on horses. Most of them link back to my two here at HubPages...

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Isabel the Shire foal


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Farriery: The Art of Shoeing Horses


Horses Hooves


The Horse Bit


donnaleemason profile image

donnaleemason 8 years ago from North Dakota, USA

That was great too, more on horses please.

darkside profile image

darkside 8 years ago from Australia Author

Just a note, the horse in this hub is in fact a Shire and not a Clydesdale. But "Pimp My Shire" just didn't have the same impact for having a parody of the title "Pimp My Ride".

mothervick2000 9 years ago

Great to see people DO care for their animals. Good onya Deano, great job.

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 9 years ago from Georgia

These are great pictures! The clydesdale is a gorgeous horse. Up there with the Arabians, even though they usually have different jobs in society.

MrMarmalade profile image

MrMarmalade 9 years ago from Sydney

I love horses!

Like to more of same

Thank you

funride profile image

funride 9 years ago from Portugal

What do you say about trying rubber as worse shoes or even "spoilers" to increase tracktion!? lolol just kidding ;-)

Great pictures!

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